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HTC Support: Rezound ICS Update Coming End of July

Rezound owners, you have not been forgotten, according to this support letter from HTC. No sir, you should have Ice Cream Sandwich on your devices as early as the end of July. Previously, HTC told us to expect the update in either June or July, so if they slip it into the end of this month, they will technically be on time. This letter mentions that rollout will happen towards the end though, and that final pushes of the update will happen in August. I wouldn’t call it a delay, but it does seem to have been pushed back a bit. 

Dear Andrew S,

Thank you for contacting HTC regarding the Android 4.0 update. I understand that you are excited to receive the update for your HTC Rezound. I will be happy to share the information I have with you.

The ICS (Android 4.0) update will be released for the Rezound by the end of this month (July) with final pushes in August. Due to localization, testing, and partner approvals, updates do not roll out to all devices at the same time. For devices on a wide variety of carriers and in many countries, rollouts can take up to 45 days from the initial update to reach everyone. It’s almost here, Andrew! We are as excited as you are. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

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We are a little confused over the fact that HTC posted up documents to their own support page back on June 20, expressing to the world that the update had been approved, only to now claim that it won’t be ready for almost another month. The build they referenced at the time had already been leaked, so all we can figure is that Verizon found some little bug that they would like squashed before unleashing the beast.

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Cheers Andrew!

  • Gorbunok

    Tic toc!

  • Sith77

    Ok this getting worse by the minute . NOW Verizon says ICS update some time this year !!!! It was posted on their support forum ? This is just a complete injustice to all Verizon rezound owners, check it I copied it from their forum

    “We do know that the Rezound is still on schedule to receive ICS this year.
    At this time, we do not have a release date as to when ICS will be released, but we are just as excited as you are.
    You can check out http://bit.ly/n5snpq for software update & product information.

    Tamara H.
    Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport”

  • bruceka

    another reason to buy the iphone. Google, HTC, Verizon, I’m not going to focus my disappointment on one of them. They are like Congress! Can’t live up to their committments.

  • budscreek

    What…r u serious? ICS coming at the end of July. Hide and watch and hurry up and wait. They should just release jelly bean for rezound instead.

  • chapman1969

    I would like to thank Droid – life for keeping us htc rezound owners up to date on the ics update. That Verizon didn’t do for us. I think the only. Way for Verizon can make it up too the owners of the rezound is to forget the ics and give us rezound owners the jellybean update first do to the (long.wait) from Verizon

  • djkoz78

    just out of curiosity does anyone know who Andrew S. is? Is it possible that this letter was faked or possibly Juana just said a general timeline considering HTC said that June/July? The reason i ask this is because I’ve written HTC 3 times in the past week existing some the issues with my Rezound & adding if they’d be fixed with upcoming update & every time i asked if it was coming at the end of July only to be told all 3x that they have no idea when this update will be coming but they’re really excited. I swear it’s an automated response. I think any email received to HTC scans for words like ice cream sandwich update& then an auto reply is sent. Just saying all my emails started they have no idea when it’s coming out. But to follow them on Facebook or Twitter for the latest news.

  • chapman1969

    First thing I would like too say is thank you Droid – life for keeping us htc rezound owners up to date on the ics. That Verizon didn’t do for us rezound owners.I think the only way that Verizoncan make it up to us is forget the ics update and give us the jellybean update first.

  • chapman1969

    First I want too thank Droid- life for keeping us up to date on the ics update on htc rezound. That Verizon hasn’t done for us. I think the only way they can make up to us rezound owners is too forget ics and push the jellybean update to the rezound first.

  • Lets see … by early 1012 … by April … by mid June to Mid July … by end of July to end of August … hahahahaha

  • I am afraid I have ran out of excuses not to root my phone! I don’t believe any more promises from HTC or Verizon. End of July will become August, then September. I got tricked into believing that the upgrade was just around corner (“early 2012”). I love my phone, but I hate being lied to over and over. The recent release of JB just added insult to injury. Having great hardware with aging software is against everything I believe in. Shame on Verizon and HTC for not being honest with their customers! I am done playing by their rules! I have a feeling someone is already working on a JB ROM so that I can get a little tech justice!

    • wlmeng11

      Sorry, no JB ROMs yet, and probably not for a while.
      However, we do have some nice ICS roms.

  • Willow

    I have a RAZR and ICS is horrid I didn’t buy the phone to have this monster and don’t want it and am told I have no choice but be stuck with it I now HATE my phone and cant get anyone to do anything to help get it back the way it was I cant use 1/2 my apps, the text messages are all messed up the contacts are a nightmare to try and go through and I want my simple slide back to get in it

    • wlmeng11

      The problem isn’t ICS, it’s what Motorola DID to ICS.