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Final Fantasy III Hits Play Store for a Whopping $15.99, Willing to Pay for the Classic?

If you weren’t aware, Final Fantasy has quite the cult following; especially the older iterations. Final Fantasy III has landed in the Play Store and is available for download today for the hefty price of $15.99. This version is based off the 2006 3D remake from Square themselves, not the original 1990 version that many remember from way back.

The game has been updated to run with a touch interface and offers “improved 3D visuals and story sequences only for Android.” Other than that, the game will be mostly what you remember of it from back in the day. Can you justify spending $16 on reliving the game?

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  • Tcali

    I never played Final Fantasy before, so no.

    • JoshGroff

      Download FPSe and play FF II, IV, or VII.

  • krysis

    this is what i’m waiting to spend my 16 dollars on

  • Splicer78

    it plays much cheaper on my PS3 with the disk that also had FF4 on it for less than that

  • indahouse

    i would’ve paid $15.99 if it were one of the final fantasy games worth remaking.

    • JoshGroff

      I would only pay that much for a IV or VII HD remake. Otherwise, if they’re going to give me the same gameplay experience I can have on FPSe, they won’t get my money again.

  • buckazui

    to everyone who is wondering if its worth the money…. i say it is absolutly $16 is not bad for a final fantasy game in my opinion. the game runs awesome on my g nex and controls are on point. are you all really so poor that $16 is too much for a game? i pay way more for console games all the time. just a fyi for ppl who think its the us version of ff3 its not i thought it was but is def the real ff3 not the ff6 that was called 3 for the snes. i encourage ppl to quit whining and pay up its really worth it ive been playing all morning.

    • JoshGroff

      III was a decent game, and imo it is not worth paying $16 for after having played through on the DS. What you need to realize is that people don’t usually feel like paying for the same old game twice, why do you think we have emulators? Now if they actually added new content, then I might consider buying the game again.

      • buckazui

        i could see that actually if i had already bought the game i might be more hesatant to buy it for $16. i have not played 3 before and im having a blast playing it. i think my problem with emulators is that the controls are in the way and this game has sweet controls. honestly if they rereleased every ff game i would buy them all at $16 a pop as i played my way thru them. i just personally feel like a final fantasy game is worth $16 bucks its an expensive android app but a cheap ff game.

        • JoshGroff

          No argument here that they’re worth $16, but having to re-purchase the same game gets annoying, maybe make it so those of us who purchased the original could input the game serial # to get a discount or something.

  • mog386

    Get out of here spam bot, nobody here wants your spam.

  • Tony Allen

    I don’t think I’d spend $15.99 on any Android game, or app for that matter, unless it was something truly unrivaled in quality or utility.

    I’d pay $4.99 for this in a heartbeat though. Great way to kill long road trips on my Xoom.

    • Jason Marino

      lol. probably not the best thing to admit. idk about you but I would feel a little embarrassed to admit I was too cheap to pay $15 for a game or app. I myself have bought 2 homescreen launchers which cost $15 EACH a slingplayer app which cost $30 and a bunch of games that cost $6-8 each. I’m curious what kind of job you have where you can’t afford a $15 for a game but you bought a smartphone that cost at least $200. But yea I wouldn’t spend $15 on this game either. FFIII wasn’t that good of a game

      • JoshGroff

        $15 for a game I’ve already purchased and beat, hell no. If I hadn’t played through it already, maybe, I still prefer my PS2 and 360 when it comes to gaming though, and would gladly shell out $60 for a FF game on release.

  • Why pay, when you can pirate.
    Mobile games are so easy to pirate too. Just find the apk and bam, you’re done.

    • bob marley

      Please Wait

      Checking License


      Oh wait. Maybe I should’ve bought the game. since some cant be used without a license

      • Or maybe you should’ve found a version that was cracked properly with license and all. It’s not that hard.

        • Duh

          hmmm. but what’s easier and quicker? Working at a job for about 4 minutes to earn enough money for this game or search for a version that was cracked properly which would take you longer then 4 minutes.

          • What kind of job pays 4 dollars a minute? ‘Cause if I can make 16$ in 4 minutes, then I’ll be rich in no time.

          • Tony Allen

            What job are you working at that earns you $16 in four minutes?

    • BrianLipp

      you know this is the reason developers dont want to make android games, right? so, thanks for being a dick and continuing to make developers hate android

  • rogue5

    No matter how good this version is, i can’t justify it being at that price.

  • Guest

    This reminds me when I was working in a video game store, and FFIII came out for SNES. The price was $79.99! …higher than any other game in the store.

    • Jason marino

      I remember back in 1943 in June when I played my first game of stick ball. It was 3:02 pm at the precise time that I won the game for my team. Yea that was a good day

  • ocdtrekkie

    I have the Nintendo version of this, but the truth is… it’s not worth that for a republish on a mobile app store. $16 shows a disconnect with the current software industry.

