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Google I/O App Receives Huge Update – Push Notifications, Google TV Support and Full Agenda Now Ready to Go

If you are headed to Google I/Oyou will be excited to learn that there is a new update to the official application that took place in Google Play last night. The update, targeted at people who will attend the event this year, includes new push notifications to receive “announcements and the conference schedule from the Google I/O team,” along with the ability to view the whole conference’s agenda. If you plan to watch the conference from home, the application can now be installed to your Google TV and supports full live streams of the conference through it.

Other than a few bug fixes throughout the application, the last update in the changelog is a little bit of a cute mystery:

[The update] Improves spacetime decompression algorithms; 29 total hours per day are now available to Google I/O attendees within Moscone West.

It could be Google being their normal slightly-geeky selves or they could be hinting towards something we’ll be hearing about at I/O. Well, we don’t have to wait much longer. Go grab the update from Google Play now.

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  • FortitudineVincimus

    Seems like a hell of a lot of useless dev time for a few day event.

  • But what does 25:10 mean?

    • I think the next Nexus phone is going to have a Flux Capacitor…

    • