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Google Nexus 7 Review

The Nexus 7 wasn’t a complete surprise when Google unveiled it at I/O two weeks ago, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t impress. At $199, this tablet sports specs that most “high-end” tablets can’t compete with. Sure, Google and Asus had to cut a few corners to keep the price so low, but after having one in my hands, it certainly feels like they cut in all of the right places. There is no need for review trickery here, we are going to recommend this tablet over and over again. So jump through the review to find out why. 

The Good:

  • Price: What else should have been bullet #1? At $199 and $249, you won’t find a better deal on a tablet. Sure, the Kindle Fire matches the Nexus 7 in price, but comes no where near it in specs, build quality, or Android experience. It still blows my mind a bit to think that this bundle of tech goodness is so affordable.
  • Specs:  With its Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 7″ HD display, 1GB of RAM, and 4325mAh battery, the Nexus 7 is close to having everything in a tablet that you could ever ask for. Sure, you may want a retina display and a rear facing camera at some point, but including those would also raise the price another couple of hundred dollars. This tablet was meant to be ultra-affordable yet powerful – it has done that and then some. If you look at the tablet market today, you won’t find many that can compete with the Nexus 7 in specs, let alone price.

  • It’s a Nexus:  Why is it important to be a “Nexus”? Because this device will be updated before any other. Google seems to be fed up with slow update rollouts from OEMs and carriers and has taken to selling their own Nexus branded devices like the N7. This gives them complete control over everything. There are no OEM or carrier barriers here – if Google wants to update this device, they can and will.
  • Performance:  Thanks to the coupling of Jelly Bean, its “Project Butter,” and the Tegra 3 processor, the Nexus 7 is one of the speediest devices we have ever used. Benchmarks show a device that can compete with the best of them, but on a user level, you’ll notice the overall smoothness while operating it. Google always takes the time to optimize its Nexus devices with chosen chipsets and the current version of Android, something that is apparent here. Switching between apps is ultra-fast, there are no stutters in transitions, the most robust HD games operate at high frame rates, and multi-tasking can happen in an instant.

  • Size and Design:  To me, the 7″ tablet is the perfect size. It can be pocketed if need be and is easy to hold in one hand for long periods of time (weighs just 340g). But not only does the Nexus 7 have the right size, Asus and Google designed this to feel amazing. What I mean is that they put this faux-leather-rubberish backing that’s soft and comfortable to the touch, yet is grippy enough to keep it in your hand. There is also enough bezel around the edge of the device to hold it without performing random screen touches. For example, in landscape, you have extra bezel on each edge where your thumbs would sit to let you hold the N7 comfortably. They even put the volume rocker and lock switch (back-top-right) in a spot that can be accessed at all times without much effort.
  • Display:  At 216ppi, the Nexus 7’s display might not carry the “retina” tag, but it’s pretty damn good. As an IPS LCD, it gets plenty bright, won’t show ghosting, and displays colors much more naturally than say an AMOLED would. HD videos look impressive, the viewing angles are solid, and it’s less of a fingerprint magnet than tablets we have tested in the past.

  • Jelly Bean:  Android 4.1 and the Nexus 7 feel like a match made in heaven. While the home screen and launcher setup mimics that of a phone, most of the stock Google apps all show their tablet counterpart when used. The grid on home screens has been upped to 6×6 and certain widgets have been built to take advantage of it. The new notifications in Jelly Bean look big and bold on a 7″ device, Google Now works instantly, the transitions are “buttery” smooth, and the task switcher pops up without hesitation. We have talked about he new features in Jelly Bean already, but if you want to get a feel for it on the Nexus 7, be sure to hit up our overview video below.
  • Gaming:  We had a chance to talk to NVIDIA at Google I/O after the announcement of the Nexus 7 and they mentioned that this 7″ size was perfect for gaming because it was like holding a gamepad or controller. I couldn’t agree more. While gaming on the N7, you can reach controls easier than on a 10″ device, but also, when you have to interact with a game, it’s simple to jump back to those controls. And speaking of NVIDIA, since this device sports their Tegra 3 processor, you get special gaming privileges aka games that have been built specifically for devices like this. Shadowgun and Dead Trigger won’t look as good on non-Tegra devices as they will on tablets like the Nexus 7.

  • Battery Life:  The Nexus 7 rocks out with a 4325mAh battery that should last up to 8 hours with “active use.” I don’t know what “active use” means, but I do know that this device should get you through most of a day if you are hammering away on it. If you use it here or there, possibly as an entertainment device, it should get you through more than just a single day. As someone that uses tablets sparingly, I would say that I have probably charged it all of 4 times since receiving it 2 weeks ago at Google I/O. It won’t win an award for battery life, but it also shouldn’t frustrate you.
  • Media Suite:  Google is taking this media game seriously and it starts with the Nexus 7. At the announcement of it, they also announced all new Google Play apps for music, movies and tv, and magazines. They are going to do whatever they can to get you to gobble up entertainment, and this device puts it all easily at your fingertips.

The Not-so-Good:

  • Storage:  If you are going to buy a Nexus 7, buy the 16GB version. It will run you $249, but the extra internal storage will be worth it. My unit only has 8GB of storage, and trust me when I say that you can fill that up in no time. If you are a media junky that downloads more than a movie or two at a time for travel, you will run out of space quickly. 2GB or so are taken up by the OS, so after downloading a couple of big HD games and a 2.5GB HD movie or two, you will have nothing left. And since there isn’t a microSD slot to expand that storage amount, you need to invest in the extra storage up front.
  • Rear Camera:  I personally couldn’t care less that the Nexus 7 does not have a rear camera, but some of you might. If you are into taking pictures with a giant glass slab, then this could be a downer to you. Most tablets these days, other than the Kindle Fire, have a rear camera, however, this was likely a move to keep the price down.
  • No HDMI or MHL: Sorry, folks, the Nexus 7 does not have much of a video-out option. It’s microUSB port does not support MHL and there isn’t an HDMI slot to b e found either. Leaving either of these out is probably a cost cutting measure, but with Google also trying to push the Nexus Q and its wireless media playback, this sort of makes sense. That doesn’t mean we aren’t disappointed, though.





