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HTC Support: Rezound ICS Update Coming End of July

Rezound owners, you have not been forgotten, according to this support letter from HTC. No sir, you should have Ice Cream Sandwich on your devices as early as the end of July. Previously, HTC told us to expect the update in either June or July, so if they slip it into the end of this month, they will technically be on time. This letter mentions that rollout will happen towards the end though, and that final pushes of the update will happen in August. I wouldn’t call it a delay, but it does seem to have been pushed back a bit. 

Dear Andrew S,

Thank you for contacting HTC regarding the Android 4.0 update. I understand that you are excited to receive the update for your HTC Rezound. I will be happy to share the information I have with you.

The ICS (Android 4.0) update will be released for the Rezound by the end of this month (July) with final pushes in August. Due to localization, testing, and partner approvals, updates do not roll out to all devices at the same time. For devices on a wide variety of carriers and in many countries, rollouts can take up to 45 days from the initial update to reach everyone. It’s almost here, Andrew! We are as excited as you are. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!

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We are a little confused over the fact that HTC posted up documents to their own support page back on June 20, expressing to the world that the update had been approved, only to now claim that it won’t be ready for almost another month. The build they referenced at the time had already been leaked, so all we can figure is that Verizon found some little bug that they would like squashed before unleashing the beast.

Don’t forget to keep up with our official list of Android 4.0 updates.

Cheers Andrew!

  • Gorbunok

    Tic toc!

  • Sith77

    Ok this getting worse by the minute . NOW Verizon says ICS update some time this year !!!! It was posted on their support forum ? This is just a complete injustice to all Verizon rezound owners, check it I copied it from their forum

    “We do know that the Rezound is still on schedule to receive ICS this year.
    At this time, we do not have a release date as to when ICS will be released, but we are just as excited as you are.
    You can check out http://bit.ly/n5snpq for software update & product information.

    Tamara H.
    Follow us on Twitter @VZWSupport”

  • bruceka

    another reason to buy the iphone. Google, HTC, Verizon, I’m not going to focus my disappointment on one of them. They are like Congress! Can’t live up to their committments.

  • budscreek

    What…r u serious? ICS coming at the end of July. Hide and watch and hurry up and wait. They should just release jelly bean for rezound instead.

  • chapman1969

    I would like to thank Droid – life for keeping us htc rezound owners up to date on the ics update. That Verizon didn’t do for us. I think the only. Way for Verizon can make it up too the owners of the rezound is to forget the ics and give us rezound owners the jellybean update first do to the (long.wait) from Verizon

  • djkoz78

    just out of curiosity does anyone know who Andrew S. is? Is it possible that this letter was faked or possibly Juana just said a general timeline considering HTC said that June/July? The reason i ask this is because I’ve written HTC 3 times in the past week existing some the issues with my Rezound & adding if they’d be fixed with upcoming update & every time i asked if it was coming at the end of July only to be told all 3x that they have no idea when this update will be coming but they’re really excited. I swear it’s an automated response. I think any email received to HTC scans for words like ice cream sandwich update& then an auto reply is sent. Just saying all my emails started they have no idea when it’s coming out. But to follow them on Facebook or Twitter for the latest news.

  • chapman1969

    First thing I would like too say is thank you Droid – life for keeping us htc rezound owners up to date on the ics. That Verizon didn’t do for us rezound owners.I think the only way that Verizoncan make it up to us is forget the ics update and give us the jellybean update first.

  • chapman1969

    First I want too thank Droid- life for keeping us up to date on the ics update on htc rezound. That Verizon hasn’t done for us. I think the only way they can make up to us rezound owners is too forget ics and push the jellybean update to the rezound first.

