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Droid Life Q&A Session: Google I/O Edition

As most of you know, we spent all of last week in San Francisco, attending Google I/O. We haven’t had a chance to fully reflect on it yet, so since this happens to be one of our Q&A session weeks, we thought you could all help us do that. Rather than the normal Android chatter that these sessions tend to focus on, this week it will be all about the I/O experience, our thoughts, and what we did while we were there. So as usual, you can ask us whatever you’d like, but try to make it somewhat relevant to last week’s fun. You can ask for our opinions on the Nexus 7, Jelly Bean, or the Q if you’d like. You can quiz us on what sights we saw or restaurants we frequented. Have at it in the comments below.

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  • IntlGrizzly

    Were you hoping for some announcement about the upcoming 5 or 6 Nexus devices? And were you surprised that there wasn’t one? Also when do you think we will start to here leaks/info about them?

  • bombhills

    Sooo… A strange question, When do you guys use your tablets? (and for what?) Because I can’t really figure out why I would need one (I really want to need one), I’m really excited for the N7, but can’t really justify it regardless of the price without knowing what to do with it… hah.

  • Android

    Stupid question but when you buy a nexus 7 off the play store can you go to any carrier and activate it as a line ?

  • CapnShiner

    What was your favorite part of I/O other than the devices? I mean like what event or experience was most enjoyable?

    Did Google give all the attendees swag bags and, if so, what all was in them?

    Did Google have a Q&A session of their own and, if so, can you post a transcript?

    Do you think the PDK will result in new Android devices other than phones and tablets?

    Do you think the Nexus 7 would be perfect to use with Microsoft’s SmartGlass?

    Was there any discussion at I/O about Android being embedded into automobiles?

    What do you think of having Nexus 7 tablets embedded into commercial airline seatbacks?

    What are your predictions for the future of Google Glass?

  • Tyler

    Galaxy Nexus JB roms who has them and which are worth looking at? Also now that JB is out what phone is your daily driver?

  • Virgil Messer

    Is there going to be a Nexus 2????? This guy wants one

  • wickets

    I want to know how many techno hotties you kissed

  • Megatron

    I heard that Google’s IO looked like a MacBook convention…..SMH….

    • I don’t see the big deal. Some of us like our OS X/Macbooks, but still love to develop for Android. It shouldn’t be that polarizing.

  • Answer2K1

    In regards to Google directly competing with the Kindle Fire and bolstering consumers media consumption through Google Play and devices like the N7, were there any hints or foreshadowing of a service similar to what Prime does with Amazon Instant Video? (I’m a Prime member and I really like the option of watching AIV content included in my Prime membership).

  • Tony Wilen

    Now that both are announced (and almost released to the public), what is your prefernce for the two new tablets – the ASUS Transformer Infinity or the Google Nexus 7?

  • pmagent2013

    did you buy the developers preview of googles glasses?

    • LionStone

      And if you didn’t, do you still have the option to buy it later?

  • I want to know more about the increased security with the play store. With Play issuing device specific licenses with each paid app purchase, apps are less likely to be pirated. Does this mean that I will no longer be able to download a paid app that I bought on a previous phone after I upgrade?

    • I fear that they may allow this as an option for developers. Quite ridiculous IMHO.

      As of right now, I dont think thats the case. The way I understand it, at install time, the app is signed with a device specific key so it wont run on any other android device. You can still install a purchase on multiple devices, but each time the app is signed with a different key so you cant just copy it over to someone else’s device.

      I believe thats how they have designed it, but it would be nice if someone could confirm this. I certainly hope my fear never comes to fruition.

      • CapnShiner

        I would not be surprised if this will allow developers to sell different licenses for different numbers of devices, sort of like Windows on a PC. It sucks for consumers, but it is great for developers and I think they deserve to have that option. The quality and usefulness of the app will determine whether or not the developer can justify using device-specific licenses.

  • Gerolux

    Worth getting (in almost any means possible) tickets to go to Google I/O in the future? Im not a developer, but I really enjoy getting info about android developement.

    And question 2: nexus 7, any confirmation of a firm release date other than mid-july?

  • auronblue

    Were any hints dropped for a Nexus tablet in the 10 inch range? I think the Nexus 7 looks awesome but I don’t want to pull the trigger if a slightly larger version is coming.

