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Video: 40+ Questions to Test Out Google’s New Voice Search


Looking for some questions to test out the new Voice Search? Maybe you just want to impress some of your non-Jelly Bean friends? A gentleman recently posted a video to YouTube which gives 47 examples of what kind of questions or phrases you can use to get the most out of the new Voice Search. We hope you learn a few new ones.

Cheers Cheese!

  • Harry

    Anyone know if this is coming to the Galaxy s2?

  • Teabling

    I tried the “turn off WiFi” and my phone displayed “device features are not yet supported”… I’m assuming I did something wrong installing this port.
    I’m on the 4.1 port not the Google now only port

    • Seth Schorr

      Phone controls are not yet applicable.

  • Bionicman

    this feature alone made it worth unlocking and rooting my GNex for the first time but along with it, sooo many neat features in Jelly Bean that I didn’t even know google added. too many to go over here so you’ll have to check it out for yourself (Gnex users only sorry!).

  • CheeseMcGee

    Sweet, now I have Ferris Bueller’s cell phone number!

  • Ray Solomon

    Question 48: Show me where to hide a dead Siri.

  • mudleyblind

    It’s awesome! but it doesn’t send a message on voice command; instead have to press send button; and sometimes doesn’t recognize names in the directory when attaching the voice message! Unfortunately, Windows phone, Lumia, does a great job in voice texting. I hope there will be an update so no need to touch the phone when driving!

    • Burke Foley

      I think previewing the speech recognition before sending is great and can prevent some awkward texts. Also, what phone allows you do any voice command without pressing a button to prompt it for voice input? Without that prompt your phone would always be listening to you and doing lots of crazy things.

      • Josh Flowers

        not necessarily a phone, but Vlingo app. you can say “Vlingo” and it responds, transcribes texts, sends texts via voice prompt, and more. wow i sound like a commercial. but yeah–Google needs to get that company purchased.

        • This feature is on Google Now, you just have to launch it. Simply drag up from the lock screen, or on the launcher drag up from the home button, and then say “Google.”

          • Josh Flowers

            Understood–but i’m stressing that Vlingo has no need for the user to touch the phone. i’ve driven 2 hours and had an entire text conversation with my friend without ever touching the phone b/c Vlingo is completely hands free. i start the program by saying “hey vlingo” and can tell it what i want it to do, including call/navigate/text/update facebook-twitter/etc

        • Burke Foley

          Yeah, you can say “Google” on Google Now at it will do the same thing. But in either case, you still need to hit some kind of button to get into the Vlingo app or Google Now.

  • Greyhame

    No wonder apple wants an injunction placed on any device carrying JB. This blows everything else out of the water.

  • Champion1229

    Siri should be scared!

  • DaveTea

    I did not watch the entire video yet, so I dont know if he covered this, but one cool thing I found is I can tell it “Tell Jamie Hello” and it will send a SMS message to my wife saying ‘Hello’. Really handy in the car.

  • steve30x

    Google did this right.. fast answers straight to the point and did i mention fast! I can only imagine how they are going to make this better next year during I/O because you know they will. Google had this before Siri since back when 2.1 was out just not this fancy.

  • carluverdrm2004

    And now I hope that Verizon doesn’t delay the update from ICS to JB too long on the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Josh Flowers

    well, at least AOSP ICS ROMS can enjoy this.
    devs ported it by editing the build prop, but there is a version not requiring that edit, too.

    for those of us without ICS Roms/Nexus’s— phone upgrades!

  • Andrew Weckstein

    When I heard “Facebook Stock” I thought he was about to say a name and I was like “WHAT? They made Facebook stalk a command? lol” (this refers to facebook stalking for those of you who are confused)

  • TheWenger

    Is there a way to set it to tell you the traffic to home at a given time every day, like at 4:45? Can you set a calendar appointment to make Google tell you?

    • Well it always seems to tell me, but I have always had when I worked set up in my Google Calender. Also I will tell you it is even smart enough to not produce doubles (I have the calender event with my Work address and it is called Work so it knew my work schedule the moment I started using it and even immediately asked me if it was)

  • ckeegan

    Yeah, I am so ready to get this and Google Now on my Galaxy Nexus. Seriously hoping “mid-July” included the Verizon version too.

    • summit1986

      Doesn’t matter… once it hits mainstream, tons of ROMS will be running it.

  • skyskioc

    This application looks amazing not to pick on it but has anyone tested this in a noisy environment such as I nightclub or a lot of background noise with people talking. I noticed every question he was asking it was very quiet. Just saying.Can’t wait to try it out

  • Davros

    That was impressive. Looks like they’ve moved towards something actually useful instead of being more of a parlor trick. Good job Google

  • Illinipoke

    I thought it sounded a lot like Matthew Broderick, then we get two Ferris Bueller references……..hmmmm lol

    • LionStone

      Haha…I was wondering what his obsession was with Bueller!

  • c4v3man

    For a 9 Minute video, it was actually very watchable. Well edited to remove dead time… Pretty amazing demo really. Can’t wait to get my nexus 7…

  • I’ve got a question for it. When will my pre ordered GS3 be in my hand???

  • Josh Karwoski

    I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but when I ask it many of the same questions from this video I don’t get responses, just web searches. I’m currently running the v3 toro version from a few days ago if that makes a difference.

    • KleenDroid

      Give Droid Theory’s version a go.

  • Geronimo

    Dammit I want Jellybean. Damn this fragmentation!

    • KleenDroid

      10 minutes and it can be yours. Simply install it and be amazed. This is assuming you have a Nexus. (for those that want to be silly, yes I have simplified… yes you have to be rooted…)

  • Very impressive but not perfect enough for daily use. Siri is good but more like a toy and inefficient.

