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Motorola XOOM WiFi Recieives AOSP Jelly Bean ROM


If you think waiting for the official Jelly Bean roll out to the Motorola XOOM WiFi is too much (Google says it is coming), then you can go ahead and download this AOSP ROM. Developers over at XDA are beginning to port Android 4.1.1 to the first Android tablet and so far, it’s holding up nicely. Development continues as they work out bugs and what not, but it’s already pretty stable. If you want to try it out on your XOOM, feel free to follow the via down below.

As for when to expect official JB to arrive, we can expect Google to be pretty quick on an update now that 4.1.1 source has touched down. They mentioned the XOOM during the announced of 4.1, along with the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S.

Via: XDA

Cheers Teng Taing!

  • Mike

    Per one of the xoom forum members who has an “inside source” the official update for the wifi xoom should be on or before July 19.

  • Sobr0801

    Waiting for the official.

  • Any news on whether camera, Bluetooth and WiFi are working on this build? Also, can anyone confirm that DLing the offline dictionary enables Google now?

  • dbam987

    This is sweet… awaiting Verizon to release the Stingray compatible version, which maybe this time next year unfortunately.

  • Pedro

    I loaded it last night (Wifi Build 115). No voice search. You know, Google Now. Tried again today with 116. Still no voice search. Went back to last night’s ICS nandroid. I’ll wait a couple days. There are still a bunch of features I like in the mature ICS builds.

    • nhizzat

      Did you download the offline dictionary?

      • Pedro

        Didn’t have the option, since there wasn’t a Voice Search in the Language & Input

        • teng taing

          Installed on my xoom and google now works perfectly

    • Teng Taing

      downloading the offline dictionary makes Google Now work

  • Anon

    i before e except after c: “Receives”.

    • Droidzilla


      And, in Tato’s defense, he put the “i” before and after the “e.” Just covering all bases, I’m sure.

    • Crazydog

      Except when pronounced “ey” like in neighbor and weigh.


  • Would love to put JB on my LTE Xoom before I leave for my trip on Friday 🙂

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Pete has a build up for the LTE Xoom by then.

    • nhizzat


      There’s a rom for that. Eos > bugless beast on the Xoom.

      • Said only by someone who hasn’t ever used BB on the Xoom, or who just wants a bunch of “features” they’ll never use. I like my ROMs as close to stock as possible, and Pete provides that, with only the tweaks that actually make sense (reboot in the power down menu, overclock, etc).

        • nhizzat

          EOS has been at the forefront of developing for the Xoom. Their sole focus was the Xoom until the Galaxy Nexus became available. Don’t ASSume I’ve never used a certain rom on a certain device, there’s a reason why I posted my comment and it’s not to be a “hater”.

  • Maui

    Does this have the phone UI or Tablet UI? Haven’t seen 4.1.1 with tablet UI yet…Does want!

    • Crazydog

      It has the Tablet UI – bottom notification bar and all.

    • nhizzat

      Tablet UI. Google Now utilizes landscape well. Only issue is write-access to external SD.

    • FlyingPenguin

      Tablet. JB scales based on LCD Density so the 7″ has the hybrid UI while 10.1 has the standard landscape we’re used to.

  • Excellent. And not much reason to have a Nexus 7 if you have the Xoom and a Gnex both running JB 🙂

    • nhizzat

      Agreed and I have both, but I still found a reason to pre-order the Nexus 7 😀

    • TheDrunkenClam

      I have both and agree. But I still kinda want the n7

      • michael arazan

        a xoom with JB buttery smooth sounds amazing, going to look up xooms on ebay

        • I’m surprised there’s still no one comment about the word “recievies” in the title though.

          • Scottxoom

            Remember the rule: i before e except after c unless it’s followed by a v, in which case neither is omitted unless immediately followed by the sounds of gunshots and a high speed police chase in your backyard.

    • dave

      I have both too, but again im a sucker for tech, so I pre-ordered the Nexus 7. I find the Xoom a bit heavy as a tablet, plus the wife cracked the screen in the corner 🙁

    • RampageDeluxe

      I just bought the N7 today. I own a Gnex and a Xoom, but after reading a book on my wifes N7 I bought her yesterday, I had to have one.

  • sarahadam989899

    AMAZING STROY tinyurl.com/droid-life-news

  • roo5ter

    Team EOS rocks. I’ve been running their ICS ROM since December.

  • Sigh and my poor Galaxy Tab 10.1 is still running Honeycomb (officially)

  • Does this work on a 4g xoom? I wouldn’t even mind losing data

  • Crazydog

    Downloaded this morning, and now I’m encouraged to go bring my Xoom in from my car and flash this baby before I go home from work. 😛

  • sarahadam989899