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CyanogenMod Team Gives Update on CM10, Only a Matter of Time Now

The CyanogenMod team released another update for when users can expect to see CM10 hit the forums. It’s not a definitive ETA (naturally), but since Jelly Bean hit AOSP yesterday, they can shed some light on the process of making their next creation. 

Here is the full statement from their Google+ page:

Repositories for all AOSP projects have been created on our github to alleviate any potential mismatches (branch is ‘jellybean’).

While Jelly Bean won’t require a major rewrite of all the CM features, the source has been re-arranged and re-factored enough that a simple merge isn’t possible. So we will proceed with manual merging (this was to be expected really).

The plan of attack will be to cherry-pick everything from CM9 and fix the merge conflicts and relocations. It’s tedious but the only way. Ideally the original patch authors will forward-port their changes, so if you are out there and want to help out, join us in #cyanogenmod -dev.

+ Trebuchet might be messy to rebase onto JB.
+ Theme Engine will be messy.
+ SystemUI stuff will need to be restyled.
+ Lockscreen stuff will need to be restyled.
+ The current UX of Settings is good, no reason to change anything there.

A manifest (Cyanogenmod/android.git) will be going up later this afternoon, so the masses will be able to sync directly from our source at that point as well.

This will be it on the updates (so we can focus on actually working). Next post referencing JB should be when the merge/cherry-pick process is complete.

It sounds like we won’t be hearing much from the team as they sit down and work out the kinks. Are you going to be waiting for CM10 or are you fully converted to AOKP or another new ROM?

Via: Google+

  • Chris Marshick

    Sooooo tired of trying to read about CM and having to listen to the AOKP fan boys. If you don’t like CM why are you here?

  • Spencer

    Im on Vicious v5 just for JB right now, I’ll go to CM until AOKP finishes their re-write. Huge AOKP fan though

  • jonny6pak

    CM is super important and I love their work, but I’m on AOKP at this point. At this point, I’ll probably use whatever JB rom first integrates notification bar setting toggles, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stick with it. I’m also interested to see what BAMF does with JB. It’s really anyone’s game at the moment.

  • John Davids

    CM all the way. I think its pretty hands down that this mod has the biggest support of phones, the best community, the most timely updates, and the highest level of polish. An RC or stable CM release feels like something so highly polished and finished that it came directly from Google.

    THIS is how Android should be 🙂

  • michael arazan

    i just want a pure stock jellybean expeience with its butteyr smoothness

  • Chris

    I have yet to see a rom that is put together as well as Cyanogenmod. Everything is integrated so well I forget what features were not on the phone stock. I am using different roms right now just to try out jellybean but I will always go back to cm when it is stable (by stable i mean nightlies that are usable)

  • S2556

    I will be running CM10 on my GS3 cant wait!

    • FreeStanler

      Show off 🙂

  • As much as I loved CM7 back in my HTC Incredible days, I got a taste for AOKP. I’ll admit that I’m running a Vicious JB ROM, but I can’t see myself going to anything other JB ROM besides AOKP. I followed Roman through every build/milestone, and now that the final ICS milestone is done (6), he’s moving on to JB. I can wait, the payoff will be oh so worth it.

  • jcorf

    AOKP convert here.

  • bose301s

    Waiting for CM10, AOKP just doesn’t do it for me, CM9 seemed cleaner, faster and more polished to me than AOKP. Can’t wait for the nightlies.

    • FreeStanler


  • dylan84

    For right now I’m converted to AOKP, but I will always flash a CM rom.

  • sahilm

    I think unfortunately CM just moved too slow with CM 9 development. I really love CM, I remember their amazing ROMs in the days of my Motorola Droid (1), but I think with ICS, CM lost some of the magic.

    What do I mean? Well there has not been a stable release of CM9 for Galaxy Nexus LTE (Toro) and the RC was only released at the end of June.

    It took till the end of June to get an RC for a Nexus device. Come on!

    • Droidzilla

      They had to rebuild it completely, if I understand correctly. There are so many ROMs out there built on CM source that you probably use CM even if you don’t use CM.

      • sahilm

        I’m not denying their impact. I think they’re world-class developers who have made a massive impact on the community, and impact so large, no AOKP or other ROM will ever be able to do.

        All I’m saying is that other roms used the CM source, and moved ahead faster, while CM, perhaps wishing to include increasing devices, couldn’t move with that same agility.

        • Droidzilla

          Whereas I agree with you, the fact that the other ROMs would not have come out without CM, it’s safe to say we should all support CM regardless of which ROM we use (unless that ROM is magically made with zero input from CM).

    • Anon1

      Just because a ROM isn’t labeled as a final release doesn’t mean it isn’t stable. I’ve been using CM nightlies and alphas and they run without any issues. The CM team is just too perfectionist to label their ROMs as stable until they do tons of testing on them…

  • With all this bootloader crap on the S3, looks like I might be waiting to get CM10 anyway. I was really hoping to get CM9 🙁

    • Droidzilla

      S3 is ICS, so it ought to be simple enough for devs to port CM9 and CM10 to it without changing the kernel. Ditto RAZR/MAXX.

  • I guess I’ll just wait till my GSIII’s bootloader is unlocked.

    • rodney11ride

      Why? it doesnt even matter that much.. the DX is locked and guess what? its running ics…

  • I’ll be sticking with the pre release JB until CM10 or AOKP JB. Not liking what I’m seeing from some of these early AOSP roms yet.

  • James_C_L

    Does anyone really care anymore? The CM train has passed. People are tired of waiting for nothing.

    • SeanBello

      this being a CM post, I expect you’re gonna take a beating, but I’m with you

    • fixxmyhead

      u got that right. plus it sucks compared to aokp. barely any customizations
      i tried it and i didnt like it. reverted back after 1 day

      • Droidzilla

        Would there be an AOKP without CM? Honest question.

