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Saturday Poll: Are You Interested in the Nexus Q?

We are waiting to get back to our home networks to set up and play with our Nexus Q media players. There is still a lot of possible confusion as to what exactly this thing does, but one thing we do know, is that it has been built like a tank. It’s purpose is to seamlessly stream content from the cloud to your TV and speakers with no syncing or wires.

The device is going for $300 on Google Play and we want to know who here has plans to get on. Let us know your thoughts on the Q down below.

Do you have interest in the Nexus Q?

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  • JB

    Can it be rooted and turned into a full featured android device? If so, it might be worth it.

  • Mei

    Hmm.. I’ll be interested in getting one when they make a flying version. A flying Nexus Q (or Pokemon ball if you prefer) that can be programmed to patrol and secure the perimeters around my house. And in addition, it can zap and disable any intruders. o.o

  • Luxferro

    It’s too expensive for what it does. It should be $100, if that. For $100 you can get the
    VIZIO CO-STAR – if it ever releases.

  • Like many other comments. Interested but not at $300.
    If it dropped to $150 and if cash wasn’t so tight atm. Id probably throw this and a nexus 7 in my cart right away.

  • Nathan O’Donoghue

    I would love a device with the Q’s functionality, at 1/4 or less the current cost. $299 is way too steep for this, in my opinion.

  • I think I’m with most ppl when saying, this thing really doesn’t do any more than what I get for free already. If its connecting to my wifi, then why cant I just use the browser on my device to do the same thing? an xbox does the same thing plus gives me a gaming system for the same price if not cheaper. why do I want this?

  • Sounds interesting. But I’ve already got a Sonos running my sound

  • As long as ISPs and wireless providers continue to impost data caps, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to get behind these multimedia cloud services. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have everything in the cloud, but for now, I’d say 90% of my media is stored and used locally.

  • jeepguy04

    If they could sell a version without the amp for 150-200 I’d be in. It would still be more expensive than other media streamers but it is also more powerful and could be capable of other things in the future. I also have to admit that the hardware is slick looking. But it sucks we have to pay for an amp when I’d never hook speakers up directly to this.

  • MikeKorby

    There are some things that make it interesting, just not for $300, especially since it doesn’t sound like it would be horribly difficult for someone familiar with Arduino to replicate. I just hope that we start seeing third party knockoffs, sort of how like you can buy a new stereo now that is “airplay capable”. For the [email protected] mindset, I feel like licensing out would bode much better for them than sticking nexus here.

  • If this could stream all my DVD backup .avi’s on my PCs HDD then I would be all over it

  • vawwyakr

    I also can’t figure out what exactly it is. I feel like it’s fragmentation of Google TV, I don’t get what this thing really does that Google TV doesn’t/can’t other than the weird social stuff which should just be wrapped up into Google TV too. If this thing had a TV tuner + DVR instead of the amp and stereo hookups then I would be interested even at $300. As it stands I just don’t see why I would want this.

  • Chris Malkiewicz

    I think most people that aren’t interested now will change their mind as soon as Google figures out that this price tag of theirs is a little much! I love the idea not the cost!

  • I already have a PS3 and a XBOX 360 a Samsung smart TV and a smart blu ray player so why do i need this. I can do everything this can already. Also i picked up a roku at a yard sale for $5.All my devices are networked together and stream from my pc. I just dont have the need for something like this.

  • Liderc

    Not really interested in this, but I’d buy the tablet right now if I could.

  • Missing Option: Interested in the $40 version of the Q

  • Bionic

    I have a really random question. The Nexus 7 uses a micro usb port for charging, it looks like the same size as my Motorola bionic. I already have a motorola charger hooked up next to my bed and my living room chair. How can i tell if the motorola charger will fry my Nexus battery?

    I let a friend at work borrow my motorola charger and it fried his Samsung Galaxy 2 battery because of too many amps or volts or whatever.

    Anyone who knows how to figure this out let me know, thanks

  • HotInEER

    $99 to 149.00 and i’ll be interested. $299 and this will not sell well.

  • Nick P

    It really depends on what the dev community can do with this.

  • kdkinc

    Looks like a new type of Golf Ball.

