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Rovio’s Amazing Alex Hits Google Play

If you have been waiting patiently for Rovio’s launch of Amazing Alex, then today is your day. Amazing Alex is a physics based game where you take supplied pieces of material and then build a contraption to ensure that a ball makes its way to the certain destination. So far, it’s been fun and we highly recommend. They have a free version, paid version for $0.99, and an HD version for a full $2.99. 

Play Link: Free | Paid ($.99) | HD ($2.99)


Cheers Alex!

  • Johnathan Denney
  • Dann

    i think someone needs to decompile the regular vs hd version to see if there really is a difference being they are exact same file size….

    • adamhickey

      It’s common for developers to deliver both sets of graphics and let the device screen resolution determine which are used. That could account for identical file size….

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    Wow, it now seems that besides Rovio’s other recent crap they have been doing, they now aren’t above ripping off someone’s idea that has been around forever. This looks exactly like Clever Contraptions! Man, that is just pathetic Rovio. I’ve already decided to boycott them, after they released ads in the paid version of Angry Birds Space. But this just reinforces my distaste to this once respectable company. I mean even the graphics look dead on Clever Contraptions. I guess they’ve spread themselves so thin that they can’t even come up with an original idea anymore, without stealing someone’s.

    • Do your homework and you’ll see that Rovio PURCHASED the team that made Casey’s Contraptions. This isn’t a rip-off, it’s just a rebranding of a game they now OWN.

  • will bartlett

    no TFP? what gives!?!?

  • Finire

    How is this not available on my Transformer Prime? Neither the regular or HD version.

  • guest


    So i thought free was like AB free…i.e ad supported, the .99 was ad free and the 2.99 was the HD. nope. Free should be labeled as “demo” version.


  • Magnus

    I’m curious as to what the difference really is, the HD and non HD are both 23MB in size…

  • slimey

    haha it’s the rebirth of ” The Incredible Machine”! yay

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      No, that was the game Clever Contraptions that has been around for years now. Rovio just ripped them off without eveen trying to make it look different at all. Pathetic, and I despise Rovio. They have let money go to their head, just like so many before them.

      • Randomocity812

        Young’ns. The Incredible Machine was made in 1993 for the PC. I think it played on my old 386. Kinda predates Clever Contraptions, eh?

  • EvanTheGamer


    I just freaking bought the $.99 version this morning and had no bloody idea about the HD version as that version didn’t pop up in search.

    So freakin’ lame.

    Thanks a lot, Rovio, ya damn ass clowns!

    EDIT: Just kidding. haha. $.99 isn’t anything to cry about.

    • JoshGroff

      Oh for sure, I bought AB:Space HD and regular premium, because HD version was tablets only for some reason. This game will get much more use though. 🙂

  • Murphy

    Ugh stuck already. Level 12-Flying With Scissors… Anyone know where to place the table to get the balloon to the second star?

    • Angle the two tables along and above the path drawn by the stars, orthogonal to each other.

      I beat the whole free version during 1 trip to the oval office. :/

      • niuguy

        I beat it during one trip to the Kremlin!

  • doesn’t work on asus tablets including N7

    • hmmm weird, hopefully quick update

    • I saw that too…whiskey tango foxtrot

      • JoshGroff

        foxtrot uniform charlie kilo, hope they fix it before I get my N7.

    • Magnesus

      They had to have some fight with Asus that caused it (maybe Asus didn’t pay them for promotion or sth like that?) because the game works without problems on Asus Tablets.

  • Magnus

    Galaxy Nexus – HD version or not?

    • Frank Urbanski

      I want to know the same thing. I would like to be able to play it on my Xoom and GNex.


      People seem to be reviewing it as working well, coming from a Galaxy Nexus. I am installing now.

      • Jason Wright

        I bought the HD for this reason. I’m sure it looks a little bit better on the Nexus than the standard version but I wanted HD for the Xoom and this way I didn’t have to buy it twice.

        • EvanTheGamer

          Smart. I happened to buy the damn $.99 version as I didn’t know about the HD version until I read this post. The HD version didn’t pop up in search results for the game.

          But I will buy the $2.99 version as I really want to try it out on my Nexus 7(when I get it!).

          • I can’t install either version on my Nexus 7 yet… 🙁

          • EvanTheGamer

            Hmm….you have Nexus 7? Why you lucky son of a fruit snackin’ monkey!

          • EvanTheGamer

            Yep, noticed that just now after looking it up on my Nexus 7. Hmm…maybe there will be support soon. Guess I’ll just try some Tegra 3 games on it for now.

    • HD is you want to fully support your display

      • TLamb

        Figures – Didn’t see the HD version until after I bought the regular – any know how you request a refund so I can buy the HD version? (I’m already outside the 15 minutes window)

        • JoshGroff

          Contact the developer and ask for a refund for the regular one after buying the HD one and send a copy of your Google play receipt for both purchases.

        • EvanTheGamer

          In the same boat, friend.

          This morning I searched for the game in the Play store, and the only one that popped up was the $.99 so I immediately purchased it.

          Then a few hours later I noticed in this post that there is an HD version. Ah well, $.99 ain’t much.

    • Jeff

      The Play store says the HD version is compatible with my Galaxy Nexus, if that’s indicative of anything.

      • tc

        also says its compatible with the original Incredible…

    • feztheforeigner

      720p HD display… I wonder…

  • Is the hd version more for tablets?

    • HD version for HD phones and tablets

      • So galaxy nexus qualifies for hd then.I swear both versions of games look the same

  • Diego Diaz


    • Opinion

      Apparatus is much better IMO

      • EvanTheGamer

        Go away, no one cares about your so-called “opinion”.

        • SolipsisticPsychologist

          But we should care about yours. Haha!

          • EvanTheGamer

            My comment wasn’t opinionated though, or at least I didn’t mean it to be. lol

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Yeah, that or Clever Contraptions, they have pretty much ripped both of them off blatantly. I guess they are now paying an employee to watch the Market and see what good but not hugely popular games they can completely copy and package as their own. But in the case of Clever Contraptions it looks dead on a blatant rip off.

      • Your third post making the same incorrect point. Do your homework before criticising, and then at least you might be able to criticise accurately.

      • Magnesus

        They bought Clever Contraptions and renamed it. It’s a rip off of The Incredible Machine – old but great game. Unfortunately Amazing Alex is much worse.

  • Pretty fun so far