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DROID Incredible 4G LTE Unboxing and Overview

Our DROID Incredible 4G LTE review unit arrived this morning from Verizon, so we decided to take it for a quick spin to get you all caught up on it, again. I say “again” because this is the third or fourth time that we have had our hands on this phone in the last two months, but now that it will finally arrive this Thursday, it needed one more official tour.

You all know the specs and price ($149), so jump below and into our video and gallery. 

Unboxing and Overview:



  • g.j

    Well I have had 3 galaxy nexus’s and all have been a bust. VZW switched me to the galaxys3,and it was a bust, so I told them no more Samsung products so they gave me this phone, the dinc4glte, no problems with signal, Bluetooth, screen, or reboots, which are all the problems I was having with the crappy Samsungs. so for me this phone rocks. it may not have the pretty screen but it works glitch free.

  • Darkpsycho

    Hows the power button? Incredible 2’s buttons suck -_-

  • ju1c3

    i wanted this phone so bad but not bad enough for me to lose my unlimited data. i hate you verizon. thats has to be one of the most greedy plays i have ever seen. now im stuck with a razr maxx.

    • Chidoro

      I had to lock in my unlimited as well. Fortunately, the Razr Maxx is an incredible device

    • Larizard

      Locked in with a GNex. Paid $199 for it (because it’s 6 months old), but it now runs Jelly Bean. Would never look back. :]

  • Yakuzahi

    piece of

  • Greg

    I would have bought 4 of these phones has they come out 2 weeks ago. now i have 4 razr’s with no S4’s 🙁

  • The processor isn’t different. Just underclocked. It’s still an MSM 8960 as proven here:

  • LionStone

    Gonna be a great little phone.

  • Android1997

    Why did i start laughing when Kellen said Super Small, Saving the universe

  • BrianLipp

    Correct me if im wrong, but is this the first Verizon phone (at least a “flaship” phone) to have 4G and LTE in the name? If it is, im surprised it took them this long to do it, considering they had real 4G while the other carriers are promoting fake 4G phones with 4G in the name. Even if they have done it before, they dont seem to be doing it as much as other carriers, which is kinda nice

    • Android1997

      Verizon is like The New York Yankees, They are known and they dont have to do any bullshit to keep up with the competition. They dont have to advertise there stuff like that because people will still buy it. And yes, im a yankee fan from the Bronx, so i can say that

    • NemaCystX

      I think its more because of the EVO 4G LTE, HTC even managed to get a nice box in there for once for a Verizon phone. Could Verizon be changing its ways on what phones they get? I mean they have the Galaxy SIII which everyone thought they wouldn’t get, they got the Galaxy Nexus last year which again no one thought they would get, and now there are phones getting names with LTE and 4G in them. Is Verizon running out naming ideas? lol or is it much simpler and just HTC wanting to say “ok here is the EVO 4G LTE on Sprint, and here is your Verizon offering thats very similar (but sexier looking than the EVO)”

      I still have my OG DROID Incredible, the ORIGINAL AMOLED model, still love that screen and device to this day. I love my Galaxy Nexus with Jellybean even more though.

      If you all recall, the EVO was the big brother of the OG Droid Incredible (same internals and same design family, just different colors/buttons)

      It makes sense (pun intended) that these two get paired up again as they are again from the same family of HTC phones that aren’t from the ONE series.

  • jksigmon

    My OG Dinc running 4.0.4 CM9 still looks better than this thing. Why put phones like this out? I mean you spend $50 more and get a top shelf device? I don’t understand why anyone would do this.

    • New_Guy

      Don’t worry…Amazon will likely be selling them for a penny in a few weeks =)

    • Eta508

      because phone size is the first criteria for a lot of people. Doesn’t matter what other specs are if the phone is f’ing huge as the video showed compared to the S3. And, simply put, this phone has the best specs of any phone it’s size.