  • So I can buy this for 300, or get an MHL adapter for 15…

    • JohnPA2006

      MONOPRICE !!! WOoo Hooo. I like to go into BestBuy and yell out MONOPRICE, while I stand near the $99.00 HDMI cables.
      Then Best Buy Security throws me out.

  • lunas

    Not for 300 maybe for 99

  • ocdtrekkie

    Where’s the vote choice for those of us who already have one? 😉

  • c4v3man

    The problem is that it costs more than Google TV, but does even less. If it was GoogleTV 2.0, with all the functionality of GoogleTV + what the Q does + Android Device Screen Mirroring for $300, then I’d be pushing pretty hard to buy one, especially since it’s made in the USA. As it stands, I don’t need another boombox around the house, and I’m just starting to get into watching youtube regularly, so I’m not there yet. Maybe if Google somehow gets the networks onboard to stream (for free) content with advertising, then I’d be down for that as a potential cable replacment…

  • Travis H

    it costs way too much for not being able to stream other sources…

    • Jigga_Z

      It has already been hacked to do that 😉

  • Gr8Ray

    Why did they have to build an amp into it? I already have a home theater system, I don’t need their shitty little amp.

  • Scott Hartman

    I’m definitely picking one up. Probably more than one eventually. My wife and I have already moved to the cloud for music, but there wasn’t a good solution for hooking up a device to an amp with say a living room or bedroom system. $300 for a quality stereo amp is cheap, and this has the only input we need but all the right outputs (I’ll be hooking my Klipsch RB-75s right into those banana plugs!).

    I really think this was intended more as a HiFi product and people are trying to look at it as something it isn’t.

    • My solution is to plug my phone to my receiver with 3.5mm connector. Yes, it’s not HiFi, but it costs just a couple of bucks for connector…
      And we streaming mp3 anyway from Google Music.

      • ocdtrekkie

        Keep in mind that MP3s purchased on Google Play are actually fairly high kbps.

      • Scott Hartman

        Not only are the mp3s good enough quality, but remember that our bookshelf speakers (never mind the floor standers) retailed for over a grand a pair. A decent stereo amp to drive speakers like that can easily run well past $300, so if the audio quality holds up these are a bargain for music and home theater buffs.

        Like I keep saying, I really think people are trying to make the Q into something it’s not; it’s a nice (and reasonably priced) addition to the Android ecosystem aimed at bringing easy quality music streaming to Hi-Fi fans.

        • I think you right. People were expecting a generic streamer, but got a niche product.

  • rdreich49

    I’d be interested if it were $100.

  • Alan Paone

    I can’t buy it in Canada so I’m waiting for eBay prices to come down, Google to smooth out the bugs, hackers to do ridiculous stuff and JB source to drop

  • Glen E Ston

    im not invested in google play movies or play music, this device is totally useless for me. If they added a way to stream from a local source i would be all over the Q

  • This will help you get a pulse on the Q: They’re selling for $200 unopened.

  • fvqu

    This product will fail miserably at this price.

  • SeanBello

    I’d love to see Chris Tucker’s reaction to Jackie Chan NFC’ing his own songs during a party. “you don’t mess with a black man’s Q!”

  • NorCalGuy

    How can they be releasing this with ICS when the nexus 7 is getting released at the same time with JB. Not only that how can they be playing the for the people card by releasing this sweet 200 tablet that kills any of its 7″ rivals and scares a lot of the 10″. I am just saying that the HDMI/USB drives seem much more promising and at a much better price point and about 99% less wires

  • Jon

    I didn’t really follow the announcement closely, but it sounds like what I can already do with my Google TV connected to my surround sound system. What does the Q do that I can’t (aside from having everyone in the room connected, which doesn’t interest me anyway)?

  • Buckoman

    I enjoyed every minute of the Nexus Q presentation.

    Until they priced it at $300.

  • Oh, I’m Very interested, just not willing to fork out $300 for something I really don’t need.

  • Brent Stewart

    It’s priced about 3 times as much as it should be for what it is. I’d get one at $99 though because I really like the concept of social listening. But like others have said, this should get merged with Google TV. I’d buy a Nexus TV 🙂

    • “social listening”? If I wanted to listen to music with friends, i’d get together with a bunch of friends and go to a concert. The problem with the world these days is that everyone is coming out with new, high-tech ways of “socializing” – at the expense of REAL socializing. Seems like no one knows how to do that anymore. And we wonder why kids these days are completely antisocial by the time they are teenagers.