  • Devon.S

    I have a question regarding when will the Droad 4. Is there any information regarding when it will receive ics, since they are talking about every other device receiving it.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Is fragmentation ever going to become less of an issue?

    • r0lct

      As long as apps work across the most current 3 or 4 Android versions it’ll only be a problem tech people argue about.

    • This has never been a real issue. Its a buzzword that competitors have been using to downplay Android’s success. Certainly there are some issues on the development side, but as far as the user is concerned this issue doesn’t exist.

    • Answer2K1

      I guess it depends on how you define fragmentation and if it’s really an issue. Apple is still selling devices (older iPads/iPhones) that can’t/won’t have the most recent software (Siri included) is this fragmentation for iOS? Developers and users probably see it differently.

  • r0lct

    So with Mitas saying 7″ is the best tablet size you still think 2 of the 5 Nexus devices will be tablets? Or do you think they’ll all be phones and other other devices?

    Maybe the 5 devices are more test devices as part of the PDK and only one actual Nexus phone will be released.

  • Brien Gerber

    If you had to guess, how long do you think it will take until the Verizon Galaxy Nexus gets the Jelly Bean OTA?

    • TimothyLMJR

      I’m guessing Mid-July like they said.

    • Tyler

      I would assume Mid-July like they said at IO. If you think about it all the compatibility stuff with radios (only difference between its GSM brother) has been addressed with 4.0.4 and most features wont be affecting that so I would say they should get it right on time. All assumptions tho, who knows what Vzw will do.

  • Aardvark99

    Did you guys score one of those awesome accessory development demo hardware kits? Also, will JB help me know if it’s raining outside or help me propose marriage through a glass wall?

  • mike mcginnis

    Do you think that we will ever be able to build/upgrade our own mobile devices? With computers you can buy a case, motherboard, videocard, ram, and processor and put it together or just get a new processor and upgrade. Do you think there will ever be a day where we can do something similar with mobile devices. Like buy the screen, processor, about of ram, battery etc?

    • CapnShiner

      Have you ever tried upgrading hardware in a laptop, other than RAM or a hard drive? It’s not as easy to upgrade a laptop as it is to upgrade a desktop. Now imagine that scaled down to phone size. The reasons we can’t build or customize cellphones are because it would be too difficult and not cost-effective.

      OEMs get components cheaper than we ever could because they buy in bulk. They do the research and development because they can afford to. Phone internals are not standardized like PC internals. They are not designed to be upgraded or built by consumers. The parts are so tiny that they have to be assembled by robots(or Chinese children, lol). Any way you slice it, it is both cheaper and easier to buy a pre-made phone.

      That being said, you can sort of build your own with Bug Labs. It just won’t be as small or pretty.

  • br_hermon

    Devs had Jelly Bean ROMs created within 24 hrs. Was there any buzz among IO attendees about that? People walking around with JB on their phones while at IO!? πŸ™‚ If so, what were the reactions?

  • me08053

    What did they say about the future of Google TV?

  • Droid Freak

    I know you all just got home and all… but can we hurry it up and got some reviews on the product you received! πŸ™‚

  • schmaltzy

    I know this is suppose to be about I/O, but what do you guys look like? I’ve been a DL follower since week 1 and I have no idea what you guys look like! Can we just get a little pic of you guys so we know what we’re dealing with here? As to relating that to I/O….how about the picture is of each of you interacting with something from I/O!

    • zUFC

      that and can someone explain the “Kellex-Kellen” story? Are there two people there with those names? or is it a joke (someone called Kellex the Kellen name one day and it stuck or something?). i can’t figure it out! I thought there was only Kellex.

      • kellex is his online alias. kellen is his actual name.

        • zUFC

          thank you Wes. That’s been driving me crazy!!!!

      • CapnShiner

        There can be only one!

  • on a different note, my wifes company just upgraded her company phone, she now has a shinny new blackberry 9350/. you can just imagine her excitement lol

  • edmicman

    Oh, and were there any real GoogleTV announcements? Any new set top boxes with DVR functionality built in?

  • edmicman

    Are we hopeful the VZW Galaxy Nexus might be slated for Jelly Bean sooner than later, too? Too much to hope for being lumped into mid-July like they mentioned?

    And how does the new injunction by Apple affect Google’s rolling out of new Android stuff?

