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Yet Another DROID Bionic Ice Cream Sandwich Build Leaks, This Time as 6.7.230


Yesterday’s Ice Cream Sandwich leak was .229, today it’s .230 for the DROID Bionic. With new updates being pulled from Motorola servers on a nightly basis with such slight bumps in build numbers, we hope this means that the Moto team is getting closer than ever. Assuming they finish off their bug list though, just remember that it still needs to go to Verizon for approval.

Via:  DroidHive

Cheers bakdroid, Colin and Snakeman!

  • donn

    how do you get the ics?

  • RoadsterHD1

    I’m running the Bionic Leak .233 and finally the Bionic has no more data issues. It runs fast and smooth. The camera shoots better pictures and its real fast. It evens sounds different. The display color corrected and is more vibrant. ICS rocks,
    Motorola DROID BIONIC
    ICS 4.0.4
    1.2GHz OMAP-4430 Dual Core
    Stock Kernel 1gig-DDR2 RAM
    OEM Launcher
    Quadrant Standard Score 3100
    AnTuTu Benchmark 6310

  • I’m on 2.3.4 root now. Can I flash this rom without losing my root? And is there any alternative to wifi tether that doesn’t require a root?

  • carlos

    hi, i dont know if im just dumb or what but I can find the file to download it, could somebody guide me in the right direction, i didnt had any trouble getting the .223, and do you guys know if itt fixes the problem with the webtop not working with the hoome screen?

  • yeshlizayingadol

    If I were to perform this update, would I be ab;e to do the over the air update when it comes out? I don’t want to have to do anything too complicated when the official build comes out.

  • Anyone have issues with watching flash videos via web browser after installing 6.7.2_223? Thats the only issue I’ve had…..this ICS has my phone quite a bit smoother than GB did! I go to watch a vid and it just shows a black screen…..i’ve tried installing and uninstalling flash from the android store with no luck.

  • Matt

    Everything runs great and battery last longer, only thing I’ve noticed in this build was adding a Picasa account to the stock gallery. Bummer :/ oh well it’s not that great anyways and Google+ and other galleries work fine still 🙂

    Hopefully we get this out before August. I won’t have to much time with work AND school back in full swing 🙁

  • Pretty happy with .2233 for right now, I’m being lazy and don’t want to update my home screen till they release the OTA, but I must say ICS runs beautifully on the Bionic. Although (not sure if they put it back in with the other leaks) I wish they would keep the screenshot function I hate using apps for that.

  • jeff

    can I get rid of that stupid pink bar at the top of the page? good job, but make it go away when I scroll down. thanks.

  • hkklife

    Another satisfied 230 user here! The Bionic is FINALLY where it should have been at launch last year. Smooth, fast, stable, and a solid alternative to the RAZRs.

    I had encountered some major issues with all of the earlier ICS leaks and I had just recently FXZ’d back to 902 then to 905 and was going to hang in there bone stock until the official ICS update dropped but I could pass up the opportunity to give 230 a whirl the other night after the initial reports were so positive. I’m at 24 hours + of heavy usage with this one and I must say that it’s quite awesome. I have a Rev 2 CPU and am getting 1.2Ghz with each leak. Also, NO 4G drops or outages WHATSOEVER! They were quite bad with 905, especially when traveling to areas that had just recently gone live with VZW LTE.

    I don’t know if 230 is going to be the official OTA of ICS for the Bionic but I imagine it will be. No issues yet, other than the occasional glitch in Webtop mode (which I must admit is hugely improved over what it offered on Gingerbread). Wi-fi hotspot works perfectly which is very important for me.

    Battery life under 230 isn’t as good as 902 was but it’s about on par with 905 or maybe just a tad worse. Camera is still terribly slow to boot up and often won’t focus properly but when it is in decent lighting and is focus, the shot to shot performance is much faster than it has ever been on the Bionic. Video recoring also seems to be more stable and less choppy.

  • Anon

    FWIW, .230 works fine so far on my phone. Note that I was on .905, did a recovery to .2231, FXZ-ed back to .902 to go the full path to .2233, and have done the same to get to .230 (I skipped .229), all without any issues whatsoever. And this was my first time using RSDLite, it really isn’t difficult if you follow instructions that are out there.
    Some people’s restore approach is probably more polished than mine (I get most of my settings back with Rerware’s MyBackup Pro, but not all, since I’m not rooted), but so far, I’ve had no issues to speak of. .230 is a bit smoother than .2233, runs cooler (on .2233 my phone ran warmer), and seems so far to get a bit better battery life –and I’ve gotten 1.2GHz CPU speed on both revisions (as reported by Quadrant).

  • Psyched to have ICS here for bionic but honestly its too little too late. My GNex is in the mail and I’ll be selling my bionic on CL when it arrives. Jellybean here I come!

