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Official VLC Beta Goes Live Outside of US, VLC Direct Pro Free Lets You Stream Content from PC to Mobile

There have been rumors circulating suggesting that VLC, the popular media player, was coming to Android. Finally, the app has gone into beta testing, but the problem is that the installations are locked to regions outside of the US. The developers warn however that this is for power users and hackers only and warn that it is much slower than the final version will be. 

For those of us who can’t enjoy the official VLC Beta, VLC Direct Pro allows users to stream content from VLC on their computers to their mobile device. There are a list of features to go along with it as well:

– Remote control VideoLan VLC from your Phone/Tablet (play, pause, stop, volume, fullscreen, change video/song, etc.)
– Its internal video player allows streaming content Computer to Android (Video, music and photos)
– Subtitles supported
– Supported formats: avi, flv, mp4, mp3, mkv, wmv, jpg, mpeg, mpg, rmvb, m4v, mov, 3gp, ts, vob

All of that for the low price of free. It should not be too much longer before the beta test for VLC is over and we can all enjoy our play-everything media player. Will you use VLC when it comes out for your region?

VLC Direct Pro | VLC Beta 

  • ScoobySnack

    I hope this finally allows me to stream from my HDHomeRun tuner direct to my Android tablet!

  • SeanBello

    can you stream from pc to phone with the beta?

  • Did for anyone else this not show up in your RSS feed?

    • I came here from my RSS.

      • Yeah it just now showed up in mine, typically it is instantaneous after post to show up it though was over 15 min late.

        I only noticed because the article was in the email and I went to read it on Google Reader and it was not there. Weird.

  • jdrch

    You can get the .apk directly from them here: http://nightlies.videolan.org/build/android-v7-neon/

    • http://nightlies.videolan.org/build/ would probably be a better link, there are other versions available such as tegra2 and one for older phones.

      • jdrch


      • tlspatt

        which version works for the G-Nex?

        • Most newer devices will use the neon build, pretty much anything newer than the Snapdragon S2.

  • Maybe, but not for streaming content as I am very happy with Plex Media ATM