  • Lets see … by early 1012 … by April … by mid June to Mid July … by end of July to end of August … hahahahaha

  • I am afraid I have ran out of excuses not to root my phone! I don’t believe any more promises from HTC or Verizon. End of July will become August, then September. I got tricked into believing that the upgrade was just around corner (“early 2012”). I love my phone, but I hate being lied to over and over. The recent release of JB just added insult to injury. Having great hardware with aging software is against everything I believe in. Shame on Verizon and HTC for not being honest with their customers! I am done playing by their rules! I have a feeling someone is already working on a JB ROM so that I can get a little tech justice!

    • wlmeng11

      Sorry, no JB ROMs yet, and probably not for a while.
      However, we do have some nice ICS roms.

  • Willow

    I have a RAZR and ICS is horrid I didn’t buy the phone to have this monster and don’t want it and am told I have no choice but be stuck with it I now HATE my phone and cant get anyone to do anything to help get it back the way it was I cant use 1/2 my apps, the text messages are all messed up the contacts are a nightmare to try and go through and I want my simple slide back to get in it

    • wlmeng11

      The problem isn’t ICS, it’s what Motorola DID to ICS.

  • Nonsense Says I

    I’ve had my Rezound for about a month and I swear, I’m ‘a root this mother. Verizon bloatware can’t be removed and when I try to uninstall the VZNavigator update (just the update, for chrissakes!) it reboots my phone every time! So I got crapware, I can’t uninstall it without rooting my phone and they say I void my warranty if I root. SCREW YOU VERIZON. Take your ICS update and stick it. I’m rooting.

  • Sith77

    Wow , so now that jelly bean has officially started to launch to the nexus we a re a full 2 OS updates behind . Thanks Verizon for the swift kick in the balls and stepping on them afterwards . Apple and google got it right boy , time to buy right from them .

  • S.D.

    Like others, I’ll believe it when I see it. Meanwhile, I’m on CleanROM…


    The phone is a beast, even without ICS. Just wait, folks. 😉

  • stevesharkman

    htc sales are horrible and the company is not doing well at all.
    “early 2012” was a sales ploy at the end of the 2011, so people would buy the rezound.
    it worked, they sold millions and lots of executives got bonues.
    now people are not happy to have been lied to.
    if htc has any sense, they would make jelly bean for the rezound if only to spread good will to the millions they’ve pissed off…
    but i don’t think they’re smart enough to figure that out…
    i’m never ever gonna buy an htc phone again for any reason because of this horrible “early 2012” lie i was told.

    • Readydave

      Ditto. They lost a customer for life.

  • Superguy

    I’ll believe it when I see it. We’ve heard this crap before.

    I’d still be on GB if it wasn’t for the good folks at XDA.

  • So happy I traded this piece of crap back in when I had the chance… i remember the HTC rep stating “ICS by end of Q1, at the latest” back in November. I feel bad for those who are still waiting.

  • Mchl496

    WHat about the HTC thunderbolt?

  • Tom Rolfson

    I bought a Rezound in March with the announcement that ICS would becoming. This has taken HTC way too long as we’ll already be able to get a Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean by the time they release ICS. I’ve been a loyal HTC supporter since the first EVO and have recommended the Rezound and One X to MANY people… this announcement has me convinced that HTC is not interested or not capable of getting updates out on a timely basis.. this will likely be my last HTC phone and disqualify them from future recommendations.

    Sorry HTC, you snooze you lose. You’ve had months to get it together…

    Call me: Once Bitten, Twice Shy

    • Rollo

      …or Verizon just takes so friggen long to roll it out. HTC had the upgrade for the Vivid available months ago, why would it take them this long to get it out to a nearly identical device?
      Gee uhmm I dunno, VERIZON?!?! Some of you guys are just plainly not paying attention, and then getting angry at everything. It’s downright sad.

