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Google’s Sound Search App from Jelly Bean Made Available for Non-Rooted ICS Devices

One of the many awesome features that Jelly Bean has brought to the Android table is Google’s new Sound Search or “Ears.” It is designed to replace well known applications such as Shazam and SoundHound by hearing music that is played, recognizing it, and then linking to Google Play to buy the track.

When first ported, it was only working on root-only devices, but now, it’s been made available for everyone running non-root Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and above. Simply download and install as you would any other third-party application.

Download LinkGoogle Ears.apk

Via: MobilePhonesFan

  • jeesung

    4×1 non-resizable (in ICS) widget fail

  • Doesn’t have a 1×1 widget… not sure if I will use it I really like the 1×1 widget that sound hound has

  • Chet Stovepiper


  • Spencer

    No way… tim-o-tato gets down with tech death

  • chucklehead322

    Works fine but I love all the extra info you get from Soundhound like lyrics, video etc…

  • Dr_Buttballs

    Necrophagist <3

    • Chet Stovepiper

      first thing i noticed 🙂

      • jamie

        Me too lol

  • Ed G

    This and Soundhound can pick up songs better from a distance than Shazam. The lack of history is annoying, but it does work well.

  • onexatt

    when i download it on my HTC one X i cant find it? why?

  • I am sure there will be a ton of Android users that find this widget useful.

  • Levi Wilcox

    1/3 it found correctly. I guess it needs to be in the play store to find the track

  • Greyhame

    Widget is just too unattractive for me to consider using, and the fact that it doesn’t store searches doesn’t help. Shazam and Soundhound aren’t going anywhere for me just yet.

    • Futbolrunner

      Exactly. I like to keep a history so I can revert back and download them.

    • Until SoundHound or Shazam allow me to purchase directly from Google Play I just can’t justify using them.

  • EvanTheGamer

    This is awesome and all, but what makes Google Ear Sound Search any different than that of Shazam or SoundHound? Is it extremely quicker than those other sound apps or something?

    • kurttrail

      The size of the database. Google has years of filtering music off of YouTube for the Music Industry.

      SoundHound provides more information per successful search. It maybe a little hard of hearing, but it’s not dumb.

  • MKader17

    Is this not integrated into the voice search on Jellybean?

  • AlexKCMO

    Honestly, I don’t care about buying it in the play store. If I want it, I can search for it manually, and SoundHound does an amazing job… pulling up lyrics and you tube searches… even giving me a sample of the song to play on demand.

    Until this gets more robust, no thanks.

  • Ryan Becker

    Hilarious choice of song for the pic at the top of the story.

  • docawe

    If it only works on stuff that is in the Play store it will have trouble finding stuff pretty often…

  • GrgLorden

    Tim, you death metal listener you. Mutilate the Stillborn and Extreme Unction are other greats on that album.

  • hobeater

    total noob question….. but how do I insall this?

    • Geoff

      click the download link from the browser on your phone and the apk will download. once it is downloaded, select the file and choose to install it. that’s it.

      you can also download the file on your computer and, by your method of file sharing, transfer the file to your phone and then install the apk.

      • moelsen8

        make sure you can install third party apps in settings too.

  • Inquizitor

    Doesn’t work very well, and doesn’t have a search history. I’m glad they made it, I think it’s a smart thing to have, but it really is almost useless to me. I happily own and use Soundhound Infinity (bought it in the 10cent deal), and the search history is essential for me because I love to add new songs I discover to my Grooveshark library, rather than pay for them. Also, the damn thing wouldn’t recognize “All Day and All of the Night” by the Kinks, which was the first song I tested. Didn’t do much more extensive testing, but that doesn’t bode well.

    • Geoff

      sound search worked extremely well for me when testing the app with some obscure The Shins songs. I’m partial to shazam for the search history and the ability to have the app immediately go into “listening” mode when selected. I found soundhound to not be reliable for me. ymmv.

  • trd105

    I like the fact that with soundhound you can look at the history of what you searched. I still havent found a way to do this in googles widget tho. Sticking with soundhound for now

  • i cant even find the app or widget to place on the home screen, any help? it installed fine, non root galaxy nexus

    • I can’t find it either. . installed it Non rooted Razr Maxx with ICS…. nowhere to be found.

      • Reboot the phone. Should populate after the reboot in the widget section.

        • michael arazan

          TY, i was wondering why it wouldn’t show up

    • JDHokie

      No app – just a widget called “Sound Search”. Worked for me on non-root GNex.

    • Paul Fulbright

      I installed it twice and the second time it showed the widget.

    • Will

      Kill your launcher and it should populate. Rebooting your phone should do the trick too. I couldn’t find it at first either.

  • Not A Name

    It it true that it only works with songs in Google Play?

    • Greg Morgan

      No it works on all songs. The difference is it will link you to the song directly in Google Play if they have it.

  • Tweekex

    I do like their Sound Search, I just wish I could have the song open in Spotify rather the Google Play store, like Shazam does.

  • jonny6pak

    Nice song choice!

  • Rexander Wai

    Neat! I’ll give it a try.

    Could Google Now be ported for ICS is well?

  • MudRacer

    Works okay but I wish it saved all the previous searches.

  • I read sound search and thought “Voice Search” 🙁

    • John

      hah, ya same here.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      The improved voice typing and search are the reason i rom’d and installed JB.

      • I would do that, but…RAZR

        • AnotherAndroidKid

          Question for you. Are you finding ICS worse than GB on the RAZR? i only know two people with one and the one that did upgrade is having all sorts of trouble.

          • I’m not having any trouble, but my dad didn’t like the change…..He doesn’t like having to learn new stuff with his phone

          • mikel61101

            Isecond this havent had any probs with my maxx. now i do feel like my battery life goes faster now though.

          • Really? I constantly get a little less than 2 Days of battery. I’m not a super-heavy user, but I do use it frequently

          • Maggs

            well I downloaded it and it took hours then my Maxx was very laggy and
            the email just went nuts. Every time I deleted 100 old emails a few
            minutes later they would load back up. Tried deleting them several
            times and they kept reloading. So I ended up a few days later doing
            that factory reset, removed my SD card, etc. Email still did the same
            thing so I had to unattached my yahoo mail and only go in thru the yahoo
            mail app. the reset seems to have fixed the laggy part but my battery
            does seem to be draining faster than before ICS and also taking way
            longer to charge up. Not sure why…

          • jeesung

            ICS is a good change except for two things
            -wifi is spotty. i have 2 AP’s (upstairs / downstairs) and it keeps switching to the weaker signal and sometimes loses internet connectivity (though this is being posted from laptop connected to same AP)
            – Nav voice changes speed from regular to slower that sounds sleepy / stoned.

            there was an issue when i first installed. i had to do a factory reset, which isn’t the ideal upgrade experience.

          • angermeans

            Not to be mean, but what Motorola update has ever has worked good. They are the absolute slowest and the absolute worst at software and updates. I’m just getting into java and android app development and my professor said that Motorola Blur code is very messy and it is no wonder that they have such a hard time with updates. I’m the kind of person that forms my own opinion, but I often wondered if this was true. It would sure explain a lot.

          • Oscar De La Rosa

            I was having trouble with it at first being all laggy, I just turned it off then back on and problem solved runs like butter