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Verizon Support Blames Samsung for Bootloader Lock – Workaround Potentially Found, Bounty Placed

The weekend has come and gone and yes, the bootloader on Verizon’s Galaxy S3 remains locked. We have root in a round about way, but as you have probably read across Android forums, this phone is going to take some time to crack. As of now, it’s essentially like one of Motorola’s many locked phones, only is a bit harder to swallow since Samsung had previously never locked a device down like this. Speaking of that, Verizon’s official support account was quick to put the blame on Samsung over the weekend, something I think most of us have a hard time believing. 

Let me just break this situation down for a second. Samsung, to my knowledge, has never locked a phone on this level. They released versions of this specific device across the globe and on the 3 other major carriers in the U.S. and managed to leave the bootloader open. But you are telling me that they asked specifically for Verizon’s version to be locked? And that makes any sort of sense, how? Motorola blamed Verizon. Verizon admitted to locking bootloaders and that they do not want “unapproved” software running on their devices. HTC blamed AT&T for locking the One X. It’s always up to the carriers. But now Samsung, for the first time ever, is the one making a request? Give me a break.

In related news, Team Epic has managed to use kexec to boot up a custom kernel. For those not familiar, the kexec method has been used on Motorola devices for some time now. It’s not pretty, but phones like the RAZR have thrived even with a locked bootloader. Also, a bounty thread has been started over at XDA that will go out to the first person to crack this sucker.

Oh, and one more thing. This will probably get you fired up:

Via:  Twitter | Team Epic | XDA (bounty)

Cheers everyone!

  • yellowcanary73

    If I didn’t have unlimited data on Verizon I would try at&t again always had good service with them never had a problem with calls or data just like varizon I can pretty much get service everywhere I’m at did like being able to make phones calls and data at same time. The problem with Americas mobile system is to many different systems I would prefer to buy my phone outright without a contract with any phone company then if I’m not satisfied taking my phone and going to anther carrier without a penalty.

  • yellowcanary73

    Verizon did the same thing when they released the DroidX blamed Motorola for it even tho later admitting they were the one wanting it locked. Grow up Verizon and stop the lying.

  • So does this unauthorized message come about with any app in particular? I mean what do we need to look out for? I’m planning on rooting mine will this prevent this from happening? I hope this isn’t for the FoxFi app.

  • coolsilver

    Kinda sad considering some CyanogenMod devs work for/with Samsung.

  • I’m gonna go ahead and blame Obama for this one…

  • sporttster

    This ‘locked bl’ nonsense has gotta stop. If someone wants a ‘secure’ phone, they should be able to buy one, sure. Ok, so make a ‘secure’ GSIII version and one that isn’t secure, with a open BL. Verizon is going to suffer customer backlash due to this proclivity to vacillate between locked and unlocked and who’s fault it is. If it’s locked only with them, that makes it pretty obvious who’s at fault. And it being Samsung makes it even more obvious it’s Verizon at fault.

  • Brian Christman

    This is such total garbage. Verizon just needs to own up to it. I hope Samsung throws them under the bus on this statement. Why is it that every other carrier is NOT secured/locked…. I’m sure that was a mistake on Samsungs part, right…… The fact that VZW locked Google Wallet app from installing is not right either. Just because VZW wants to create their own Wallet app doesn’t mean that we should be forced to use that app (whenever released). This is a monopoly on VZW part…. If the app works on the loaded OS, No carrier should be allowed to block those apps.

  • nightscout13

    Let the blame game begin….

  • So Verizon is LYING. They’re the ones who made Motorola tarnish their reputation by showing that MotoBloat down our throats. {{-_-}}

  • Sirx

    I wish someone would “reply” to that specific message from Verizon Support with that picture. Priceless.

  • Trueblue711

    I really hope the community unleashes a firestorm on Verizon for this. A big wave of bad publicity might make them think twice before doing this again.

  • r0lct

    Verizon doesn’t care about tech people
    *said in kanye west voice*

  • mustbepbs

    I wonder if this has any truth it it, with the VZW version being SAFE certified. I wonder if that’s part of the certification process? I guess it can’t be considered corporation-safe until you plug all the holes. Fortunately for us, Samsung seems to have left a few doors open.

  • Stewie

    Of course VZ made the request, why would any manufacturer have to make a request of the carriers? The carriers dictate what they want TO the manufacturer. In moto’s case though we had unlocked phones all over on VZ and they were just … shh … wait for it …. Lying.

  • JustAnAngryJOE2

    Whats this Verizon can’t own up to their own bitch assness. Wait whats that smell….is that wussy? I think i smell wussies. Oh well, for every bs move VZ tries to pull we the people will find a way to make the pwrs that be choke on it.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll


  • Thinking about keeping my razr max cause of this now

  • ac

    Not that I fully believe Verizon here, but is there any way Qualcomm has a hand in this?

