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“Dr. Paul” Unboxes the Nexus 7, Takes Down the Ninjas


The ninjas simply can’t compete with MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre…errr…Dr. Paul. Another unboxing you probably won’t forget. Be sure to check out our Nexus 7 review, if you haven’t already.

Cheers RBI411!

  • michael arazan

    In the great words of Mortal Combat, “FINISH HIM!”

  • Just how practical is this thing if its wifi only? Wife was thinking about it, looks just right for a woman, fit right in her purse, but hell if ya ain’t around a hotspot, its worthless

  • Christopher Riner

    This is exactly why I’m in college trying to get into the field of advertising.

    Georges St-Pierre– what a bad mutha (shut yo mouth)

  • Jim McClain

    Is the nexus7, 3g 4g, or just wifi?

  • Jim McClain

    Is the nexus 7 only wifi? Or 3g or 4 g?

    • Christopher Riner

      wifi only. He must’ve been connected, the gps is probably how they found him.

      • philstx

        Or the gsp

  • brandon jewell

    now that’s awesome!! And GSP is a bad ass for real 🙂

  • Steve Benson

    I’m in that weird part of youtube again…

  • And this is why GSP is one of my favorite MMA stars

  • Droidzilla

    As an Android and an MMA fan, I approve of this video.

  • Pretty hilarious and inventive! Glad people are finally getting out of the rut of copying everyone elses gags!

  • LOL. Hilarious.

  • KnowYourEnemy462

    Wilhelm scream @ 1:26.

  • …the hell?

  • Ryan Powell

    At least he got his before Staples.

  • i guess his ACL is all healed up..

  • Not bad, but I wish he’d spent more time going over where the volume rocker is located.

  • I have a friend that would get a kick out of this video.

    • CapnShiner

      Nice pun

  • derek connolly

    Im pretty sure only the White Nexus 7s come with ninjas.

  • MMA references, I like it.

  • Bionic

    ship the damn thing

  • Frank F

    I would have prefered for the ninjas to have like apple logos on their chest and with that a longer rich scene showing him kicking them all the way back to Cupertino but aside from that it was cool

  • Keith0606

    Amusing. HopefullyI I’ll be beating up some ninjas of my own soon.

  • diamonddave242

    First. YES!!!

    • drewfus0929


    • you were first. UPVOTE FOR YOU. no seriously.

    • islandak

      Why do so many people dislike the “first” posts? It’s like a mini game. Anyway, just one person’s opinion.

  • Cool does mine nexus 7 come with ninjas?

  • MJZ

    thats rather silly

  • EC8CH

    Lifesize ninja puppets… sounds like…. awesome

  • Josh Flowers

    creative. but disappointing “unboxing”.

    and why would a delivered Nexus have a White (Google I/O attendees-only) backing to it?
    (unless, yes, they haven’t been shipped yet–this is just his version of what would happen when it does arrive–i understand that)

    • Brent Stewart

      Unboxing videos are stupid. But this was awesome. And ummm that was NOT the white back Google IO edition Nexus 7, watch the video again.