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Not a Fan of Verizon’s Choice to Lock the Galaxy S3 Bootloader [Image]

I’d say the picture speaks for itself.

Via:  @Stimps0n

  • Jwhap

    freaking awesome!!!!!

  • Ken Bosse

    Verizon should offer to sell 2 types of phones. 1 with a locked boot loader that is covered by the normal warranty. The 2nd with a unlock able boot loader but with limited or no warranty. Maybe with the unlocked there should be some kind of “tracking” that will show if you rooted the device, then it completely voids the warranty…better yet..JUST MAKE A UNLOCK TOOL AND LET US BE!!!

  • so many people complaining about a locked bootloader and won’t help with any of the unlocking.

    what happens when its cracked and they suddenly want the phone again?

  • Dan

    It’s posts like this that almost make me want to avoid this site completely. But occasionally some real, unbiased news is posted that’s nice to read up on.

  • e_droid

    If I could do a straight trade with no extra money on top or any other ‘fees’ I’d trade mine for a ‘developers’ phone.

  • coolsilver

    If I could back up and restore as easy without root I would probably be ok with that. But I also want to have the newest features of the newest OS. I had android running on sd card on my touch pro 2, a windows mobile phone.

    I want to play even if it is once in a while.

  • It is always fun reading this because I just feel like most people that are complaining are acting like a 12 year old when they do. I know the ones that want to will get around the bootloader but if you are a going to complain about it, I am glad VZW is getting your $35 (restocking fee)

    And as many have said before, only a small percent will care about the boatloader. Being a former employee of said carrier, I only saw 3 rooted android phones out of hundreds of phones. I would say these type of websites only show us less than 1% any carriers customer base that would want to root or modify their phone.

  • mustbepbs

    You think a few people who write on their box is going to hurt Verizon in any way, shape, or form? They probably get return packages every day from people. They aren’t going to care. Why would they? A few customers won’t make a difference. Hell, petitions never made any difference with thousands of signatures.

    Besides, they already have your money each month (unless this means you’re switching to another carrier), and to the people who are sending them back in “protest”, are you getting a different phone? A Galaxy Nexus, perhaps? Makes no difference to Verizon.

    People are wasting their time.

    • I do not think it will hurt them. I was only speaking my mind. I have a G-nex and its bootloader is unlocked. I am going to purchase the dev phone for $600 because I don’t mind paying for what i want. I pre-ordered with the intention of getting an unlocked bootloader just like ever other carrier. It didnt come unlocked so i sent it back. Its not a protest its a dollar vote.

  • burpootus

    That was almost my phone. But I swallowed my pride. After the DroidX, I said never again. But 2 more years of unlimited 4G made me say, again…

  • I think the whole bootloader thing is is a bunch of BS. You guys and The community are ruining the excitement for a lot of people just because it has a locked bootloader. You know what i say to that? WHO THE **** CARES. .5% of customers know what it even means let alone root a phone, The phone is hands down the best phone on the market WITHOUT rooting it, So stop raining in people parade, because its “locked”. Stop making Verizon look like an enemy, because they are to make sure it doesn’t ruin the experience for most people and most of all the phone itself.

    Its simply gotten out of hand now and it simply makes me avoid coming to my favorite sites like DL and Android central. Hey, You wanna pay $300 for a developers version and wait, Go ahead. I think its sad and ridiulous.

    • frankandsimple

      you can’t really blame these people here.. Android has had a long history of buggy firmwares and lag.. and so they heavily depended on the development community to fix those issues… As time went by.. over the last year and a half or so.. the OEMs have done pretty well to make their softwares run bug free…
      but the development community and the followers there still blindly refuse to run anything BUT a custom firmware.. even if the software/hardware is not designed to handle it…and so unlocking for these guys is extremely important. I know because I used to be that way too. If you think only 0.5% of customers care about unlocked bootloader.. about 95% of that 0.5% do not do any development.. and just blindly follow the developers to churn out a “custom rom” that is allegedly better than stock…

      This is why companies like Google etc. have been given a free pass when it comes to their lackadaisical approach to device releases or updates or bugs/design flaws in their software. Google hides behind the mask of “openness” to hide their hastily done, not-thoroughly-inspected design..and the development community rejoices because they fix these issues and think Google is soo awesome to allow for such “customization”. It is a vicious circle.

    • Stewie

      You’ll care when you decide you want a version of the OS that’s available that VZ decides you don’t need to have, because you can give them more $$$ to upgrade.
      That you can’t install a custom kernel that will increase your phones speed over that now, which will also increase it’s longevity (just don’t OC too much, common sense applies).
      I’m not flaming, but if you want to stay stock, then do so, but most of the community that you have decided to visit is for an open device as intended.
      I call – Troll post.