  • What a bunch of liars. Reminds me of the attempt by AT&T to shift the blame for delayed updates to Google.

  • r0lct

    I’m starting to think this has more to do with how Verizon handles returns of defective units. There must be some cost Verizon is incurring that they see encrypted bootloaders mitigating.

    • That makes no sense because when you root or install a custom rom on your device, you are voiding the warranty.

      • r0lct

        Except people return them anyway and store reps don’t know better and they get a new phone.

        • JustAnAngryJOE2

          It not really the reps that know better, more of them really could care less cause doing the return or exchange to them is more or less Interfering with there next sale, well that and the group they call to get the ok to even return it are pretty lazy anyway lol

  • SomeDooD123

    I’m gonna rape their 4G LTE in protest! 26GB and counting!

  • Sonuva!-VZW SGS3

    Does Verizon’s douchebaggery know no bounds!? Yes VZW, clearly this is all Samsung. God forbid you nut up and admit you hate all of your customer’s faces.

  • Jim Dandy

    Thanks for the wallpaper 🙂

  • Themanhere10

    So is it possible to unlock the phone to use internationally?

  • Trevor

    glad i decided to keep my galaxy nexus.

  • Justin R

    Don’t worry – this is just a new feature of Verizon’s Share Everything plan. It must include “share the blame”, too.

  • Buy This

    This will get downvoted but I feel like realistically, one of the big reasons they won’t budge on bootloaders is the concern for people screwing up their phones. Have you ever seen what some people with FLIP PHONES act like in store when they have a problem? Imagine even a 5% increase in store traffic with dumb motherf*ckers who hopped on Rootzwiki for the first time, didn’t follow the instructions, and now their phone is bootlooping? I think they (correctly) assume that allowing unlocked bootloaders en masse will result in a significant enough uptick in customer complaints, replaced phones, etc that it would be a net loss for them as far as putting a policy into effect goes. I am sure there are plenty of other prominent reasons but I see this as a pretty likely one. That said, I would gladly pay an opt in (or out) fee to access a phone or update my phone with an unlocked bootloader. I would pay a serious chunk of money too. It is a great investment says my GED Xoom Wifi that is about to promptly receive JB. 3…2…1…REBUTTAL!

    • stush0104

      That $30 upgrade fee we all now pay is supposed to go towards “Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations with experts who provide advice and guidance on devices”, right? Why not embrace the development crowd and throw up a couple videos on what unlocking, bricking, etc. are and how they void your warranty. Give those “dumb motherf*ckers” some online educational tools and experts to let them know what is going on and to stay away if they are unsure. Unless that $30 fee for those services is a joke and a way to milk a couple extra bucks out of us. Then nevermind.

      • Buy This

        No for real, that is what I am getting at. Someone said it above me too I think. Something about the costs of handling defective returns. I think there is a real cost-benefit analysis that has them at net loss, which results in the policy or policies. But with my suggestion or yours (which is better), maybe the way to get them to change it is to approach it from a different way. In the sense that we find a way where they make money but we get what we want too. I think there is something to your idea. I think it also would have to be an opt in kind of thing.

        • Buy This

          I would not only pay, I would sit through a mandatory hour long class too! SERIOUSLY. Whatever the eff you want me to do to get you off the hook for upkeep and replacing my phone. I will do it. What would you doOOooOO ….for a (more) open phone?

        • The thing is EVERY other carrier is letting the S3 go unlocked, and tons of wireless companies release less locked down phones than Verizon. Why should we accept Verizon being the only carrier locking down so many phones? I get the reasoning behind doing it, but every other carrier is fine letting unlocked phones go.

    • c4v3man

      Having an encrypted bootloader makes it easier to brick, while making it more difficult to un-brick. There is absolutely NOTHING that an encrypted bootloader can do to prevent you from screwing up other parts of the OS, especially by n00bs.

      • Buy This

        Totally agree. Xoom is a cakewalk compared to most phones.

    • TheWenger

      I see your point, but I have to disagree. If they allow unlocked bootloaders that wouldn’t change anything significantly and here’s why:
      If you know what a bootloader is in the first place, chances are you are going to want to root and mess with ROMs. If that’s the case, you will find a way to tweak whatever you can, and having an unlocked bootloader would just make it easier.
      If you have no idea what a bootloader is (the majority of VZW customers) it wouldn’t affect you at all.

      • Buy This

        Ya but I figure they really just don’t want people to find out. An unlockable bootloader can greatly extend the life of your device in terms of support and freshness. I think they don’t want to take the loss from people who are perfectly happy with their bionic, razr, or even a phone like the thunderbolt and decide not to upgrade for a while because the dev community makes their device like new with weekly updates.

