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Video: Google Nexus 7 Overview and Jelly Bean Walkthrough

The Nexus 7 and Jelly Bean were easily the most notable announcements from Google I/O, last week. Immediately following their unveiling, we went hands-on with Google’s first tablet, but that wasn’t enough and was more of a teaser. While our full review is still a day or two away, we wanted to bring a more in-depth look that we weren’t able to capture while at the conference. Through this walkthrough, we look not only at the device itself, but also a look at Jelly Bean in its tabletish-phone form.

We hope you enjoy. 




  • Jackson
  • haproot

    What kind of camera are you using, it’s like following the subject.

  • Christopher Riner

    Man, that I/O white edition is simply the tits.

    Edit: Kellen– never boring. Straightforward, hit all the highlights (seemed like), made sure to show us what we probably won’t like on it (agreed on the keyboard). Overall, nice showcase of the device. I’m so jealous of the I/O edition.

    And can I just take a second to say that I am ecstatic that this project came to fruition. I’m one of those people in the group that has held out on buying a tablet until android delivered a device that had a comparable experience for half the cost, and Google has made that dream come true. I’m really starting to think that this whole media/content thing is really going to start kicking off in the future– selling software is like selling an idea. You can sell an idea to the whole world, and still have plenty of stock left over. Hell, I’m an avid comics fan and its just awesome to be able to read all the old 60’s avengers comics and everything. Something that used to never be possible. I can’t wait to start burning cash in the Marvel app on this Nexus 7, its going to be great :).

    I mean, Google TV was a good idea, but not enough to shift the way that people get content onto their big screens at home. Now, with the new Google Play store and the Nexus Q delivering content– and being able to control how you browse and find the content from a device like the Nexus 7– I mean it really is all starting to come together.

  • Dude, the camera jittyness is HORRIBLY annoying

  • did you attache the camera around your neck?

  • matt

    I am really excited to get mine. I just hope that there is not some silly delay….

  • kselby

    I was wondering if it is worth it to buy this even though I already have a Galaxy Nexus. To me this just seems like a larger GN. I already have Jelly Bean on my GN so it doesn’t seem worth it.

    • you just described every tablet. They are nothing more but slightlly more limited phones with a bigger screen and better battery. That is pretty much it for any tablet

    • Tyler Chappell

      Yep, it ultimately comes down to whether or not you want the experience a 7″ tablet offers over a 4.65″ phone.

  • Ryan Powell

    I feel really silly for not noticing the 7 the edge of the tablet makes on the box. Love the packaging even more now.

  • I bought this and am really excited!

    Can you do a walkthrough of unlocking the bootloader? I know it might be the same as on phones, but I really don’t want to screw anything up.

  • theTsotkiewicz

    So does this have NFC capabilities?

    • Tyler Chappell


  • Thank you thank you thank you. I was going to jump the gun to get the 8gb, and now that you showed me how much memory it really has..i’m going to get the 16gb.

  • How did they have the tablets up on the projectors without MHL?

  • Aardvark99

    Thanks for not doing a “full review” until you have the device for a bit longer. The Verge reviewed it, complete with a numbered score, like two days after they handed them out at IO. So fast i don’t know how they had the time to apply all those too-cool-for-school instagram filters to all their pictures. Now maybe they had a unit before IO, but I doubt it…

  • SimplicityPrevails

    I noticed in the overview you stated that the display was just a “LCD”. Please note however that this is an LED backlit IPS display, a display type known for its spectacular color reproduction and impressive viewing angles, also found on the iPad and quite a few other current-gen devices.

  • Pat Hamilton

    I’ll wait for the next version and hope they just have a pop in pop out sd slot on the side. Found myself slowing moving back to having onboard media after too many instances of not being able to access my content.

  • iamme

    you probably shouldn’t call it a”droid” since it isn’t one. It is a nexus. Droid is a specific branding for certain Verizon android phones, just like nexus is a brand name.

    • tvjrc603

      You probably shouldn’t say “droid” and “nexus,” since the proper versions would be “Droid” and “Nexus.” A little proper capitalization never killed anyone.

