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U.S. Judge Grants Motion in Favor of Apple to Ban Galaxy Nexus

Well, this is unfortunate news to end the week with. Back in February, Apple targeted the Galaxy Nexus for their next patent battle, claiming it infringed on 4 of theirs (one being slide-to-unlock), and today, a judge ruled in favor of them. The actual ruling hasn’t been made public yet, so we aren’t sure which of the patents the judge has decided Android is infringing upon. This could lead to a ban of the device here in the U.S.

As more of this unfolds, we will do our best to update this post.

Via:  The Verge

Cheers Nick!

  • summit1986

    Those who cannot innovate, litigate.

  • Yikes… Now that Jobs is dead looks like Apple is going the way of Yahoo, with buying up patents and then suing other who use tech similar to those patents. This is totally wrong and needs to be outlawed in the US, because the only people it hurts in the end is us, the consumer. I hope they lose then then Google turns around and not only sues them for Apple using the notification bar, but also sues them for costing them millions in having to hold back their device.

  • I’m pretty sure my Gnexus’s lockscreen looks absolutely nothing like the iPhones…

  • xxdesmus

    If you can’t compete…

  • I don’t get how they can sue Samsung for something that is built into Android? The Judge should have dismissed this and Apple honestly should have sued Google not Samsung.

  • kidheated

    I just had an idea. Apple should employ the use of that search patent they seem so fond of and try and find their balls… cause their actions are straight bitch.

  • iKing_1

    My fandroid friends, I offer you this quote from the late, great Steven P. Jobs when he introduced the iPhone to the world in January 2007:
    “We have filed for over 200 patents for all of the inventions in the iPhone…..AND WE INTEND TO PROTECT THEM”.

    Obviously they didn’t take him seriously……I bet they do now. As in the words of Malcolm X, “The chickens have come home to roost” 🙂

  • Bob Martin

    Apple still doesnt get it. While they are spending weeks or even months trying to get one phone or one phone company banned about another 50 android phones are being built and released from different companies. and most of them are better then the phone they are trying to get banned. Don’t get mad at news like this. Just laugh at Apples stupidity.

    • quiklives

      The problem here is that it’s a Nexus device, and (at least some of) the particular patents that they are trolling are basic Android functions. So while they may be suing Samsung, they are going after Google and Android at a pretty basic level.

  • ufmd

    Now, where did I leave my
    William Tell outfit?

  • kidheated

    I’m just curious to know how a former criminal law attorney and newly appointed judge, is the right person to be making a call on a technology case… especially one that could have such a big outcome on the industry? How can a decision on any topic be correct if the deciding party has no knowledge of the subject matter? I wish *pple as a whole, was a person, I’d kick him (goal kick) in the nuts.

  • Heartless12

    Smh wow that’s really crazy apple really has nothing better else to do but go around suing people what’s next they are gonna start suing me for not purchasing their wack expensive products foh

  • bboyzala

    man why is apple such a dick…


    What are those three dots on the bottom of that nexus??? must be for some accessories or something…. lollolol

  • google is going to retaliate and reign total fcukn annihilation down on apple with either their next smart phone or tablet because of this nonsense

  • FUCK Apple.. thats all that needs to be said !


    Google must not be to upset, they were using a Mac to display Google+ at the conference!!!

  • The Galaxy Nexus looks nothing like an iPhone and the UI looks different from iOS…

  • Who owns the patent for holding something in your hand that you talk too! Apple I don’t slide to unlock my Galaxy Nexus I use my face 😛 !

  • Patiently waits for crApple fanboys to flood the site with bragging. Then I can track their IP address………..

    • Haxcid

      While not an apple fan boy, I do work in networking and would love to know how you plan to track addresses with out server or network administration rights at the hosting facility for the droid life website?

  • cody climer

    Y’know… I was going to post a long diatribe about how Apple’s corporate culture has ruined their products for me and how I’ll never buy one of their products till they change policy but… I think I’ll just say…. This is bullshit…

  • I can’t think of a smartphone nowadays that doesn’t involve a swipe to unlock. Our justice system is actually taking this shit seriously? Don’t they have other stuff to worry about? I mean Christ almighty, this is outrageous.

  • MikeSaver

    I’m so depressed about this news. It makes no sense. Someone tell me a reason not to worry.

  • Mark

    And because of apple being unfair tools and wanting everyone to have a small screen out of date peice of glass that breaks when u hold it to hard is why apple can take all their products and shove em. Maybe instead of spending money on sueing everyone else how about they worry about their own piece of crap phone and improve on it. Its been 5 years and what has changed the shape? What a bunch of losers.

  • Enough of Apple pulling this crap. They should not be allowed to ban ANY phones. A fine okay, but banning phones from a country is taking it to far. Apple wants to destroy Android and these idiot judges are playing into it. Vote for me as President and I will Ban Banning phones, except iPhones. I’ll ban them from themselves

    • JazzoRenee

      I doubt Google or Samsung are worried, probably just annoyed that they have to deal with this BS.

  • WickedToby741

    I see a potential loophole here. Isn’t this issue tied to software only? Theoretically, if Google updates the Galaxy Nexus to Jelly Bean, wouldn’t they have to review the issue, especially since Jelly Bean brings the new device-wide search Google Now?

  • Josh Karwoski

    Could I have a bracelet that says “I use banned phones” instead of the one that says “I read banned books”?

  • rotten apple

    The patents in question have to do with Siri like unified search, slide unlock, data tapping, and auto correction when typing. This loss will hurt both Google and Samsung since GNEX was developed by Google and made by Samsung.

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    Why stop there.. Should have banned all Samsung POS devices from entering the states.