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Rolling Stone: On the Road, Follow Your Favorite Artist’s Shows and See Concerts Around You

Rolling Stone has pushed a new application to Google Play and if you’re a concert-going rocker, it’s going to be perfect for you. The app is extremely basic and there’s nothing too pretty about it. You can choose to search for concerts based on your location, search for your favorite artists, and also look up general concert news straight from the Rolling Stone website.

I must say, thanks to this app, I now know to steer clear of the Schnitzer Concert Hall on July 13 to avoid the rabid Lyle Lovett fans. Thanks, Rolling Stone.

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  • Billzilla2005

    yea, i don’t think Lamb of God is doing any touring at the moment

  • SeanBello

    the Live Nation app that just got released is much better than this and doesn’t have to route you somewhere else to buy tickets.

  • Nick X

    Jamebase is a much better app for the above function IMHO. BUUUUT they are not a multi million dollar company like Rolling stone and as such deserve no shout out!!

    But honestly, why waste time saying anything about an app thats, “extremely basic and there’s nothing too pretty about it”, in the first place unless you wanted to get some shwag from the company?

    I hope you guys get some pretty cool ass hats! (Ha ha asshat)

    Much Love

    • Thanks!

      I just tried both and IMO Jambase is better. I live just north of Boston and Jambase even lists concerts in the smaller cities outside of Boston!

      I used to use pollstar.com for this, but an app is a much better idea.

  • Ashwell
    • Ashwell

      Also, totally scans your Google Music, Last.fm, etc to automatically add artists you want to track…

      • Josh Flowers

        Great app. thanks so much for the post.

    • Nick Xenakis

      After messing around with song kick I do agree it is more ascetically pleasing, however i do believe the database jambase is utilizing is a little more complete. Bill illustrated that point below.

  • Josh Flowers

    i wish someone would make an app that asks you to enter your favorite bands/genres. it then uses your location (via notification bar, without opening the app) to say “this friday, 35 miles away, Metric is playing in SuchaCity” & the app refines its searches based on whether you clear the notification or tap it for more info.

    Google Now would be an amazing tool to use that feature, based on bands in your Google Music library & your location history.

    if this app has it, i’ll be all over it.

    • michael arazan

      i used to read ticketmaster’s website for all that info, but no way to store all the bands your interested, and if its not main stream you have to go to individual sites just to find if they’re on tour or coming to where you live or close by. I wish there was an app you could plug all your favorite artist into and give you all that info too, especially closest venues. I live in st.louis and sometimes drive to chicago to catch shows that don’t come here for some reason.

  • Apostrafee


  • Nick X

    Jambase is a way better app. for the above function IMHO… But they do not run a multi million dollar company like RS and such deserve no shout out!!

    But honestly why say anything about an app that is “extremely basic and there’s nothing too pretty about it” unless your hoping for swag from the company.. (Hope your get some kick ass hats…. [ha ha asshat]


    • NIck X

      *and as such