        • Javis Sullivan

          And this is the real reason. There you have it folks.

    • Kurt Edens

      Another factor that would seem to negate this in store returns issue as far as I can tell, would be the fact that by rooting or unlocking one’s bootloader, you in effect, void your warranty. Now I know that many can just reverse the process, but if you are capable of that, then you won’t walk into verizon unless there is a hardware issue with your phone. And at the top of all the forums that offer these mods, kernels, roms, and instructions do clearly explain this at the top of their posts… I know that when I was new at this with my OG D1 if something messed up, I went to the forums (Experts) not the retail store (ignorant fools that don’t seem to know much about the phones they offer, Seriously, I think Verizon should be more afraid of the knowledge base of there in store ‘tech experts”)

    • OhAaron

      Having a locked bootloader also causes the device to be bricked more easily, though. When the bootloader is unlocked, you can easily flash a few files and be back to stock really easily. It’s impossible to brick a Galaxy Nexus. When I recently bricked my Razr Maxx, it took me 4 days to get it working again! So, a locked bootloader makes problems much more permanent and hard to deal with.

  • LIESSSS!!!!

  • Danrarbc

    Damn lies.
    Verizon Support.

  • ender1776

    Not only is it sketchy, its illegal as far as I’m concerned. Verizon’s block C purchase 4 years ago included agreements that any device using this frequency block, the one they now use for LTE, requires open devices (you can buy unlocked phones – similar to the nexus gsm sold in the play store) for use on the network, and ‘open applications’ – they are not allowed to restrict applications. After blocking wallet and wireless tether, both illegal acts in my book, they continue to do this with no recourse. File complaints with the FCC. Form 2000F. There is a recent post on XDA with the links. Locked bootloaders are a grey area, but I feel they should be covered by the ‘open application’ provision of the block c purchase. Verizon has sued to have these provisions removed, and has lost. I’m not sure why they are not being upheld, other than their deep pockets.

  • jak_341

    Wait. What exactly is that screen shot? Where did that come from?

  • Great coverage, perfectly valid points, thanks for the article!

  • AlexKCMO

    I got nothing. Looks like the Sprint LTE version is unlocked, so my once chance to defend this is wrong. Let’s hope Sammy can respond to that claim.
    Is it possible… and this is not meant to be a loaded question… that Samsung actually did encrypt it because of the LTE radios? As far as I’ve been able to tell, there has yet to be a CDMA+LTE RIL developed yet. The G-Nex RIL was provided through source and people on the Rezound forums are saying a RIL for the GSIII will help the Rezound get a RIL based on development.

    I know I’m grabbing at straws, but considering the phone hasn’t been released yet, I’m trying to think of something. Is it also possible Samsung will release an unlock tool similar to the one HTC has released?

    I’m just trying to make some sense of this.

    • the Sprint GSIII w/LTE has been unlocked completely fine to my knowledge

      • AlexKCMO

        Well damn. I got nothing. Who’s ready to sharpen the pitchforks and march to VZW HQ?

  • Skidoo03

    This is why I bought the Inc 4G instead. Already unlocked and rooted.

    • Ethan

      Sure, you’re rooted, but you also have an Incredible 4G. Not sure you come out on top of that one 😛

    • AlexKCMO

      That’s great, but the Inc 4G will unfortunately have the same fate as the Rezound. Probably a good phone (don’t know), but no development.

      • ozo012

        The Rezound had a great development community, the main problem is that most of the userbase are a bunch of whiny 15 year olds who asked everyday for an ETA and bitched out the devs instead of thanking them.
        There is literally tons of useless drama in both the Rezound and Amaze XDA forums. Once source is released I am confident we will have a fully functional AOSP near August.

        • AlexKCMO

          Here’s the thing though… in what state will development be in? Sure, we might have RIL and working AOSP, but without ongoing support, I don’t think it will ultimately be worth it.

          I agree the community is pretty toxic and that drove developers away. Even if someone does pull together AOSP/CM9-10/AOKP, I don’t want to keep a phone that devs are afraid of because of the whiney 15 year olds.

  • ha

    * NEWS FLASH *

    verizon doesn’t care what you or anyone else thinks about their bootloader.

  • Can we now ask them about the on-going Wifi notification?

  • Michael_NM

    VZW: Rule the deceit.

  • Verizon clearly didn’t listen to Biggie: “Why blow up my spot ’cause we both got caught?”

  • Jon

    There is a huge bit of hope that a solid work around is in the works.


