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Saturday Poll: Are You Interested in the Nexus Q?

We are waiting to get back to our home networks to set up and play with our Nexus Q media players. There is still a lot of possible confusion as to what exactly this thing does, but one thing we do know, is that it has been built like a tank. It’s purpose is to seamlessly stream content from the cloud to your TV and speakers with no syncing or wires.

The device is going for $300 on Google Play and we want to know who here has plans to get on. Let us know your thoughts on the Q down below.

Do you have interest in the Nexus Q?

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  • JB

    Can it be rooted and turned into a full featured android device? If so, it might be worth it.

  • Mei

    Hmm.. I’ll be interested in getting one when they make a flying version. A flying Nexus Q (or Pokemon ball if you prefer) that can be programmed to patrol and secure the perimeters around my house. And in addition, it can zap and disable any intruders. o.o

  • Luxferro

    It’s too expensive for what it does. It should be $100, if that. For $100 you can get the
    VIZIO CO-STAR – if it ever releases.

  • Like many other comments. Interested but not at $300.
    If it dropped to $150 and if cash wasn’t so tight atm. Id probably throw this and a nexus 7 in my cart right away.

  • Nathan O’Donoghue

    I would love a device with the Q’s functionality, at 1/4 or less the current cost. $299 is way too steep for this, in my opinion.

  • I think I’m with most ppl when saying, this thing really doesn’t do any more than what I get for free already. If its connecting to my wifi, then why cant I just use the browser on my device to do the same thing? an xbox does the same thing plus gives me a gaming system for the same price if not cheaper. why do I want this?