Review seem short? It’s short because this one is simple to me. This is the best Android tablet available. The specs are top tier, it’s a Nexus, the screen is beautiful, the design and size are perfect, and it was made to be a media consumption monster. Oh yeah, the price is also stunningly low at $199 (8GB) and $249 (16GB). What else could you want from a tablet? If you do choose to pick one up, just be sure it’s the 16GB model so that storage is never an issue.

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  • MANthrax

    I always wear a headset and I don’t want another data plan so make this a phone please and I’ll buy it.

  • TannerAllen

    I cracked my screen on my nexus 7 and the whole thing is worthless now. The screen is unresponsive and I can’t even unlock it. Not worth buying unless you are planning on leaving it on a table it’s whole life…

  • pinkbunny

    i teach a photography class and want to be able to show the photos on the TV so this tablet is totally out for me…

  • Barry

    “Fatty Blunter” Too Funny!!

  • unsolicitedmail

    After having the Nexus 7 I agree with the performance comments in the review as well as it not having a camera in the back. I have to have a camera in the back. You never know when you need it.

  • Louis B

    Spend another $50-$100 extra and save yourself some stress dealing with customer “service” or trying to fix the defects by yourself.

  • Pita pitababy

    i’ve had my N7 a few weeks now and i’m quite happy with it
    …..is it an ipad.. well duh -No its not! but for the price, i think it’s an awesome deal.


  • Alix8821

    Is This worth trading in my Tab 10.1 for? Obv the size difference is a preference, but beyond that…

  • I like it, and I am going to buy one, althought I already have one new ipad.

  • Willll

    Cant you buy a micro usb to usb adapter and just plug in a flash drive like on certain other android tablets?!

  • guardianali

    Actually it does have external storage support. Any ICS+ device does natively. You can buy a cheap miniusb to usb adabter on ebay for like 5 bucks and plug a regular flashdrive of your choosing into it like the galaxy nexus. Then use, StickMount from Play store to enable it. And wham..you have external storage.

    Its not as compact or elegant as internal sd card slot, but its still great to carry extra space/media with you for long trips..flights etc…

  • ChrisTraeger1

    Totally gonna buy this for my mom. She loves the idea of having an iPad like device or smartphone but never really understood them. I’m thinking Android 4.1.1 will help aide her in that transition to the technical world. I can already see her face 🙂 lol

    • guardianali

      id get her a kindle fire as entry to tech world…then build up to a stock android. Easy for us but can be daunting to others

  • Nexus 7 is absolutely ground breaking, the spec you get for the price amazing. Mine is already pre-ordered. Its going to shake up the tablet world big time and is the only thing Google has done lately that is going to be a huge success. I give it 99% if only it had HDMI or MHL then 100% and it would have been out of this world.

  • King of Nynex

    I was never a big tablet guy, mostly because the software never really appealed to me. But my crappy laptop has horrific battery life and this looks awesome, especially since I can just run it off my G-Nex’s connection.

  • Twangtron3000

    Can anyone offer an opinion on reading comics on a 7″ screen? This is the only thing holding me back on picking one up. Still trying to decide if I should be saving for a 10″ tablet.

  • Denboy0

    Great review, thanks

  • what I really want to know is, how long it will last with all the radios on. If anyone is going to use all the services available no one wants to have to turn them on and off and on again. ya know. I like pushing tech, I hate switching or having to add a program to cron it.

    • Droidzilla

      Arstechnica had a great review with this information and more. Short answer? About 9 hours of constant use. Should last a day or two easy with very heavy use.

      • thanks! I’ll look for that.

  • wakefinance

    I think there may have been an error in the macro screen shot. According to Anandtech, the screen of the Nexus 7 is only 8 ppi lower than the Transformer Pad Infinity. The two screens in that picture seem to differ by a lot more than 8 ppi. Is that actually Xoom vs. Nexus 7?

    • ha, I was just browsing the Infinity review and noticed it was 224 ppi vs the N7 216 ppi, and thought the same thing about that photo.

      Something must be “wrong” with these macro shots. The number of pixels in the photos looks quite a bit different.

      Maybe the density (dpi) of the two tablets are set differently, so there may be scaling differences in the icons and other resources.

      It’s more complicated than PPI from what I understand. The Chrome icon may actually have a smaller pixel count on the N7 (and therefore a smaller physical size) than the Infinity.

  • Blaudy Rodriguez

    I want so bad to find a reason to buy this… but as a Galaxy Nexus owner i feel like it’ll only be a super-sized version of my great phone.

  • Just wondering If I can skype w/ this too?

  • JonnyRock

    Why is your tablet white? All others (including official site) are black on the back. Did you get an odd loaner?

    • JB

      He says in the video that white is the Google I/O edition.

  • droyd4life

    My friend has the Ipad 1 and is looking to upgrade. He loves my asus eee pad transformer (Tf101) with the keyboard. I showed him the nexus 7 and he thinks it’s too small and would be a ‘downngrade’ from his current tablet (iPad 1). What should he buy? I still think he should sell his iPad 1 (32GB) for $250 and get the 16 GB nexus 7.

  • “Review seem short?”
    Yes it does. It was missing “The Bad” part. I had to scroll up to make sure I didn’t miss it.

  • Does Google Now voice searching work on this? I don’t see a mic anywhere.

    • I would say so. There are two mics on the device.

  • patrick

    I noticed it has a pogo pins on the side… any word on a dock or something they will be used for?

  • Christopher Grame

    Are you recording with google glasses kellex?