    Some amazing dev has figured out how to get a custom kernel loaded. This is important because a custom kernel would need to be loaded to get Jelly Bean or any other future version of Android working without a ton of bugs and the need for lots of troubleshooting and bug hunting.

    As of right now though, the device is rooted and a custom recover can be loaded, which means that the door is wide open for any ICS based Roms. ICS based Roms can and are being created right now for the Verizon Galaxy S III.

    It will take a bit more work for a Jelly Bean Rom as of right now. Also, most devs are waiting for the Jelly Bean Source code to be released…probably on the same day the Galaxy Nexus 7 tablet is released. After they have the source code, I’m sure we will get all sorts of people working on getting Jelly Bean to the S III.

    Also note, many talented developers are waiting for their S IIIs to arrive in the mail just like you and I. Once they get their hands on their phones…they will begin working away on the Verizon Galaxy S III.

    I think by the end of July, you will see a huge explosion of Developer support for the GS III
    including Jelly Bean Roms.

    • Jon

      And another thing to note, since the S III is on all 4 major carriers in the US and also a global phone, there are lots of developers working on the S III. A lot of the work done can and will be shared amongst the different platforms. For example, the hacks done to Sprint GSIII are being used to hack the Verizon GSIII. Also if a developer creates a ROM for one SIII on one network, it is not a hell of a lot of work to get that same ROM over to another network.

      So everyone please be patient. Don’t freak out and return your Verizon Galaxy S III just yet. There is a bright future for this phone and custom ROM development by all early signs.

      This phone is not locked down nearly as tight as a Motorola phone that has an on chip encryption that is impossible to crack. Devs are already way ahead of the cracking that you can do on Moto devices.

      • yarrellray

        Not to be mean but come on my brother do you work for Verizon or something??? Be patient that always seems to be the words spoken to all Verizon customers be patient for your updates, Be patient we are fixing the problem in your area, Be patient we are testing software to release to the masses. And oh yeah continue to patiently pay that monthly bill because yes we have the most LTE cities on the map. Verizon can go sucks elephant balls i maned up and kicked there asses to the curb June 28th. Paying for more doesn’t mean you are getting better Verizon is the perfect example of this issue. My 2lines of service now proudly resides on Tmobile where yes I get signal and reception 24hrs a day, I get true 4G coverage and extreme speeds with it’s HSPA PLUS 42MPS network. And here is the kicker I get BETTER battery life on my Galaxy S3 with the power saver mode on I get 14hrs heavy use and 21hrs or more light use. After how Verizon treated the CDMA VERIZON GALAXY NEXUS customers I was glad to leave. Other really need to look at their situations and make a decision to leave if they can. Who the hell is Verizon anyway they are the biggest joke out of all the carriers…

        • dude you need to chill out, we get you don’t like Verizon. do you work for T-mobile or something?

          • squiddy20

            What’s hilarious is, not even a year ago people were say thing same thing of him but with Sprint. In fact, he was pretty much known as the “Sprint evangelist”.

          • jump on all the bandwagons!

        • squiddy20

          No, he doesn’t work for Verizon. You’d know this if you took a bit of time to look at his G+ profile…
          Yeah, you’re supposed to “be patient”. What, you really expect OS updates to come out a month or so after the source code is released?Haha you have no clue. And you’re the dope who chose to sign up with Verizon for the Galaxy Nexus, despite years of calling them “the devil” and the carrier with the most “overpriced and underspeced devices” while you were with Sprint. You have no one to blame but yourself, and that’s a fact.
          “I get true 4G coverage” Newsflash: *no one* gets true 4G coverage because no one has “true 4G”. Originally, 4G was supposed to be 100 Mbps, but then carriers like Sprint and Verizon started throwing around the terms for eye-candy/marketing purposes, so the consortium behind the standard was pretty much forced to lower their standards. How little you understand.

  • Jason Montemayor

    Does that pop up when installing something like Google Wallet?

    • Jorge Guaman

      they were probably trying to load a rom since it got root over the weekend

      • moelsen8

        no i think that’s if you try to change the bootloader/kernel and that stuff. google wallet would have no effect on this.

  • What in the blue devil is that screen shot?

  • Jorge Guaman

    I am wonderind if this message will come up as soon as we start loading roms too.

  • So glad I gave VZW the middle finger and went to T-Mobile. Best.Decision.Ever.

    • Josh Flowers

      1 month and counting until i order my Gnex from Google Play (Lord/courts willing) and head to T-mo, then walk into VZW to cancel my contract.
      and, smiling as i walk out the door, of course.

    • t-mo sucks

      have fun playing the service search game

      • I pull 5mbps in my basement office and 15-20+mbps outside. With LTE, I pulled 5mbps in my basement office and 15-20+mbps outside. Not yet been without service except in the areas that I’m without service with VZW as well.