    • so i take it you’re either working for Verizon or you’re verizon’s bitch !

    • Its hilarious that you post this on a website started off as a place to go for rooting etc. Most of the changes and improvements made by manufacturers are because of end user developers that, because of the unlocked bootloader, were able to make.

      Examples: Cyanogenmod, Liquid

      Regardless of your ignorant comment, most of the improvements made on your phone are because of developers. If like have it locked then good for you, but not for the android community and not for the website you are posting on.

  • achaff86

    I love my GS3!!

  • DroidBricker

    I don’t even want or have that phone and this enrages me! F-Them! Congrats to those sending your phones back, you’re doing a good thing that helps us all!

  • hollowasme

    People who don’t know what a locked bootloader is aren’t going to do anything serious with their phone that they’d need one, so it seems that Verizon is acting out against a small portion of their user base (the enthusiasts).

  • Kawan Best

    im sure they restocked it and sent it to someone who doesnt care…..

  • fillyo

    SGS3 is great as-is, if they get around the bootloader issues, great, otherwise, I will wait for official update to Jelly Bean. My wife hates when I play with my phone, so instead of crackflashing, I will get more nookie.

    • Greg Morgan

      Guess that’s an even trade off…lol

    • LewisSD

      Happy wife Happy life!

  • Will84

    who cares about the bootloader, whatever it is. enough is enough about it. if rooting and bootloaders are better then money and jobs, then just say yes.

    • Darlin Gil

      Everyone who is knowledgeable about android knows how limiting it is in the grand scheme of things and is one of the reasons android has been so successful…..you analogy is retarded, and so is your use of “then”

      • Will84

        dont like it, jump in a like or come at me bro. just a simple a opinion.

        • Darlin Gil

          HAHAHA all good bro

  • i’m just gonna come out and say it. I dont think we should hold our breath for another Verizon Nexus device…..

  • D_Griego

    You people are being princesses! I mean the GS3 has already been rooted and I am sure it will only be a matter of time before custom recovery and roms show up. My previous phone was a DX and it’s life ended running CM9 (locked bootloader and all!) I’m tired of the community’s incessant whining. The GS3 is an awesome phone, I love mine.

  • LOL! I may do the exact same thing!

  • TechGuy21

    root or bootlooder unlocked is the same as jailbreaking. probably 5 % know how to root or unlock their phones im part of that minority.
    this will not affect VZ at all.

  • J Dub

    It’s more about my unlimited data more than anything else. I can’t switch carriers now and get unlimited. You bet after all this crap I am using my data connection to do everything. Hell I might just tether at home where I have wifi just to stick it to the greedy bastards. I haven’t already disabled all the gay ass notifications about wifi. The battery life could be that much better if your wifi was actually turned off instead of constantly searching for an open or known network even when you have it turned OFF!

    • exactly the reason why i chose the sgs3 .. the one and only kickass phone at the moment that was able to be selected while still keeping unlimited on big red for the next 2 years or however many years you dont upgrade now 🙂

      • Tweekex

        One and only? My Galaxy Nexus says otherwise.

        • Nick

          Shh, let him feel happy about his phone. The jump from the SIII to the Nexus is like going from the minor leagues to the major leagues. It’s not even the same game anymore.

          • Tweekex

            It is a bloated and locked game.

          • s3 is unlockable in the non-traditional ways

          • considering i upgraded from the OG droid to the S3 .. it is a jump from minor to major leagues haha

        • philstx

          Yeah, who knows when the S3 will get Jelly Bean.


          • uhh.. a JB supporting ROM is already out for the S3 🙂

      • J Dub

        I got one for both my wife and myself. In 2 years I will probably just buy next years phones from Ebay or CL. I will keep unlimited data as long as I possibly can. That’s where the mobile space has been heading for a while. More data usage. Look at what you can stream via mobile now. The Olympics will be streamed 100% this year via mobile. Considering I can hook my phone up to a HDMI TV while traveling and get shows and movies I want to watch is big.

    • RezCommando4231

      Did the same. 4g @ home all the time. Small & dickish gesture, but at least something atm.

  • MKader17

    Unfortunately for me, I decided that I would let the devs support me and I opened my S3. The first site I visited showed the developer edition from Samsung. So now I’m trying to eBay a phone that’s been used for a few minutes. :facepalm:

  • Merlin

    Virgin Mobile is looking better every day.

  • sarahadam989899

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    • Droid4LifeDawg

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      • sarahadam989899


  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Who’s to say this guy just didn’t write that and 10 seconds later rip open the box?