    • LionStone

      I was just thinking about that the other day…seems like it would be pretty handy for doing these videos.

  • RBI411

    Is the version of Dark of the Moon you get with the Nexus 7 the HD or SD version? Just curious.

  • kauthor47


    Where is the NFC antenna on this thing? That’s something that nobody has gone into, but I can see myself getting used to the idea of NFC-ing something from my phone to my tablet and vice versa.

    • derp

      I read somewhere that it is in the center on the back.

      • According to an article I read, elsewhere, the NFC sensor is in the upper left corner on the back — opposite the volume rocker.

  • mmoreimi

    What’s up with the benchmarks? The Prime is a good deal faster and the One X blows the Nexus 7 away. This doesn’t seem like a good thing.

    • droyd4life

      probably because quadrant hasn’t been optimized for jelly bean. 3D gaming is at a constant 60FPS though.

    • Those two devices use the 1.5 GHz Tegra3 chip. Its a good assumption that they lowered more than just the clock speed to 1.3 GHz to get the price down. However, it does not seem to have any net effect on the real-world performance, so in the end it probably doesn’t matter all that terribly much.

      • Dain Laguna

        what a crazy concept huh? that the device performs fine in real life and not in some benchmarking program and the world doesnt end?

        • I know. This is obviously what the Mayans meant about the world ending. But because of leap years they were off a few months.
          Or something like that, and because I read it on the net somewhere it must be true.

  • Lizz.0

    What would have made this thing perfect would have been either a 16gig and 32gig versions (8gigs is ridiculous), or expandable memory AND HDMI out. I could have sufficed with 16gigs of memory, but without HDMI out, it’s an absolute NO for me.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    “What else could you want from a tablet?”

    Well, off the top of my head:

    1. A larger screen – Sorry, but 7″ just doesn’t cut it IMO. I’m currently using an HP TouchPad with CM9 and the size is perfect. I feel like “What’s the point of a tablet if it’s barely bigger than my phone?” Watching videos is how I spend most of my time on my tablet. I want to watch them on a large screen.

    2. More storage – You said to buy the 16GB version so that storage isn’t an issue. I’m not really sure how 16GB is ok for you, but it’s no where near enough for me. I have a 32GB Galaxy Nexus and I’m using about 25GB. That’s after cleaning out all the unnecessary stuff. I don’t like using cloud storage on things like music because I listen to music when I fly. I need that stuff stored locally.

    3. Cellular data – This isn’t a necessity, but it’d be nice to have a 4G radio in there.

    4. Video out – You mentioned it, but I’m so sick of manufacturers leaving out the video out options. Even my HTC Touch Pro 2 from back in the day had a special USB video out port.

    This tablet gets me excited for the future, but it’s just not good enough yet to justify a purchase. If Jelly Bean gets ported to my TouchPad, I’ll be plenty content until Google gets serious or the MS Surface hits the market.

    • I think you wish list is a little much for what they are trying to accomplish here. Clearly, the Nexus 7 isn’t for you. You should also consider that everyone is trying to push cloud storage more and more so you might just have to embrace it. How long are your flights that you need 25GBs of media?

    • fanboy1974

      Google accomplished their mission with a feature packed high quality tablet at a very cheap price. Adding those features you listed would have raised the price above $300. The cheap price was needed to instantly make the Nexus 7 a major hit. If I was you I would wait for a possible 10 inch version. Otherwise get the Asus infinity pad. Right now I don’t trust Acer or Samsung with updates.

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Not a 10 inch screen = no sale. I work/live/play with my wifi Xoom daily — word docs, excel spreadsheets, Angry Birds (DON’T JUDGE ME!!) and tons of Netflix… 7 inch screen is too limiting for me.

    As much as I love my Xoom, once Google releases their 10 inch version — I will be all over that like a fat kid on cake!

    • Droidzilla

      I’m of the exact opposite mind. I’m really only interested in 7″ tablets.

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        Android = Choice… and it’s a beautiful thing!

    • mattsat

      Don’t judge me, but i have an iPad because of Verizon’s 4g, and to be honest, sometimes I don’t like to lug it around because of its size. I’m currently on the incredible 4g, and I think the 7 inch would be great to carry around if I wanted to read a book orwatch a movie on the go. As for the space, I don’t think I would need that much, considering I would use my phone for pictures and music, so not much space would be necessary. My is 32gb, which is mostly taken up by pictures. 16gb would be more than enough. Can’t wait till it arrives on my doorstep.

  • I guess that my idea of projected/expected tablet use is different from a number of others here.

    I don’t really think that having a 8GB model is all that bad. I’m not a gamer, nor do I load my devices up with videos. Granted, I’ve never owned a tablet. I’m looking at the Nexux 7 more as a device to join me on short trips. I would take the place of my (heavier) laptop. I can read books, check email, and read stuff from my feed reader.

    Again, perhaps I’m just different, and am not looking at the Nexus 7 as a hand-held movie theater. I just don’t need an HDMI output. If I’m traveling, the likelihood that I will hook the device up to a TV is pretty remote. When it comes to use around the house, I have Roku boxes and laptops if I really need to push some video out to my large-screen TVs or monitors.

    To each their own, but I think the Nexus 7 will suit my needs very well.

    • I agree. For me, the 8GB model is plenty. There’s plenty of room for offline Spotify music (4GB is ~44 hours of their 192 kbps songs), and I only use Netflix for movies, which isn’t available offline. Ebooks will be on there too, but their size is negligible compared to other media files. All in all, this device shall be mine!

  • triangle8

    I just wish they would sell one with a cellular radio so that I could access content through a mobile network. That would be the best.

    • Southrncomfortjm

      If you are lucky (insert coughing and sarcasm as appropriate) enough to have a Verizon Share Everything plan you can just turn your phone into a mobile hotspot and go that route. Lack of a built in mobile data radio shouldn’t stop most of us, especially with a rooted phone.