  • Does the Nexus 7 Tablet support MHL or USB OTG / USB Host Mode?

    • No MHL, USB Host is there but only a few uses. Cannot mount external storage

      • Adam

        This is only true out of the box. Rooted with Stickmount, works fine.

  • nightscout13

    The people who have worn Project Glass, have any of you had a chance to try out the HUD feature? was it even operational? At I/O Sergey Brin focused on the camera function, but not the HUD function. Phandroid staff will not respond to me regarding this, I’m hoping you guys can. How does the HUD look, and do you have a POV photo?

  • TimXer

    so jelly bean, would you recommend the GNex now or SGSIII and wait for JB?

  • Josh Flowers

    Can one Nexus Q control multiple speakers in different rooms–or must you have 1 Q/Room? the video showed the ability to choose which room the music would play from, but i’m uncertain if that means the user was choosing a Q-Unit or a Q-Speaker set

    • Royal2000H

      I thought they said you choose which Q (as in which unit) to connect to.

    • You’ll need one per room as it stands right now. It only has one set of speaker ports/hdmi.

  • 1. Did you guys pre-order the glasses?
    2. Was there discussion of iOS vs Android and the litigation wars?
    3. Any love for NFC or Wallet during I/O?
    4. Any talk about integrating the NexusQ technology for car audio?
    5. Did Google discuss the system requirements of JellyBean? Will devices approved for ICS be likely candidates for JB as well?
    6. Will Google be doing more work in the mobile document space? Office file compatibility, etc.
    7. Will there be an API (or similar) to give developers access to the Google Now card space?
    8. Native Facebook sync?
    9. Will Chrome replace the default Android browser at some point?

    • Michael

      5. any device that gets ICS I’d say can support JB.
      9. Chrome is the default on the Nexus 7, i wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes the default for others.

      • CapnShiner

        I’m guessing Chrome is not just the default browser on the Nexus 7 but in Jelly Bean itself.

    • RedPandaAlex

      In the Android Fireside Chat, they said they had no plans to give developer access to Google Now. I hope that changes though.

      • Royal2000H

        Yea I saw that too. Behaving like Apple – Really upsetting. What gives Android its success is the ability to customize the finer points of the OS with apps.

  • BikerBob1789

    Before Google I/O, there were rumors of multiple Nexus devices to be sold directly through Google. Any news on this? Either official or unofficial?

    • Josh Flowers

      Yes! i really want to know if the “November 5th” as the 5th anniversary of Google will see the 5 devices be released.

      • JoshGroff

        Remember remember the 5th of November.

      • nwd1911

        I’m afraid we will see the following 5 Nexi: Galaxy Nexus (released last year, but new life with JB), Nexus 7, Nexus Q, all but announced Nexus 10 and 1 new Nexus phone. Perhaps the Galaxy Nexus will be replaced with another phone leaving 2 new Nexus phones.

    • r0lct

      Maybe those devices are the oems working with the PDKs and in the end there will still only be one phone.

    • CapnShiner

      Technically, 2 means multiple- The Nexus 7 and the Galaxy Nexus.

      • BikerBob1789

        I think the rumors were a total of 5, including more than one phone – that I what I was referring to.

  • Bill Anderson

    One of the most interesting things I heard from I/O was that Jelly Bean will now support USB Audio Out. This means that any application can now stream their audio out via USB. With ICS and before, if you connected to a phone to a car stereo or doc via USB, it would be able to see and play and MP3 files you had on your device, but they could not play anything from Pandora or even notification sounds. With USB Audio out, this changes. This could give kind of a “universal” audio/charge connection to all our phones.

    Was there any discussion or sessions on this at I/O? This seems like a great feature that they didn’t, well, feature!


    • I really want to hear more about this! Does it only work on certain devices? Could any device with JB potentially utilize this? I want to see more Android docks a la iHome!

      • michael arazan

        I haven’t read anything yet on when 4.1goes to the masses. Is their a release date for when JellyBean will roll out to Nexus, Samsung and Motorola phones on Verizon?

      • Bill Anderson

        They say any device running Jelly Bean will have this…

    • Dan-O

      This is awesome. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to have a phone replaced because of the audio jack crapping out. USB jacks seen to take lot more wear and tear. Bring on the USB headphones! Anyone else see this as a general problem?