        But thanks.

        • Sp4rxx

          Then you must be in a sweet spot of coverage because around Ohio, Tmo coverage doesn’t work half the time.

          • Where in OH? I had solid connection when traveling from Indy to my parents’ in BFE southern Ohio until the area where I expect to lose connectivity.

      • PC_Tool

        Posted by “t-mo sucks”

        An unbiased opinion if ever there was…

      • yarrellray

        You sound like a very frustrated Verizon customer. I use to leave dumb comments like this till I was shown the light. Come out from the darkness Verizon has you and many others brainwashed into thinking that it’s Lte network is the best thing since sliced bread. Well it’s not and actually the joke is on you as you continue to pay and receive all those extra charges on a monthly basis. Verizon is just like Apple they need cult following from people because if you follow them in a cult manner you will be blind to what they are really doing to you. Come out of the darkness my brother…

        • squiddy20

          You still are leaving dumb comments. Case in point: this very one. Your first sentence alone shows that you didn’t understand t-mo suck’s comment. He was implying that people on T-mobile will be “playing the service search game”. That doesn’t even remotely equate to “a very frustrated Verizon customer”.
          “because if you follow them in a cult manner you will be blind to what they are really doing to you.” Oh the irony! For years you wouldn’t shut up about how Sprint was “pimp slapping” all other carriers despite being 3rd in terms of subscriber base. You stated multiple times that the Evo 3D would be “Sprint’s flagship device well into 2012” and it was discontinued not even 2 months into the year. You professed to liking “all things Android” but would then make up childish names like “Thunderdud” and would say how “piss poor” Motorola phones were. I really could go on and on with the absurd crap you’ve stated over the years. You are the epitome of blind fanboyism. Always have been, and probably always will be. The only thing that will ever change (based on the past) is what you are blindly following. 2 years ago it was Sprint and the “Evo family”. Not even 7 months ago it was the “totally stock experience of the Galaxy Nexus” on Verizon. Now its the GSIII specifically on T-Mobile. At each stage, you said how “nothing could top this”, how your device at-the-time was “BOSS”, and other meaningless crap. Different song, same tune.

          • OhAaron

            That’s pretty sad. I definitely support giving Verizon the middle finger, but there is no need for that kind of “flavor of the month” fanboyism. I would be more easily swayed by an objective comment that weighed the pros and cons of his switch.

          • squiddy20

            I’m sorry to say, that’ll never happen. The guy doesn’t even know what the word “objective” means.

    • cheezer88

      hows that working for ya? i was thinking about going to t-mo when my contract runs out with Verizon and just buy all my phones from Google

      • Great, so far. Highest throughput has been ~23mbps. With like 2 exceptions, the highest LTE I ever got was ~25mbps. Both are regularly ~15mbps for me. In areas with weaker signal, both pulled ~3-8mbps. I can actually get a better TMo signal in the bathroom where I work than I could with VZW (yes, I text and poop).


        I was paying ~$250/mo for 4 lines (1400 mins, unlimited sms, varying 2GB/unlimited data per line) and am now paying $125/mo for 5 lines (1000 mins, unlimited sms, 2GB per line). With TMo, I can upgrade any individual line for $15/mo to 5GB. No subsidized phones with this plan, but that’s just fine and dandy by me!

        The only places I’ve been without signal with T-Mobile have been the areas that I’m also without signal with Verizon (either specific spots in the basement here at work or by my parents who live out in BFE).

        One GREAT thing that TMo offers is “Wifi Calling”. It’s essentially VoIP from T-Mobile that works with your cell for both incoming/outgoing and in theory works for SMS/MMS (not specifically tested that although if it works, I’ve used it – I have specifically tested VoIP and it’s great) and, at least for me, it doesn’t count against my cellular minutes (apparently that’s some feature you have to have added to your line that my sales rep added for free for us).

        However, don’t take my word for how good service will be for you. Instead, go get a HSPA+ phone and try T-Mobile’s $30 prepaid plan for a month to test it (100 minutes, 5GB data, unlimited SMS/MMS) before you sign any contracts or port any numbers. I did this before we switched. Do note, however, that the prepaid plans have data throttled to ~5mbps. Get onto a contract plan (value plan or not) and that throttle goes away.

        • Droidzilla

          You can always use GrooVeIP for WiFi, 3G, and 4G calling with your Google Voice number. Pretty cool app.

          • True but that only helps if you have Google Voice (or equiv) for your primary number. With TMo’s offering, it’s unnecessary and your main number still works. Free/stock VVM is also nice.