  • Christopher Hsu

    $200.00. Streams your personal photos and videos from the cloud and/or your phone with control capabilities. Streams live slideshow from google+ events. Mirrors your phone screen so you can show anything on your phone screen. Give me that and I’ll throw my money at it.

  • Hmm. I looked on eBay and some people are selling ones from I/O for like $200…

  • Esteban_Colberto

    Here in lies the problem. Google has just done something that no other tech company has done in recent memory…..they designed and built a product entirely in the U.S. Now, it’s time to decide if we are going to support that idea or not. If it was done in Asia, it would probably be $199 or less, but the only way the price comes down is to outsource or to make this so popular, that the price comes down via economy of scale. This hasn’t happened for Apple products, since they still enjoy a high margin on their low cost built goods. The other factor is that Google is throwing out a product that is basically a Raspberry Pi. It wants developers and users to figure out how to best use it. This could ultimately doom it. I want to feel good about spending $300 and this product doesn’t do that for me yet.

  • kevin

    I’d be interested if I 1 owned a bar and 2 it had support for the iphone (don’t get me wrong I love my nexus but the i phone is just too darned popular to exclude compatibility with), it’d make a great alternative to touchtunes

  • azndan4

    Ovepriced. Poorly marketed.

  • MrEnglish

    Sticking to my ATV. I won’t even try this at 299. Maybe at 99 it’ll get a test, but no way at this price. I do like the shape of it and the overall look.

  • Needs to be merged into a Google TV device and a chrome box 3 in 1 and I’d almost definitely buy it. Too expense for such limited functionality.

  • ericl5112

    I would buy in a heartbeat if they had one more feature. Screen Mirroring. Apple did it. Samsung did it. HTC did it. I want one for android devices that isn’t manufacturer dependent.

  • jeff3yan

    Maybe if it was $99 or even less. Definitely not even at $199 and hell no at $299.

  • currentsupply

    1. Since it does not have have mirroring, I am not interested.
    2. The fact that it only is able to use Google Play for content, I am not interested.
    3. Since it doesn’t come with speakers, I am not interested.

    If you are not going to use the built in Amplifier, I would say that the Nexus Q has a value of $70.

    If the Nexus Q came with speakers (5.1 channel speakers) and it docked the galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 7, and it did full wireless mirroring,
    Then I could see it’s value at $250-$650 depending on quality of the speakers and amplifier.

  • Evan

    They should have done an all in one, added google tv to this, made software for party games to be played so people can jump in and out of games using their phone/tablet, and added a massive harddrive for local could storage. Then yes I would have already preordered

  • Immolate

    I really need a five-minute video demonstrating the use case scenario. For $300, it should do something bad-ass. So far from what I’ve seen, it lets your friends play dueling jukebox. I wouldn’t let my friends within blue-tooth range of my house, those dirty bastards.

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    I’m not interested because I know they will figure out some way to abuse my privacy with it.

  • James

    What’s stopping google bringing all of this to the UK?

  • Tyler

    I’ll wait for it to get a price cut. At $300 its not worth it. Price it at around $150 – $200 and I’ll think about it.

  • ckeegan

    Man, people are extremely stupid. You’re comparing this to Apple TV, XBOX, Apple TV, etc. NONE of those are capable of acting as a stereo amplifier with media streaming capabilities.

    I do think the $300 price is too high, but PLEASE stop comparing apples to oranges.

  • BAoxymoron

    I’m currently just waiting and seeing. When a company explicitly says the device is made for hackability that says to me they’re looking to see what you do with it. All we need now is someone to add google tv functionality add a bluetooth keyboard and then you have the potential for some fun…

    • SeanBello

      pretty sure I’m not paying somebody to be their tester. it should be the other way around or at least very cheap

  • This should have been an OBVIOUS option on the poll. Interested but not interested in the price. I didnt know if i should’ve chose “still debating” or “not interested”. I’m sure people had the same dilemma which makes the poll’s data kinda misguided now in my opinion.

    • gpzbc

      Exactly. I would enjoy using it, but not for $300.

