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How to Setup Google Voice in Jelly Bean


This may be embarrassing, but I have to admit that when I first set up Google Voice on my Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean, that I was confused once I hit the Voicemail part. To hopefully help some of you skip the pain, I thought I would toss out this quick tip. It’s not unbelievably difficult by any means, but there is an extra step that you will want to make sure you complete. So here we go! 


1.  When you hit the “Set up voicemail” screen, tap “Configure.”
2.  At the “Call settings” screen, tap “Voicemail.”
3.  At the “Voicemail” screen, first tap on “Service.”
4.  Choose “Google Voice” and then head back to the “Voicemail” screen.
5.  Choose “Setup” and watch it switch over to your Google Voice number.
6.  Hit the Back button until you get back into Google Voice setup.
7.  The app will then finish and your voicemail will be setup correctly.

  • And when exactly is JB coming to my GNex?

  • Haewaiian

    Does this erase my old VZW Voicemail recording and saved msgs?

  • br_hermon

    Hey Kellex, in this tutorial you’re talking about if you have Google Voice handling your VZW voicemail, correct? For users like me, who it isn’t and instead just have a Google Voice number as a “second line” this doesn’t apply. Just wanted to clarify for everyone.

  • Greyhame

    ProTip: if you go into settings and select “Voicemail Display”, messages from contacts will show in the call log with a button to play the message directly from the call log. Nice touch Google.

    • This is an awesome feature! I love how you can control the speed of the voice too, very fun 🙂

  • The most confusing thing is when you are configuring it for Verizon. It will warn you that your carrier isn’t compatible with the process, but in fact, it only means to tell you the “automatic” configuration is not compatible with Verizon. All you need to do is to go to Google Voice’s website and follow the instruction there to complete the configuration (basically have it call you and you enter a confirmation code.)

  • MSlab

    Ha! I actually just realized that I never reinstalled Voice until last night and fumbled through this very thing.

  • Seth Lovell

    For Verizon.. you need to manually forward your GVoice number. So go through all the steps, you’ll get that message saying it wasnt configured properly, then in your dialer type *71gvoicenumber and hit send. It will act like its calling, beep a couple times and then hang up.

  • wickets

    would google voice work with youmail?

  • Does this still work ok for Voice Choice 2.0?

  • me08053

    Hopefully I don’t get slammed for this but can someone explain to me the purpose of google voice? I understand that international rates are cheaper which is great! However I was under the impression that it still uses your minutes. Is this correct? I got that you get free texting but then you’d have to give out a 2nd number in order to send receive texts or just give everyone your new number to call and text you from? It just seemed like more of a hassle to get all your contacts to recognize a new number. Thus I fully admit that I don’t really understand all the greatness that is Google Voice and I was hoping someone could nicely describe it in a bullet point fashion or a friendly narrative?

    • wombat90

      If I get drunk and my phone falls in a toilet, i can reassign my number to my girlfriends number…. not that it has ever happened.

    • 9host99

      some awesome advantages: If you are on verizon and have an unlimited circle, you can put your gvoice number in the circle and will then have unlimited minutes. Also, the visual voicemail system is awesome, saves all of your texts, voicemails, etc., customizable voicemail messages by number and/or group, and the ability to have one number that will remain the same no matter how many times you switch carriers.

      • me08053

        Thanks I didn’t even think about the friends and family circle advantage!

    • Christopher Temples

      Google voice really is best because it lets you do 2 things. 1 is manage your phone from the web. I can answer texts, check voice mail, and if you have Gmail make phone calls from the web. The second big thing is it lets me combine all my phones into one number. So my personal cell, work cell, and work phone all have the “same” number. You can set up rules so that only certain phones ring for certain people. So if a friend calls only your personal phones rings, but if you boss calls both your desk and work cell ring etc.

    • Basically it is as thus:
      – 1 Phone # to receive phone calls, texts, etc.
      – Same 1 number that people you call can receive from you.
      – If you change carrier, change your devices ph #, your Google Voice # stays the same
      – That one GV# can send to multiple places.
      + Daytime? Send to work phone and Cell
      + Evening? Send to Home Phone and Cell
      + Sleepytime? Straight to voicemail unless in a certain group (like family or work pager)
      – As stated above: RULE SETS to customize how things get routed and responded to.
      – You can put #’s on spammer lists to auto block them, and it will help Google keep an overall list to help block overall throughout the service
      – Free texting!
      – Free in the US calling (for now it seems)!
      – Cheap overseas calling!
      – Free calling with NO PHONE by calling through GMail’s GoogleTalk widgets on a PC!
      – Need to record a phone call you are making for evidence? There are a bunch of button codes you can press to do amazing things inside a GoogleVoice call, including recording your call!
      – Need to call as if from your GV#, but have been mugged of all but a few quarters? You can call your GV# from any phone, put in a code, and then call back out as you to wherever else!