    • Bill Anderson

      Here is what Google says about it on the developer site:

      USB AudioUSB audio output support allows hardware vendors to build hardware such as audio docks that interface with Android devices. This functionality is also exposed with the Android Open Accessory Development Kit (ADK) to give all developers the chance to create their own hardware.
      From: http://developer.android.com/about/versions/jelly-bean.html

  • Hiawatha Dawson

    Questions: why does Google introduce new upgrades using their gadgets?. Why can’t they make the code available to the phone manufacturers before introducing it at one of their staged event?

    • OhAaron

      Isn’t that what the new PDK is? It’s access to the code 2-3 months before it comes out.

  • Given the latest upgrade fiasco (Jelly Bean in the coming weeks and phones are JUST NOW starting to get ICS) would you advise anyone to ever get anything other that a Nexus ever again?

    • Kyle Cummings

      With what i’ve seen in the past 3 years i.e. gb>ics>jb. i can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t get a nexus device. hell, even the nexus S is getting a JB update.

  • please let us know how the gapless audio playback works under jellybean.

  • shredder47

    Do you think the PDK will actually make a difference with updates? Especially for phones like the GS3

    • br_hermon

      And as a part 2: If Google is going to get out new versions of Android early to the manufacturing companies, won’t this equate to a new stable version being created, then Google sitting on it for months while OEMs work with it, THEN announce it / release it into the wild? Does that equal “early access?”
      The other scenario, assuming Google develops its new OS’s right up to announcement day, is OEMs have already had access to the OS as it’s being developed and updated daily, leading up to Google announcing it the world. I hope the first scenario doesn’t happen, but also I have trouble believing OEMs aren’t going to be pulling their hair out as they try to develop around an OS that’s still in development.
      Long story short… I can’t see OEMs wanting to develop for a still-in-beta OS. And I also can’t see Google creating an OS and just waiting to announce it until OEMs have had time with it either.

  • OhAaron

    I have three questions:
    1) When do you think Smart Updates for Apps might be rolled out?
    2) Google Now is a platform that is meant to grow to cover other things. That is why it is a framework that is built around cards that are delivered from the web and can be delivered at any time (rather than something that Google’s sluggish manufacturers would have to deliver in an update). What other things do you think might be incorporated into Google Now?
    3) Finally, do you think the PDK will have any affect on update times for manufacturers?

  • Drew Carpenter

    Did Google ever give any hint as to why there are 4 POGO pins on the N7? Previous Nexus devices only had 3 pins (2 for power and 1 for audio out).

    I am hoping the extra pin allows for full USB comms since JB added the ability to output PCM audio via USB to a dock.

  • Do you foresee a more concerted effort on Google’s part to bridge the gap between device form factors and offer more cross-compatibility with functionality pairing? For example, the Q is controlled by an Android device as it lacks any sort of input capabilities on its own (ignoring the future possibility of the ports on the back offering direct input from a standard device like a keyboard or controller). Do you think we will be seeing the ability to potentially take our Android experience from device to device seamlessly?

  • SirSoloDolo

    PDK, will this speed up updates for phone?

    • Remember Android Upgrade Alliance or whatever that farce was called. That didn’t speed up jack donkey either. Carriers and OEM’s just don’t care. Get a Nexus if you want updates.

      • SirSoloDolo

        I have a Nexus and the updates are still slow thanks to Verizon

        • Rob

          Because it is not a “true” Nexus device, but I get what you’re saying, and I totally understand how you feel!

        • Then just unlock and use CyanogenMod. Or just unlock and install Jellybean… my Vzw nexus is running JB great!

  • Southrncomfortjm

    I’m really interested in Google Now. I like the idea of having personalized information at my fingertips without asking for it. I’ve got JB running on my Galaxy Nexus and I can’t seem to figure out how to get Google Now to start working properly. For starters, I want it to tell me whether there are delays on either the metro or commuter train I ride every day. If it could do that for me without me asking, that would be amazing since I always forget to check and forgetting to check can mean a big delay getting home.
    Any insight on how to get Google Now to start doing all the cool things its supposed to do?

    • It starts within a couple of days of taking the same route to the same place.

      • Southrncomfortjm

        So, do I actually have to do searches or just leave location services on and it will figure out that I’m riding the train?

