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Verizon Expanding 4G LTE Network Into Montana, New Spots in Idaho

As someone that grew up in Montana, news of Verizon’s 4G LTE network finally showing up is music to my ears. The fact that it will be in my home town is even more amazing and yet another reason for me to go back and visit more often. For my friends back in Big Sky Country, and who live in Missoula, Kalispell (including Whitefish), and Bozeman, you will have 4G LTE in the “coming weeks.”

Montana isn’t the only one seeing love though, as new towns in Idaho have been announced as well. Idaho Falls, Rexburg, and Burley will go live in the “coming weeks.”

  • Gunnar A.

    I live in billings, mt and I’m pissed we don’t have 4g. I don’t understand why towns as small as Bozeman have it already. You would think that the bigger/more populated towns would be the first to get 4g 🙁

  • Why did they leave out Great Falls

  • skinny

    I have a friend who works at verizon and great falls should be getting it around the end of aug. Also… yes rexburg sucks… bad. But honestly, ALL of east idaho sucks. Guarantee the only reason east idaho got 4g is because that slimeball Frank Vandersloot filled more pockets with his greasy, dirty money. Also, on behalf of the rest of Montana, Butte is like the unwiped butthole of the state.

  • Stacy

    Missoula – Have had 4G for a couple days now = 6-8MB download 5MB upload – Very nice!

  • fVerizon

    unbelievable that Billings isn’t part of the initial roll out in Montana–truly mind-boggling.

    • butnmshr

      Its because Billings sucks.

  • whosinaname

    Looks like Bozeman MT is full of 4g goodness, Checked today and I have 4g now! 5350kbps… woot

  • bznmt

    Woke up this morning and had 4g in bozeman!

  • I live in Kalispell and woke up to my gnex showing me 4G now! Yay! I ran a couple of speed tests and I’m getting around 9mbps down and around 7 up. Loving it!

  • No Pocatello? I can’t believe Rexburg gets it before Poky, boo Verizon.

    • Oh, Go Idaho State Bengals! Go Poky!

  • bozemanite

    I am sure Bozeman will win over Missoula in this race…..Go cats

    • Hah… too bad y’all s towers run slow… Zootown’s gettin 10-11 mbps downlink 7.5 up

  • Finally got some love here in Ventura County, CA. 4G is blazing fast here!

  • Colonel_Awesomesauce


  • add lamont california.the coverage ends like a block away so at my house i dont get 4g and the 3g is slower then anything on the galaxy nexus!!!!!!!

  • It’s all about the National Champs baby!
    Although, I will say, GO CATS over the Grizz!

    But in the end, GO BISON!

  • Tony Buss

    Woot I live in Missoula, MT. Bout damn time 4G got here

  • Superdroid

    WAHOOOOOOO, from Missoula. Lovin’ it.

  • k_nivesout

    Hell yes! I’m more excited about this than I probably should be. Just bought a nexus yesterday hoping that we’d see LTE here in Bozeman before too long. Didn’t know Kellen was from MT either. I’ve been waiting longingly for LTE for a good while now and I am greatly looking forward to some unlimited 4g action. My upgrade date is exactly a month after June 28th (end of unlimited data for upgrades) so I figured I’d be better off getting an off contract device..

  • baldypal

    Columbus GA where i live got 4G last week but I didn’t see any announcements. Not even listed on 4G site map but we got it.

  • Thank the lord Montana is finally getting some love! I live on the south end of Flathead Lake in Polson (exactly 57 miles from both Missoula AND Kalispell) and travel to both towns frequently.. Cant wait to see a little 4G icon in my status bar! P.S. POOOOR BOBCATS!

  • Desa

    Dear Verizon……..Can I PLEASE get some Central Oregon love!!!!!!

  • Jon

    Funny, ok not so much cuz I live here, that Kalispell got it before Helena or Billings. Frustrating

    • Agreed. Honestly, I can see Missoula and Bozeman, they are both interstate cities, same with Helena, but really, Kalispell/Whitefish over Billings?

      • Bitterrooter

        Probably because Whitefish/Kalispell are high end travel destinations for incredibly wealthy people who would freak out if they didn’t have 4g coverage like they have at home in Beverly Hills/the Hamptons. Billings and Helena, not so much…as for Cat/Griz, I’ve lived in both Bozo and Missoula, my advice, dump college sports and get an education…

        • +1. Neither team has anything on SEC football.

        • Mark Uhde

          That’s my theory also, but that doesn’t make sense because:

          1. There is no LTE on Desert Mountain, the site coverage some of the most touristy area. Now, granted, off Desert Mountain AT&T only manages maybe 1-1.5mbps or so (vs. the 3-7 they get in most of Montana). Verizon barely manages to WORK on the Desert Mountain site (they’re both on it) – well under 500kbps. It’s a mountaintop site covering an absurdly large, busy, touristy area. AT&T only has one channel on the site! (Presumably a PCS channel is useless from the location up in the forest on a mountain?) I imagine the 10MHz LTE channel would also have trouble up there. Who knows why? But that’d make sense.

          2. Helena is the freaking state Capital! Enough said…

          3. I think there’s backhaul issues too. Kalispell, Missoula, and Bozeman are also – probably not-so-coincidentally – “4G” cities for AT&T as well (with AT&T the distinction means a lot less, in Helena I consistently get 5-6mbps on AT&T, in Kalispell 3-4 is more typical).