    • thecharrr

      Q is a neat focused concept and would be a great hobby box, but for $300, I don’t see buying one

  • Stew

    As an addition to my previous comment, the Xbox 360 will do a whole lot more for $200.

  • Stew

    It’s way overpriced… Apple TV can do the same thing for the most part for iOS devices for $99.

    • Mustang5Oh

      Exactly! They priced themselves out of the game with the Q.

    • ckeegan

      I wasn’t aware that Apple TV was capable of being hooked up directly to speakers.

      • Stew

        It can. It has an optical audio port.

        • ckeegan

          No, it can’t. Apple TV does not have a built-in amplifier and speakers cannot be hooked directly into it.

          • Stew

            In my original post I said “for the most part”. Also, it can be directly hooked up to an audio system with its optical audio port. But no it doesn’t have a built in amplifier.

          • ckeegan

            Which the Nexus Q does, and that certainly can justify some additional cost.

          • Scott Hartman

            I really think you don’t understand the value of amplifiers. Here is a link to a decent stereo amp from a company known for building afordable gear:
            http://www.outlawaudio.com/products/rr2150.html It costs more than twice as much as the Nexus Q and it’s just an amp (you have to hook your inputs up to it). Now of course the Q needs to be reviewed by the kind of people who actually purchase and use such gear, but if Google put its engineering prowess behind that amp, it’s a steal for $299.

            It all depends on which market you believe the product is aimed at.

          • Stew

            I was picturing it as a competitor to the Apple TV and other Google TV boxes in the stream anything from your mobile device to your TV. But, I’ve looked into it some more and I’m starting to see that it is much more focused on being the heart of a sound system and used mostly for music. So now I can see the $300 price point as being a little more realistic.

  • Mustang5Oh

    If it wasn’t $300 I’d be interested. They need to be around the cost of Apple TV or this is useless.

    • Nexus Q is not competing with Apple TV.
      Google TV does.
      Nexus Q is a weird niche product.

  • I hope everyone interested in this but balking at the price will consider it being made in the USA. Not from a patriotic perspective but in support of a product that betters the American economy and is not just a leech. The only way we can bring jobs back to the United States is by letting companies know that it is a significant factor that we emphasize in addition to price.

    • An excellent point from both a patriotic and an economic point of view. The problem is that in the current economy we need to see at least $300 worth of value in the product before we can fork over that kind of cash for it. From what people are saying on this forum, that isn’t the case. There may be some ultimate hack that comes out for the Q which makes it worth twice the price, but the current functionality as described by Google doesn’t justify my paying the asking price regardless of where it’s made.

      • Agreed. But how much should something cost that is made by someone earning $15/hr vs. $1.25? Is it really that unreasonable within that context? I don’t know, just asking the question.

        How far are Americans willing to go to support themselves instead of pointing the finger at companies and the government? Again, just contemplating this.

        • The cost of production is irrelevant. The question is if the average consumer will find the value of the product to be equal or greater than the MSRP. If Google rolled this functionality into a Google TV box, $300 wouldn’t be unreasonable. If this is going to become a question of “would it be cheaper if produced overseas?”, then it also needs to be a question of “what functionality could Google have added to make this worth $300 to the customer?”

          • While cost is irrelevant in establishing market value in most scenarios, in the absence of sales of anything similar, the cost and/or the income something can generate someone become the next best available measure of market value.

            Pretend of a moment its not the Q we are discussing but instead the latest Nexus Phone that we all want and there are two models. One made in China that is like all other phone’s for $299, and one made in the USA for a higher number. The USA one loses out based solely on the merits of the phone alone. But there are more long-term intangibles to consider when buying the USA one. It means that it supports an American worker who in turn spends their wages on local things such as real estate and food, and had to pay a portion of their wage in tax which will become a benefit to all of us. And Google had to pay not only significantly higher wages, but they paid payroll taxes, health insurance, real estate where they manufacture the product, and so on – which helps to support the American economy and indirectly employs other people.

            A Nexus phone with these added benefits would be the first such smart phone so a buyer would have to consider what a fair price is for such a device when making a purchasing decision. And the fist thing to consider is cost. If $50 in profit is typical for a manufacturer, then a fair price might be $50 above the Google USA manufacturing costs (waaaay over-simplified example). Once the product has a reasonable number of sales, and especially when competition exists in the market from other handsets in the market, true market value can be established.

