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Flow Live Wallpaper, A Deliriously Mesmerizing Liquid Wallpaper

Here is another live wallpaper that will keep your fingers busy for a few minutes. It’s called Flow Live Wallpaper and costs $.99 in Google Play. With Flow, you choose from assorted scenes, then there is a jelly/water like layer that is added on top for your fingers to play with. What makes it special is that you can add your own photos to the wallpaper, which means you never get tired of the same boring scenes. 

Play Link ($0.99)

  • Bigwavedave25

    I’m a big fan of Water Drops Plus (very similar app). Plenty of customization and works beautifully with JellyBean. 🙂


  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    That small icon on the right has my OCD-spidey-sense tingling >.<

  • Sporty

    Makes total sense to me to post something that the vast majority of us won’t be able to use. Too advanced for Razr and GNex?? What planet is this cat from? Those are some of the most advanced phones ON the planet! Looks nice, would love to use….but alas…own a Razr and it’s “not advanced enough”, lol….

  • C-Law

    Not compatible with my gnex on jelly bean

  • I emailed the developer. The reply email stated that the GNexus and RAZR aren’t technologically sound enough. Yeah, seriously. Sounds more like laziness to me.

  • Sam

    what icon pack/launcher is that?

    • FireSwingStudios

      Hey Sam, those icons came preloaded with the phone(ATT Galaxy S2).

  • Firelight

    Per the App’s Description:

    “Currently available on the Galaxy S2, S3 and the HTC Thunderbolt.”

    So yeah – sucks to be them not getting my 99 cents!

  • John

    I’ve got an ATT Galaxy S2 which is supposedly compatible, but I’m locked out as well. What gives?

  • Justin

    Not compatible with my Razr either…..why post this article if it’s not even working properly yet for most phones…….wait till it actually works for Razr,Gnex,ect.phones…..just saying

  • Jeremy Martin

    Not compatible with any of my devices. Galaxy Nexus (with 4.1) Motorola Xoom with 4.0.4, Motorola Droid 1 (why would it be), or Revue (was not expecting it to be 🙂 )

  • There’s a free version too. Why did DL only link to the pay version? That seems to happen a lot, but there are many times when links to both versions are given. It makes me think that in the pay-link-only cases, DL is getting a little benefit from the developer to feature the app (where this app isn’t really very special).

    Here’s the free link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pong.flow.lite

  • Looks great. Too bad it’s incompatible (GNEX). Was ready to purchase.

  • sc0rch3d

    nice, but not for me. i don’t get why people care about their background when most of your time is spent in an app or checking notifications. :-/

    black background ftw

    • KleenDroid

      I like to look at a different background for a minute or so once and awhile. But my background is black most of the time.

  • Not compatible with either my Galaxy Nexus on stock 4.0.4 or my Galaxy Tab 10.1 on stock 3.2

    • EvanTheGamer

      Yeah, same here…WTF kind of LWP is that?

      • Shadowcell

        Calm down sassy pants, it’s their first LWP. Give it time and I’m sure more devices will be supported as soon as possible.

        They also have a Lite version just in case if it doesn’t run well on your handset.

        • EvanTheGamer

          Yeah, but the Galaxy Nexus is still pretty much a new device(well, sorta) and is still one of the top phones right now. So just seems kind of strange that they wouldn’t include the G-Nex as a supported device right out of the gate.

          • Shadowcell

            Maybe they didn’t have a Galaxy Nexus on hand when testing their app. While I do agree on your argument to some extent; you have to keep in mind the Gnex isn’t the standard for everything (such as BT app functions that require 4.0 support)

            I’m patiently awaiting support over here. Big fan of live wallpapers.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Right, yeah, they probably just didn’t have a G-Nex to test the LWP on. Okay. And yeah, also a fan of live wallpapers as well.

          • michael arazan

            But it is a developer phone that a lot of developers use

    • FireSwingStudios

      @MikeMcCrary:disqus Hey Michael, we are currently working on version 2 and making the app available as we test.

  • CT

    Do live wallpapers destroy your battery?? I figured it’d be more than a static wallpaper, but how bad is it?

    • G_Ret

      Ive tested this unofficially but in my experience live wallpapers will cut your battery life in half.

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        Poorly written LWPs will chew up your battery… however, “good” ones do not have much impact.