    • JoshGroff


  • Greg Morgan

    I can’t wait for Pokemon! 😛

  • Joe Paul

    I have played it on the Iph*ne. I thought it was a ff6 remake not the actual ff3. I did not care for it. Give me chrono trigger . I am playing on my emulator on my Xoom and man those old snes games are still solid.

  • Jon

    Are they out of their minds?

  • The fantasy is they think that 15.99 is a good price for this game.

  • Nate

    Final Fantasy 3 for NES is good enough for me 😀
    Emulators FTW

  • nightscout13

    No Thanks.

  • dbam987

    I’d like FF4, 5, 6, 7, and (a pipe dream, i know), FF9 to make their way to Android. Would be awesome.

    • Tony Allen

      Yeah buddy, I’d love to have IX on my phone/tablet.

    • JoshGroff

      FPSe, nuff said.

      • dbam987

        Just got it setup on my phone. Works as advertised, though controls are a bit tricky. Still, epic success. Thanks!

  • Brian Bogovich

    I played the 2006 DS port this is based on, and it is quite possibly the worst piece of software ever written by man. The “3D” looked like something a ten-year-old with an “OpenGL for Dummies” book would create, the load times were atrocious, and the “social” features were just a lame attempt at cashing in on the buzz. I wouldn’t play this version of the game if you paid me $15.99.

    (Edit: fixed typos)

    • mog386

      Yes, because graphics make a game. You know, not that little something called Game Play.


      • Brian Bogovich

        Kind of hard to enjoy the game when the software is so poorly ported. For your information, I still play old SNES games from time to time. My comment about the 3D was more a statement that they apparently didn’t care enough about the port to actually ensure any sort of quality. I would have preferred a port with the old 2D sprite graphics that actually played well.

        • mog386

          For clarification, did you play the Android version, or are you calling the DS version a Port?

          The DS version was written from the ground up, just the story and Game mechanics were kept the same.
          Also, fyi, the DS can barely do 3D graphics, comparing the graphics of the DS to a home console would be the PS1 or the N64 depending on how late in the lifecycle a game was created.

          • Brian Bogovich

            I played the DS version. If it was not a port, I stand corrected. (Given the difference in platforms it would likely be faster and easier to rebuild the game entirely.) Still, I believe the points about the quality of play stand. I appreciate the desire to try and push the limits of a platform, but that desire shouldn’t trump the quality of the user experience. At any rate, I’ll stick with re-releases like FF1 and 2 (JP numbering) on the PSP where they seemed to place more focus on polishing and adding content than trying to make the game look fancy.

          • Man FF3 for SNES/ 6 was the best to me. I dont know how its so overlooked by everyone. To me there is no other final fantasy better then that one. the split story line between all the characters were to good to me.

  • Negative.

  • EvanTheGamer

    lol…nope, not for $15.99. But FFVII, definitely.

    • JoshGroff

      Considering I still have a working PSP with FF VII/VIII/IX downloaded, and FPSe exists, I would not consider paying that price again unless they actually reworked the graphics or bundled VII:CC with it.

  • Prime7

    FFIII? No.

    However, if it were FFIV, V, or VI, or Chrono Trigger, I would bite.

    • EvanTheGamer

      AND don’t forget VII!!

      • Alpha_Axl

        Yes, don’t forget the most overrated game of all time!

        • mog386

          VII’s story was memorable. The mechanics were so-so, and the graphics and the game engine were rushed.

          But at least we all still remember it, unlike the multitudes of FF’s that came after it that just were meh (looking at you FF IX, X, XII, XIII)

          • Brian Bogovich

            I agree about VII’s story. I actually bought FFVII: Crisis Core just because it added more detail to the events surrounding Zack, Sephiroth, and Cloud.

            I just pray Square-Enix never re-releases FFX-2… some things need to stay buried…

          • Daniel Gulyas

            IX was the best in the series. I don’t know how you could call it “meh”.

          • mog386

            It was most certainly not the best in the series. It was certainly better than anything that came after it but most certainly not the best.

            While the graphics (especially the environments) and game engine were top notch for PS1, and the mechanics (battle system and skill system especially) were pretty solid. The story was nothing short of a catastrophe. Lets not forget the character design. Also, the ATE’s consistently broke the continuity and flow of the game.

          • petrochemicals


        • EvanTheGamer

          Each their own.

        • I agree with this, 7 wasn’t that great of a game. 6 was still hands down the best and none of them compete with it still.

      • Prime7

        I didn’t forget. It’s just not as good as the ones I listed.

        • EvanTheGamer


        • stevewest87

          I agree with Prime 7 was great but i would much rather play VI (snes III)

        • JoshGroff

          I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with V/VI, but I will agree that IV and Chrono Trigger are definitely close to VII if not better. I was not thoroughly impressed with the DS remake of III, but I’m glad to see Square Enix actually porting games over to Android. With those prices though, I don’t think they’ll be getting my money as long as I still have a working PS2/PSP.