            My point in the initial post was that in considering the Q is made with American labor, should that reshuffle our expectations of market value if we are going to consider, long-term, the degrading or recovery of the American economy. My question was posed directly to those people who considered the Q to be something they would want to own.

          • Futbolrunner

            Great dissertation 😉

          • Glad someone made it to the end 😀

    • droidbeat

      I’d love to buy this American made device. But, I don’t know what it gives me that I don’t already have. If I got a Google TV, and have my tuner going through a Dolby Digital receiver to my speakers, I don’t know what extra this orb gives me.

      • I think most people feel that way. It does seem like it could have been an app inside Google TV. Why not add value to system that is languishing, right?

    • I’m not even sure if I’m interested in this at all regardless of the price.
      I don’t need yet another severely limited streaming device. I need one and only streaming device which would stream everything. And be a game console. Hmmm, sounds like Xbox….


    The Nexus Q is Google TV / Android @ Home in disguise…they just haven’t “turned the lights on yet”. It will be worth $300 or more when this happens by 2013/2014/2015 I/O if not before and is totally controlled by Google thus get timely updates…the USB connection is for accessories like microphones so Google Now in the Living room can be voice interactive…ie. “Jarvis make me an Iron Man Mark 9 suit”. Jarvis replies “Would you like to buy the steel from CheapSteelOnline.com for $0.09 per gram or BetterSteelOnline.com for $0.11 per gram” (i.e. voice interactive voice ads ). This is the future.

    • thats great if its future ready. but id rather get the next version then when its released dor $99 like whats going on with the next gen googletv boxes.. Right now however it looks like the right hand doesnt know what the left is doing and the nexus q is not working with the google tv team, so it looks more fragmented than a unified goal..

  • I would be very, very likely to buy this sucker, but not at $300. I’d go no more than $100 for it, but only after I’d had a chance to try it out and make sure it does what I think it does.

  • Luke

    I bought one. This device once rooted will allow a lot more functionality than people realize. It’s running ICS inside of there after all.

  • fanboy1974

    The price is to high when compared to competing products.

  • jdrch

    Have a 360 and PS3 already. Q is a joke.

    • The only thing I don’t like about XBox and PS3 are fan noise. Yes, these are powerful streamers, but bulky and with fans. I hope the next version will be fanless.

  • nightscout13

    For me it’s the price tag. If it was $100 and had DLNA capability, then i would buy it.

  • whydidnt

    I’d be much more interested if it would simply mirror the output of my phone to the TV. Functionality is too limited for the price point at this time.

  • Alexa White

    I’d be more interested if it was at a lower price point or it had more to it than the same hardware as a phone.

    I’m definitely NOT interested in having a party and giving guests the impression it’s ok to play DJ at my house. They need to put in restrictions so the person who owns the Q can decide whether or not guests can play their own songs, movies, or whatever. Like options for “allow all guests play privileges,” “allow guests to select media and await approval from the host,” or “disallow all guests media privileges.” Or even the option to make a whitelist of always-allowed devices in the case of multi-device households.

    I DO like the notion of controlling the music in my house from my phone.

    • LionStone

      Um, it *does* have a guest mode….

  • Tyler Chappell

    Sadly, I think this ultimately appeals to a cerain group of people. and even then, they have to have $300 lying around.
    I see this is being perfect for college kids who host parties on a regular basis, just how convenient it would be having all your friends coming over, and nobody is swapping out ipods and phones to play music. Even then, not just college parties, but anytime people have family gatherings or reunions, a device like this could really serve to set the mood. It’s really a cool idea and the design is flat out sexy, but despite being made entirely in the US, the $300 is really just hard to justify.

    I want to buy it, but not for $300. Price it at $150 and I’ll take another look. After taxes and shipping and buying the cover, my 16GB N7 costs just a smidgeon over $300, and it will be used waaaay more than what this would.

  • Android1997

    For those who dont understand what it does, READ THIS

    You hook this up to your speakers, tv and i think computer, and then you can connect it to wifi. Anyone connected to the same wifi and has a android device can select a song or movie or something like that, and stream it to the Nexus Q, where it will then stream that movie to the TV and audio to the speakers.