  • Can you guys please test the USB-OTG capability? If I can mount an external flash drive, I will 100% get this. If not, I will 99% get this.

    • Mack

      How do you 99% get this??

      • As in there is a 99% chance I will still buy a N7 even if it doesn’t have USB-OTG support….

  • Andrew

    Did you film this with Google Glasses?

  • strows

    with the prongs on the side like the G Nexus they might be making a dock for it and it’s a possibility that would have an HDMI outlet.

    • Droidzilla

      I would love it if they had a keyboard dock a la the Transformer. It’s ASUS, so there’s always hope.

      • angermeans

        I’ve never understood that form factor and I even owned the prime for a few months. I just don’t see any need especially in a 7 inch tablet. Tablets are made for touch and to make things more portable if I’m gonna carry around something that as big as my 13 inch MacBook pro or 11 inch air (which is actually smaller than the prime with keyboard dock) then I’ll take that as a mobile press or in no way matches the new I series processors and 8gb of ram. It is useless in my eyes and really I don’t see why people would want it Such is android tho at least we all have choice.

  • Justin

    You mention that it is lacking in the video-out department. What is up with that 4-pin connector?

    • guardianali

      charging dock/car dock

  • Lucky7

    Are you wearing a head cam? Or a pair of Project Glass specs?
    I mean, I see the video camera in the reflection of the screen and it appears to be on a tripod… so why is the table moving so much?
    Also, got the Nexus 7 on order, 16gb, and can’t wait for it to show up!

  • TheWenger

    Worst part of the review was that you didn’t put “retina display” in quotes in the first section 😀
    That aside, I can’t decide if I want this or the Transformer Infinity. I’m a dude, I like bigger tablets and sexy screens, but something about this one keeps me interested. The wife wants (wanted) a Kindle Fire, but she doesn’t care so much about technology and whatnot (she has an iPhone) so I’m getting her this for sure.

  • Very good write up. However, I’d still recommend the 8GB model. Its $50 cheaper and for the love of god… just use Google’s services.

    You’re probably going to be using this around wifi always, so why do you need to store anything on the device beyond some apps and a few games? Apps by themselves will never push you to more than a gig or two, all of the other entertainment doesn’t get stored on the device as you stream it all, and that only leaves games. Well, you still have over 4GB for games at this point (that’s a lot considering mobile) and you have the option to use OnLive for bigger games that is also just streamed.

    I’d rather spend the $50 on something else. At $200, this tablet is perfect. Sure YMMV, but I think if people utilized G+ and the rest of Google’s cloud, you’d never have a storage issue.

    • EvanTheGamer

      You crazy or something? You’d rather have a 8GB model instead of a 16GB model? You must be smokin’ something.

      • When you consider $50 and the fact that you can use all of Google’s service to never even need more storage… yes.

    • Southrncomfortjm

      Disagree on the 8 v 16 gb. Spend the $50.
      I am more intrigued by the idea of using Onlive with this thing. Going to have to figure out how to connect a controller to my Nexus 7 and play some Borderlands!

      • OnLive sells a bluetooth controller.

        • Southrncomfortjm

          Word. Will also have to see if I can get my PS3 controller working for it. Thanks dude.

    • florious80

      I’ve been thinking about getting the 8gb, but then I recall seeing a screen shot of the 8gb version that only has 4gb of storage right out of the box. If you decide to install some apps, then I feel that there won’t be any space left for anything else. I think 16 is the only way to go, unfortunately.

      • My Gnex had just over 28Gb avail. I now have just over 24Gb.

        Based on this write up you’ll have 6GB avail and its not a phone. You won’t install all the same apps.

        You can stream all content including games (w/ OnLive). So the biggest issue is games and that’s where YMMV. I won’t install many games as I’d rather play those small games on my phone when I’m bored in random places. Otherwise if I’m at home, I play my Wii/PS3/360… OR I’ll sync my Nexus w/ a controller and play OnLive.

        I think the only real issue is big mobile gamers and travelers who’d like to store a lot as they can’t always be on wifi for streaming.

        Of course this is just my opinion on my use case. $50 is not worth another 8GB to me considering how it will be used.

    • I’ve been torn about this. I put in a pre-order for the 8GB model the day it was announced. I’m not a gamer, nor do I load movies on my devices — though I’ve never had a tablet. I suspect that most of what I’ll do with the Nexus 7 will be through cloud services such as Google Play Music, Pandora, etc. The only thing that I’d store locally on the device would be books, and I wouldn’t need a whole library at a time.

      Nevertheless, I am on hold with Google as I type this comment. I’m going to see if I can change my pre-order to the 16GB model. I suspect that I’ll be happy either way. If I get the 8GB, as originally ordered, and find that I need more space, I will likely just give the 8GB to someone, or sell it.

      • Droidzilla

        You may be pleasantly surprised with how little storage you actually use on device, especially if you have a WiFi source at the ready more often than not.

        • Thanks. I’m looking at storage needs no different than on my smartphone. I have plenty of storage, and a lot of apps (most that I don’t use with any frequency) and rarely tap into the full 8GBs of onboard storage, not to mention the 16GB card in the slot. Again, other than saving a few books for a long trip, I just don’t see myself needing a lot of storage. As with most people, I’ll have my phone, so I use its camera, as well as the phone storage for any offline music needs.

          • Droidzilla

            You should be fine with the 8GB model.

    • fanboy1974

      I just spent $80 dollars at rib-fest over the weekend. $50 is not a huge increase to double the storage on a device that will have so much potential.

      • lol, but I’d rather keep the $50 to spend on movies or dinner as well than just 8GB of storage.

