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Live – Google I/O 2012 Keynote Day 1

The day has arrived! It’s Google I/O 2012 keynote day 1, which has in the past been saved for all of the Android goodness a normal person can handle. Tim and I are here, ready to soak it all in and provide as much meaningful insight as we can to you. The event will be live streamed at 9:30AM Pacific, but we thought that a live blog would be fun so that everyone has a place to to chat about the announcements that will surely be flying around the room. Ready to meet Jelly Bean and the Nexus 7 tablet? We are.

(Direct video link)

  • Robert Jakiel

    What an awesome presentation and opener for Google! Jellybean looks awesome and the Nexus 7, for the price, is straight up the best 7″ tablet going. Add to that the availability of Google Glasses to attendees was not only completely unexpected but the live demo was mind blowing. Google really is the king of innovation at this point.

  • alright, so you guys are getting the GNex with the 4.1 update coming soon after you power it on. You realize you need to dump the code to the AOKP guys immediately, right? Hehehehhehhehhe

  • NicholasMicallef

    That about sums up this event…

  • TimXer

    WOW, you lucky chaps get all the latest and greatest!!

  • how long till someone throws out the jelly bean preview you think?

  • Bombhills

    No new Nexus phones revealed?

    • Bombhills

      Or do they usually get announced at a later date?…

  • Google trumps ALL!!!

  • EvanTheGamer

    You guys are so damn lucky! A new G-Nex, a new Nexus 7, and a new Nexus Q!!

  • LordStickMax

    reviews you lucky sons of bitches!

  • Patrick Flanigan

    Any mention of Majel?

    • LionStone

      And I’d like to see the new Map improvements…besides offline cacheing…was it called Cards or something?

  • eddieonofre

    that is delivery

  • Sammy

    I’m fangirling like crazy right now.

  • eddieonofre

    that is how you do hangout!

  • LordStickMax

    OMG i can’t wait to play paintball with google glass!!

  • moelsen8

    i actually like that they chose to put the phone ui on this. i actually just loaded an ics phone launcher up on my flyer (7″) a few days ago.. it really makes the experience much better than using the tablet ui.. perfect for a device of that size.

  • droidman101


  • CaptainHowdy13

    Has the play store unlocked Gnex always had 16gb of memory or is that new now that its $349?

    • It’s been 16. 32, I believe, is only available on Verizon/Sprint.

  • Aaron Burroughs

    Goofle has trully pulled out all the stops. Came out on day one swinging with a hailmary on Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and my gosh I am more then impressed with what there doing with themselves as a brand. Bravo Google, Bravo.

  • Futbolrunner

    I cant tell if the majority of the google presenters are gay or hardcore virgins

  • moelsen8

    what did i miss related to shazam/soundhound (going out of business, poor them..)? can’t find it.

  • NicholasMicallef

    Shazam and soundhound just got a kick in the nuts from Google

    • moelsen8

      i missed it can you tell me what happened?

      • NicholasMicallef

        Calm down lol. They just made an app with a widget which identifies music and finds it on google play music (they didn’t talk about it much but it probably has sharing built in it so basically that’s most of the features of Shazam and soundhound).
        That’s a very minor announcement, I hope you didn’t miss the project glass part.

        • moelsen8

          no, that’s why i missed it because it was so minor. saw a few different live blogs mention shazam and had no idea what they were referring to.

          how could you miss the glass part? haha. that was incredible.

  • bananatroll

    i will just be happy if i see SOMETHING done by motorola at io. and I mean anything to give me hope that one day I might have a moto nexus on big red…

    a man can dream cant he?

  • Alan Burnstine

    Wonder how many months it will take Verizon to roll out JB. I should have just gotten the WiFi version…

  • Alan Burnstine

    I am going to be able to delete half my productivity and travel apps.

  • derek connolly

    OH MY GOD, so excited

  • Futbolrunner

    Did anyone else notice the GNex says T-Mobile?

  • Hmmm

    Did anybody else notice in the notification screen it says “T Mobile”. Some sort of hint or something????

  • are these pics from your GNex?

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    Youtube link is giving unsupported file format on Transformer Prime?

  • so much for live

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    So cool guys. Thanks for the live links/etc.

  • hope they have a bucket full of batteries with them

  • Full details for the Nexus 7:
    http://content.modaco.net/dropzone/nexus7details.jpg Credit to Modaco.

  • Hasbaz

    the nexus q looks like the orb from last year i/O

  • Anyone who is an Anime fan…. Did you guys notice how the Nexus Q looks like Gantz?

  • Ryan Powell
    • Ryan Powell

      Went to the Play Store for devices and changed the URL for the main image banner. Looks like that’s the official device.

      • Oops did not see you had posted the link, my bad

  • Jelly Bean just pushed out to Google employee galaxy nexus devices this morning about an hour ago.

    • NexusPhan69


      • dont have any but if you don’t believe me thats fine.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Oh shut up… proof or don’t say anything.

          • lol. i just hungout with someone on G+.

          • I believe the saying is “Pics or it didn’t happen”

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            Which is…. not what I was saying.

    • JSK

      Evidence of this?

    • dsass600

      Where did you at least hear is”

  • Bionicman

    very exicted for today. hopefully will see some surprises!

  • moelsen8

    sweet! it’s like christmas morning!

    • Ryan Powell

      Your avatar pic makes me laugh every time I see it in the comments. I also read every one of your comments in Arnold’s voice because of it.

      • moelsen8

        gotta keep it fun

  • Andrew


    • Timothy McGovern


  • JDHokie

    What’s the male:female ratio? Based on those first pictures, maybe 99:1?

    • thislandisyourland

      Who knew? Google developer conferences are a bad place to pick up chicks.

    • What is the over-under for the virgin count for today?

      • summit1986

        Best comment yet.

    • Females there are only Google employees….

      • Fattie McDoogles

        And skydivers lol

    • NicholasMicallef

      Google sausagefest… there won’t be much I/O in that regards…