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Verizon’s Share Everything Plans are Officially Here

Whether you will benefit from them or not, Share Everything plans are here as of today. For new customers, your only choice is now Share Everything plans. If you are a current customer, and you choose to upgrade at a discounted price, you can choose either a shared plan or go solo with a plan starting at $30 for 2GB of data. If you want to keep unlimited, start saving, because you have to buy phones at full retail going forward.

To learn all there is to know about Share Everything, feel free to start here.

  • Chris Sandoval

    I checked to see how much data I used.. I’m halfway through my cycle and I’m on 5GB so far! Shieeeett..

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Stupid post not posting… sorry if this somehow pops up twice.
    Now saving $35 bucks a month ($420 a year) using share everything. My family (3 smartphones) uses almost no data (250mb so far over half way through current billing cycle) so it doesn’t make sense for us each to have 2-4gb of data each. I set the plan to 1gb of shared data. If we find ourselves using more in a given month I just have to login, increase the amount of data we get, and then backdate the change to the beginning of the cycle without any extra fees. Not thrilled with VZW parsing things out this way, but can’t argue about saving money.

    • My Bill went down about $35 too, even with the 10gb data pack. I have two smartphones and a tablet. I’ve never gone over 4gb on my phone, my wife has never broken a gig and i probably use about two on the tablet. I never really taxed my unlimited because I prefer to watch my movies on a 40″ or bigger screen, not a 4″ screen. I rarely even watch movies on my tablet except on planes or at airports, and most of the time there either the file is local or i’ll use wifi. Pandora doesn’t tax my phone overmuch, so I don’t worry about it.

      • Southrncomfortjm

        Couldn’t you save even more by just using the free hot spot that the share everything gets you and removing the tablet from the plan? Means you’d have to have the phone nearby to get internet on the tablet, but I’m guessing you would anyway.

  • help me

    where can i find the solo plans with data starting at $30 (2gb)?

  • phonelife

    Current Verizon customers may still move up or down in minutes or data without changing to share everything plan. Also’ doing an alternate upgrade on a basic phone line will NOT allow you to keep the unlimited plan even if you don’t renew the contract on your smartphone line.If you ordered the galaxy s 3 before June 28th and you already had unlimited you may keep it until you upgrade your line again.although these new plans sound terrible to customers who use 30 GB or more per month, for MOST smartphone users this plan could really save $$$. I SAVED a few customers a lot of money on their monthly bill by showing them how much they use each month. Have you ever used an UNLIMITED amount of data? For those of you that can’t afford to give it up, you can always sell your phone online or purchase insurance that will pay you to buy your phone back when your ready to upgrade. In the end you may pay 200 to 300 to purchase another phone at full retail. That’s about what you pay now to upgrade and you wouldn’t have to wait 20 months! Plus your mobile hotspot feature is now free.

    • elgoog

      Tell me more!

    • caddy197

      I use 7-10gb a month. I stream youtube, music, Netflix and then normal use like Facebook, downloading games etc…….i pay $80-$90 a month. there is no way Verizon’s shared data plan would SAVE me money. For all the new customers that are thinking they are saving money being provided vaseline for the anal raping? Seriously……its another instance where the CEO and stockowners are robbing the poor just to be rich!! Screw Verizon!!!

  • So what happens if I don’t buy a phone at discount price or full price
    Can I still keep my unlimited data? If I sign a newcontract? Or in order for me to keep my unlimited I have to buy a phone at full price No matter what?

    • From what I understand you will have no benefit if you sign another contract if you are not upgrading your phone. I am off contract right now with unlimited data and I am not going to do anything. Keeping using my phone and keep using unlimited data. The contract really only gets use when you buy a phone at a discounted price.

  • envoy510

    I’m going to TMO for $30/mo unlimited data/text (100 minutes, but that’s no biggie as I can use Sipdroid most of the time on WiFi). 5G of 4g, then it drops to 3g after that. Still way better than 2G on Verizon.

    My only worry is TMO coverage at my house. After I test that, I’m getting the $349 Galaxy Nexus and saving myself $50/mo!

    • elgoog

      Good luck with that.

    • Josh Flowers

      thinking the exact same thing–i’m already saving $ & selling every DVD i have to purchase one in the near future after i can ETF my Vz contract. i’m right on the line of 3g/4g coverage in my area–but for $30/mo i’ll deal with 3g speeds…esp for a GSM nexus with faster updates than a CDMA version.

      testing out coverage today @ the T-Mo store–hopefully they don’t have a repeater/booster in the backroom.

      • envoy510

        I got it and for the last 24 hours I’ve had 0% time without a signal. I’ve also got 67% battery left after more than 24 hours. I don’t have HSPA+ at home, but I use Wifi there. At work and other places around town I get it with speeds of 3Mbps or so.

  • poeddroiduser

    I upgraded last night, took a free Thunderbolt because I can’t afford a new phone just to keep the unlimited data determined to ate all the data I can!

  • Ironclad1313

    LOL at the typo (at least I hope its a typo, but with their current plan prices it may not be) at the per megabyte charges for their 700 minute plan. $199/MB? I hope not!