        If you look for dev ‘Kittehface’ in Google Play, you’ll find lots of demo & paid LWPs — they look great, are very well written and do not do jack-all to your battery.

        Disclaimer: I’m not associated with Kittehface — I’m just a fan.

    • JoshGroff

      Barely, the most I’ve had one take up was 1-5% of my total drainage, however, having the screen on and watching it drains your battery fast (duh, the screen’s on…)

    • No, I’ve noticed very little battery drain from live wallpapers. Majority of the drain comes from having the screen on period.

      • PC_Tool


    • Maybe back in the Froyo days that was the case, but things have changed 🙂

  • matt

    Not compatible with my Razr 🙁

    • FireSwingStudios

      @matt Hey Matt, we are looking into a fix for the Razr right now!

      • matt


  • I see a massive amount of charging in your future. Have fun with those 15% battery life warnings

    • PC_Tool

      My device is plugged in in the car, at home, and at work.

      I have never seen a 15% battery warning, but….

      Have fun making baseless assumptions!

      • And I rest my case. “I see a massive amount of charging in your future”

        • PC_Tool

          Right. …but what about that last part again that you conveniently left out?

          Something about battery warnings…

          I’m almost certain you were trying to imply something there…

          • Well if the first statement doesn’t take place then YES, you would have 15% battery warnings. Over-analyze much?

          • PC_Tool


            I hate disqus…

          • PC_Tool

            No, I don’t. I am simply trying to get you to stop hiding behind some lame, not-so-subtle implication and say it.

            You implied something in your OP…but you did it in such a way as to not allow anyone to argue the point because you never actually *made* the point in the first place.

            Is it too much to ask?

  • PC_Tool

    Apparently not compatible with JellyBean. Nice. (I am sure it would work just fine, but the dev has some limitation on his app submission that probably shouldn’t be there…)

    Can’t purchase and side-load as I don’t have another device to purchase it on currently connected to my account.

    Will add my fascinate back on when I get home, buy it, and try side-loading it from there.

    I’ll try and remember to update this post or reply to it when I find out.

    • Blood

      Even you wanted to side-load it you couldn’t. You can’t side load apps on jellybean because they’re encrypted.

      • PC_Tool


        I side-load *everything*. I am running 4.1 now. I know it’s possible in 4.1 to encrypt the device, but I don’t believe that is enabled by default.

        My steps for virtually any flash:
        Wipe data, cache, dalvik, and system.
        Install ROM
        Install GAPPS
        Reboot to recovery once loaded.
        Install apps (I have my apps in a .zip that simply copies them to /data/apps)
        Set up accounts and log in to apps.

        This has worked well for me since my Fascinate days…

        • Muddy B00ts

          I like the way you think. Does that reconnect the apps to the market? I’ve sideloaded backups of apps before but then they don’t get updates. I’ll try your way if it works…

          • PC_Tool

            Works beautifully.

            Since ICS the play store (Not sure if the play store updates to GB and such act the same way or not), it has linked all market apps to the play store, regardless of how they are installed.

            Be careful with the zipfile you use to install them..it gets complicated.
            Here is the updater script I am using:

            ui_print(“Installing apps …”);
            run_program(“/sbin/busybox”, “mount”, “/data”);
            ui_print(“Done !”);

            This should be in the META-INFcomgoogleandroid folder with the updater-binary (i used the binary from a GAPPS install package…doesn’t seem to affect anything).

            All of my apps are in the data/apps folder in the zip.

    • FireSwingStudios
      • PC_Tool

        This app is incompatible with your Verizon Samsung SCH-I500.


        That one is even stock… 😛

        Email sent. 🙂 Let me know what I can do. I’d love to see this on more devices. It looks very promising.

        • FireSwingStudios

          @PC_Tool:disqus Can I ask what device you are running JellyBean on?

          • PC_Tool

            Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus “toro”.

            I can easily bring it back to stock for testing purposes.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Not compatible with my Gnex on 4.1?

    • KleenDroid

      It’s a price I’m willing to pay to have the latest and greatest operating system the day it was announced…. 🙂 We have it rough don’t we? Just think about some who only just got ICS within the past couple days…..

  • Thomas

    Wow…this will look great on my Verizon Galaxy S3, when ever the hell that is!?!?!?

    • FireSwingStudios

      yes it will 🙂