    • whose to say that there even is a galaxy s3 in that box ?

      • Brian Trahan

        Schrodinger’s phone??

        • Nick

          But what if it is in the box, only just at a different time than when the box was opened? Crazy dude.

    • cancerous_it

      Who’s to say that’s even a guy.

  • Robin Williams

    This is my situation. I still have an OG Droid. I was gonna upgrade to this phone, but the locked bootloader has changed that plan. I could go for a Nexus, but a better Nexus will probably come out in a few months. I think I’ll wait for that. I hope Verizon doesn’t lock that or not sell it altogether. I can switch carriers, but some of my family don’t have contracts ending until September 2013. I really hate Verizon for this.

    • i too have an OG droid but i still chose this because even with verizon being a dick and locking the BL .. there are still ways around it (as already proven a few posts back on DL) .. or you could do what you wrote…

      • Robin Williams

        I think I’ll wait till October or so, and then decide. Maybe wait for a Nexus or a quad-core phone. The OG Droid serves my purpose now, plus I have ICS on it, so it’s all good.

    • flosserelli

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for another Nexus on Verizon.

  • At the end of the day my S3 has killer battery life. My girlfriend had a horrible time with the gnex’s reception and my best friend is having trouble as we speak. The devs found a work around for the bootloader so they can flash custom roms and kernels. I have 49% aftr 7 hours of heavy use can Gnex owners say that?

    • EC8CH

      I don’t know… I’ve been too busy playing with Jelly Bean on my G-Nex for the past week to keep track of my battery usage…


      • ^ this. lol

        • Zach

          Exactly!! Keep justifying that purchase. Wow. More like 4-5 months.

      • Development has already started for Jellybean. I would rather have killer reception and battery life than jelly 2 weeks early.

      • mustbepbs

        GNex users have to have some reason to enjoy their phones. It usually comes down to having the newest OS earlier than others. The hardware still blows, so just say “Aww”, pat them on the head, and move on.

    • LegalAmerican

      I’m a Maxx owner, so you can’t talk battery life with me.

      • I like the Maxx b ut the s3 is on a different level. The razr Maxx Hd should match it though.

      • rodney11ride

        Maxx was out dated before it was launched. you barely got ICS. Hey everybody i have a big battery! hahahaha

    • Tweekex

      I easily get a full day out of my Galaxy Nexus (also never had reception issues). But keep justifying your S3 purchase.

      • Unfortunately the website owner disagrees with you did you read the review? k thanks. As someone who weighed both phones against themselves I’m happy with my choice.

        • Tweekex

          Yes, because I need the website owner to tell me how my phone behaves. Are you sure you didn’t mean to get an iPhone?

          • looking at your comments on this tread looks like youre the rabid fan boi. The Gnex has inferior hardware but superior software. Go kick some rocks.

      • yellowcanary73

        Doubt that I had the G/N had to charge it twice a day at least with the 2100 battery. With the phone I have now after 20 hours I have 70% left.

        • Tweekex

          You caught me, I was lying. I feel bad for people like you. I simply stated my experience with my phone and you call me a liar. What kind of people do you hang around?

    • I agree I was excited to hear about the work around. But i had a bad taste in my mouth going from the OG to the Droid x. Even with 2nd init there was just something better about having the security of having the bootloader unlocked. I debated keeping it and decided to just send it back and buy the developer phone when it is released. I will have my s3 and an unlocked bootloader. I don’t mind paying extra.

  • johnno

    I gave my wife my gnex in exchange for her upgrade. She pulled the no trades back rule because the she thinks the gnex is cuter. She she said the menu button on the s3 grosses her out WTF Samsung? I guess I’m stuck with s3 damn shame it’s Lyle a hot wife you can’t have sex with.

    • Bsody

      If Lyle is your wife, you may want to get her checked out…just sayin

      • LegalAmerican

        That’s freaking funny. Even if Lyle is a girl, I don’t think I could see past that.

  • James_C_L

    Sent mine back 15 min ago.. put the same message on it. F vzw

  • moelsen8


  • Southrncomfortjm

    You know what, the guy in the mail room who sees your message will get it loud and clear.

    • Jason Hanford-Smith

      Vive la revolution!

      • Keith Sumner

        *Viva la revolucion.

        • Jason Hanford-Smith

          mine was French 😛

    • Eddie Jr

      LMAO!!! That is funny!

    • feztheforeigner

      If he knows there’s a Galaxy S III in there. And what a boot loader is… Most don’t…

      • LewisSD

        That right! If they have good a internal control system the receiving department should not know the contents of the packages.