      • would cost 25 bucks for that upgrade

        • mattsat

          Well if you’re an idiot like me who likes to over download and have thousands of apps (literally like 100+) then you may need more than 8gb… Wtf is wrong with me 😐

  • Cannot wait for mine to get here. Sold my Galaxy Tab 10.1 16GB and Samsung keyboard for $280, so with tax and shipping I came out about a dollar and change ahead on the deal since I ordered the 16GB version. Only compromise I had to make was going from a 10.1 down to a 7. I never used the rear camera on the GT, not once in the year that I’ve owned it. Also never came close to using up the 16 GB. So excited to get my hands on this.

  • ddevito

    I plan on using my GNex as a wifi hotspot and use this device exclusively.

    But it would be nice to be able to use one (Google) device at any time without the need to tether. (i.e., so when my nexus 7 is powered on I choose to use that exclusively online, and vice versa with my GNex, etc) – of course I do know that would require a radio in the 7 which would jack up the price, but you know what I mean…

  • Geoff

    how is the speaker quality on the device?

    • should be ok, its not a samsung lol

      • will bartlett


    • Jeremy

      good question! i would love to know the answer too!

  • i’ll pass, 3 not so goods is to many for me, went cheap on the small stuff,no storage,no rear camera,no hdmi

    • Lack of video out is bad, however, storage is easily a non-issue when you use google’s cloud based services and why in the world would you want a rear camera on a tablet. Don’t you have a smartphone? I’ve never understood why someone wants to carry a big ass tablet for pics when they can do the same (and likely better) with their phone.

      • will bartlett

        if it had a rear camera he would just complain about it like he did the gnex.

      • why in the world would you want an incomplete device, would add very little to the cost,considering its mass produced, and yes have gnex number 6 on its way

        • Its not incomplete. The only thing missing that would make it ‘more’ perfect is video out. But I will have a GoogleTV device for that around the same time anyways.

          • true,but i was saying that a rear camera on a mass produced item cant cost more than 5 to 10 bucks,any an sd slot,, they keep cutting corners on the little stuff, makes no sense really

          • mattsat

            I’m not going to lie I was one of those who lugged around a third gen iPad to us for its camera, mostly because my droid x was super slow and the camera is much better than on my x. But my incredible 4g more than suffices now, so I’ll see how much usage my iPad camera gets in the coming weeks.

    • Droidzilla

      I’ve had several tablets. Two things I never use are the rear camera and the HDMI out, and storage is not necessary. All things being equal I’d opt for the camera, HDMI out, and SD reader, but all things then wouldn’t be equal as the price would be higher. I think Google compromised in just the right areas to hit this amazing price point. If you really need all of the bells and whistles, get an ASUS TFPI.

    • Does anyone know if a flash drive can be connected via the micro USB port using a micro to USB connector. I want to be able to connect a camera to the N7 for use when travelling.

  • Liderc

    It seems ridiculous to say, but this seems so much more usable than an Ipad. I’ve never once felt like I would use an Ipad and maybe that’s because of its price, but I feel like I would get some use out of this device, especially considering its price.

    • Southrncomfortjm

      Its the size and the fact that its Android. Price doesn’t affect usability except that it determines whether you will buy the product or not.

      • Liderc

        But my point is, I wouldn’t use a 10” tablet for a whole lot, definitely not for $600. But a 7” tablet that’s only $200 would definitely get used enough to warrant its purchase.

        • Southrncomfortjm

          Ah, I get it now and totally agree. I always looked at the iPad and thought it was too big and way too expensive. $200 was also always my pricepoint for getting a tablet and something more manageable size wise. I didn’t spring for the Kindle Fire because it was too restricted, and that’s before I even knew about unlocking and rooting.

    • Nathan Buth

      As an owner of both I can tell you it is. XD

  • I was on the fence about all tablets at first, now I’m torn between the Nexus 7 and Asus Infinity…Getting both is NOT an option…Decisions, Decisions…

    • znewman

      I am in the same boat. It’s a tough choice. I wish I knew what accessories were coming out for the Nexus.

      • I hear you, I plan on waiting myself a few months after their release to see what accessories become available…

      • Southrncomfortjm

        You can probably bet that the Nexus will get a full suite of accessories as its the flagship Google/Android tablet. It will probably challenge the Fire for Android tablet marketshare so it will get plenty of attention, probably more than the Asus Infinity.

    • Adam

      I was all set to order myself an Infinity, but then changed my mind last week when I saw that they would ship at about the same time. I was kind of unsure about spending the big money on the Infinity anyways, so now I’m going to get the N7 and then if I like it and use it a lot (and think that a 10 inch would be useful) then I’ll give this to my wife and spring for the beefed up tablet.

    • florious80

      i think you need to consider what kind of user you are. If you are using it for movies, then a larger tab is the way to go. If you are seeking portability, then N7 is the better choice. I’ve grown sick and tired of holding up a heavy 10″ TF101 and will probably be happy with a N7.

  • melly

    Cool fuelband

  • cjb

    Can’t wait for it to ship from Google…sold my Acer A500 for 200 so it only ran me 50 bucks.

  • Havoc70

    Waiting for my Order ship notice as well, CANT Wait!

  • scrub175

    Are the screen comparison labels on the wrong sides?

    • nope, the Infinity has a higher PPI considering it’s 1920×1200 on a 10′ screen

      • scrub175

        Thanks. Bummer

        • Droidzilla

          There will be nothing lacking about this screen, provided you don’t use it under a magnifying glass next to something slightly higher in ppi.

  • GreenEvo

    Good review. I really would love to have one – but as a starving grad student even $200 is expensive.

    • WAldenIV

      Just eat your N7 very slowly and savor every bite.

    • guardianali

      buy less pot and save

  • Nice review, but I think you mean “couldn’t care less”, not “could care less” regarding the rear camera.

  • I want this tablet SOO bad, but cannot justify buying it as I have absolutely no use for it. It would be a $200 toy.

    • Bionic

      thats all mine is gonna be

    • JoshGroff

      Costs less than a Vita, look at it that way. 😉

      • I don’t really do mobile/casual gaming.