      • NemaCystX

        exactly, it makes it a great alternative for anyone not wanting a big device like the Galaxy S3 and want a stylish phone like the black/red DROID Incredible 4G LTE. I love the design of this version, the Dinc2 was a disappointment in that department. Kudos to HTC for this beautiful design.

    • NemaCystX

      Well for one, most developers are going to focus on more newer phones than they would on older ones. Another is, try playing an app like Temple Run on the OG Droid Incredible and you’ll change your opinion. Its laggy, and it doesn’t have a very good GPU

    • I have a non-geek friend who calls my phone “the TV”, and is seriously considering this phone. It’s just a nice size for a lot of people, and size matters a lot (pun intended)

  • Eta508

    Mmm, this phone makes me happy. Wish I had it 2 months ago, but it’ll still do as I’ve heard no rumors on any other android 4″ phone coming out this year with an S4 or better. I’m still pissed I have to waste my time selling my GS3 to then purchase this phone out of contract to keep unlimited.

    • Atst88

      I am doing the exact same thing. Selling the Phablet for this!

    • kixofmyg0t

      Would you be interested in a ~4″ 720p screen S4 powered Motorola phone coming out in the next couple months?

      • Eta508

        Why did the Starship Troopers commerical “Would you like to know more” pop in my head?

      • Eta508

        oh, are you talkinga bout the RAZR HD… the phone that probably won’t be released in the US, but instead get the Fighter which is a 4.6″ screen.

        • kixofmyg0t

          Nope. Think Atrix size but with a 720p screen.

          • Eta508

            then yes 🙂 I’d prefer Moto over HTC assuming it can be rooted and it doesn’t follow the horrible design of RAZRs lately with those clipped corners.

      • Alexander Garcia

        Oh are you referring to their upcoming “scorpion mini?” 😉

  • NorCalGuy

    That phone looks tiny in your hands

  • ceejw

    HTC/Verizon should have just added an LTE/CDMA radio to the One S and called it a day. This looks very ugly in comparison.

  • jb

    I can’t watch these videos. Too many extraneous and unnecessary hand movements – really gets annoying.

    • dean2359

      That’s true,I never noticed that before,its like hands on crack.

      • Joey.

        Hamburger Helper Hand.

    • duh

      so don’t watch it.

  • All this for a phone that has a lesser quality display, less camera pixel size, less power and so on and so on compared to the Rezound. Now why is this phone here?

    • tanknspank

      S3 in the Rezound vs S4 in the 4G. Equal camera res and F/2.2 in the 4G. The display, can’t argue there but it’s a smaller display so it’s fine for it’s caliber of phone. Perfect for people who are still against large screen phones but want to stick with Android. I think it’s a perfect device for who it’s aimed at.

      EDIT: And let’s not even forget that it’s getting Android 4.0 and Sense 4.0. Rezound should get Android 4.0 at some point but will be stuck at Sense 3.6 most likely. And the 4G has NFC. I keep forgetting stuff haha.

    • jer85008

      All correct except for processor, Dinc4G uses a newer S4 chip, Rezound has an S3. Less efficent. But I still think the Rezound is a better phone. I have one, running the ICS leak – awesome other than less battery life than I had w/GB stock rom.

    • BlueLetter

      Among the things others have said, the Rezound’s display is highly overrated in my opinion. Sure it’s sharp, but it’s not very bright, and the viewing angles are pretty uninspiring.

    • Sobr0801

      It has better screen tech, and just lower resolution. If you have seen the One S screen, you would see how vibrant and crisp it looks. I love my Rezounds screen but wish it had this newer tech.

  • Psst Kellex.. Costco ad saves people that extra whole $10 on the phone! ;p

  • dean2359

    Cause we’re nerd cellphone addicts and we love everything Android

  • John

    Dammit. Why do I watch these things even though I’m not interested in this particular phone?

    • I did the same thing.

      • zUFC

        me too

    • world.wide.wes

      ^^^omg this

    • Sean Skeels

      I think we’re just nerds.. I watch all these reviews and I’m content with my gnex.