      • djkoz78

        Yes people don’t pay attention or at least they only pay attention to news about their device I’m constantly checking the Droid blogs & if people remember about the GNex for VZW the only GNex that had to wait on their update for ICS update which was 4.0.4 I believe. The other GSM GNex got their when it was ready. VZW wouldn’t release it because they were having problems with the update & the network so they say. Out of all of the carriers on the same exact phone VZW’s GNex was delayed weeks before they finally released it. So what does this tell you people? That VZW is the problem not the manufacturers. So we should all march down to our local VZW store & find the managers and KILL THEM! Too much? Ok then yell harsh language at them for forgetting their customers& causing the hold up on our updates. Make them allow us to remove their crappy apps & if we want then we will download then from the play store. Not be forced to have it on OUR PHONES! Once we buy them they no longer belong to you and this goes for all carriers and manufacturers. Who’s with me? Dorothy Boyd thank you. I’m taking this fish.

      • stevesharkman

        then those cowards at htc need to say that. put the blame on who should be blamed. i still hold htc accountable. if they are not, and verizon is to blame, then say so.

        • Rollo

          Oh yeah that makes sense, HTC should just haul off and throw Verizon to the wolves. Yup just throw one of their biggest customers to the wolves…that’ll work out real well.
          And besides, who the hell needs to be told after the year we’ve had that Verizon holds up updates? Put 2 and 2 together and it’s obvious

    • InyRules

      The carrier is pretty much the last stop before an update is released. Verizon has a history of delaying updates to capable handsets for “network issues,” as they call it. I’m not saying HTC doesn’t have a hand in this, but it seems like Verizon is very slow to test updates and release them in a timely fashion after getting them from the manufacturer.

    • stevesharkman

      i agree tom, they suck and we’ve been lied to.
      the only good thing is htc sales are horrible and this is one if the reasons why.

  • James

    on ICS leak. its awsome. great battery life and speed.i love my rezound. i have SIII THAT I GOT ON THE 5th. its still in the box havent even put it throght its paces yet.

  • Rezound owners be happy you at least got a LEAKED version of ICS… try being a Thunderbolt owner we haven’t seen so much as a slim ray of hope that ICS is in fact being made for us…. not one leak… nothing but time ticking away. Leads me to believe either (A) there is no ics update or (B) they fired the guy leaking the builds. Nothing like owning the nations FIRST LTE phone and being forgotten by everyone. Just remember Rezound folks… it could always be worse.. you could be us!

    • Haxcid

      yeah you could own a LG Revolution… No ICS and 1 custom ROM to choose from which users are reporting over heats the phone and causes it power off unless you flash an experimental kernal.

  • Whats ICS?

    The humanity! Why let us be tortured for so long. My Rezound cries at night, I share the salty tears with my phone. I dream about ICS, when I wake up, I can not hold back the tears, the dreams.feel so real.

    • JeffDenver

      Dry those tears and install the damn leak already. It is awesome. It feels like a finished product.

  • HTC sucks!

    Htc, you guys are Dicks!

    • djkoz78

      Release our updates or will give you something to cry aboot!

  • Couple of comments, I hope in a couple years time that these companies will be sticking to the 3-5 phone a year approach and let the older phones just die out. Atleast this way all handsets can be updated in a more timely manner.

    And item #2, Rezound people need to calm down. You dont know pain til you had the TBolt, first 4G LTE phone on verizon and one of the last to get updated to ICS. Verizon was quickly to abandon this phone, and it seems HTC wants to do the same.

    • Erik

      i just upgraded from a tbolt to a rezound to avoid loosing unlimited data about 2 weeks ago. so i definitely know the pain. i now get the 1-2 punch straight to the pills.

      • djkoz78

        Lol kick him in the crotch and run! Gotcha sucker! Seriously though i really feel bad for anybody who gets a HTC device through VZW because like you say they immediately forget about their customers. T-Bolt & Rezound who? All i know is we definitely made a phone called the Incredible 4G LTE. I don’t remember anything about the other 2 devices. I mean what you said they were release last year sorry folks HTC brain only can remember a month ago.