    • duh

      If only there were a way that we android users could easily install some sort application to emulate old consoles.

      • Trevor

        but once you get to disc two you cant play anymore…

    • amg503

      I was just thinking about Chrono Trigger. THAT game I would pay for!

    • joe

      I’m tired of remakes. I really hope Square or some other console gaming company comes out with a new Android RPG game. I’d buy those for $15.99 or more assuming they’re good.

      • JoshGroff

        I just bought Last Remnant and Nier for XBox 360 for a combined total of ~$16. They really need to rework their pricing model for all these remakes.

    • Damn straight! Whatever happened to the supposed NA release of Chrono Trigger for Android? I know Square released the DS version in Japan. . .

    • 6 all day

  • TheWhiteLotus

    I already did. This is a bargain compared to the price I paid for it on the Nintendo DS, which didn’t do 99.99% of the things my Android phone does. If we want more awesome games to come to Android in the future we need to start thinking like this and stop being so cheap.

  • Sqube

    That is wildly ambitious. It seems fascinating to me that so few companies are willing to acknowledge that they are competing with free. I’m not trying to justify piracy because, at the end of the day, we’re not owed anything. At the same time, one would think that these companies would price things in a way that makes sense to consumers.

    • JoshGroff

      I wouldn’t pay more than $5 for a Square Android remake unless they added extra features (like the dungeon at the end of FFIV for GBA.) If I wanted to play the same game I purchased when it came out, I would just emulate it or whip out my PS2.

  • brandroid

    To clarify, this is the Final Fantasy III that was only released in Japan on the NES, not the Final Fantasy III that we got on the SNES that was really number VI in the series.

    • The last of the NES installments, Final Fantasy III, was released in Japan in 1990;[6] however, it was not released elsewhere until a Nintendo DS remake in 2006.[5]

  • ph0oky

    seems like this is the first game to justify piracy

    • mog386

      No game ever justifies piracy. Period.

      • Tony Allen

        “Piracy serves people on the fringes who are not being served adequately by legitimate markets.” ~Tim Cook

        The price is outrageous, I didn’t realize Square Enix was hurting so bad financially. I don’t support piracy, but pricing schemes like this aren’t a good way to prevent it. If they put a more realistic pricetag on it, it would probably sell quite well, and a lot fewer people would go to the point of pirating the .apk to play this game. Rather than buying it, waiting 15 minutes while downloading and installing it, realizing you don’t like it, and you’re stuck with a $16 purchase on Google Play, with no option to refund.

        This game should be $4.99 max.

        • mog386

          First, that wasn’t Tim Cook, that was Tim O’Reilly (Founder of O’Reilly media, a Tech Book publishing company). Also, that was said in response to why he was fighting SOPA and why he thought piracy wasn’t a real problem.


          Second, they aren’t hurting bad financially, They are consistently making money every quarter. You can look up their financials at your own leisure.

          Third, while the price tag may be considered high, it is the full game (unlike a lot of other RPGs on the Android market that use a freemium model). Also considering standard RPGs on the Android market consist of no more than 10-12 of game play, I think a game that provides triple the amount of content, deserves to charge more money.

          • Tony Allen

            Yeah, it was a typo, it corrected to Cook instead of O’Reilly.

            “$15 for on of the most popular classics”
            Pretty sure this version of FF was never released in the US, we had a modified title. I earn more than enough to purchase this game, but there are a lot who don’t. The price is outrageous regardless of what game it is. If I can buy Sonic the Hedgehog, a much more popular and higher grossing game franchise than ANY of the FF series for $.99-$4.99, there is absolutely no reason why this is $16.

            Zenonia is a full game, and the original starts at $.99

          • This final fantasy was released on the nitendo ds as a full 3d remake that was really well done.

            So the DS and this anroid app i believe are the only two US Releases

          • The last of the NES installments, Final Fantasy III, was released in Japan in 1990;[6] however, it was not released elsewhere until a Nintendo DS remake in 2006.[5]


          • JoshGroff

            Zenonia is awesome, I just wish they would make a paid version of 3/4 I hate freemium…

        • Jack Lopez

          Final Fantasy was first created 25 years ago in 1987. And to this day it is still considered one of the most popular rpg games ever. Now usually with technology prices drop as it gets older. VCRs used to be expensive. But DVD players were invented and VCrs became cheap. Then blu-ray players were invented and DVD players became cheap while VCRs became almost extinct. Not blu-ray players have been out for a while and starting to become cheap snce most people are going digital with movies on their computer. But final fantasy hasn’t gotten any worse. Most people actually prefer the final fantasy games from the 80’s and 90’s over the newer ones. $15 for one of the most popular classics really isnt that much. Now get back to cleaning the toilets for $2 an hour.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Ran yourself into the wall in front of the wrong crowd with that one. Like a clan member stumbling into the Apollo, pointy hat and all, you are not in the right place thinking like that.