  • Jong

    Lololol Bubonic

  • RussyJo

    still have to fxz out of .229 to .902, correct?

    • MJZ


    • bakdroid

      There are scripts that you can run that will allow you to update straight from one leak to another. There are other scripts that will allow you to keep your data when you fxz back to update.

      • cheezer88

        do you know which forum has it? thanks

    • RussyJo

      a simple answer and an advanced answer. love it. thats why i come to droid-life.

  • hodgewdm

    .230 is awesome. I didn’t notice much difference in it compared to .229 but I figured I would get on the most recent leak. ICS is so much better than GB. Now if we can get someone to port Google Now from Jelly Bean!!!

    • DroidJunkie

      just flashed .229 this morning and then found .230 a few hours ago. .229 flashed perfectly and ran very smooth. Decided to go ahead and flash .230 and couldn’t get it to flash…..something wrong with the signature?????

    • J.R. Wickam

      is there a way to install this update without rooting it?

      • It doesnt require rooting. Dl file to ext sd card. Make sure u save all your stuff, and make sure that you are running version .905 turn off your phone. Press and hold volume down and up then power. Once exlamation mark image comes on press volume buttons again. Then scroll down with the down vol button to select install update from ext sd card, press up vol to select. Locate the file and press power to select. Now wait and watch the magic

        • First tho you have to unzip the main folder containing another zip folder and another file. That zip folder must be saved by itself on your ext

          • JiggaWagga

            Every time I do this I get an error:
            “E: Error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip (status 7)”
            Any ideas what that means?

          • @facebook-46102519:disqus first, I’d be remiss were I not to thank you for the assistance you’ve provided thus far. Your instructions were clear, and after I followed them, ICS was running on my Droid Bionic. There appears to be a later build of the ROM – .235. When I tried to install it, I get a status 7 error similar to what @jiggawagga:disqus has posted below…not identical, but similar – then the install of the updated ROM aborts. I went so far as to wipe the phone, but the results were the same. Is there some roll-back process I need to take?
            I am about 90-95% thrilled with ICS, and suspect the bug fixes in the newer ROM might get me even closer to complete satisfaction, but I’ve not been able to apply it. Any insight into what I could be overlooking or missing? Thanks in advance…

          • David

            I had the same status 7 error, but solved the issue by following this guide:

            It took me about an hour with all the needed flashing / installation, but well worth it to have Ice Cream sandwich a few months early!

            If your phone is rooted, this will unroot your phone, but there is a program to re-root your phone once you have ice cream.

            Good Luck!

        • Scott – thanks…results pending.

          • 6.7.232…a little sluggish, but the interface is a marked improvement.

      • the bull

        YES; copy zip to sd card; boot into the stock recovery mode using the volume + power button; chose zip file as update file; follow on screen instructions and wait about 20 min

    • J.R. Wickam

      or can someone please tell me the steps to put this on my bionic? I downloaded it just don’t know how to install to my phone!

    • the bull

      i’ve been on 230 for a while; its great, but the audio is fuzzy again and the gmail app is slow

  • RoadsterHD1

    I hope we get it by the end of July. Verizon stopped selling Bionic so they should approve it quickly cause they no long care.

    • Bionic

      I was just in my verizon store yesterda and they still have Bionic

      • RoadsterHD1

        Only till supplies last

      • jluttrell32

        I bought a CPO from VZW for $75 in Feb. They had to replace it because of camera problem/fail to initialize. They sent me another CPO of course but yeah, as far as Moto goes, all I saw in the store were Bionics and Razr/Maxx

  • Colin


    Apologies if I spammed you guys. The random number verification at the bottom kept failing so I was not aware if anything I sent actually made it through.

    • Colin

      Tried sending in some links and info but I kept getting denied by the code verification at the bottom, where you have to type like G7SB. But apparently something went through or there is another tipster named Colin.

  • Bionic

    my 4G LTE better be improved with this. And I better not lose signal at work like i have been on the .905 update

    • Diablo81588

      Blame Verizon and your area, not the phone.

      • Bionic

        you dont understand. Before the .905 update is got very strong LTE signal at work and other places, I was able to watch NFL games and all that stuff. Since the .905 I dont even have a TALKING signal at work, let alone 3G or 4G signal. I finally went to verizon today and the guy admitted that this was indeed a bad case and they are sending me a replacement Bionic, hopefully my replacement will be solid like this one was before .905

        • Diablo81588

          Verizon is constantly upgrading and tweaking their networks around the country. When this happens, the phone’s firmware needs to be updated to take advantage of the new tweaks. Not all areas are changed at the same time, hence why some people have great coverage after an update, and other people’s coverage sucks. Think of it like a blu-ray player. The studios change the DRM encryption occasionally, and you will have to do a firmware update to be compatible. Its the same scenerio with phones. LTE is a brand new technology and the carriers are trying to tweak it to perform the best across all areas. Exchanging the phone after an update won’t make any difference, and is a complete waste of time. It costs the manufactuer and the carrier money each time you do this, and wastes your time because you have to set up a new phone. Its unfortunate, but there are benefits and drawbacks of brand new technology. Just be patient, and I’m sure Verizon will update your area soon to be compatible with the new radio firmware.