  • I rooted and flashed cleanrom over a month ago. I am _done_ waiting for companies and carriers to fall in line and I am sick of the blame game. I wi be going the nexus route from now on. I do dig these groovy headphones though! 😉

  • Sith77

    Ya know for the amount of time we friggin waiting we should be getting 4 on this damn thing not 3.6 they’ve had enough damn time to make it work . We all know it has the hardware capable to run it

  • mufin mann

    Well its about time they told us somehing. Im about pissed rseqrched everything before i got a tablet… best one i heard about toshiba thrive…. no ics till fall… which im sure means mid november. So i have to fight lag till then… phone rezound… i understand that its hard to go from gb to ics but the razr getting ics isdownriht wrong. We all know its because google owns motorola and verizon only cares about kissing googles arse. Which makes me think skip u verizon and skip u google for letting verizon blow us off. Why not just waddle over to apple where when they come up with a new os i get it asap

  • Sith77

    Btw he had also stated it was due to a Verizon software issue wit one of their ” pre installed” applications that was causing gps issues …. Hea Verizon pull your head out of motorolas ass

  • Verizon gives its customers a nipple twist again.

  • Sith77

    I just got this message a few days ago. When I contacted HTc they told me it more like “mid August …. Hopefully ” they guy said . Such BS

  • SneemKerry

    The Rezound is horrible. And waiting forever for ICS merely adds insult to injury.

    • trob6969

      Horrible how?

  • And this is why I love root!! Been on ICS for the last 5-6 months!! Even had Sense 4.0 on my phone for a while. Plenty of experienced developers on XDA!

  • sk102704

    I think ICS was more complicated than the OEM’s thought because I have a Motorola phone and a Samsung tablet that are both waiting on ICS and on their dedicated forums I read the same exact comments! I think the change from GB to ICS is so drastic that the OEM’s and/or Verizon are having trouble accomplishing it with the staff they have working on it. They should allocate more staff to it but they won’t because they want them working on the next device to get your money. We have all been misled and dragged along for way too long but knowing I’m not the only pissed off Android lover does help a little.

    • djkoz78

      It may have been more difficult, however the so-called exclusive Nexus on VZW was the ONLY Nexus to have to wait to get ICS 4.0.4 every other non EXCLUSIVE GSM Nexus got the update when it was ready VZW’s version had to wait several weeks or months if I’m not mistaken to finally get their update. Why? Because VZW needs to make sure all updates will work with their network tee hee te hee sorry couldn’t say that without laughing i meant because it needs to work with all their bloatware before they’ll release it. Got to make sure everybody knows Verizon has apps too! So just in case no-one knows VZW has a navigation app that you can pay for every month instead of using the free Google navigation.

  • Suspiro

    End of July 2013

  • majormudafuckinhun

    There’s a poll going that’s asks if an unlockable bootloader matters…. I think so! If you’re on the verge of rooting your phone, try a rom called Ineffibalis Deuce by a dev named Chingy. You won’t be disappointed

  • Cowbrains

    I hate my rezound lol I am going back to Inc2

  • Derek Gelinas

    This is why I traded my rezound for a gnex, right here. I’m only buying nexus phones from now on.

    • JoshGroff

      On Verizon, with how long they took to update it, they probably won’t be getting another for quite some time.

    • mmoreimi

      I did the same….got the GNEX. I couldn’t stand that phone because it was plagued with issues. Poor call quality, no cell signal when in my basement (compared to 2 bars on Rezound). Horrible speaker quality…couldn’t hear anything. Slower 4G, non-existent 4G in areas my Rezound got 4G. Weaker Wifi connection. I had the GNEX running on both ICS and JB and it didn’t make a difference. Made me respect my Rezound a lot more and appreciate it a lot more too. The actual Jelly Bean experience was way cool, though. The OS runs really fast. I’ll miss the screen size and quality the most….but I’m happy to be back using the Rezound. Newt’s One XXX ROM – ICS and Sense 4.

  • victor

    you know what? we don’t want ics anymore….. just give us jelly beam! for the long waiting

  • T4rd

    This phone needs it. My wifes Rezound is laggy as balls compared to my Gnex in everything except the launcher. I don’t mind rooting/ROMing my own phone, but for stabiltiy/simplicity sake, I’d like to keep her stock.

