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EA Games Releases World Series of Poker to Google Play, Feed Your Addiction on the Go

Not that there haven’t been gambling applications on Android before, but today, EA is bringing the full World Series of Poker experience to our phones. For the low price of free, you can jump into hands of Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha or other game types with your friends or people playing the application around the world. Win some hands and get some earnings and this app allows you to compete for virtual bracelets and those earnings can go towards buying in at higher-stakes tables.

There’s just one catch: you have to login to the application with your Facebook account. At the time there’s no way to play without giving them your information so that alone might be a deal breaker for some. The developers are promising a guest mode that will work without Facebook at some point but you will have to wait for that. If you just have to have your gamblin fix, hit the link below.

Play Link

  • inzandity

    Facebook required…sigh.

  • Jed Dignazio

    Requires Facebook to log in, I dont have Facebook. And It says its not compatible with my Evo 3D!!

  • OfTheDamned

    At least this offers something besides Hold’em. It is nice to see Omaha as an option for a free game.

  • I really like Texas Holdem’ but I hate that the only big names in town for Android Apps are Zynga and EA…

  • not compatible with droid bionic -_-

  • Does it REQUIRE Facebook like the IOS version does? Fail if it does. Ill stick with Zynga.

    • John Burke

      “The developers are promising a guest mode that will work without Facebook at some point”

  • I’m reasonably certain that I’ve had this game for over a year. Was it not by EA before?

    • cns2007

      I’ve had WSOP “Hold’Em Legend” for a long time. I guess this is different. I really like it too. Gameplay is very realistic. Not every hand ends in a Flush, or Full House like a lot of the other Poker games out there.

  • How is this app vs Zyngas app?