        • If their was it would look a lot different. Albeit android is the same by comparison to IOS

        • fixxmyhead

          No cuz aokp uses some cm code .aokp is like cm but better with more customizations

        • Austin00

          Probably nowhere BUT just because it was the standard for custom Roms dosent mean it is now, there are plenty of other Roms that have many more features while been as stable or stabler with better battery life and performance. But… thats just my two cents dosent mean everyone should live by my words.

      • your aokp build can go more than 4 hours without crashing? because i had constant crashes with aokp. Haven’t had an issue with cm9 rc0

        • fixxmyhead

          Yea I’m on milestone 6 no problems everything is fine . They fixed up that problem u were probably on a crappy old version.

        • Personally, I never had an issue.

        • aokp build 35 for the DX is the same way. FC’s all the time. The longer I use it the worse it gets.

    • otter34

      I agree, but I thought CM did a lot of things that other devs copied into their ROM. I very much appreciate their work. I just don’t like their ROM

    • Ditto. Stock Rooted JB is wonderful. CM should just package ad-ons in small zips from now on.

    • El Big CHRIS

      I honestly was very curious to run it but since there never was one stable ROM to try (as a daily driver) I never even bother. Once I discovered AOKP man I never looked back at my DInc’s MIUI. I long for the day AOKP releases the 1st milestone of 4.1.1

    • Justin

      Listen, you Tit. I and many others have been running CM9 as our daily driver since December. Completely stable. It’s been in nightly form, but it’s been widely available to anybody who cares to look. You sound like an entitled little brat.

    • bjb1959

      I am using CM 10 JB on a Gnex as we speak. no issues at all that I have found.

  • SeanBello

    AOKP all day long

  • bakdroid

    So when Key Lime Pie is released we will be looking at a possible RC for CM10…what a joke. The OEMs can make these changes faster.

    • znewman

      Most likely not. The main reasons that it took so long for CM9 to come out is that they wanted to rebuild everything from scratch for ICS where as they will be forward porting everything to JB and KLP most likely.

      • bakdroid

        I will believe it when I see it. CM has always taken forever to release new versions that actually work.

  • Waiting on CM10!!!!

  • I’m currently on Vicious v5 and it’s working great. A means to an end though. I’m waiting for Gummy. It’s still my favorite. AOKP is my second choice. I’m in the minority, I know.

  • FuckJesus

    I happy to wait for a JB ROM from source that actually has everything functioning. All the early releases of AOSP ROMS seem to be worse off than the hacked up pre release JB ROMs

    • Skittleoid

      Haha very provocative name you got there

  • yep

    converted to AOKP. but if CM10 comes out first, I’ll go back

    • same. i went to AOKP while waiting for CM9. now i wont load another rom till CM10. Doing a fresh start and cleaning house for CM10.

      • Even if you’re on CM9, you’ll have to wipe and completely reflash CM10. mIght be ugly if you don’t.

        • My bad, i was attempting to imply that i did not flash CM9 instead waiting for CM10. I always completely wipe during switches. Just this time i wont be restoring apps, only manually resorting app data for apps i actually use.

          • Fair enough 🙂 CM10 should be cool though. Hoping this is when they 100% make the switch to Cid.

  • Wanting for a Jelly Bean ROM on my Sensation. Can’t wait!

  • Crkdvnm

    No. Im still on the Thunderbolt, haha.

    • each day i wake i sigh knowing that my thunderbolt will always be a relic *sigh*

  • Pandalero

    I need CM10 on my Inc 4G… this has to happen.

  • rodney11ride

    If not having the same amount of options means CM9 “fell off” then your an idiot. Cm9 has been good and just as stable as AOKP. Liquid puts both of these to shame. However i will be waiting on Paranoid to kick some hybrid A$$…

    • You’re an idiot.

      • rodney11ride

        aw how cute

    • Who are you talking to? Using quotation marks would usually imply that you are quoting someone. Act crazy much?

      • rodney11ride

        Ryan • 17 minutes ago

        CM fell off, its all about AOKP1 5 •Reply•Share ›

  • Matt Gondek

    full AOKP convert here. I have found myself cheating on it with JB ROMs though…

    • SeanBello

      you and me both

  • Detonation

    So are they going to finish CM9? I don’t beleive it has made it out of RC1 yet…

    • IFragU

      Yes, they have stated that the development of CM10 will not effect the release schedule for CM9 and that RCs will happen

  • SpaceMan

    At first glance, I read “CyanogenMod team gives up on CM10”

    • lol thats what i thought too i was like “….no….D:”

    • Pandalero

      Me too! Heart stopped for a second.

      • I expect you’re gonna take a beating, but I’m with you...MayorMoney.blogspot.com

  • CM fell off, its all about AOKP

    • bose301s

      In what way has the CM Team fallen off? CM9 was amazing, fast, stable and polished. I much prefer it to AOKP. Also, if you say it was the time it took to get CM9, realize that it was because they rebuilt and recoded all of their mods from scratch for ICS, a process that AOKP is now doing for JB, I expect CM10 to come along faster than AOKP for JB.

  • It’s nice to see that CM10 will be around sooner than later.

  • Paradisimo

    I’ll take CM10 over stock but AOKP would be my preference long term.

  • I love AOKP but I am on Team Vanir’s Jelly Bean ROM right now. I’d rather have a JB ROM that kinda works than an older OS version that works perfectly. Weird, I know.

    • Same here, I’d rather have a 90% working JB than a 100% working ICS.

  • Thomas Kefalas

    Woohoo first to comment! On CM9 and will wait for CM10!!!

    • Woohoo! First to congratulate you on this, I’m sure, lifetime achievement!

    • First to comment last to be seen. Adios