        • JoshGroff

          I don’t like consoles that much, but I have a Wii, N64, and 360. The only advantage I see in consoles is multi-player.

          • I’m a HUGE gamer. PC, Wii, Xbox 360. But I don’t really get into mobile/casual gaming.

    • Droidzilla

      I’m in the same boat. I’m going to scour my house for useless things to Craigslist for $200 and then I can justify it as a zero-sum game.

      • That’s a great idea!! I have tons of old routers and computer parts sitting around.

      • Dave

        I’ve been doing just that I’m at about $175 now, but now I’m back n forth whether to buy it or not since I have a Kindle Fire running Jelly Bean just fine. :/ Not to mention my wife to be not so hot on the idea lol.

        • Droidzilla

          Sell your Kindle Fire for $125 and you can get a 16GB Nexus 7 along with $50 left over. Problem solved!

    • Trevor

      Haha, I think that’s exactly what it is to about 95% of the people that buy it!

      • I think that’s exactly what all tablets are to 95% of the people that buy them.

        • angermeans

          I also felt the same way and android talents are really nothing more than toys, but now having the new iPad I disagree. I can’t imagine not having it for school and the apps are much more useful than android apps. It is small enough to go everywhere with me and all my documents, notes, music, etc is with me. I held off for years and then bought the xoom and prime before getting the iPad and I am glad that I did. The only thing I find myself thinking the iPad doesnt do well at 10 inches is reading books and that is why I purchased the nexus 7 as it is perfect for that.

  • Bionic


    • EvanTheGamer

      Patience, young grasshopper.

      • Bionic


        • EvanTheGamer


          • Bionic

            dude, its been 2 weeks, no

          • EvanTheGamer

            What does “Ships in 3-4 weeks” mean to you? Certainly doesn’t mean it will ship in 1-2 weeks.

            Google will ship it when it’s ready to be shipped.

            But yes, I know, waiting sucks and is unbearable. Maybe it’ll ship this week or next.

          • Bionic

            dude i ordered mine on june 27 when it said ships in 1-2 weeks. this is week number 2

          • EvanTheGamer

            I don’t think it ever said “1-2 weeks”, it always said “3-4 weeks”, at least from when I checked the Google Play Store a week and a half ago.

            Just today it changed to 1-2 weeks.

          • Bionic

            nope wrong, if you ordered on day one it said ships 2nd week of july. that was the benefit of ordering on day one

          • Bionic

            and staples is shipping their pre orders tomorrow, google better be before staples

          • Mattsat

            You guys sound like an old married couple….calm down fellas

          • EvanTheGamer

            It never said that to my recollection. It always said 3-4 weeks.

            Prove that it said it would ship second week of July and I’ll retract what I said.

          • Bionic

            OH my god idiot. How am supposed to prove what a website said 2 weeks ago? Here is the timeline of events dumbass.

            1. Google announces the tablet
            2. its appears in the play store for pre order on june 27th, same day as announcement. Those people who ordered right away were seeing “ships in 2 – 3 weeks” We guess what, that is 2nd week of july.

            3. At around 8pm the night of june 27th the status changed to “ships in 3-4 weeks” obviously because they hit the 2nd batch.

            4. Staples is taking pre orders through today and will begin shipping tomorrow? Dont believe me? go to staples.com.

            Considering I ordered mine on June 27th I should be getting mine by end of this week. Other people are alraedy saying their cards are being charged today, including kellex on this website.

            Dont try to tell me that when i checked out on the play store that id DID NOT say middle of july, because it did.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Why the name calling? You must be a 10 year old. Or younger.

            Anyways…yeah, exactly, you can’t prove jack, so I guess we shall never know if the Google Play store even said “Pre-orders ships in middle of July”.

            But I’m still sticking by my previous statement. It always said “Ships in 3-4 weeks” and never what you’re claiming. I think you should check your facts jack and never look back! haha?

            Also, I think you’re losing your mind! OH NO!

          • stupidllama

            dude, i waited 6 months for ics on my razr, the 3 weeks im waiting for my 7 is nothing.

  • justincase_2008

    No video out was the down fall for me. Guess ill stick with my xoom.

    • wouldnt this plus the price of a Nexus Q be cheaper than the Xoom?

      • justincase_2008

        If the Nexus Q could display everything and not just youtube and google play then yes.

        • give it time, and the rather ingenious dev community can make it output anything and everything you want including your mug onto your TV screen and speakers.

          • justincase_2008

            I have had a close eye on the NQ and seen a few devs get a full a launcher running. Its just nice when im traveling to just hook the ol’ Xoom to a tv with the hdmi. Even better when i bring the wii mote and play some Snes or GTA3.

          • Southrncomfortjm

            This is why I read the comments, to find out cool things like using a Wii remote to control Android games. Nice.

          • justincase_2008

            Yes sir! I use the app called Wiimote controller by C.C.P. [email protected] Just map the controller and your’e good to go.

      • Jake

        Some people don’t need video out at all. For some people a Nexus 7 paired with a Nexus Q is all they need. But there are still others for whom a Q is not a suitable replacement for video out.
        For one, the Q doesn’t stream local media from my computer, phone, or tablet, like AirPlay. Also, it’s not reasonable to pack up and take the Q with me when I travel? Video out on the tablet has proven useful when I go out of town for work and want to plug into the hotel TV. Several times a year our family visits and stays with the in-laws for about a week. Rather than toting a portable DVD player and a binder full of discs, I’d like to just bring the tablet, so my child can use it to watch videos on it during the travel and plugged into the TVs at the in-laws house while we’re there.

  • Come on then, google! Ship the units already! Can’t wait for mine.

  • Alex Schechter

    Kellex, you forgot what to me is a kind of a downside: the fact that they went with an only portrait homescreen… for example I’m going to buy a case with attached keyboard when i get my nexus but the way it sits the home screens will always be sideways haha

    • PuzzleShot

      As Dianne Hackborn said, you can always download a different launcher that supports landscape.