            That said, I do use GV for now so it would be an option. But stock functionality without configuration really is nice and is something VZW would NEVER do for their customers, at least until they’re done forcing everybody to pay for unlimited minutes (um, I mean, get people in on the shared data plans). 🙂

          • Droidzilla

            Good points all around. I really liked the included features when I was with T-Mo; I just wish their network were better in my area. If it were, I never would have crawled back to Verizon.

          • Sankyou

            Agreed. Went from ATT -> Tmobile -> VZ. Tmobile was nice but too many spotty areas in Denver. Still far better than ATT and their network was every bit as fast as Verizon’s in my area.

        • yarrellray

          I am 100 % happy for you and your choice to leave Verizon. I did it too for the purpose of awaiting the next Nexus come November. As of today I am enjoying my Galaxy S3 in ways that I never enjoyed my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. My overall happiness reminds me of the Htc Evo 4g days on Sprint when that device first came out. I am here to stay with Tmobile and one thing is sure it’s network has a very bright future.

      • dabuck

        I left and went to AT&T, but kept old phones on the account to avoid paying the early termination. I’ll be canceling all lines once the contract is up this winter. Best decision I’ve made.

    • cgalyon

      Also been looking at T-Mobile’s service. Don’t like the data throttling that occurs over 2GB (with the $20 data plan), but at least there is a 5GB plan too (I average around 3-4GB/mo). Other than that, I have some concerns about the coverage. It’s good around my house, but not so good at my workplace or my wife’s workplace. Still, it’s a tempting option.

      • If you’re on the fence, borrow a TMo HSPA+ phone and get the $30/mo prepaid plan to test it for a month. After a month, you should have a pretty good idea of whether it’s right for you or not. And $30 is cheap enough that it’s worth investing just to test with.

    • I’d do the same, but there’s no HSPA+ in my area for any carrier somehow. Yet, we have LTE (not on AT&T though).

      • Unfortunately, some people are forced to stay with a non-ideal carrier. And I’m sorry for that. However, that’s exactly why I’m happy that AT&T wasn’t allowed to gobble up T-Mobile. Very happy! We really need more choices, not fewer choices. And your situation is the perfect proof of that!

  • jeesung

    i LOL’d

  • sc0rch3d

    so glad I decided to go with the GNex

    • Jon

      I hear ya…but I’m thinking in the next 30 days…many Gnex owners will regret not going with the S III.

      Developers are well on their way to fully getting around the lockdowns.

      • Scott62185

        Curious as to why you think “Gnex owners will regret not going with the S III.” I’m not doubting you, just wondering how you came to that conclusion.

        • kevin

          well this is obviously just my two cents on why he said that but I think he said what he said because the gs3 has superior hardware and still has a lot of developer support to back it up. While the Gnex will get Jellybean first most likely it wont take long at all for the gs3 to get it afterwords

          • Jon

            Exactly. The GS III has far superior hardware…like a really great camera (a real sore spot for me when I had the Gnex), and supposedly lacks some of the problems of the Gnex like an awful speakerphone.

            So I just think that all things being equal on the software side (which I believe will be the case very soon) the Galaxy S III is just a way better phone.

        • TROLOLOL

          No kidding, right? The Galaxy Nexus came out a full 6 months before the Galaxy SIII was even announced. Why would GNex owners regret anything? That’s like saying current Galaxy SIII owners will regret not getting whatever unreleased phone that is coming out in 6 months.

      • No they wont because by then we will all have JB, well except maybe not the Verizon users who are stock. But they can hope.

      • whomp

        we have on screen buttons. you have an iphone button. whomp.

        • Jon

          This is something that can easily be done though on the S III. Certainly in custom ROMs and probably even by simply replacing the launcher with one of the Google Play store. The hardware buttons can simply be ignored and the phone can be used just with on screen buttons. I personally will probably be using the home screen hardware button to wake the phone, then have the onscreen buttons enabled and use those. Time will tell.

      • Or, or… our GNex developers can get us a TOUCH WIZ rom if we truly wanted to experience ICS again (most people that root seem to be on JB now) that is also skinned.

        Don’t get me wrong, I wish I had some of the features the GSIII has. Especially some of the screen gesture things like swiping your palm to take a screen shot.

  • Jack Hoffman

    They don’t have time to support real phones or find a way to allow unlocked bootloaders…too busy trying to find a way to spin a crappy data plan to make people want to buy it.

  • Butters619

    Somehow this is Motorola’s fault.


    • sc0rch3d

      you never know, if moto did it, then samsung might have seen some value in it. if verizon did it, then it probably used similar tactics on S3 (also, it’s not a DROID lol)

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Not to bury your theory but, they would have locked the device the same across all networks if that was the case.

