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Motorola Atrix HD Unboxing and First Look

Motorola’s first HD phone for the U.S. market, the Atrix HD, has arrived at our doorstep. Launching in stores on July 15, you can pick one up for $99 on 2-year contract. With its 4.5″ HD ColorBoost display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera, and 4G LTE radio, that sounds like a steal to me. The look is clearly reminiscent of the RAZR series from Motorola, but since it has on-screen navigation keys, that HD display, and a Snapdragon processor, it performs quite a bit differently. 

In just the short amount of time that I’ve had with it today, I can say that this phone feels amazing in hand. When I first booted up, I almost didn’t think it had a battery inside because of the light weight. The on-screen navigation keys are also a bonus for Android enthusiasts, but the true star here is the display. I’ve already taken a macro shot of it which I’ll post up in a bit. The colors just seem extra vibrant even though it’s not an AMOLED display. We are still waiting to find out all of the details behind this ColorBoost technology, but so far I can admit that I’m a fan.

The device runs Android 4.0.4 and has a new version of MotoBlur on it that has already shown us a couple of surprises. Again, I have only had the phone in hand for about an hour, but I’m liking what I’m seeing.

Unboxing and First Look:



  • @Kellex: Bootloader status? Is it locked down like a Razr?

  • Beka27

    I hate that white edging…

  • Laggy much


    Support Xbox in the settings menu…?

    Makes me think of Xbox Smart Glass. Wonder what that’s about.

    Regardless, nice looking phone! I want the clock widget!

  • E A butler

    moto design staff sucks…. this is sooooo ugly

  • termiNader

    I would pay the extra 100 for a one x. The true cost is in your contact

  • Bigsike

    That AT&T logo makes me want to punch someone other than that not too bad. No NFC is really odd tho I agree.

  • YourFriend

    If this phone had that 3300 mAh battery, 2GB RAM, and 16-32 GB of internal memory, it would blow the competition away. Just imagine how long the battery would last with an A15 processor.

  • AhsanS

    Now where’s the RAZR HD…

  • nightscout13

    LOOK! Another Moto phone with Kevlar where it’s useless. The Kevlar needs to be on the corners, so that it can absorb the impact during a fall.

  • Trevor

    What are the chances Moto screws over AT&T customers and releases an Atrix with 3300 mAh battery in a month or two?

    • Emad Zia

      very likely

      • considering it only happened once, I wouldn’t be too sure
        but i’d wait a month or two as well honestly.

    • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

      Great point! I would maybe hold out just a bit if I we’re planning on getting this. (I’m not, but just saying)

  • Xda developers port that clock widget over to the Gsm Galaxy Nexus Baby!!

  • evltwn

    What is the name of that clock widget?

  • Guest

    How many people honestly use NFC?

    • gokusimpson

      Not many right now, but I’m sure once more people have NFC phones it can be very popular.

      • evltwn

        hate to say it, but once Apple decides they want it in their next iPhone, then you will most likely see more support out there for it.

        • frankandsimple

          you got that right. because when apple implements it.. it’ll be clean.. effective.. and make a lot more sense.

          • Hocky


        • MikeKorby

          Apple was just approved for a patent involving NFC for checking in at airports, which is a feature they touted during WWDC. In other words, Apple will release their new tech, called iNFC, in the fall with the iPhone 5. You’ll start seeing tags go up everywhere. Needless to say, Apple will add NFC to their lawsuit with Samsung for using their technology two years before they had it.

          • evltwn

            I saw that a couple days ago too. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. A lot of it depends on when Samsung got their Patent for the Galaxy Nexus and all the details they included.

    • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

      Yeah, Apple will talk about it on stage and how that they have come up with this new, game-changing technology that is going to revolutionize the world, called iNFC. And then it will be mass adopted, and people with inferiorPhones will actually believe that they are still yet superior b/c they have this technology, when as usual multiple Android phones have had the capability for some time, but somehow you never really heard about it.

  • Knlegend1

    Will there be an Atix HD Maxx?

  • chris125

    so much wasted space with the ugly at&t logo on the bottom

    • Knlegend1

      Could’ve easily been a 4.7 or 4.8 inch screen.

  • It’s so strange when Android OEMs take a flagship model and somehow allow it to sink into being a mid-level value option when the model name is used again.

    When the Atrix came out, it was the Android phone to be beaten, but now it’s a few steps behind, and they come up with a new name for their top tier phone. This reminds me of the transition the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 went through between last year and this year’s disappointing sequel model. Or even what happened to the original Droid; now we’re on #4 and no one seems to get too excited about them.

    Why can’t these companies build a brand that clearly represents their top phone and stick with it? I guess Samsung is starting to get that idea with the Galaxy S phones, but it sure isn’t spreading.

