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Camera App Shortcut Made Available for Nexus 7 Owners

The MoDaCo development team released an app shortcut to allow Nexus 7 owners access to that powerful front facing shooter anytime they so choose. Previously, only when using apps such as Google+ Hangouts would users even get use out of the camera. Now, you can snap a shot of your pretty mug anytime you would like.

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Cheers NCSUgolfer01!

  • Trueblue711

    It’s a bit sad that this needs to be done to access hardware that’s already on the device…

  • Oscar De La Rosa

    pre orders will start shipping after july 13

  • kevinc

    cheers to the submitter of this tip, go WOLFPACK!

    /fellow ncsu grad

  • ddevito

    Anyone get a shipping date yet?

  • JDHokie

    Available for Galaxy Nexus owners too (not that you need it or want it)

  • Now I just need to get mine already….pre-ordered….any word on an official release date?

  • EC8CH

    Can’t wait to be a Nexus 7 owner…

    G-Nex needs a big brother.

    • My question is is it a big or little brother? or both.

      • erod434

        Or could it become the middle brother if google were to release a 10 incher to compete with the ipad sometime in the near future?

        • michael arazan

          Apple is now developing their first “Less than 8 inch”, the way they said it, tablet. Seeng google come out with its own 7inch tablet, now apple is going to make one too. Apple see, apple copy, apple do. After apple comes out with its smaller tablet it will sue everyone for having a smaller tablet.

  • erod434

    Now all we need is a Rom that gives us a 8 mp camera in the back and this device will be flawless! 😉

    • Why would you need a back camera on tablet? Chances are if you own a tablet then you own a phone, which is way more mobile than a tablet and quicker to take a picture with. Anyone who takes pictures with a tablet looks just as dumb, if not more dumb, than people who are yelling into bluetooth headsets in public.

      • erod434

        I was kidding lol I know it doesn’t need a camera.

        • Bigsike

          Well I still laughed my a$$ off lol.

          • erod434

            Sounds painful 😛

      • TheWenger

        Video chatting and showing somebody what you’re looking at is way easier, more convenient, and just plain cooler when you hit a button to flip cameras. Flipping the whole tablet around would be almost as silly as those people that take pictures with a tablet.

      • jeesung

        sometimes i’m browsing stuff on my tablet and one of my cats is doing something cute. it’s very convenient to snap a pic with the tablet vs. finding my phone and taking a picture.

    • evltwn

      Actually a ROM wouldn’t help you at all. What you would need is to physically add a camera to the hardware of the device.

      • erod434

        Lol it was a joke 😛

      • RedPandaAlex

        Dude, either you need to have your sarcasm detector calibrated or I do

    • ops400

      How about a periscope? 😀

  • Michael_NM

    My mug ain’t pretty, but thanks! 😛

  • I just want my Nexus 7 to be delivered!!!