  • Jorge Guaman

    VZ mother $%#$^^%&^%$#% #$%#$% $%# Piece of #$%%^$@$%@$#%^%^%%. All this time I blame Moto but is actually VZ#$#$%%&#$^#$^$%^#$ that locks the bootloader.


    Verizon, where it’s always someone else’s fault!

    • moelsen8

      can you blame me now?

      • Josh Flowers

        i hope some competitor cell company hires that guy (spokes rep they fired) and uses him in an upcoming Superbowl Ad in a way that embarasses/pokes fun at Verizon

      • Brandon Heid


    • poopypants

      Its LeBron James fault.

      • I heard Obama caused it all.

        • MichaelWolfe

          You’re wrong! it was always Bush’s fault.

  • sith77

    funny how verizon blames everyone else for all the delays and issues ALL the time . Samsungs fault why the boot loader locked on only the verizon version of the phone , HTC fault why the Rezound still hasnt gotten ICS yadda yadda yadda yadda …………. verizon we are really getting tired of your lies and bull

    • John

      …s hit

    • yarrellray

      Don’t be tired just leave that wicked carrier. They treat it’s customers like garbage anyway. Glad I left them.

      • Acid’sMark

        Verizon’s customer service in my area is top notch. Never had an issue that they didn’t fix without question and free. You can’t beat their rural coverage either.

      • I’ve never had an issue with Ver. support. AT$T on the other hand has the worst cust. support in the known universe.

    • Sp4rxx

      Well the ICS thing may be that it is device-specific settings that have to be adjusted to work.

      Like ICS for the Gnex would never work on the RAZR since the RAZR has hard buttons instead of soft-buttons onscreen.

      • bjn714

        While it is true that the software is incompatible, it has nothing to do with hard keys vs soft keys. That is just a simple flag that is changed when compiling.

    • bjn714

      Maybe Verizon is mad at Samsung for not letting them change the phone around to suit them so they forced any restrictions they can onto it. Also Verizon is just setting themselves up for more warranty claims when they do stuff like this. Harder to modify = easier to brick.

  • dudemacn

    going to start using a lot more of my unlimited data to spite them…. can we get some sort of data use protest going on here?

    • Rick King

      Same here. I’ve loved Verizon for a long, long time, but as of late, it seems every day they come out and do something that causes me to lose confidence just a little more. That’s beginning to add up. I have no problem buying a phone at full retail to keep my unlimited data, but I also have no problem with moving to a different carrier at this point. Really disappointed in VZW.

    • Nemesis099

      Well after I moved to the Razr Maxx with 4G i stopped using Wifi at home and now use a lot more data. This was mainly due to the increased speed because the Verizon Fios wifi router sucks unless you are right next to it.

    • Oh, yes. I have spotty wifi in my home. I occasionally use the old Wifi Tether for a more reliable connection.

      “Occasionally” just became “all the damn time”.

    • That’s funny, I contemplated getting a Verizon MiFi and putting my LTE SIM in it and running my home on it just to spite Verizon.

    • DroidBricker

      Walk around in public with an open wifi hotspot on!
      I’m using mine all day, every day to download music from archive.org (free and legal)

    • thom

      If you really want to spite them just work around there stupid “use an upgrade lose unlimited” BS. Here is how:

      1. Add a line, doesn’t matter what as long as it is stand alone.

      2. As soon as you activate that line use an “alternative upgrade” to get the device you want for you current line, making sure it’s activated on your “new line.”

      3. Disconnect new line and return original equipment inside of the 14 day return policy, preferably day one. Pay restock fee and for your (1) day(s) of service.

      4. Keep the phone you really wanted and pop in your current SIM, or activate on current line.

      5. Enjoy your spite, savings, and continued unlimited data all in policy!!!

      This will be the only place and time I plan on posting this. Maybe Verizon will see it and think they need a change. If so, I hope they concentrate on the changes they really need to make; which isn’t there return or alternate upgrade policy. It’s the polices they’ve been instituting at an alarming rate in recent history, especially the last 6 months.

      I think Verizon Wireless believes their network is there strength. It is not. It is their asset. More than anything else, their strength is their consumer opinion. Their consumer opinion is beginning to weaken rapidly. Verizon needs you, the person reading this. The “early adoption,” the “person in the know,” the one who’s opinion shapes the opinions of others. Clearly you have reasons to be upset with Verizon Wireless.

      When I joined Verizon was very different than it is today. Sure, they are still vigorously dedicated to network quality, but so much else has changed. Enough has changed that I no longer think of them as a clear winner, and I no longer recommend them above all others without much thought. I know Verizon’s culture, and how they pride themselves on being number one. Not pride in biggest, but pride in best.