        • michael arazan

          And the box accidently disappears on its way back to verizon, now that there is a clue of what’s inside. And gets marked up to insurance as destroyed/ lost during shipping, and some ups employee gets a new phone

  • dcvolcom909

    I have a feeling they will be getting more than a few of these back for that reason … Good thing I held off because of the horrible iphone button on the bottom of the S3! I couldn’t picture my self ever getting over that ugly button, it would annoy me every time I looked at my phone.

    • EC8CH

      It’s a little thing, but I love how my G-Nex is a blank sheet of black glass when it’s turned off. No buttons, no branding, just blackness.

      • moelsen8

        it’s beautiful.

      • TheWenger

        Agreed. Tis quite sexy.

      • MKader17

        Yes, once I sell my GS3 on Ebay, I’m not sure if I will buy the developer version for the simple reason that I do not really care for the home button.

        • JoeBlow

          They had to give apple something to sue them on

      • LegalAmerican

        You mean when the battery dies every 4 hours? OHHHH!!!!! 🙂
        Just kidding. The GNex is a great phone.

        • philstx

          hehe, this deserves less down votes. Sure, it’s an exaggeration, but it was well played.

      • Pedro

        You forget. There is likely an LED of some deliberate color flashing (charging, email, sms) that disturbs the blackness.

        In a very good way. Green slow flash? I got email! Yea lightflow!

    • Jon D

      i like the button… cant tell you how many times i hit home on my gnex when im txting 🙁

      • Azn_Android

        +1 I agree. I have a Gnex but I like the home button on the S3.

        • i assume the home button can also wake up your phone….Pfft PGM Nexus FTW dont need hardware buttons to wake my phone up….just gestures.

          • Azn_Android

            Was there a point to your comment?

          • Yea…phones from here on out dont need a dedicated home hardware button. to iphone-ish

          • Azn_Android

            Who are you to tell me that? That’s your opinion. Instead of being condescending, next time just express your opinion. No need to act all elitist and superior. I have a Gnex just like you and I was just agreeing that I like the home button on the S3.

          • I guess me and google should keep our opinions to ourselves.

          • Azn_Android

            No, I just ask that you respect other opinions as well instead of acting like your way is the only way.

  • Anthony Armando

    this man deserves a beer.

    • bob martin

      He deserves at least a six pack of beer

    • This man deserves more than one beer

  • I canceled mine for the same reason. It had shipped, but it appears they were able to get it turned around in mid-flight, cuz we got another notice about it after the shipment notification. Verizon can suck it. I’m on AT&T now.

  • EC8CH

    Return it like a BOSS

  • lol, i’ll keep mine

  • Joe Blogger

    HAHA! I am doing the same thing! Back to my GNEX!

  • gforce1963

    This is how you get to big red..through the wallet. Cancel the pre-orders or return the phone in protest. If it cost them sales, you’d think it would force them to re-think the policy.

    • TheWenger

      Well if you don’t buy a new phone, they don’t have to subsidize the cost.

      • k_nivesout

        Nor do they have you on contract for another two years..

  • canucknnv

    glad I cancelled my order for 2 – S3’s before they shipped. GNex’s are plenty good enough. Yes, Verizon you suck. If I didn’t have unlimited data and good 4g coverage you’d be at the curb with my trash

    • Dan

      GNex sucks.. Keep telling yourself it’s great..

      • Christopher Bauman

        Works Fine. Not sure why you think it sucks or how the s3 is any better. it’s a Gnex with 1gb more ram and marginally faster spec/default cpus… oh and no curved screen I believe. Perhaps if they changed the radios to something with significantly more reception?

        or if you mean just battery life? well aside from the pitiful excuse for an official extended battery, you can get batteries up to 3800mAh+ also with or without nfc. The phone is so thin as it is, even these monster batteries just make it feel like most normal cell phones lol.

        @everyone else
        It’s not the fact it has a locked/encrypted bootloader. It’s the fact that out of all the carriers to get this phone, Verizon is the only one forcing it to stay encrypted, therefore locked. It would still suck if they all were locked just the same, but seeing the same device on other networks all unlocked/unencrypted? that’s like salt in the wounds. (Though all the other phones are GSM/HSPA+..whatever and the locked ones on verizon are the CDMA/LTE) Though it’s not like the code for the drivers are in the source code or on the phone. we’d just get binary blobs.

        bleh, not like I’m getting the phone. I’ll be waiting for the next generation or so, maybe the next nexus.. who knows.

      • canucknnv

        thanks for your input Danny. I’m not sure where I said ‘great” but if you must know I rather enjoy my nexus and will continue to enjoy it even though you have advised me otherwise. Do you hate puppies too? If so, I’m really going to have to look in the mirror and reevaluate my life. Perhaps you could advise me on stock purchases or a gluten free diet. I’m open to your relevant suggestions.

