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Fastboot Files Released for DROID RAZR Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 Build 6.7.2-180

With fastboot files, you are able to relieve your Motorola phone from a variety of sticky situations. Using a program called RSDLite, you can flash these and recover your phone should you soft brick it or find yourself in some sort of a bootloop after tinkering too much. Basically, what I’m saying is that if you own a DROID RAZR or RAZR MAXX, you need to download the new files that were released last night that can get you to stock 4.0.4, which is the OTA update you all received last month. It’s also a decent way to start fresh on a clean 4.0.4 if you have been running leaks or other ROMs.

Hit up the links below to download. You want the 6.7.2-180 build file.

Via:  Download [Mirror] (813MB) | DroidRzr

Cheers SnakeMan!

  • James Phillips

    I downloaded the file, and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I downloaded RSD lite 5.7, the file turned into RAR and then when I go to extract it with RAR it gives me an error, and it will not let me directly do it from RSD either. My phone is stuck in the boot process. If someone could help me it would be of great appreciation! I’ve been looking for a solution, and still haven’t found it.

  • Any way? Looking to flash back to stock (.173) from ota ics (.211)????????????????


    does anyone know how to set the USB connection to “charge only”? It seems to only want to mount as a mass storage device and that’s not convenient for me at all! I charge at my work PC and their security setting (that I can’t change) don’t allow me to install drivers/mass storage devices so it doesn’t charge at all… also, it makes the phone less functional and I charge on my laptop at home.

    a wall charger isn’t as convenient. really dumb to change a simple option like setting USB connection to charge only. :/ any fixes known of? or apps to bypass this?

  • trist

    what should i do my droid razr is stuck in fast boot mode??? Help asap please

  • Matt

    I have tried to flash this several times and I keep getting stuck in boot loop. Gonna download a gingerbread fastboot file and see if that fixes it.

  • estevan

    how do i do this any instructions

    • estevan

      i have ics build 6.7.2_180 and i want to take it back to gingerbread.
      ima noob. lmao

  • mrdixon

    Does anyone know how I can get back to the stock 6.12.173? I was rooted and removed the stock text messaging app using Titanium backup. When the next OTA update came out I tried to restore all the apps that I had removed using Titanium Backup. Everything was restored except for the text messaging app. Since I can’t restore that app I can’t update to ICS or anything. I’ve done a factory reset hoping that it would restore the missing app but it didn’t. Please help!

  • Doug

    Not sure what this is supposed to be. I tried to use it to fix some issues I was having by going back to stock, but after it completed the process and RSDlite result showed pass. Nothing had changed. Device still had root and all downloaded apps and customizations. Went through the process but nothing

  • I use RSD Lite and when i uncompress the file. I am ready to hit start, just when i do that, my computer go into a bios dump mode. my computer turns into blue and then restarts. I have tried on my laptop and work computer, same thing. Please let me know what i need to do or is their a another way.

  • Scarecrow

    Is there a way I can go back to gingerbread? I have been having issues with ICS and prefer gingerbread hands down.

  • lew-hand

    just tried it using rsd lite but its stopped as its locked so how can i unlock it

  • lew-hand

    do i download this on the phone or via the pc

  • 216monster

    I might buy a Droid Razr now and just use my Xperia Play for gaming

  • Sting

    Whoever released these…… U R DA MAN!!!

  • Kellex could you please post a link to your fantastic wallpaper?!

  • rafa2376

    If I do this can I go back to gingerbread???

    • OhAaron


  • LTE4G

    If this is a fast boot, why not just use ADB?
    What is the most reliable way to root this with Linux ?

  • OhAaron

    Just used them in RSD Lite. Works perfectly!

  • Dane Carpenter

    That is a really big fastboot file.

  • I still can’t pull my ICS update manually. I contacted Verizon, and they said it could still be a few weeks before I can. Can I use these fastboot files to install ICS over Gingerbread?

    • shopdroid


    • Sting

      I think so…

    • Scarecrow

      Lucky you. I wouldn’t install ICS until they’ve released a few updates. Still a little buggy. Nothing major, just annoying things here and there.

  • NoobJohn

    Will this wipe my phone?

    • evltwn

      yes. Clean start.

      • picaso86

        Even if something goes wrong during a ROM install? or even if accidentally I deleted my stock back up?

        • evltwn

          Using RSDLite to flash this will put your phone back to stock, as if you had just taken it out of the box.

          • NoobJohn

            Oh ok. So this only needs to be installed after I mess up my phone right?

          • evltwn

            yes. If you brick your phone, you can use this file to get your phone back.

          • NoobJohn

            Great thanks!

    • andrea

      I did the update and I didn’t lose ANYTHING. I was expecting to start from scratch, but it was exactly the same (except now in ICS and looking smoother)

  • OhAaron

    Happy to see this!

  • J. Gilbertson

    you know… when i found out that these are called fastboot files now (back during the bionic?) and not sbf files I got a little gitty thinking oh sweet fastboot! fastboot oem lock here I come! and then i found out that doesn’t mean crap…. *sigh* still pretty much a sbf file

  • Matt Gondek

    Ahh good old RSD Lite..takes me back to the OG days

  • RoadsterHD1

    Quick question, what do the fast boot files do and what are they used for?

    • J. Gilbertson

      unbricks your softbrick. i.e. you flash a custom rom on your phone or you somehow botch up a root and your phone gets stuck in bootloop. pop this baby into RSDLITE and flash your phone back to stock. Software acts like you just got it out of the box!

    • J. Gilbertson

      Also, RSD LITE and fast boot files are the best way to send your phone back to stock if say you want to sell your device to someone and you want to ensure that all your data is off (granted you emptied the sd card memory yourself)

  • rafa2376


  • But the build that was released for RAZR Maxx was 6.16.211. Right?

    • J. Gilbertson

      If you read the next line below on the page it says

      • Much apologies…sorry I dont see that. Maybe being on my phone it cuts some stuff out..again sorry.

        • J. Gilbertson

          no probs! 🙂 I fully understand that!

          • lol i didnt want to click on the download link either from my phone. I didn’t know it would show a table of all sbfs for phone 🙂 So happy this was released though

  • definitely storing these away in case some friends have RAZR Maxx problems! Thanks for the heads up 😀