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Nexus Q Has a “Magic 8 Ball” Easter Egg

According to the Nexus Q, it isn’t even sure if you should buy one. Recently reported by Android Authority, there is an Easter Egg tucked inside the Nexus Q app. If you cruise into a specific Nexus Q’s settings in the app, you can tap on the image of the Q and then proceed to a screen that asks if you “Have a dilemma?” From there you can tap the Q again and ask it a question. It works just as a Magic 8 Ball, so don’t expect it to always give a reliable answer.

It’s another awesome goodie that ties in nicely with our unearthing of the Jelly Bean Easter egg. Good work, Google.

Via: Android Authority

  • ddh819

    does the app just give you the answer on your phone screen, or does it “speak” the answer through its audio output?

  • NorCalGuy

    Port the app plz

  • nightscout13

    Does it give lucky lottery numbers?

  • master94

    Google should include google now on the Q and voice commands.

    • Andrew Weckstein

      What good would Google Now be on the Q? Would it just randomly decide to tell your whole living room when you should leave for your next appointment or what the score was last night? That sounds a bit absurd to me.

      • EvanTheGamer


        I’ll admit, I laughed at your comment.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Ask the Q: Should EvanTheGamer buy a Nexus 7?

    lol…it better say “OH YES! BUYBUYBUY!!