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Sidecar – Share Live Video, Photos, and More While on the Phone

If you need a new app to better share your life with friends and family, then check out Sidecar. While you and a friend chat over the phone through Sidecar, you can instantly stream live video, share photos, see each other’s location, and share contacts right on the app. I don’t have anybody to Sidecar with yet, but it looks pretty cool and might make for a couple’s tool. 

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wm snyder!

  • rodney11ride

    think you can use it in bed…….?

  • Sp4rxx

    “might make for a couple’s tool”

    Aaaahhhh sooo MANY jokes!!!

  • fallsgable

    sorry, I’m TOO busy making pottery…..

    • rodney11ride

      now thats funny

  • I cannot take an app seriously that uses gingerbread for the demo video. 😉

    • Hey man Gingerbread accounts for 63.3% of all android devices, so when you speak of 2.3, you’re speaking to the majority of Android users. And a happy Friday to you good sir.

      • ChrisTraeger1

        Yeah man

  • Wait you can make wifi calls for free but on 3g/4g its only other sidecar users?

  • Robert Goddard