      Wow, being an insufferable nitpick is really enjoyable!

      • Tyler Chappell

        No, he’s right. It’s people like you that add to the severe confusion and ignorance of the general population in what makes Android devices different from iOS devices.

  • InyRules

    5×5 ^_^

  • Jaime

    Google Now seems cool, but I still havent been able to figure out how to use the other cards. Like how do I set it up to let me know if theres heavy traffic in the morning before work? Do I have to use Navigation a few times when I head to work?

    • msnight04

      All you have to do is enable Google Now and overtime, as you perform searches and travel, it should begin to populate more cards automatically.

    • Hassars

      log into Latitude and setup your home address and work address.

  • Carlos carrasquillo

    I pre ordered the 16 gig 🙂 cant wait

  • Since it has a micro usb port, can i connect a usb on the go cable for more storage?

    • Jason Miner

      Nope, it has been announced that it won’t support that or MHL sadly.

      • Hassars

        MHL has nothing to do with USB OTG. It’s been confirmed to have OTG, but you have to be rooted and use an app like stickmount.

  • Taylor Daniels

    Love how Android has evolved over the past few years!!!

  • Geoff

    @kellex:disqus the crazy extraneous hand gestures have got to go. It’s really hard to look at the device as you wave your hand about with every word you say. jmho, but it makes it almost too distracting to actually watch a full 14min video. thanks for the quick overview. #foodforthought

    • from now on we will just call him “hands” 😉

      • col3rsc

        I’m just glad he cut his nails.

    • Zane

      Maybe this just proves to yourself that you aren’t interested in the device at all. You are more interested in man hands.

  • Buy This

    I feel very lucky. And just a little smug. I knew I was plunking down a chunk of money on an overpriced early adopter product when I bought my Xoom wi-fi. But I also had faith that as a GED device it would receive far more support for longer than most devices that came out around the same time. Seeing as how we will be getting it sometime in July, I think it was the right choice and I still love my Xoom very much.

    • Buy This

      *Ha, it being Jelly Bean.

  • EvanTheGamer

    HELL yeah!

    Finally pre-ordered my 16 GB Nexus 7 from my local GameStop earlier today!! Only $50 down, too! And that $25 Google Play store credit is even included with it, as well! And also that movie I wish I never saw … you know what movie I’m referring to.

    Now to see if the Nexus 7 will be available the same day that Google will be shipping ’em to everyone. I hope.

    Can’t bloody wait!!

    • Buy This

      Do you happen to know what kind of trade in deals they are offering for it?

  • bob

    how is the speaker on this?

    • Back speaker is nice. I’m having issues with low volumes when headphones are plugged in though.

  • I believe on the Google Play page for the Nexus 7 it says how big the battery is. Its around 4300mah I think.

    • Greg Smith

      From Play Store: Battery:4325 mAh (Up to 8 hours of active use)

      • Tyler Chappell

        And according to Asus’s site, it gets 9.5hrs of 720p video playback with brightness set to 100nits.

  • Dave Sloboda

    so…it’s available in white now?

    • quiklives

      The white was a special addition for IO attendees.

    • Josh Flowers

      Google I/O edition handed to the attendees

  • achaff86

    I’m buying this tablet next month, I just rooted my gnex for the first time yesterday and all I gotta say is, I should’ve done it a long time ago! I love jelly bean haven’t had any problems at all… google now compared to siri wow… My boyfriend has an iphone and google now is 10xs faster then siri…Now I can’t wait to get my GS3!!!

    • Larizard

      same here!! Enjoying Google Now notifying me automatically that the Angels v Indians game has started. :))

    • Tyler Chappell

      Which Jelly Bean ROM did you use? The VanirBean, the one by Team Vicious? Or some other one?

      • achaff86

        Team vicious but now I’m back to ics on the gs3

  • Frank F

    Bought the 16 gig model now all I can do is wait and keep watching YouTube videos and have my days left widget remind me every morning how much longer I have to agonize with this and the gs3 from att lol..

