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DROID Incredible 4G LTE Available Today From Verizon for $149

If the Samsung Galaxy S3 is not the phone for you and you are ready for something new, then the DROID Incredible 4G LTE, which became available today, is not a bad option. At $149, it packs a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 4″ screen, NFC chip, 4G LTE radio, runs Ice Cream Sandwich with Sense 4.0, and should be one of Big Red’s most efficient phones yet. We unboxed it already if you are interested in watching that magic go down, but our full review will happen over the next week or so.


Is this your next phone?

  • LionStone

    “….but our full review will happen over the next week or so.”

    Or so… 🙂

  • LionStone

    Yea! That’s a nice phone, like my Dinc on steroids! Seein that this little beast is gonna have a bigger battery than what came with my TB, with a tad smaller screen, dual-core AND packin an S4!…its gotta be a winner with battery life, without having to run a larger, HD screen. Ice Cream Sandwich is the cherry on top. I’m definitely gonna get one for wifey, she’s been puttin up with her second D2G and it’s goin south fast, I might get one too. I’m not too concerned with having a larger, better screen…I’ll be hotspottin the Nexus 7! 😉

  • Trevor

    I’m just glad they’re giving some variation in 4G phones (even if only a tiny bit of variation) by releasing this with a 4-inch screen. Not my cup of tea, but glad they’re doing it.

  • skinja

    Nevermind. The rezound is no longer on sale from vzw. It is 199$ again

  • skinja

    Why would anyone buy this when you buy the rezound new from vzw for 80$


  • Steve

    $hi* that’s a fugly phone

  • Steve

    Shit that’s a fugly phone.

  • Eta508

    $500 off contract pricing. Hopefully that goes down soon but I doubt it. Sucks that I’m selling my pre-order GS3 for this. Bought the GS3 for basically $240 after tax+fees… sell for a little over $500 to then purchase the Inc4g… which makes the ‘real’ price of having this Inc4g $240…. when wirefly is selling it for $100 with 2-year agreement. Sigh.

    • Trevor

      You’re either a paid HTC salesperson making a fake comment, or wow you’re an idiot for selling your GS3 for this.

      • Eta508

        uh, shouldn’t be strange to you since all the inc4g threads lately people (including myself) point out that the GS3 is too f’ing big and this is the first android device in quite a while that has semi-up-to-date specs with a 4″ screen. I don’t care if the GS3 magically came from 2 years in the future has has the 3rd gen Intel cheip and 4gb of memory… doesn’t matter since it’s huge and I’m not carrying it around without a shoulder strap to tie to the thing.

        • zro

          Just wondering. Have you held it in your hands? It’s actually really comfortable and fits into my jean pocket like it’s air.

  • K-ManPBR

    Picked one up this morning for my daughter who doesn’t want to carry a phablet in her pocket. I am impressed with the phone, it’s a lot snappier than my G-Nex. I also have an SIII on pre-order for my wife. But the DInc 4G is a great phone for those who want a more compact package.

  • too long didnt read

  • nightscout13


  • Edwin M

    I feel like it’s a shame that this phone has ICS and the Rezound doesn’t have an official ICS update yet.

    • michael o’brien

      doesnt this look just like the Rezound. Wifey is not home right now, but she has the rezound, and they look familiar.

    • sith77

      AGREE 100% i have been hammering away at the Verizon message boards to try and get some answers to this very question. the only thing that has happened to us rezound users trying to get answers . of course the only that has kept happening is that our posts are getting deleted and we are getting no answers . one poster had actually state he saw from a verizon rep that they have even scrapped the ics upgrade completely for the phone. There is a petition out there from Rezound users in regards to the false advertising that we were handed during the November 2011 time frame when the phone was released , SHOWING early 2012 release ICS ….

  • Its a good phone but not worthy of loosing unlimitied data if u upgrade. For $50 more you could the hottest phone on the market the GS3. But Gs3 might be to big in hand for people.Gs3 feels great in hand. Incredible 4G feels good too cause of its size.It packs a punch but lacks in a few areas.Also not sure how battery wil be but only 1700 mah battery??? When wil these phone makers learn (except motorola) that we need bigger and better batteries in phones. 2000 mah should be the least in battery size for any of these phones.

    • azndan4

      Motorola Atrix hd 1780 mah battery. It is the post right before this one.

  • Scottyfromga

    the Droid brand sure has taken a dive in popularity the past few months….i use to love it, now its just another thing. Still loved my original DInc.

  • mikesevenfold

    What a great mid range device…………………….for my mom.

  • zaxwashere

    it was going to be my next phone, but then the shared data started..

    • bk

      This. Forced my hand on a SGS3 pre-order.

    • Atst88


    • trololo

      I used to be your next phone then I took a shared data to the knee

    • dill

      Anybody tried returning their SIII preorder for this yet? I don’t want to loose my unlimited, but want this phone.

      • Ex VZW Rep

        Only two ways to keep unlimited data with the htc Incredible 4g if you pre ordered the SIII. First is the obvious sell your SIII and buy incredible full retail. The only other way is to exchange in the store! Listen carefully! If you cancel your pre order or send it back in the box with the return postage, you will lose your unlimited data. You cannot do a return and must do exchange only because a return will force you to get a new data plan where an exchange will keep your original upgrade date. So, when you go to the store, don’t let the sales reps tell you that you bought online so you have to send it back in cuz THIS IS WRONG! They will get no commissions so they will try to avoid you. Talk to a manager if you have to cuz they can send it in for you. To sweeten the deal for the inconvenience, tell them you will buy a bunch of accesories so they get sales out of it. Then if you don’t really want the accessories, you can return them and get all your money back. Be aware that they might try to charge a $35 restocking fee, but policy is if the phone is not used, they will waive it. ENJOY YOUR DATA AND YOUR PHONE!

        • Ex VZW Rep

          Also, if they dont want to exchange, you can mention you will have to buy the incredible at full retail which is no good for them either because they only make commissions on selling phones on contract. Good luck everybody, hope this helps!

          • michael arazan

            In the past my brother returned his mail ordered phone to the store and was able to trade devices, but was charged $35 restock fee, but it was also opened. Just don’t open it go into the store. only a $50 difference if its subsidized, shouldn’t be a big hassle.

          • Eta508

            Interesting. I think I’ll try this instead of going through the hassle of selling the GS3. Thanks.

        • Eta508

          I went to the verizon store and they said no, they tried it in the past and an exchange still made a new contract and it would remove my unlimited. Granted, I could have got a moron, but when he said it came up in the past and it didn’t work, I’m more likely to believe him… I’ll try a different store this weekend

          • Ex VZW Rep

            Remember they are there to make money so they will try to be shady and do two separate transactions, a return, then a new order. Make sure they do one transaction and you will not sign a new contract. The only problem might be their system wont let them add the unlimited data so they could call customer service to fix that since your original contract was before the plan change. He was definately a moron. You might have better luck with the customer service reps in the store because they make base only so they will do more of the exchanges and returns. They will be more honest.

  • moelsen8

    i saw the droid eye on the box and got a little excited. i miss the good ol’ days of the brand.

    • Mack

      Yeah Droid devices used to be cutting edge phones and they were fairly exclusive (only a few models). Now it’s nothing more than marketing. I miss the old “Droid Does” commercials with the robotic arms and sinister voice, also the iDon’t campaign. The Droid line used to be the “anit-iPhone.

  • naterecording

    Is Verizon just waiting on the S3 a few extra days to see if anyone bites on the Incredible 4G?

  • SaurusX

    For an extra $50 you can have the big boy phone. Easy choice.

  • richardsonadm