        • To be clear: Location services, not gps. But yes. It figured out where I was going just by where I stopped and where I went home. Haven’t tried public transportation though. In theory, it would work because there is a spot to say that it’s public transportation.

          • Southrncomfortjm

            Right on. Guess I will be leaving location services on from now on. Thanks Wes!

          • of course! aaaaaany time. πŸ™‚

          • quiklives

            The other comment I’ve seen is to make sure your Web History is enabled (I’m sorry, I don’t remember where) because without that it won’t record.

      • Eh. Google Now knew the path I took home within an hour of installing Jelly Bean. You think it just knew from previously collected data?

        • it’s possible. I had history turned off off before google now came out.

  • Is the Nexus 7 worth getting?


    Will Google make available the new Voice Search and Google Now to ICS users, or will it strictly be reserved officially for Jelly Bean.

    • seems to be strictly for Jelly Bean. (as they probably had to do a lot of revamping of some of the libraries used for search and now)

  • EvanTheGamer

    When do you think Jelly Bean will be available for the Galaxy Nexus?

    • guest

      Google has already came out and said mid july

      • Paul Sheble

        Does this include the GNex for Verizon?

        • SirSoloDolo

          Doubtful, I’d say Nov in all reality for how VZW updates

      • EvanTheGamer

        I’m talking about the LTE Verizon Galaxy Nexus, not just any G-Nex in general.

        • r0lct

          No way they are letting the GN update to JB before the RAZR HD ships with ICS.

    • Southrncomfortjm

      Mid-July for GSM phone. If you have a Verizon Galaxy Nexus it may take a lot longer.

      • Rooted phones already have it. Waiting for carriers is like hoping Jesse Jackson won’t try to capitalize and ultimately look like a dim wit if something race related happens. It’s like hoping that Mexico will get a decent government and Mexicans will decide to actually live there happily. It’s like hoping for peace in Arab countries. It’s like hoping to get reliable news out of NBC. It’s like hoping that our government will have a better than 50% approval rating. It’s like hoping that fat people will quit going on fad diets and actually eat right and exercise. It’s like hoping that psychiatric hospitals will quit bilking Medicare. It’s like hoping that your girlfriend learns to parallel park.

        Hope all you want, but carriers and OEM’s don’t really give a shit about upgrades. If you want upgrades, get a Nexus.

      • tomn1ce

        Sad, but true….I’m guessing that I will be rooting my VZW G-Nexus for some JB…I’m not the rooting type but VZW is too slow to upgrade their line up of devices..

  • college grad

    Hi. I’ve got an artisian well on my property, and the water pressure is lousy– any suggestions?

    • Jump in the well. Your body will add to the mass of whatever leaks there are and increase water pressure.

      • Kyle Cummings


    • OhAaron

      Who down-voted this? Seriously? It was obviously a joke.

      • Anthony Armando

        and hilarious. most of the US is experiencing rather hot weather, so they are drinking a lot of haterade. haters gonna hate.

        • quiklives

          It’s actually statistical fact that people are angrier when they’re too hot…more crime in the “dog days of summer” and that sort of thing. I think you’re onto something here. It could also explain why there are so many nutjobs in FL. (I live here, and it’s depressing, but often true)

    • C-Law

      Lol. I just watched that episode yesterday bc I finally got my gf into star trek:tng and had to show her that episode

  • TheWenger

    What are the biggest differences you saw between Google I/O and Apple’s WWDC?

    • Disappointingly enough, there were no Android talks at WWDC.

  • Mike

    how soon can we expect Jelly Been for the SGS3

    • Jigga_Z

      Someone already ported it over πŸ™‚

    • 8 months. GS2 is just now receiving ICS in the states. 8 months after ICS dropped.

  • EvanTheGamer

    For someone who’s never owned a tablet before, would you highly recommend the Nexus 7 as their first ever tablet?

    • Immolate

      High end tablet specs at a low-end price, and it’s a Nexus. I’m trying to think of a way to make this more appealing to you, but I’m at a loss.

      • EvanTheGamer

        That was actually a general question for anyone’s who’s never owned a tablet before and wondering if the Nexus 7 would be a good first tablet.

        • Gerolux

          I owned the OG Transformer tablet. Been waiting for something to come along that is worth the money being charged for it. The Nexus 7 tablet is the best spec to value I have seen in a while.