    • balthuszar

      gave my husband ICS on his rezound, he refuses to let me root him

  • I hate HTC

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Rezound…right phone, wrong time.

  • stevesharkman

    “HTC told us to expect the update in either June or July, so if they slip it into the end of this month, they will technically be on time.”
    what planet are you on?
    they said the rezound would get ics in “early 2012”.
    those clowns are at least 4 months behind.
    just give us jelly bean and enough with the ice cream sandwich already.

  • mitch

    Any news on the thunderbolt kellex?

  • jack

    this is freaking sad why confirm mid June to mid July and now the end of this month thru august im never buying an htc phone on Verizon ever again!!!!! i dont even like my rezound anymore its tooo old with ancient software my next phone will be a nexus phone with key lime pie. Im just waiting for my nexus 7 so i can play with and use jellybean other than the stale cookie os also i

    • jack

      hope the next nexus is way better because i hated the gnex

    • guest

      Yeah, Verizon and their own specific htc handsets can suck it.

    • coolsilver

      Next phone of mine will be from play store. To keep my data and keep Verizon from screwing me with updates as much.

      • JoshGroff

        Just to be clear, G-Play sells unlocked GSM phones, they will not be likely to have a VZW compatible Nexus.

    • john

      “…now the end of this month…” dream on man!
      Who say it’s the end of this month? It said the end of July…there are plenty of July(s) left before hell freezes over.

  • verizon pissed costumer

    Just give the rezound jelly bean for waiting so long

    • stevesharkman


      • humpty derpy

        Comments like these make me LoL when I think back to december when all the rezound owners bashed the galaxy nexus because its hardware was ‘inferior’ to the rezounds.

        How’s Gingerbread working for you guys? Im sure as hell loving Jellybean! But dont worry, in 2 or 3 weeks time you will only be 1 Android OS version behind, not 2.

        • trob6969

          Actually Gingerbread is STILL fine with me! Even with the Galaxy Nexus running Jelly bean, the rezound is STILL better. Lol!

        • JeffDenver

          I wouldn’t know, since I have been running ICS for months now.

          I still don’t regret getting the Rezound over the Nexus. Better camera (both front and back), true HD display with the best PPI of any phone, and an SD slot (that supports 64 gig SD cards) and I still got ICS anyway (been running the leaked version for months). Oh…and um…I actually get 4G reception. Just sayin.

          I am glad I didn’t comprise on hardware just to get ICS a month sooner.

    • trob6969

      I would agree with you except for one thing: Adobe flash doesn’t run on jelly bean so for me that’s a big thing. I don’t want jelly bean.

  • I believe it when it’s on my phone…….nothing but broken promises. Very disappointing by verizon and htc ….”pitiful I tell ya.

  • chapman1969

    We as rezound owner now got to wait until the end of July I think that is total b.s. we have waited long enough. So Verizon please push the ics update that we deserve.

  • Ha I got the same emaIl

  • TBolt

    Verizon found a bug — my ass. Verizon put our Rezound on the back burner while their over-hyped RAZRs got the love first.

    btw, just flash the leaked RUU. it works great!

  • ICS Upgradeable*

    *Upgrade to 4.0 in approx. 8 to 9 months.

  • Has anyone used Newtoroot’s Sense 4.0 ROM? I think I want to do that because I’m tired of waiting, but I want to make sure it works well.

    • David Hayden

      It’s a great ROM.

      • Newts? Should I do it? it shouldn’t be that hard right

        • yes newts rom is nice you will like it. also may want to check out scottsroms his roms are great.

          • Sick! Scott got any Sense 4.0 Roms?

          • wlmeng11

            Scott got a One X, so he isn’t developing for the Rezound anymore.
            However, the ROMs he made before he left are still really good.
            I’m loving CleanROM.

          • Sick!