      • ChristopherLeMeilleur

        +1. Unless JB launcher is amazing I’m probably sticking with Nova Launcher. Kevin works his ass off at TeslaCoil and gives the customer what they want.

        • Alex Schechter

          Is nova good for tablets? I haven’t tried it on my phone either though

          • ChristopherLeMeilleur

            I absolutely love it. New customization, bug fixes, and speed enhancements get updated all the time. Try the free version. I’m on Prime and running the auto-updated beta versions. This is everything old school Launcher Pro should have been, and more, but for Android 4.0+.

    • To me it makes sense to be locked portrait because it’s a portrait device, sort of like a phone. And this dock you are talking about, has this been outed already? Show me!

  • muffnman

    Awaiting my order to ship from J&R (below retail @$241 FTW)!

    • ChristopherLeMeilleur

      Not to be a jerk, but please let us know if that actually ships. The page and the credit went down days after the deal was available. It’s a net savings even without the $25 play store credit, but I’m not convinced it’ll be honored.

  • IntlGrizzly

    I still want a 10 inch tablet. I’m just not convinced the smaller screen is better

    • Liderc

      Are you willing to pay $400 more dollars for 3 inches?

      • WAldenIV

        *bites tongue*

        • Liderc

          that’s what she said =x

      • TheWenger

        ouch…when you put it that way…

      • Lots of “less endowed” men do…

      • IntlGrizzly

        Haha well put. I don’t know if I’m willing to pay for it or not. We’ll find out soon enough when I finally pull the trigger on a tablet.

    • EvanTheGamer

      It’s definitely better for better portability, that you cannot argue.

    • florious80

      I have TF101. I can tell you that 10″ is, for some strange reason, a bit too big to hold it comfortably for an extended period of time. now if you are just a movie watcher who’ll invest in a stand/cover (like me), 10″ may be better. But I feel 7″ is the sweet spot since it has enough screen size for movies, but not so heavy/large that I can’t read ebooks/comics with it. 7 is truly portable, where as 10″ is tolerable to carry around. Maybe my mind would change after getting the nexus7, but I doubt it since I’ve played with the samsung 7″ and that is, IMO, the perfect size for me.

      • IntlGrizzly

        Well I imagine myself using a tablet mostly for casual web browsing at home in front of the tv, watching netflix and for traveling. In my mind I feel like I’m going to want a bigger screen for those uses.

        • IntlGrizzly

          Also, I will probably be using it some for school (textbooks) so again 10 inches, I think, would be better. And I’m not much of a reader so I won’t be reading tons of novels on it so the book aspect doesn’t apply to me.

          • Liderc

            You’ll be using it for school, but books aren’t that important to you? heh.

          • florious80

            based on your description, I believe a 10″ is better for you, if you intend to use the tablet for movies. I’ve honestly only watched a handful of movies on my TF101 so I value a lighter tablet since I take it on my daily commute. I guess I can provide an update once the Nexus7 is in my hands. Maybe I’ll do a youtube video review and compare the pros and cons of 10″ vs 7″ Tablet.

          • IntlGrizzly

            I had a dream that I was using a 7″ device last night…weird I know. So maybe subconsciously I already like the 7″ screen.

    • Droidzilla

      Have you used both? If not, do yourself a favour and check out a 7 incher. I’ve tried both and I greatly prefer the 7″ form factor.

      Also, all of this is what she said.

      • IntlGrizzly

        I have not held a 7″ tablet. Is the Nexus 7 in any store?

        • Droidzilla

          Not yet, no. You can always try out a Galaxy Tab 7, Playbook, Kindle Fire, or Nook Color to get what the size would be like. It really starts to shine, though, the moment you take it with you out of the house. A large pocket will easily accommodate a 7″ device. It’s kind of hard to see how nice it is for portability and hold-ability (like e-reading or watching a movie while laying in bed, or something) in store, but you’ll at least get an idea.

          When I use an iPad, I always feel like it would be a lot easier to just use a notebook. I’ve never felt this way with 7″ tablets (used the OG Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak 7, and Archos A70HDD which are all 7″; used the iPad a bit and the GTab and ASUS TF a little bit, too).

          Bear in mind that everything seems smaller in store. It’s like when you see a TV in the store and 47″ looks too small, but once it’s in your house it takes over your wall. 10.1″ tabs look a little small when next to 21″+ monitors, and the 7″ smaller still; but in actual usage they’re more than adequate.

          All just my experience, so, as with everything, ymmv.

        • no, but there are other 7 inchers, samsung makes one

  • Fatty Bunter

    “I personally could care less”

    You meant “Couldn’t care less”, and if this comment doesn’t piss you off, take a look at:


    • Oh Lordy that video was amazing.

    • Great video, but this complaint drives me nuts.

      1) Languages change. Constantly. Whether or not it was correct to begin with, both of these sayings mean the same thing. Everyone knows what you mean if you say them
      2) “Could care less” seems clearly ironic to me. It’s right because it’s wrong

    • teevirus

      I literally (figuratively) peed my pants when I saw that video for the first time.

      • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

        Staying on topic, this is one that I have never understood. “Peed my pants”. Maybe it’s just me, but I never hear it said that way until a few years ago. I always said and heard it to this effect: “That was so funny I peed IN my pants”. Peed my pants seems like an incomplete statement. Maybe not, but it does to me. Peed my pants seems to be like saying: I slept bed, instead of saying, I slept in my bed. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. Your post just made me think of it.

        • Amenemhat1

          Just add that to one of many more reasons why other countries are much better a literacy, and need I say English as well…

        • i dont know if “peed my pants” is the actual saying or rather a shortened version of “I peed my pants”……(I was laughing so hard) which works as proper english ex. “I ate my apple.” btw, its common and its completely possible if something catches you off guard and you really have to pee. kinda like when you laugh when drinking and it comes out of your nose…same principle

    • Me

      Pay attention. He wrote “couldn’t care less”. The internet doesn’t need grammar police, and especially not inept ones.