    • PERFECT. Get it.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Are you going to sell your limited edition white Nexus 7 on ebay? (lol)

  • Southrncomfortjm

    What is the point of the Nexus Q? I really want to know because I don’t get it. Where can I store the music and videos that I will play off the Q? Does it have to be in the cloud/internet or just a networked computer?

  • See any signs of new Android Mini collectables? Perhaps from series 3 or special ones for I/O?

  • RadicalPie

    When can we see a review for the nexus 7?

  • How do you see yourself using Google Now in your daily life and is it a real benefit? I have tried using Evi and S Voice, along with other Siri-esque tools and even with a decent answer, I can google search it as fast as I can launch an app and speak it and get it to hear me correct

    • CapnShiner

      The benefit is that you can use it when your hands are not free, such as while driving. Google Now + Google Maps Navigation = brilliant! If you can set it up as the default app, instead of Voice Command, when you press the button on a bluetooth headset, it could be perfect.

  • poeddroiduser

    What do you know (or speculate) about a Nexus 10?

  • UKFan4Life

    what are your thoughts, ideas on the Nexus being sold at other retailers? I have read speculations on the fact that it won’t be sold on other venues but what are your thoughts? I am hoping to pick one up on Amazon. Do you think this is a possibility? Thanks

    • JoshGroff

      Considering Game Stop is in on it, probably.

  • RedPandaAlex

    What is Google thinking developing the Q instead of rolling its functionality into Google TV and making a harder sell on that front?

    • I’m glad I wasnt the only one confused in this front… I could have seen the Nexus Q being a “premium grade” Gooe Tv box… but as it is, it is pretty nonsensicial.

    • I think the key thing here is that the Nexus Q is more than meets the eye. It has the capability to run apps (same hardware as the gnex), and has some cool hacker underpinnings as well. I hope we haven’t seen the last announcement for this device. I’ve read where people have already installed apps on it, and are finding out the boundaries.

    • CapnShiner

      There was a feature on Engadget about this, sort of. I think the Q is meant to be more of a platform for development than a general consumer device. I see the Q as being to Google TV what the Nexus phones have been to Android phones. I don’t think the Q is meant to compete with Google TV devices, but rather build upon them.

  • Chris

    Do you think the Nexus Q is worth the $300 and what are your thoughts on the Nexus 7’s lack of storage and back camera?

  • Alix8821

    LOVING this Jelly Bean ROM on my G-Nex. JW, how long until the OEMs push out updates? At least those that already have ICS devices out there…I Pre-Ordered Galaxy SIII, waiting impatiently for it. But saw that the 2GB RAM was to “future proof” it. And that Sammy has had the JB source for a few weeks now…

    SO, my question is this:
    1) How long until Galaxy SIII gets updated ?
    2) Will this new PDK actually impact the terrible update schedules OEMs are currently on?

    • Jw

      TO answer question one for you, the rumors that are going around are saying that you could see a Q4 roll out for 4.1 on the GSIII

      • Alix8821

        Yeah? Not bad… Cause Obv excited for the hardware, and was planning on giving Touchwiz a week or 2 before rooting. But its gotten decent reviews. So If the JB wait wasn’t all that bad, maybe I”ll root for kernel control, but stay “stock”

    • root and rom that sucker

    • GS2 (in the states) are JUST NOW getting ICS updates. We are in July. ICS came out in November. Samsung got to build the Nexus. So you are looking at 8 months from now for GS3 update to JB.

      Sorry but if you want the latest Android you gotta get a Nexus. OEM’s just don’t care. Have we not already learned this after 3 years of late upgrades (or no upgrades in a lot of cases) to anything not called a Nexus?

      • Alix8821

        someone needs a hug…

        The GS2 was a disaster here in USA. Too many versions. There is ONE version of the GSII. VZW is at fault for G-Nex, not necessarily Sammy. And After what VZW pulled with said G-Nex, I’m just gunna go for best phone available, and root if need be. Can’t rely on “Nexus” with VZW.

        Plus Sammy seems a lot more focused on updates, and had the JB PDK weeks ago… I”m gunna trust them. And if not, I’ll root. was just curious

        Got GSIII to keep unlimited data… the fact that it’s a beast is cherry on top for me… So wateva

        • Can you hug me?