  • Charles Greene

    One more thought: Don’t forget the built-in amplifier. Plug a Q into your computer monitor and slap on a pair of speakers and you have an instant media center perfect for let”s say a college dorm. These do conveniently ship just before Back to School shopping in August and September. Hmm…

  • Android1997

    So i can buy a tablet running JB at 200, and this thing that will have me frustrated for years to come at 300?
    Not planning on buying either, maybe Nexus 7 as a X-Mas gift or something how ever

  • Nick V

    At $300, there is no reason for me to even look at this. I think the concept is great, but I think Google is pushing the price to high to make it a success. For $100, I would be all over it. At any more, not even going to look at it.

  • Jake

    The price is high, no doubt. But I think that when the price comes down and the developers get to working on some stuff, this will become an awesome product. Like they said in the keynote, they added the usb port for the “hackability”. So we could see some interesting stuff. Personally, I’d like to see it in a car. Any android device, including tablet, hooked up and running…sweet. And since it has a built in amp, no more need for all the preamp nonsense that comes with wiring a device into a vehicle.

    • A Different Jake

      Yeah, but why should we be paying that price if we’re doing all the work to make it a more functional device?

  • Charles Greene

    On further thought, imagine loading a multiplayer game then having friends tap their Android phones on the Q to register them as virtual game pads. Or, a friend tapping her Android phone on the Q to play a phone recorded vacation video on your large TV. I am beginning to see potential with the device.

    • gkinsella2

      The SGS3 can share to the TV without the Q, so phones are already heading in this direction. Not seeing the draw here…plus, it looks like a bowling ball.

  • sdny8

    I heard they had to make it round. Apple has now patented rectangular

    • Charles Greene

      Apple may sue on the grounds that the Q looks too much like…an apple.

      • Androidwilliam81

        Crapple /Apple is moroons cause they try anything to bring down anything to do with Android to me the low down dirty Bastards Are Sue Happy

        • windhoarse00

          I have lost all respect for Apple! Like a spoiled brat who can’t get his way he’ll hate kick scream and take his ball home even though its your ball!

  • there should be a “I still don’t know what the crap it does” option…

  • We are getting the source for this, right? It would make a cool ROM for my Nexus once I get a new phone.

  • Trevor

    Don’t care about the Q, all I can think about is my Nexus 7 shipping!

  • Charles Greene

    The Q seems overpowered for a mere media streamer. My guess is that Google wants it to become a full-featured GoogleTV/media/gaming/computing platform that can also run ChromeOS and UBuntu Linux eventually but is not willing to upset OEM partners directly. Google quickly highlights the USB port for “hackabilty” so the developer community does the dirty work for them. Just saying.

    • Nick V

      They wanted it to be hackable, so I am guessing they made it powerful enough to handle more enhanced applications

    • You’re not paying $300 for the media streamer part of it. I’d be willing to bet that the “audiophile quality” amp built into the thing accounts for around $200 of the $300 pricetag. You can’t really compare this thing to a typical media streamer that requires an external amp or speakers with an amp built in. You can plug audiophile quality speakers directly into the Q. So, assuming that the amplifier is as good as Google claims, it saves you from purchasing a standalone amp. You have to look at the cost as “high quality amp + streaming media player”. Plus, I am sure that with the microHDMI output, this thing could be hacked into a gaming console or something.

      • It doesn’t save you from purchasing a standalone amp. People own game consoles (wii, playstation, xbox), DVD/Bluray players, and have cable/satellite subscriptions as well as streaming things from the internet.

        If that’s the case, they should consider the fact that MANY people will be using the SPDIF or HDMI output to go into an already-existing amplifier, so that “$200” spent on the amplifier will never be plugged into a speaker, and this is wasted. Also, audiofiles don’t want a crappy tiny 25W amplifier in a golf ball. They want surround with a sub output and perhaps a case large enough to allow cooling.

  • SaganMalluma

    These polls leave off many options such as – I might buy it if it was cheaper. The features of the Nexus Q should have been rolled into a next gen Google TV.

  • Bionic

    Captain Picard: “Its a Dyson Sphere!!!”

    • Bionic

      It also looks like a Pokemon ball. Pickachu I chose you!!!

  • They should of combined this product with GoogleTV, lower the price to $99 and bam, super product 🙂

    • Bionic

      Google can only put out so many products at below cost.