          • Bionic

            Are you not getting me or what? I’M NOT TALKKNG ABOUT ONLY LTE! When I’m at work or any decent building I CAN’T EVEN TALK ON THE DAMN PHONE CUZ I HAVE NO FUCKINGG SIGNAL AT ALL! You’re theory of firmware updates can’t explain that away.

          • Diablo81588

            You obviously have no idea how Verizon’s LTE works. eHRPD is VERY buggy and can cause data drops and COMPLETE SIGNAL LOSS. Go do some research before you decide to swear at me.

          • Bionic

            Dumbass. Two people at work have Bionic as well. They are getting 4 bars of LTE. At the same time I am getting no signal at all and I can’t even talk on the phone. Don’t try to tell me nothing is wrong with my phone.

          • Anon

            I won’t tell you nothing is wrong with your phone. I will tell you you’ll get a lot better discussion if you behave more like an adult and less like a junior high school student.

          • ach

            You’re just a massive douche aren’t ya.

          • Bionic

            Says that person commenting on an article from weeks ago.

    • GB Bionic had crap data abilities – I always had problems! As far as these ICS leaks go, 4g / 3g and pretty much everything else disappointing about the bionic on GB is gone and fixed now. I highly recommend flashing!

  • Bionic

    Jesus christ hurry up already. How long does verizon usually have the update for?

    • Buy This

      We will probably get it by August. I am just psyched that real progress has been/is being made on it. I still think it’s a good phone and whenever I upgrade, it will be an excellent media device, especially since I gave my girl the DX. Hopefully there are some other moto fanboys left who are as psyched as I am for the final update. Oh and Nitro’s Eclipse makes it much easier to wait too.

      • sk102704

        We should get in July. According to Moto’s own timeline the Bionic will get ICS early Q3 which is July (July = Early, August = Mid, September = Late). Moto really worked to meet their Razr/Maxx ICS update deadline and I’m expecting the same for the Bionic.

    • You are joking, right?

    • bakdroid

      Just push the leak and shut up.

      • bakdroid

        You don’t need to be rooted numbnuts. You put the update zip on your sd card-ext and boot into stock recovery. If you are going to come on here and try to complain about things, at least know what the hell you are talking about. Do some actual research for yourself.

        And since you want to go all kindergardener on me…. I am rubber and you are glue! 😛

        • Bionic

          Not everyone likes to flash unofficial updates to their phones. Granted it is becoming less frequent, but you can mess up your phone that way. I prefer to wait for official OTA’s

          • Anon

            Not everyone likes someone who first goes “I’m not rooted” (when you don’t have to be, signifying being uninformed), and then has to result to juvenile insults like “blow me”, and then, when someone tells them they don’t have to be rooted, instead of becoming more informed, needs to defend a flawed position –flawed simply because of incorrect facts and juvenile behavior instead of reasonable discussion.

  • Dan-O

    Any word on functional lapdock?

    • MJZ

      I’ll report back on that in about 20 mins… in the process of flashing now.

      • RoadsterHD1

        Plz take a antutu benchmark thanks And quadrant std

        • MJZ

          Quadrant – 2420
          Antutu – 3302

          I’ve never used Antutu before so no idea if thats any good *shrugs*

          • RoadsterHD1

            Actually, the quadrant is ok but the AnTuTu is low. I’m getting 5001 with GB 2.3.4 right now. Maybe if you take it again?

        • My quadrant benchmarks are now consistently over 3000 since putting ics on my bionic.

      • Scott Chapman

        Very interested in your experience with it…

      • MJZ

        Lapdock is working fine with the stock launcher!

    • bakdroid

      Based on what I have read, .230 seems to fix it for most.

  • diamonddave242

    YES!! 1st.

    • Daniel Dlugos

      I care, diamonddave242, I care…..

      • diamonddave242

        Thanks Dan. You are my good list. 🙂

    • diamonddave242

      Wow, 33 thumbs down. Going for 50, come on people!!!

      • I did my part…

        • diamonddave242

          Thanks man. Now let’s go for 100!!

    • mastervaden87

      Wooohooo #50

      • diamonddave242

        Really? Ugh, you win.