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HTC Confirms Incredible 4G LTE Launch for Next Week


HTC confirmed this afternoon via Twitter that the DROID Incredible 4G LTE will launch next week. We first reported this news earlier in the week and are excited at the thought of finally getting this phone back in our hands. While the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus are still two of the hottest phones around, we have heard from a number of readers who are interested in the Inc 4G. After spending plenty of quality time with it back in May, we can understand why they would be.

Via:  Twitter

  • That is not “confirmed.” If HTC tweeted “The Incredible 4G LTE is coming out next week” then it would be confirmed. This is just speculation.

  • ohhh look another cute tweet from a corporation..

  • SDUltra

    too little too late

  • Skoog

    Any word on whether Verizon will allow us to return the GS3 and swap for the Incredible 4GE without revoking unlimited data plans? The GS3 is too big and I can’t live without HTC’s text reflow.

    • Darkpsycho

      You’ll be losing the unlimited data plans anyways. Aren’t they putting into affect where if you have the unlimited data plans and do not change to a tiered data plan you’ll have to pay full price for your future upgrades?

      And also does anyone know how the buttons on the incredible 4g are? The Incredible 2’s buttons are pretty crappy if not i’ll probably look at the phone in a verizon store seeing how my upgrade isn’t until march

      • Darkpsycho

        Oh and i almost forgot, does anyone know if the incredible 4g will come with beats headphones like the rezound does?

      • Skoog

        For now, everyone can keep the unlimited data plans, as long as you buy the phone at full retail price and you already have the unlimited plan. But they could take away the plan at any time. The buttons on my original Incredible, which I am still using are great. I love the phone.

      • evltwn

        If you pre-ordered the S3, you could still keep your unlimited data plan. As for your question about Beatsheadphones, the answer is no. HTC announced before the One X went on sale they were no longer including them in the packaging of phones.

    • Soofdawg

      Sell the GS3. Buy Incredible at retail.

      • Skoog

        I can just imagine myself selling on ebay along with at least 1/2 a million other people in 2 weeks. People are getting $600-$700 per Galaxy on ebay now. But they are mostly being sold in multiples units.

  • Ken

    I don’t get what this phone really offers. The specs seem last generation. The HTC rezound had a 4.3″ 720p screen. Higher res front facing camera.

    • Incredible Cal

      Some persons, me included, like the size of the origianal Incredible. Fits better in your hand and pocket.

    • guy

      its not supposed to follow the rezound the rezound is a high end device as opposed to the original droid inc and inc 2 they were both targeted as mid level devices just like the droid inc 4g.. its a mid tier device and many people love the smaller form factor.

      • turfgrass64

        you must be high bro, the og dinc was the best android device on any carrier when it was released and held that title for about six weeks until the og evo was released. that right there is truth!

    • LionStone

      Let me help you out…not everyone cares about bigger screens and if its not HD.
      smaller form factor, latest/better processor, better battery life (most likely), NFC, and ICS baked in, is what makes it worthy.

  • John Doughtie

    And hopefully the Rezound receives some ICS love after the smaller sibling gets released.

    • michael arazan

      To be honest the rezound should already have it and with the sense 4.0. They just want more one x sales.

      • evltwn

        The One X is on another network, this won’t have any effect on it. Plus the One X has better specs anyways.

  • John Doughtie

    And hopfeully the Rezound receives some ICS love after the smaller sibling gets released.

  • enerjak

    I love the form factor but with phones starring to carry beefier batteries, I will sadly have to pass.

  • Tyler Chappell

    Of course Verizon just simply could not release it before they switched to their new plans, even though this was ready for prime time at least 2 weeks ago if not sooner.
    It’s a sad day for all would-be first-time smartphone buyers that want a great package in a small 4″ device.

  • haha … this announcement must have been triggered after the news came out that Apple got their injunction against Samsung. I’m surprised Big Red didn’t beat them to the punch. As for Jelly Bean i’m not too worried as I usually root and run Cyanogen Mod anyway.

  • Dill

    1 week too late.
    I hade to order the SIII on wednesday… Sucks cause I really wanted this phone.

    • Beka27

      You still have a 14 day return period after you receive the S3. You could always return the S3 for the Inc.

  • teleclimber

    Ugh. With Jelly Bean announced, we are now in that awkward period where all new phones are released with out-of-date software. Until manufacturers get up to speed on JB, you’re playing the waiting game from day one.

  • nightscout13


  • If I pay full retail price but I’m currently on an unlimited 3g plan, will I have to jump onto the shared plans?

    • Diablo81588


  • tin

    My first 4G Lte phone.

    • …should have been the Rezound for $79.99 before 6/28/12

      • tin

        Wife has the rezound, doesn’t impress me though.

        • David Hayden

          If the Rezound doesn’t impress you, I don’t see why the Incredible would.

      • paul_704

        That was a great deal…..