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Official 2012 Summer Olympics Applications Now Available on Google Play

Official 2012 Olympics applications are now available and they offer a ton of access to the Games. There are countless hours of on-demand videos, news, and everything else you need to cover the action that takes place this year in London. The applications were created by Adobe and incorporate many of their solutions to make the two apps work hand in hand with each other. 

  • NBC Olympics Live Extra – Viewers can live stream more than 3,500 hours of content, including all 32 sports, every athletic competition and all 302 medal events.
  • NBC Olympics – Views can enjoy short-form highlights, TV and online schedules, live results, columns and the new Primetime Companion feature — the complementary, second-screen experience for NBC’s nightly primetime Olympic broadcasts.

Talking about the Games with friends is made easy by integration with social media apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. All in all, NBC did a pretty darn good job at making this year’s Olympics a pleasure to watch whether you’re on the couch or at the bus stop.

NBC Olympics | NBC Olympics Live Extra

Cheers Lakerfan82!

  • Chip

    Droid 4 is not supported? Give me a break. First they fire Ann Curry and now this? NBC, re-boot and start over.

  • DavidB

    You would think Droid Life would bother to get the compatible devices list befote spamming this into the site only to have tons of us be told “Not compatible with your device”.

  • Not compatible with a brand new phone (S III) or an Asus brand new tablet. Lame to say the least! Doesn’t sound like it will run on many phones. Silly NBC.

  • monkeypunch35

    Not Compatible with either Droid Bionic or Galaxy S3….

  • Justin

    Wont work on my ASUS Prime or Bionic? WTF?

  • Silver Veloz

    Not compatible with the Droid Bionic

    • Barry Harvey

      Not compatible. With the Bionic on ICS. 230 either.

  • Phil Stout

    WTF… something has to be wrong…

    • It seems to require ICS, given my D2 is supported which ran ICS and it would be weird if that was yet the DX was not.

  • Michael_NM

    Nice to see Samsung and NBC cooperating on this app. /s

  • only available on select android devices. sucks

  • duke69111

    Hopefully this app does not turn into an NCAA March Madness debacle.

  • I find it humorous that the S3 is an Olympic sponsor yet this app does not support it.

    • Rob

      yeah, I was a bit surprised too. And by a bit I meant, “how the hell can my brand new shiny phone not be compatible with a brand new shiny app?”

      • Yeah I have the Gnex and it says it is good with that but my mom’s brand new S3 it told her it was not. I was surprised as well though.

    • Npompei

      Yeah wtf? How does this not work?!

  • They better show these live events in 720p…

  • Jon Wolff

    no xoom support either.

  • Nemesis099

    Only good if you subscribe to TV, which sucks!!!

    • Bill Anderson

      Not just TV, but a plan that has MSNBC and CNBC. Basic cable won’t work…

  • ddevito

    *yawn* is it football season yet?

  • Looks nice, but fairly buggy and slow.

  • AlexKCMO

    Any chance of an APK for these? Not compatible with the Rezound, SGSIII, or TF101.