    • chris125

      same with the incredible. And with how many phones they release on the carriers in the US its hard to have a true flagship line which is another reason samsung is able to have the real flagship line and their other phones are clearly lesser phones.

      • Good point, the carrier exclusivity thing is probably a big drag on developing a clear flagship. Maybe if the other OEMs develop Samsung’s balls and bargaining position, they can release the same phone everywhere.

        But that still doesn’t explain why, on the same carrier, they let their premium brands sink and deteriorate. Incredible is now the ‘small phone’ rather than the flagship, this Atrix is now a ‘good value mid-level option’ instead of the crazy awesome transforming phone. And the Droid is now the mid-level slider instead of the reason we’re all here. Curious!

        • chris125

          I agree with you. I honestly think it has alot to do with poor management especially at moto. But it also seems like certain manufacturers especially moto really bend over backwards for the carriers in the US and maybe that is why they release so many phones so close together. I am glad samsung essentially told the carriers what is up with their sgs3 line. That is something I never thought I would see with any phone other than the iphone.

  • Kellex, I’m glad you’re reviewing/previewing these devices and not me. Here’s what my review process would be:

    “Does it have stock Android and is it the most recent version? No? Well then, you’re a giant pile of fail, 0 stars for you. Do not buy!”

    • kixofmyg0t

      Galaxy S3 is a giant pile of fail to you?

      • Sobr0801

        Yes. To be honest, any phone other than a nexus is fail at some level.

        • kixofmyg0t

          YOU are what’s wrong with Android.

          • Sorry, I should have clarified. Any phone that isn’t running the most recent stock Android is a giant fail TO ME. To each his own, but I wouldn’t be able to keep my bias from creeping into reviews.

          • Sobr0801

            Wrote a big long reply to this. Anyways here is how I will simplify it.

            Upgrade lag between versions is frustrating. I want my phone on the latest version, but I don’t want a Samsung, and I don’t want to have to buy a new phone every 6 months to a year. My next two options are either WP8, or an HTC Nexus if they release one. I haven’t decided yet.

            I have owned

            Samsung Moment
            Samsung Epic
            HTC Inc 2 (exchanged)
            Droid 3
            HTC Rezound

            Not one of these phones while I owned them has been officially upgraded to the next version. I am currently running a leaked version of ICS on my Rezound.

          • MikeKorby

            root your phone, then decide for yourself when you want to upgrade. Granted, I never have had the negative experience of waiting for roms to be built, because my phones have been the Droid 1, HTC Incredible, and now the galaxy nexus.

        • THIS.

      • Yes, 6 months from now I may be running Key Lime Pie on my Gnex. The SGSIII will probably still have ICS. That is a fail. The same goes for the HTC One X mentioned above. To me it is not about hardware specs. It is about software.

        • kixofmyg0t

          Hmmm. Then please go back to the Nexus One then. To you the Galaxy Nexus (which isn’t running Jelly Bean OTA yet so it’s fail in ur logic) and the Nexus One are the same.

          • Sobr0801

            The upgrade chain must end somewhere, and that ultimately should be decided by if the hardware can support the software.

          • Mine is running JB. And the OTA is rolling out to the GSM Gnex.

        • MikeKorby

          If you want your software to run well, you need to concern yourself with hardware specs. I’m sure if someone really wanted to, they could put JB on a G1, but I assure you, the experience would be terrible. Granted, I can see where you may argue that splitting hairs between a 1.2 dual core and a 1.5 dual core may be unnecessary, but in all, for the best experience, software needs good hardware.

          • You only have to worry about hardware to a point. Once it’s fast enough to run the OS who cares. My point is I’d take new software with adequate hardware over old software with screaming hardware any day.

    • Alexander Garcia

      The HTC One X is a pile of fail to you?

    • Diablo81588

      Good thing your not reviewing then.

  • Detonation

    Digging the semi transparent nav bar

    • BRIM


      Something Jelly Bean should seriously have.

  • kixofmyg0t

    If I was gonna leave Verizon(which may happen) this is the phone I would get on At&t. $99? THATS a deal.

    • Nazzi_Muhammad

      I am leaving Verizon and this is the phone I’m getting.

  • orig: Does it have options for globlal roaming on GMS networks?

    EDIT: Whoops. Nevermind. For some reason I thought this was the RAZR HD on Verizon.

  • dylan84

    99 bucks makes this phone one hell of a phone for the money.

  • nexusyo

    Does this phone have NFC? I haven’t seen it listed anywhere that it does.

    • It does not.

      • nexusyo

        well that’s a fail of a phone then, what is this 2010?

      • nexusyo

        well that’s a fail of a phone then, what is this 2010?

  • Cant wait for the Razr HD

  • Is the processor the S4?

    • kixofmyg0t