  • Agreed. Interested, but it seems like a feature better built into GTV.

  • Bionic

    I put “not interested” simply because I have no need for it. I still think its an awesome device/concept.

  • Bionic

    Finally a ball that streams porn so that I can empty my own balls

    • Jason James


    • Except it doesn’t stream porn.

      • Bionic

        oh but it could be made to do so, haha

    • Liderc


  • Asuriyan

    Not interested at that price, and a bit irritated that they seem to be throwing the Nexus name around. It’s going to become what the Droid name is now: spread so thin as to be essentially meaningless despite having once carried some prestige.

    • Bionic

      this is what businesses do. Find a brand that can be identified with their company. Verizon has the Droid brand, Google now has the “nexus” brand. Yanno why? Cuz it sounds cooler than calling it the “Google Q”

      • Asuriyan

        I’ll grant you that. And I think it is a very appropriate name for a media hub device. As long as they maintain the quality of the Nexus line the name won’t lose its meaning entirely.

        • Bionic

          I agree about not messing up the “quality” of the Nexus brand. I just wish the Galaxy Nexus didnt have so many well documented radio problems. Granted they seem to be fixed with the last update.

  • Not interested until the price drops. 300 is way too much when I just put down 250 for the Nexus 7, which does a lot more than this. I like the concept and the look, but the only issue is the price point.

    Apple TV is 100 bucks. Google should have considered that price point when designing this. If it gets to 150-ish I’ll have to give the Q a serious look.

  • truename

    This thing will be a great fit in my kitchen. Too expensive? Nope. I was actually thinking to dedicate a tablet with a compact amp for this and it would’ve cost probably the same or more. And it would not look as nice as the Q.

    I might be a minority here but for MY needs the Q is perfect. I might get another one for the bedroom.

    Now, if the Q gets hacked to support web browsing, Netflix and Hulu, it’d be perfect.

  • Nicolas Chartier

    Do you know that the price is high because it’s made in the USA, not by underpaid Chinese like the Apple tv

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Yeah and there’s probably a union involved which is what’s driving the price up so much.

    • jon rambo

      Or like anything else in your house.

  • gorkon

    Not interested. At all. TOO much.

  • delerivm

    Roku fan already…. Roku + Plex = everything I need. If it was < $150 and had considerable advantages over Roku, I'd consider it… maybe

  • RedPandaAlex

    The functionality should be baked into Google TV. No need for a separate box, especially one that costs three times as much.

    • Damien Brown

      i agree. 16gb. thats not for streaming lol. it WILL have google TV on it mark my words. its already been hacked to PLAY games using a device as a controller. MINE

  • Tyler Krason

    Only if I have the spare change laying around… All my home entertainment is currently connected– my TV, PC PS3 surround etc. I don’t throw large parties with music savvy guests who’s jams I particularly care to hear. Don’t get me wrong though; its a sexy piece of kit.

  • MikeCiggy

    Can’t even answer this because I still don’t know exactly what it does. Waiting for you guys to review it and let us know all the functions… Then we can make a choice

  • djembeman

    This thing just looks too big and bulky to me. I saw a picture of it next to a Roku and Apple TV, I was surprised how huge it was compared to the sleekness of the other two.

    • Jason James

      they said they didnt want to look like the other guys thats what google is known for, plus doesnt it have a speaker and amp built into it? maybe thats why.

  • trumpet444

    for $100 I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. But $300?

  • Jigga_Z

    The price is still a bit steep, but The Panda said that the Q has already been hacked to stream things not from the Google Play store, opening up its functionality significantly 🙂

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    If all it will do is play things from the play store of Youtube it is worthless.

    If it gets hacked enough to play things off my local network, ie dvds i make into digital files, then it would have some value. Depends upon power draw.

    • David

      That was my thought’s as well. With google music it’s not that big of a deal because you can already upload your media to the cloud. But what about those of us with terabyte’s of data stored locally, How is it going to be useful to us? Imagine if someone made a xbmc app just for the q. THAT would be awesome.

  • Moeyknight

    Nope. Already have a PS3 and Roku. And regardless, it’s way too expensive.

  • teevirus

    We have a laptop dedicated to one of the HDMI ports on our TV so this does not really interest me but I could see how this would appeal to a certain set of folks.