      • Fatty Bunter

        He didn’t when I posted my comment. He edited. Multiple comments mention this. But thanks for instantly assuming I’m a moron.

        • smwandrie93

          well of course he would, its the internetz…

    • Denboy0

      Hahaha..loved it

    • feztheforeigner

      Lol he changed it for you!

      Love you Kellex, your forgiven!

    • Amenemhat1


  • dragonflyr

    mine .. mine .. mine.

  • EvanTheGamer

    YES! YES! YES!

    After reading your detailed review of the Nexus 7, I am looking forward to my Nexus 7 more now than ever before!


  • “I personally could care less that the Nexus 7 does not have a rear camera…”

    COULDN’T care less

    • Prime7

      Maybe he cares a lot.

      • I screw that one up every time I use it. 🙁

        • Hehe, no problem. Just thought you’d like reminding.

        • justincase_2008

          Just go with it.

        • ghopp

          Attention grammar nazis: the phrase works in either context. In fact, ” i could care less” has more emphasis, as in “This is how much I care (which is very little at all) but i have the capacity to actually care less! If there is one place a grammar nazi doesn’t belong, it’s on a mobile tech blog.

          • Droidzilla

            The phrase does work in either context, but it only means that one doesn’t care if phrased with “couldn’t.” Otherwise it still works inasmuch as it’s a functional sentence, but it fails to convey the proper intent (which is the point of language, in any case).

  • paul_cus

    Looking forward to the Nexus 7, should be great.

  • The only shortcoming would be the screen in my opinion. I love Amoled screens, and I’m kinda disappointed that the N7 doesn’t have one. But if it keeps the price down, and the resolution is still good, then it’s fine. I agree: best tablet available. I can’t wait to get one.

    • Droidzilla

      I’m a huge sAMOLED fan, but IPS LCD is far from a poor screen. To put a sAMOLED on a 7″ device right now is extremely cost prohibitive (see the GTab 7.7).

      • Oh yeah, I know. Like I said, a slightly “not-as-preferable” screen is a reasonable trade off for the price.

  • EC8CH

    16GB Nexus 7 on order. Good specs … great price.

  • Neomastermind

    That 8 GB version shouldn’t even exist. Should’ve went with 16 GB and 32 GB configurations.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Agreed…there should at least be a 32GB option, but then again, would make the price go up even more, $50-100 probably.

      I’m happy with at least a 16GB version though.

      • capecodcarl

        The best solution would’ve been to just eliminate the 16GB model and add a $3 SD-card slot to the 8 GB model for media.

        • florious80

          The omission of the SD slot was intentional to force people to buy google online products. It’s not really to keep the cost down or anything….

          • How is your tin foil hat fitting today?

          • imns

            +1 for a good observation but -1 for probably being right.

        • good idea,would have been a good trade off

        • guardianali

          Actually it does have external storage support. Any ICS+ device does natively. You can buy a cheap miniusb to usb adabter on ebay for like 5 bucks and plug a regular flashdrive of your choosing into it like the galaxy nexus. Then use, StickMount from Play store to enable it. And wham..you have external storage.
          Its not as compact or elegant as internal sd card slot, but its still great to carry extra space/media with you for long trips..flights etc…

    • Joshua Colon

      8 GB seems perfect for me. So I bet it does work for some ppl, especially the price conscientious. But I also agree, either expandable storage so everyone can choose the size for them, or a 32 GB option should have been made available too.

      • William_Morris

        I think this is where Google is trying to move. If you consider their motivations, limiting the size of the tablet is working toward their goal: The usage of their products from their cloud. This device is literally designed to be a consumption device with limited storage so that you use their services.

        Think about Google Music for a second. Google offers you the opportunity to store up to 20,000 songs for free on the cloud. Music is taken care of then and therefore won’t take up space on the device.

        Now look at Google Drive: 5 GB of free storage. If you need more you can purchase it.

        This “made for Google Play” device is designed specifically to do what it was made for: Google Play. They don’t want you to store movies on the device, they want you to rent it from them. They want you to subscribe to magazines and buy books through them. All these things to drive their ad-machine to cater to your likes which could mean more revenue for Google.

        Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not doing this to bash the design of this device or Google in general. I want the N7 and love my GNex. I am willing to pay for other Android products over the competitors too (except the Nexus Q, I’m not interested in that). But I can see why they’re putting this limitation on it. It is directed toward their cloud services which makes extensive storage a moot point.

        Would a majority of us like more storage or expandable storage? Absolutely! But this is what we have and FWIW, I think Google knocked it outta the park with this tablet.

      • angermeans

        I have to say I agree. After having google music storing all ,y music and the new iPad for all my real tablet needs the n7 will be mostly used for reading for me and being that this is such an issue, is cheap, and best of all is a nexus I’m willing to bet someone has some kind of solution ready to go and maybe I can get some use out of that 32gb card I kept from my tbolt when I sold it. My fingers are crossed but if it doesn’t I don’t really plan on gaming at all on it and outside of browsing, occasional twitter, Evernote, reading, and hacking 8gb should be enough. Besides I checked my nexus and I have only 6gb used now and that’s with a bunch of ROmS and nandroid backups. I should be fine

    • michael arazan

      or at least add an expandable memory slot up to 64 gb cards to be installed, I can’t see how expandable memory slot could cost a lot of money. But google’s push to cloud storage is why their devices like the 7 and new chrome book (16gb) have minimal storage because they are pushing cloud storage real hard to get people to use it. People are saying to expect all Google devices to have minimal storage for the time being.

    • well, 1st: cost. 2nd, content would be cloud hosted.