    • Taylor Daniels

      Lol I thought I was the only one who just kept on looking at youtube videos until I wait for mine to come.

      • Tyler Chappell

        Nope, me as well, guilty as charged 😛

  • Stretch480

    @josh Flowers
    Im still on verizon with my Gnex that is rooted running Jellybean OS and everything is working Great, and I have never had to wait for an update from Big red. Nexus devices are not just GSM models. The only reason I would go to a HPSA+ carrier is to buy a GNex straight from Google and not have to renew a contract, but in your situation leaving VZW and going to Tmo or Sprint you would have to sign a new contract for the service anyways.

    Personally I like VZW speed and coverage. I travel all over the US and 9/10 always have 4G coverage that is 10-20 Mbps.

    • Josh Flowers

      i understand–and actually i was the one that rooted his Verizon Nexus. but for the upcoming cost of the share-plan, it’ll be cheaper if i go to a prepaid no-contract service (ie T-Mo’s $30/mo plan).
      i love VZW’s coverage, but i tested my LTE thunderbolt next to an HSPA SG3 and the results were appaling. LTE=1down, 2 up. HSP=14 down, 3 up–in one of the first cities to have LTE coverage in North Carolina. (no repeater/booster in the store)
      *even went to a local VZW store and ran speedtest.speakeasy on their Razr Maxx and it couldn’t break 4 down.

      i’m just done with Verizon in general (my rooted Thunderbolt isn’t helping my decision. sloowww)

      • grand0

        thats sucks in the DC metro area i pull 30down 5up on LTE with my gnex

        • Josh Flowers

          i got that type of speed once w/i the first week of the TB being released, i pulled a 35 down about a mile from my office. But since then, i’m lucky (as well as my brothers who own another TB & a Nexus) if we can beat 3 down–even in the same spots where we ran previous speed tests with higher results.
          if i’m gonna be with 3g speeds (avg 1mbp everywhere around here) then i might as well be paying for it monthly–not contractually.

  • AMGala

    The Nexus 7 has 4 POGO pins vs. 3 on the Galaxy Nexus. I wonder if the 4th pin would allow for an HDMI connection with whatever dock they will create for this?

  • Nathan Corachea

    how do you think google now will work on the SIII? cuz the home button is a physical button so yeah

    • desiman26

      They’ll probably do it like how the iPhone does it. Hold down the home button and Google Now would pop up.

    • bizek

      i believe that you double tap the home button on the SIII for google now.

  • kevinc

    The tablet UI that was introduced in Honeycomb is still in Jelly Bean. You can see this if you download the SDK for 4.1 and create an Android Virtual Device. For whatever reason though, Google decided not to provide that UI with the Nexus 7. But it is still there.

  • Scott Willenborg

    Please forward the Nexus 7 tablet to me now so I can confirm your review.

    Thank you.

    • Tyler Chappell

      I think I need to confirm too, I want to make sure ahead of time my Nexus 7 is a solid investment. XD For those who would love to spread awareness to the general population about the Nexus 7, I have created a cover photo that all of you can use: 😀

  • trumpet444

    I just bought a rezound on ebay the day before this was announced! I have to wait a while before i can justify spending more money on android

    • Lonnie

      how do you like your rezound

  • J450NM

    i cant wait to get this

  • Josh Flowers

    and it was @ I/O that i decided to ditch Verizon and stick with GSM phones–namely, Nexus models, for the presentation of Jelly Bean alone on the Nexus 7 (and seeing it on my brothers rooted Nexus).

    rip Thunderbolt.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      What carrier did you switch to?

      • Josh Flowers

        saving up $/selling everything to purchase a GSM variant & heading to T-Mo’s $30/mo plan. i’m done with non-GSM laggy updates.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          i always think about switching. If I could get consistent HSPA+ speeds from Tmob maybe i’ll think about it… Time to do some research. Because I honestly don’t plan on getting anything that isn’t a nexus ever again

  • Oscar De La Rosa

    cant wait to get this!