  • Sam

    Maybe black out his address 🙂

    • It wasn’t my address it was a VZW address already on the label but thanks for having my back

  • ipodmypants

    meh … got used to it with my moto phones. I was still able to have fun with my phones. I for one am still looking forward to my galaxy s3.

    • ipodmypants

      plus … verizon doesnt care about making money off the phones. They are banking on your subscription service. Returninf phones doesnt hurt their bottom line. we can get all twisted about it or just deal with it. BIg Red could give two sh*ts if we cry and moan.

      You really want to stick it to ’em? Then you should have done the following … get the unlimited data plan for $10 per phone and proceed to lock in/grandfather unlimited data. I am 2 for 2.

      • Pedro

        I never had that option. I have unlimited data for $30 on three lines, and $10 for shared voice minutes on two of them.

  • bgeek1

    I have 7 more days on my trial. If the bootloaders not unlocked by then I’m back to at&t. I’m not paying for a locked phone.

    • Droidzilla

      Then you’ll be back to AT&T. This isn’t getting unlocked anytime soon, if at all (probably the latter). Enjoy your AT&T.

  • Twitter: AlwaysAndroid

    Boss status.

  • Send them all back, send verizon a message, the message that this sh*t they keep pulling is NOT okay!

    • summit1986

      Unfortunately, more people will buy the phone that don’t know or care what the bootloader is.

      • Then that’s fine. Just because something is not popular with a bunch of nerds, doesn’t necessarily make them evil. What makes them evil is the fact that an unlocked bootloader doesn’t hurt them at all, and can only be good for the customer.

      • belieberbarrage

        Unfortunately? Not everyone roms their phones. They just want it to work. If they’re fine with that, then so be it. If you want an unlocked, rom friendly phone, then get a Nexus. Simple as that.

        • MKader17

          Yes unfortunate. Because releasing a phone with a locked bootload takes more time then releasing one without it. So Verizon alienates a group and provides no additional service to the ones who don’t ROM.

          • *than

          • MKader17

            Fixed, thanks

          • I am sure I sound like a broken record – but Verizon doesn’t like us and doesn’t care if we go else where. We are a small pain in the ass group.

          • Sp4rxx


            Have you been reading lately? As much as there ARE people who want an unlocked bootloader, there are a crapton more that don’t care … so no it’s not unfortunate because VZW will be laughing at you all the way to the bank since they will be selling the phones to other not-so-complainy customers.

            Yes it does suck that it is locked, but everyone else who doesn’t care will be getting a really nice phone to use as their upgrade. So to you I say either drop their service and go elsewhere or learn to suck it up and go on with life.


          • Jack Coleman

            not really, how long can it take to encrypt the bootloader? btw guys, all phones have a locked bootloader…we are talking about encrypted ones.

          • MKader17

            Longer than it takes to leave it alone…

        • TheDrunkenClam

          What you as a non rooted user doesn’t understand d is, that many of the apps and abilities of your phone that you enjoy are made possible by completely unlocked devices. The more devices that can be unlocked, whether or not you will use it that way, opens up a world of possibilities for everyone.

          • MKader17

            Very true. Unlocked devices have paved the way for what Android is capable of today.

      • Yeah i see no reason to rom or root this phone. Its perfect the way it is.

        • summit1986

          I think my head’s going to explode…

          • Still see no reason, been using it non stop for days. /yawn

      • ChrisTraeger1

        Either they don’t know, don’t show or don’t care about what’s goin on in da bootloader

  • Tito

    Yeah right! who’s going to send the phone back because of this?????

    • Greg Morgan

      Obviously this guy…

      • I have a bridge to sell you…

        • EC8CH

          does it have a locked bootloader?

    • Bsody

      I would…but then again I wont be buying a non-nexus anytime soon.

    • Umm, pretty much the majority of Droid Life readers.

      • ipodmypants

        have you read most of the comments on this site? A good portion of new readers of this site are pretty ignorant and misinformed. lol. I’ve been reading droid-life since kellex first started posting about the OG droid. the croud here has definitely changed … for the worse. No one does their research anymore.

  • Hey probably kept it anyway.

    • summit1986

      Even funnier is the picture was taken and posted from the GS3

      • The picture was taken and posted with my G-Nex running jellybean

  • If everyone did that, it might make a difference.

    • And if a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his ass as he hopped. 🙂

      • moelsen8


      • fauxshizzl

        And if I had wheels I would be a wagon.

  • sam


  • Marvin

    boss lol