  • Everyone who gets the unlimited minutes should all just try and use as many minutes as possible to put a strain on the system. I won’t have unlimited minutes so I can’t join in but I’ll cheer for you πŸ™‚

  • MrEnglish

    Verizon is a sucubus

  • Omaha

    So right now with two smartphones and unlimited data we pay $80 to talk and $30 and $45 in data for each phone. Because we are great about keeping the phones on WiFi and I actually use my WiFi iPad for most video viewing we have never crossed 1GB combined. Because of this the new plans will actually save us money. Those who say they never use more than x-amount of data but are staying with unlimited and paying full price for phones are being narrow minded. Get over it and look how it might actually a benefit to transition. Unless you are a heavy data user for business you are just plain irresponsible if you truly need unlimited data. Buy a router and use your phone’s WiFi.

    • Doan

      I don’t *need* unlimited data. And like you, I rarely use more than 1 gb/ month. The thing is, as time goes on, apps, pictures, games, movies/videos, etc will be in higher and higher quality. This will require more data for the same amount of content. As time goes on, you are incrementally going to be able to use your phone less and less while away from wifi with limited data plans.

      I’m not keeping unlimited data out of greed or narrow-mindedness. I’m keeping it out of convenience, and to future-proof myself.

    • The rep got confused when I told her that with the new plan I’ll be looking to pay ~$40 more every month. She did the calculation and I was correct… funny. I have 3 smartphones (2 unlimited 1 4GB) and 2 feature phones family plan with 700min + unlimited SMS & MMS.

    • MKader17

      My internet crashed this month and I was able to still have a full internet connection for a week. 10gb later, I will not be paying overages. I didn’t buy a LTE phone to make sure I was on Wifi all the time. My family would have the choice to save around 6 bucks for the 2 gb plan or pay 4$ more for 4gb and and then constantly worry about being on wifi all the time. My mom isn’t the most savvy of users and sometimes watches a bunch of shows.

      My mind is open, but the prices are highway robbery. There is NO reason to pay $30 for 2gb on a individual plan and then pay $60 for 2gb on a shared plan. We already pay a fee to access the data ($40/phone) there is no reason that shared data should cost more. Just like there is no reason that tethering should have been extra on individual plans to begin with.

      Data usage is increasing dramatically and Verizon is making it better, faster and more expensive. I’ll keep my unlimited data, thanks.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Narrow-minded……haha! You sound like you were too stupid to get in on unlimited when it was offerred, and like a baby think everyone should have to deal with this cash grab and suffer like you, take your relativism elsewhere. But actually, you sound like a Verizon shill more than anything. Your pathetic point of view means jack and his brother sh!t while your on Verizon’s payroll, I swear you people are so easy to spot.

  • joel

    Verizon still offers the family nationwide plans. So if you upgrade you can move into one of the plans the unlucky SOB have had to get for the last year.

  • This took my bill from $360 to $260/mo and that’s while increasing voice minutes, giving free tethering to all lines, and more usable data.

    • LIES!!!! Explain.

      • Easy killa, here’s the full breakdown, keep in mind this is only the 4 lines I’ve moved over of my 6, the other 2 will be even more savings since they use very light data and heavy voice/texts:

        Current/NEW bill:
        4 lines
        Voice/Text $40 X 4 = $160
        Data 10GB = $100
        Tethering = Free
        TOTAL $260

        Previous Bill:
        4 lines
        Shared voice + text = $140
        Line access 4 X $10 = $40
        Data 4 X $30 = $120
        Tethering 2 X $30 = $60

        TOTAL $360

        Where this REALLY helps is 3 of these lines use under 1GB and the other (my son) was capping out with his 2GB data plan mid-month. I got 10GB so he can use 6-7GB of it and it’s way more usable.

        • SolipsisticPsychologist

          Must be nice working for Verizon huh? Especially with all this new and evil tainted money you guys will be bringing in. Don’t drink the punch and don’t for one second believe this paid Verizon stooge shill.

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            Plus, you’re a moron paying for tethering when there free rooted and non-rooted options available, so we can strike that amount off your B.S. fabricated calculations. You’re on tiered right now and want everyone to suffer like you do, just like a 5 year old complaining to mommy. But really it’s more likely you work for Verizon and made all of that crap up, especially considering how many other people have shown this will raise their bill. Isee no motivation in them lying, but as for you, well it would not be the first time a company has paid pathetic pieces of garbage to spread lies, misinformation, and propoganda, to try and do crowd control when they do something as horrible as Verizon is doing to their loyal customer’s. I’m willing to take the word of someone espousing how this will negatively affect them, over a suspicious shill-like post like your’s

          • I work for VZ? LOL! You do know my profile shows my LinkedIn and where I work, right? πŸ˜‰

          • envoy510

            Adam, you’re being trolled. Good for you on the savings. I’m still moving to TMO for $30/mo unlimited text/data (5GB of 4g data, 3g after that), 100 talk minutes (I’ll use Sipdroid most of the time, so staying < 100 minutes should be easy).

            I'm currently paying about $75, so I'll save $45/mo. I can't wait to switch!

  • inboy81

    Boycott VERIZON peopl if that happens Verizon will rewrite their policy real fast

    • Fattie McDoogles

      done… i got 3 smartphones and a tablet… how much you putting up for my ETFs?

  • Anthony Vella

    I really think people need to look at this from a different angle, smartphone users do not use a lot of data unless they are streaming content. When I go on vacation, I usually stream around 4 movies and tons of youtube on my 4G, I usually suck up 10GB a trip to do just that but luckly I have UNLIMITED DATA! Screw off Verizon.