  • spickle

    i think it’s a great idea but that price isn’t worth it.

  • The one piece of Google hardware that I am completely uninterested in. Just buy a PS3 or XBox360 or Google TV Box or even an Apple TV. They cost less and can do much, much more. I can’t understand the price point on this thing. Maybe they’re trying to make up margin that they’re losing on the Nexus 7?

    • trumpet444

      It’s made in the US. We have much higher labor costs here, and the HIGHEST corporate tax rate in the world

      • Scott Hartman

        It’s a myth that we have the highest corporate taxes, but you’re right that our labor costs are higher than China.

        This is still a bargain with the amp, it’s just not intended to compete with the products that people in this thread keep comparing it to.

  • Where is the choice for I’m interested, but not at $299? I wish they had just built the functionality into google tv, or come in at a lower price point.

    • Mike_Cook7

      +1 well said

    • Keith0606


    • Kizipotamus

      I’m pretty unhappy that my Google TV box can’t do these things.

      • nexussss

        you can do this on GTV. Google TV has the play store and has or is getting movies and tv shows and it already has music. It just doesnt have the audio capability this has.

        • Kizipotamus

          Sorry, I meant selecting a song/video on my phone or tablet and it playing on the TV.

          • Check out bubbleupnp for gtv and ur android phone/tablet 🙂

          • Baller

            The selecting a video and playing it on a screen/tv works pretty good and the quality is amazing…but the rest of the interface is confusing…For example, say a YouTube video is playing and I want to switch immediately to a song. You would think I just open up the music app or the Q app on the G NEx and be able to select it…but it doesn’t work like that!!! Google: why not give us an “Add to Q” option in these apps and make it plainly obvious?? This would also help reinforce your ecosystem too!

            My other big gripe is that you HAVE to have MONITOR audio connections. There is NO WAY to use your existing speakers that run off the headphone jack…so that means shelling out hundreds more for a new set of speakers. While I love the idea of uniformity across computers/devices, I don’t even own a TV or a stereo anymore and most young people I know don’t either….its like a TV and stereo is so last decade… I’m waiting for the day when all the sports games will be streamed live so we can finally get rid of cable and TV for good… Maybe I’m not the target audience for the Q. IDK though, I love music and have twice shelled out a half G for the top of the line Shure earbuds. Overall, I’m sure the Q will be a great device for anyone that owns a stereo AND a TV… Godspeed finding those people!

          • Andrew
    • I agree. I’m VERY interested, but not for $300.

      • 4n1m4L

        Check eBay 😉

        • nightscout13

          WOW, you’re right, developers are already selling their Q’s

          • 4n1m4L

            Some for less than $200. Happy sniping!

          • michael arazan

            I’d be happy to buy it for $300, made in america. Quality product, but i have digital cable with dvr with a cable modem. I don’t have a pc in my bedroom so I just use an hmi to hdmi adapter to my hdtv to mirror my gnex. If I could see the functionality of this, or if its better than what I have now, and if it could save me money somewhere, I could justify buying this.

      • Androidwilliam81

        im with you on that Jeremy and the comment you posted on here

    • The Q was actually what I thought they were going to announce as new features of the latest Google TV, not as a separate device. And I was ready to finally buy a Google TV, but now I don’t know anymore.

    • Agree..they should have an nfc dongle addon to google tv boxes and a powered AMP version of it, if they were that diehard about the audio sound etc.. the rest should only be software.. unify their livingroom brand instead of fragmenting it and confusing consumers.

    • waterboy87825

      exactly what i said. not when apple tv is at $99 for basically the same functions. cmon google u can do it.

    • I’m with Mickey on this. I’m interested in this but not at a tablet price. For $300 I’d be getting a big SSD for my laptop.

  • craz

    Where’s the “Yes but I don’t live in the United States” option?

  • Derek Stiles

    The one piece of Google hardware that I am completely uninterested in. Just buy a PS3 or XBox360 or Google TV box or even Apple TV. They all cost less and can do much more. Absolutely do not understand the price point. Are they trying to make up margin they are going to lose on the Nexus 7?

    • ckeegan

      You cannot hook up speakers directly to any of the devices you listed. You’re comparing apples to oranges.