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TV Shows Headed to Google Play Store Today?

After confirming that the Nexus 7 is officially real and that another device called the Nexus Q is on the way, we noticed one other note from the Google Play addendum that we received. It mentions the following:

You understand that the Nexus Q currently supports only Google Play Music; Google Play Movies and TV; and YouTube, and that your use of those services is subject to the Google Play Terms of Service.

See anything new in that statement? “Google Play Movies and TV.” Currently, the Play store doesn’t sell or rent TV shows, but according to this addendum, they will shortly. The I/O day 1 keynote starts in just under an hour – we wouldn’t be surprised if TV shows are announced.

  • Already in the store for me.

    • Magazines are live too

      • michael arazan

        Please finally sell movies, for $6 an hd movie to rent for 24 hrs is not worth it for me. I’d buy a digital copy for $10 if I liked it enough and could store in the cloud.

  • Please have season 2 of the walking dead

  • Jon

    Are you sure it does mean Google Play Movies and Google TV and not Google “Play Movies and TV”?

  • Jeff Tycz

    So maybe that picture that I sent you guys the other day of the new “Google Play Store” could be real..? It has that extra icon on there that is pictured above

  • I wouldn’t read too much into this. The app on the GTV box is called “Movies and TV” for the play store media part.