      Verizon, is no longer the best (in my opinion). In fact, network aside, I’ve seen nothing recently to indicate that they are doing anything other than quickly moving in the opposite direction of best. I consider it unfortunate that Verizon Wireless stock isn’t publicly traded, perhaps if it was they would see the the effect their new direction is having, soon enough to make needed changes, before losing their greatest strength.

  • nimbyist

    is it too much to ask for verizon to not treat us like 5 year olds??!

  • red014

    Trick answer. All bootloaders are locked by default (including the GNex). This one is encrypted.

    • Mapekz

      This distinction is important. Upvoted.

    • Yes. This post really should be updated to reflect this.

      Also: the last image made me puke a little bit in my mouth.

      • cheezer88

        thats going to be my new background..lol

    • Nick Roth

      Technically it is not encrypted, it is secure. That term is commonly misused. The bootloader states: Qualcomm SecureBoot=enabled. Meaning, it requires a secret key be passed to it before unlocking. It does a signature check just like any other locked bootloader.

      • Barney

        Thanks Ted Mosby

        • Daniel Tifft

          Haha classic!

        • Dude! Such a legend… wait for it… ary comment!

        • KreeTerry

          dude i am watching season five as we speak…Great show!!!

        • CORYK333

          You win today

        • And you even used the Barney name…. 😀

      • DroidzFX


      • Jim Davis

        The best kind of correct!

    • yarrellray

      Verizon is a SHAMEFUL carrier that could care less about anything customer relate. They are a bunch of bumbling fools if they really think Samsung cares about what Verizon says. At this stage of the game mostly anybody would truly appreciate and benefit from leaving Verizon i am very proud of my choice to leave and now I can confirm exactly how overrated Verizon really is. Have your LTE NETWORK saturate the USA doesn’t mean your network is the best. Paying more money for service doesn’t mean what your getting is the best. I am extremely proud of kicking Verizon to curb June 28th after all the Galaxy Nexus issues and constant abandonment from the number one carrier. I now know Tmobile bitch slaps Verizon in service, network, and who knows what else. All I know now is that I am getting service from Tmobile on my Galaxy S3 that never existed on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Yeah the old GSM/CDMA comparison could have something to do with it that’s possible. I am here to tell you Tmobile and it’s HSPA PLUS 42MPS network is BETTER THAN Verizon and it’s Lte network in so many respects people are only fooling themselves if they think Verizon is better. At i know from experience if you want pure speeds true 4G coverage and true reception and excellent service you leave the BIG BAD VERIZON for the little guy on the block in Tmobile.

      • Derrick James

        grammer does wonders you know….

        • sgtguthrie

          Nobody cares but you, you know!!!

        • squiddy20

          While I agree with you, you should also spell correctly while you’re at it *grammar*.

      • Christopher Bauman

        As far as I know there are no phones that support the DUAL band hspa+ required for those 42mbs speeds. or are there? maybe the htc onex? I do agree that verizon as a company cares nothing for it’s customers. But Until I can have unlimited or as close to my usage as possible for cheap and have coverage comparable to verizon in my area, oh and the same or better speeds… 25MB/s Down and 15-25MB/s Up (these can fluctuate, I’ve had like 31 down before) Then there are no options.

    • udispyn

      Half the upsale of this phone was the 256 bit encryption, so it could be used as a government lvl smartphone…..Doesn’t make it right tho…

      • TheOiulkj

        wtf are you talking about? why would the government care whether or not a bootloader is encrypted? Stop spewing random words and get back to staring at the ups tracking page for your S3.

        • michael arazan

          The government and its contractors have a prerequisite to what hardware has to have for the government and subsidiaries to use. Even down to being recycled, Apple products like the mac book and pro and other apple products are now banned for government use because they are not recyclable because of the dangerous chemicals in the battery or something can’t be recycled.

    • Wrong. Not ALL bootloaders are locked by default. See the Droid Charge, Fascinate, and Stratosphere if you don’t believe me.

  • Mapekz

    Remember, the reps aren’t the ones who make these decisions. The VZW CSR in the Tweet is correct: the bootloader was locked and encrypted by the manufacturer. However, this is at the request of the upper management at VZW, not because Samsung wishes it to be done (else they wouldn’t release source code for the device).

    • Motorola also releases the sources of the patched kernel etc., or at least it did with DROID2 GLOBAL.

      (I don’t really believe Samsung has released the source code for TouchWiz.)

      • kixofmyg0t

        All manufacturers release source for kernels. Thats all they’re required to do.

        • I know. I was trying to point that out to the author of the comment I was replying to.

    • Source code for the kernel is required to be released under the GPL. Encrypted bootloader or not the source code gets released. The question is whether or not the devs can actually do something about it.

  • New_Guy

    I call bull sh**…