    • KleenDroid

      You are incorrect. I now use it dally for many things. It is a tool, not a friend or companion…. lol In my opinion it is darn near perfect…. have you used it?

  • Am i missing how to have it default to voice after hitting the google now button? For me it brings up my cards, and the search box…I then have to hit either the mic button or say the hotword “Google” I would love there to be a way that it showed cards and had the listen feature on.

    • duedthings

      I believe he’s just hitting the button from the home screen inside the google box

    • jathak

      If you’re on the Google Now screen, you can always just say “Google” and it will launch voice search (you might need to enable this in settings though)

  • ddevito

    I honestly think the best feature is when it DOESN’T have an answer. Why you ask? Because when it works it’s awesome as you can see in the video. But when it doesn’t you get a relevant Google search.

    It’s a win-win


    Wow, this is a lot more intense than I thought! When sending a text, it was cool to see how it first registers as a search, then switched to texting – shows how the actual program works.

    To be honest I knew it was 42, Google 😛

  • Silent Majority

    Wow, this is slick as hell!!

  • matt

    That is really cool. I am not sure how much I will use it, but will still be nice have it if I need it.

  • sillyrabbittricks4kids

    I’m amazed of how well it works, excellent!!

  • Where the hell is John Connor? We’re going to need him.

  • Gerolux

    Wonder how it handles non-trivia based queries, like how-tos, and research topics.

    • It usually just brings up a little window with Google search links, you can then scroll through them and open them in the browser.

    • KleenDroid

      Yes some things it will just pull up search results. The more I use it the more I am amazed by it. It is actually useful and not just a gimmick. Everyone should install JellyBean… I think you will be very pleased.

  • Nice reference to the Hitchiker’s Guide series.

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    wow he did a terrible job hiding that phone number

    • lol, yea he did…im tempted in sending a text to mr ferris.

      • Jroc869, Cool story bro

        lmao I thought the same damn thing

  • KleenDroid

    The moment I got Google Now with 4.1 I was amazed at how well it worked. Google really stepped up their game with JellyBean! Help and information has never been so easy.

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    Question: 48 are you better than siri. Answer: siri who

    • Josh Flowers

      i really thought they would have coded something in to be a response to anything with “Siri”. i’m pretty sad they didn’t–or it’s just a better kept secret.

  • Josh Flowers

    the almost-human voice is amazingly advanced compared to my current Google Voice search on 2.3.
    it’s so advanced, i think i’ll name it Chip, Chip Carson.

    • KleenDroid

      Yes the voice quality is greatly improved. But what I find most amazing is how fast it provides the information. It is almost instant. When I tried a friends Siri it seemed it had to think for a while before it finally did something.

      I am loving JellyBeand and Google Now is simply awesome. Not bad for a start and I’m sure they will make it even better. But with how quickly it performs it’s hard to imagine.

  • dragonflyr

    LOL. 42. very cool.

  • rp780

    I want this on my Razr

  • first! 😛

  • kadiaz

    sweet another thing to get distracted with at work. sweet.

  • John

    They did such a kick ass job on this. Nicely done Google.

    • Agreed.

      • John

        Nice job showcasing what you can do with it, too

        • michael arazan

          Just think in ten years it’ll be able to help to apply to real world solutions. How to fix things, make/ build stuff, etc. All from a tablet, installation, fixing electronics or even engines, doing your own home renovations, It’ll almost be limitless on what it can assist you with.

    • Sirx

      That’s why we gotta give proper props to Apple. That competition is what convinces Google to come up with awesome stuff like this (not the functionality, but the phenomenal presentation)!

      • TheWenger

        Some people don’t see it as motivation. They see it as copying/ripping off/whatever.

        • KleenDroid

          Probably only an Iphone fanboy. But they can’t squawk too much seeing half of their new features came from Android.

      • this was going to happen regardless of Siri…

        • TheWenger

          Maybe a little bit later than it did, but true.

      • JoshGroff

        Apple bought SIRI from an independent developer, don’t give them credit for something they didn’t create.

        Citing Wikipedia because I don’t care enough to look for actual proof.

        • Ry

          Just not to be a hypocrite, I’ve got to point out that Google acquired Android. As they did with YouTube, Google Voice and many others.

          • droidman101

            Yes but Google actually developed it. It used to be like Blackberry before Google got it.

          • 2002 Guy

            Blackberry is so innovative! 😀

          • 2002 Guy

            Blackberry is so innovative! 😀

          • 2002 Guy

            Blackberry is such an innovative company! 😀

          • JoshGroff

            But, do they claim to have created things they acquired?

      • LionStone

        Do you really believe Googles new voice features were just recently developed because of apples newly “acquired” voice actions?

        • 1ofdakoolkidz

          No, everyone suddenly forgot about project majel, in my opinion this is a part of the overall product. If you remember correctly Majel was supposed to be more robust and usable then Siri. I believe they knew that project Majel wasn’t fully complete so they gave us a good taste and plan to upgrade Google now to what we were expecting in Majel. This allowed to come across as if they were not copying Siri but merely adding a flavor rich search. (Brilliant)

        • Hothfox

          Seriously. Plus Google’s new Voice features were obviously basically complete by the time Apple even announced iOS 6 Siri. Duh, SDLC.

      • feztheforeigner

        Actually Google started it with Voice Actions. And this isn’t really a competitor to Siri, it’s too functional…

    • Disqus wont let me login

      LOL if you ask “who founded apple?” Google: Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniack, and others. Even though it types out steve jobs

      • Aaron

        It even seems like it says “an others” with a snarky tone, call me crazy but it feels like my phone is smiling when it says it 😛