      Basically your initial hassle is getting everyone to switch to that new number. However, once on that new number, any time you switch other numbers, just update them in your Google Voice profile and rules, and nobody need be the wiser. Got a new job? No need to hand out your work ph#, just keep handing out your GV#, and just set up your work phone # on your GV.
      Tons and tons of stuff you can do.

      Don’t think of it so much as a new cell phone #. Think of it as a convergence. This one phone # is _ALL_ of your phone numbers. Everywhere! The only last things they need to add is MMS and Fax abilities to it and it would really cover everything.

      • michael arazan

        Great explanation, i too was wondering the advantages and what it can do.

        • They do have MMS, sort of, it might be a setting but pictures sent to me are forwarded to my gmail account but there is no warning on the gVoice side, its like nothing happened, you just have to check your gmail.
          You can’t send an MMS though, but anyone with a good enough phone to be able to even see a picture can get email on their phone too.

    • LionStone

      Also another plus to GV is: Last week I jumped on a plane (which has wifi) and there was a semi-emergency back at the house. Mom-in-law called me and left a voice message. Since I have GV and my tablet running, I was able to receive the voice message and respond by texting via my GV #! And whenever I go to the East coast I set my phone to make all calls from my “East coast-Google #” . When I’m heading back to the West side, I switch it back, very handy.

  • wombat90

    If anyone is running JB I would love to know: Did they build in compatibility for the quick response with Google voice? Has annoyed me since buying the G Nex that I can’t use quick responses with my G Voice number.

    • tyguy829

      Not that I’ve found. Drives me insane too

  • JDHokie

    Long-time reader, first-time rooter (as of this morning). Now I have JellyBean and get to concern myself with posts like this.

    • droidify

      If you thought you were addicted before today. Just wait..

      • Mike

        lol, yup. the possibilities are *endless*

      • ChristopherLeMeilleur

        This could be the most accurate and entertaining post anyone has ever said on Droid-Life. JDHokie, get ready for your new drug!

    • Just rooted and installed JB yesterday, never looking back. Also a fellow hokie!

  • Cedric Duke, Jr.

    I did this with my vzw gnex and I had two voice mails but they were still in my vzw voice mail and I had to change it back to check them

    • LionStone

      Occasionally when I’m in the mountains with a 1x signal, voice messages sometimes don’t come thru on GV and instead route by default I guess to VZ vm. Its rare and usually happens if other messages are coming in and I’m tethered and what not…but I’m still able to get the message.

  • Thanks! I knew there was something I forgot to finish setting up.

  • John

    What’s strange is I’ve never had to change that option in GB or ICS. It’s still set to “My Carrier” even though all my VMs go to GV by default.

    • LionStone

      That is weird!

    • Maui

      same for me

      • John

        Glad I’m not the only one..

  • SirSoloDolo

    Now how do you set up Google Now so sports scores show up automatically?

    • Good question! I was under the impression that all you had to do is search for the team but I still have yet to see a sports card

      • tyguy829

        It took me days to figure this one out. Go to Google now, scroll to the bottom, and get into settings next to the show sample cards button. Then click manage web history. It will take you to the browser. Sign in. Enable web history, then make sure you turn in the option for enable history other than search. Then search for sports and you should be good. As a matter if fact, Google now won’t actually start learning your habits until this is enabled. Make sure location history is enabled as well in maps> latitude> location settings.A

        • ShoeSh1ne

          I see no manage web history

          • tyguy829

            Oh sorry i guess i wasnt specific enough. My fault. Do you get to the google search settings where it lists “google now” “voice” “phone search” and “privacy and accounts”? Its under privacy and accounts

        • Thanks a Million!! its working better than ever now!!

          • tyguy829

            no problem. now that your whole history is integrated, you will soon notice that it will be location aware. For example, I searched for a restaurant last night. Today, I passed by it on the way to somewhere, and a notification popped up suggesting I eat there. It’s actually pretty cool once it starts learning

  • ddevito

    Yeah I thought JB required an extra step, glad to see I’m not crazy. Still can’t get over how great JB is.

  • Kyle

    http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/7417/screenshot2012070312015.png I get this on step 5. I have VZW and have always gotten this. Any ideas on how to get past it?

    • ddevito

      Just ignore it and keep going.

    • sc0rch3d

      there is a screen that allows you to call verizon with a strange number. you only have to do it once (allows gvoice to be your voicemail box/checker). all times after, you only have to select gvoice as your voicemail and keep going through it.

    • mbaldwin85

      Set it up on the Google voice website.

    • It does NOT mean Google Voice is incompatible with VZW. It only means you cannot configure Google Voice’s voice mail function using the GV app. You need to do it from the GV website. The wordings are very misleading.

  • John

    Effin hate voicemails. Love Google Voice though.

  • I love those two days I go, “where are my voicemails?” then i remember to install google voice

    • Steve Wojciechowski

      Lol, I always forget to redo my google voice too

    • sc0rch3d

      need to ask the devs to include this in gapps

      edit: and part of startup setup process 🙂