  • mustbepbs

    I’m going to cry in every one of these articles until Central NH is lit up.


    • summit1986

      Or Plattsburgh, NY… even most of Vermont has 4G for crying out loud.

  • Eli

    Cambridge and Isanti Minnesota finally got LTE last week

  • cj

    Wheres the love for Butte big red?

    • ButteFTW

      Yes! Those granola eaters in the other cities don’t need the 4G to view pictures of squirrels online.

  • John


  • cowdog

    Great news to hear for those of us in Bozeman. And, of course, Go Cats!

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Still think we should place some bets on what 3 cities will be bumped up to 4G last. I’m putting money down on my town. Agreed? Maybe some Android swag?

  • david weilacher

    4G showed up in Yuma, AZ last Thursday night for an hour. Hopefully that means its coming to us soon too.

  • Holy shit! Finally!

  • 2001400ex

    I live in Spokane, but lived in billings for 12 years and am actually in billings right now. I go to the dunes in rexburg a couple times year. Crazy a town like rexburg is on 4g before billings.

  • Flagstaff VZW Users were promised LTE by employees at the Verizon store by the middle of 2011. It is now JULY of 2012 and we still don’t have it.

    • JohnPA2006

      Never listen to anyone at a store, even a Verizon corporate store.
      They are the path to the dark side, only pain and suffering there, will you find!

      ( dont feel bad, the area where I live in north east PA, finally went from 1X data to 3G only about 1 and half years ago.
      We’ll probably see LTE or FIOS out here in 2018 or so.)

    • jothen2002

      Yeah…go Lumberjacks!!!!!!!

    • Mark Uhde

      Don’t know about Arizona, but in Kalispell, MT, Verizon store employees are some of the biggest liars around. They make up so many bits of nonsense. They are one reason AT&T lost a lot of Alltel customers – they told people Alltel used Verizon towers almost everywhere and Alltel would lose that (the truth is, yes, they did roam on each other, but AT&T has built way more new coverage than they lost in Verizon roaming!). They also lied and said things like Alltel/AT&T didn’t own any towers of their own and Verizon was considering pulling their rights to use their towers (LOL, actually, AT&T owns far far more of their own towers than Verizon!). They also claim Verizon has much better coverage (it’s the opposite), and tons of other lies. You go into the Verizon store, and you’ll be greeted by a rude guy who’s only ability is to lie, lie, lie. On the other hand, AT&T employees have always proven to be both honest and very flexible. It’s just a so much different world in how they treat their customers. I’ve had both, and neither is perfect, but AT&T has been a lot better to me. Much better service too… And no, I don’t work for either.

      • I agree, the Verizon store employees don’t care one bit. They are uneducated and just there to sell you crap. I always think about it like this, if you were getting paid 9 or 10 bucks an hour, would you care? We care because some of us are passionate about cool technology. They don’t hire people like us. They hire people to blindly sell other people crap. That’s all.

        That being said, I live in Kalispell and the lte is pretty sweet on a root and rommd galaxy nexus. It’s almost hitting 10mbps up and down. I’ve heard once they take it out of test mode the speeds will increase. But who knows.
        And yeah, this place is packed with rich under tipping under appreciative d bags. Mostly in the summer but also in the winter.

  • crack

    Eat Sh*t grizzlies go cats go. Kellex you should know what i’m talking about. (MSU Grad here)

    • Superdroid

      Go Griz…..

    • As I graduated from a U of M affiliate but my fiancee graduated from MSU I am obligated to say Go Cats Go. But in all seriousness, Go Cats! 🙂

    • sedington

      Pooooor bobcats!

  • John Hance

    I’d like to know how they decide which markets get 4G in order. I think it’s great places like Montana are finally getting it, just wondering why they chose it over more populated areas.

    • droidman

      It depends on what type of equipment they already have in place. I.E. Lucent vs motorola.

    • 2001400ex

      These areas of Montana are populated with 50k plus people. I would have complained when Plummer, id and Wallace, id got it. Lol

      • I was a little irritated when Kellogg, ID got it.

        • 2001400ex

          It was nice when they did Spokane, they didn’t just do the city. I live out about 20 miles from downtown, and 2 miles south of I-90 and I get full signal 4G at my house, have since day 1 in Spokane (which was actually a week before the announcement.)

          • Yep, I visit Spokane pretty much whenever I’m bored. That is one huge LTE footprint.

          • Anthony White

            Still waiting for here in the Walla Walla/Milton-Freewater area!

  • daniel.archibald33

    Rexburg is my hometown!!

    • RicksCollege

      Rexburg sucks…

      • Slade J

        My hometown as well finally it comes

  • Taylor


  • Well it’s about freaking time. Although Billings, MT has yet to see it…

  • This is why our bills are going haywire!

    • ace

      No that is why we are losing unlimited data. Someone inside verizon told me they are seeing tons of people moving off unlimited data to shared because it’s saving them quite a bit of money. I prefer unlimited myself.

      • I made sure to lock in my unlimited data, this is going to be just in time for my SIII. I find myself using 3G on my phone more than using my computer because the internet offerings out here are too dang expensive and crappy.