          • I put it on. My camera isn’t working and I don’t have the google play store how do I fix it?

    • I just S-OFF’d my phone this morning, and I’m trying out some new stuff. The newest RUU leak is really smooth if you are into Sense. Before that I used BAMF Senseless Preview 2. You should take a look at this page, it has a huge list of ROMs over at XDA…

  • GoodHumor

    For the love of God please release this ICS update already! The conspiracy theorist in me believes they have been dangling the prospect of the ICS update for many months to boost lackluster sales of the Rezound..Whatever the reason it is way overdue.

  • Cantuckee

    I was finally tired of waiting, rooted and am running newts xxx Rom, posting from chrome on my rezound just feels right

    • How is it? Should I do it? I really love Sense 4 and I too am tired of waiting

      • Cantuckee

        I absolutely love it

        • That’s it. I’m doin it lol

  • juniorsgv

    this is why root/rom. i can see why it’d get annoying for people who don’t want to have to resort to this manner. but its really all you have left unless you get an aosp item like gsm nexus.

  • *glances up from rezound with ics and sense 4.0 *
    that’s nice….
    its pretty amazing how fast companies abandon their models for newer ones and just drop all faithful customers (*cough* toshiba thrive *cough*)

    • I <3 My Toshiba Thrive

      Don’t be mad that you are 1 out of 7 people in the world who bought a Toshiba android devive.

    • I’m interested in doing this, but I want to know what ROM and sense 4.0combo is best first.

      • Yes, please, do tell. But then to put it in perspective, I’m still loving my Rezound GB and all. What I don’t understand is why it seems like HTC and Verizon hae all but abandoned this phone.

  • Champion1229

    Finally! i think after this update I will root and rom my Rezound just to get Jelly Bean!

  • People fail to realize that the majority of the problem isn’t HTC, but Verizon.

    • 2001400ex

      Wrong. Verizon is the problem to a point, but HTC took 6 months or whatever to get it to vzw. Why did it take do long for the razr, other phones still aren’t on ics.

      • There was an ICS leak for the Rezound in February. That means HTC was on it, but Verizon held them back. Look at the SIII news with Verizon’s being the only locked bootloader on the planet. Do you really think it was Samsung that chose to lock it?

        • michael arazan

          Locked Bootloader, meh, because Verizons secret proprietary 4G network is somehow at risk with an unlocked bootloader. And their secret proprietary 4g network is also the reason why verizon has to investigate ever update to every phone, instead of letting phone companies have the lte/cdma code for the software updates which would take a fraction of the time.

  • mustbepbs

    8 whole months for ICS update. That’s pretty pitiful. Better late than never I guess. Remember when they said it would receive it “soon” back when it came out? That’s rich.

    • stevesharkman

      i purchased my phone in november. they said it would get ics in “early 2012” as a selling point.
      i can’t stand this crapola.

      • mustbepbs

        I remember buying the Rezound over the GNex because of that comment. I was thinking that we were gonna get S-OFF so quickly and ICS was around the corner.

        • flosserelli

          1. Never EVER buy a phone for what is promised/expected in the future.
          2. Nexus devices always get first dibs on android updates. If updates are a priority, you really shouldn’t consider any other device.

    • Tyler Chappell

      I’m sure Verizon is probably taking their precious time to screw it up by including the stupid ongoing wifi notification that you can’t disable!

      • balthuszar

        my razr doesnt get that…

    • Mat_t

      I think you’re missing the significance. All of a sudden the ICS update is priority to release now because *jellybean* is out. The idea seems to be that verizon wants phones deliberately behind.

  • How about they push it back to October and give us Jelly Bean?

    • cobjones

      I will end up rooting and roming my wife’s.

      • TBolt

        Me too. If a stable JB ROM becomes available, I’m rooting.

  • 2001400ex

    Need some love for the tbolt. I guess this is a step.

    • JoshGroff

      Just s-off and ROM that puppy, it will be so much better than whatever bug filled release VZW decides to allow.