          • Alix8821

            Dinner first….

    • Scott

      What ROM are you using? I want to flash it, but am hesitant until its been out a little while. I’m a stability guy.

      • Alix8821
        • Have you had any issues with this?

          I tried turning on the camera with V3 and it blew up my phone and freaked the crap out of me. It got stuck on the boot screen and took several battery pulls to get over it.

          I restored my ICS image and decided to wait.

          • Alix8821

            Everythings working for me…

          • Scott

            I think I’ll wait another week or so. I’m running fine with AOKP 39 and really don’t have an afternoon to spend trying to get out of a boot loop. It does sound appealing though πŸ™‚

          • Yeah, it took all of less than six hours to port the GSM OTA to the CDMA Nexus. Once the official JB 4.1 version gets pushed to GSM Nexus Phones, a CDMA port will come out pretty quickly.

      • I am using V1 of the linked ROM and I have not had any issues. (Other than flashing the wifi fix that was rolled in V2)

  • In light of the recent litigation win for Apple against Samsung, can you tell if JB addresses Apple’s claims?

  • matt m

    So what do the DL guys REALLY think of the Nexus 7? IPad kliller? Fire Killer? What? I preordered one and am excited, but am curious about what you guys really think.

    • Eh. It’s not meant to compete with the Ipad. Its a media selling device. It has already been blogged about, but google isn’t making a profit off the device. They are selling it so people will buy media from the Play Store. This is an almost direct attack on the Kindle Fire.

      • It is meant to compete with the iPad.
        Most people are going to choose one or the other, they won’t be purchasing both.
        Because the customers have to choose one versus the other, there is definitely competition involved.

        • Well sure, but Google didnt go into this saying: “we want to make something to compete with the IPad”

          My point is, this is a device with a completely different focus. Sure, people will decide between the two, but its not a direct competitor.

          • nwd1911

            I agree with you. The iPad killer will be the Nexus 10. This is trying to replicate the success of the Fire as a media selling device…also a great way to showcase Jelly Bean.

    • CapnShiner

      “Fire killer?”

      The obvious pun: Fire Extinguisher.

  • David Parrella

    My question: Was Train as terrible Live as they sounded through the stream?

  • Danny Sullivan

    Were there a lot of people preordering the Google Glass?

    • Charlie Rodiger

      yes there were actually quite a few.. the lines never really went away

    • duke69111

      Did the droid-life boys purchase a pair?

  • 2001400ex

    Is jelly bean actually fixing the tablet experience on android? In that the iPad apps blow androids out of the water.

    • I think it is getting better. Look for video of the new Google+ app on a Nexus 7.

  • Does the Q have any chance of being successful? It seems completely worthless to everyone but Android power users.

    • MHL is 15 bucks and does essentially the same thing. So … no … no chance.

  • Matt

    Here is one: What’s up with the phone layout on the Nexus 7? Does Jelly Bean do away with the tablet layout that we see in Honeycomb and ICS?

    • Greg Morgan

      Good question as I was curious about that as well. I wonder if it was specially designed just for the N7?

      • quiklives

        It makes more sense for 7 inch devices, whereas the lower-right notifications make more sense for the larger screens. To me, at least.

    • RedPandaAlex

      No, someone asked this in one of the sessions. 10 inch devices with 4.1 still have the notifications in the lower-right corner. I confirmed this by setting up a virtual device with the SDK just to make sure my Xoom wasn’t going to get messed up later this month.

      • RedPandaAlex

        Actually, if you put 1280 x 800 into the ADK, you get the tablet interface we’re all familiar with. If you put 800 x 1280 in the ADK, you get the phone interface. So I guess it’s a matter of whether the OEM sets the dimensions as either portrait or landscape.

        But yeah, in the Android Fireside Chat, they said the layout of 10-inch tablets wouldn’t change between ICS and JB.

    • Southrncomfortjm

      I remember reading that ICS, and JB by extension, were meant to unify phone and tablet interfaces. I think this was an attempt to increase the ability of app makers to make both phone and tablet apps.
      I actually like the idea that my tablet and phone will be just about one in the same except for size. I’m wondering if there’s a sync option to ensure that phone and tablet have the same setup rather than having to make the same change on each device.