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Amazon Introduces GameCircle, Social Gaming Comes to Amazon Apps


Today, Amazon introduced GameCircle. And yes, it is just like Game Center that Apple has built in for iOS. With GameCircle, users can now track certain achievements in a game, keep up with global leaderboards, and also save a game’s progress to the cloud for when they switch devices or delete a game from their phone. This may not be new technology by any means, but it’s great news for developers and Amazon Appstore users who want more out of their games.¬†

Developers who were not a part of the beta program, can sign up for the service and begin to integrate GameCircle into their titles.

Via: Amazon

  • feztheforeigner

    I’ve decided to re-publish my apps onto Amazon, but I will not bother making something specifically for them.

    They are well worth the re-upload, but not additional effort that will only be for them. Sorry to burst your bubble Amazon.

  • sarahadam989899

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    • IonOtter

      FLAG THIS ASAP! This page is a Facebook cookie stealer! This will
      compromise your Facebook if you are logged in when you click this!

      I had to have a friend log in and boot off an illegal connection from a
      server in Colorado. There are only 2 places I ever log on from, and
      Colorado is NOT one of them!

  • Magnus

    Anyone know what the game is on the far right?

  • Nemesis099

    I have to say after moving to a new device it would be sweet to have all my games come back just as they were and not have to beat all the levels again in Angry Birds or Cut the Rope!

  • Scott Willenborg

    IAP (In App Purchasing) can bite my bag. It is single-handedly destroying the Free App of the Day.

  • Hopefully Google comes out with at least the “save game to cloud” feature. That would be great for people who switch roms a lot.

    • I’m fine with backing up apps before I switch ROMs, I just want cloud saving to keep my tablet and my phone in sync.

  • moelsen8

    seriously google…..

  • Google needs this. Also, is this anything on the AppStore? Or just on the Kindle Fire?

  • Why isn’t this available from Google yet?

    • EvanTheGamer

      Exactly what I thought. Google needs to integrate something similar into the Android Market.

      • When 2.2 came out they said that it would back up your data and settings too but that never happened

        • michael arazan

          Probably waiting to see if apple sues amazon first for doing this, just to avoid another unwarranted litigation.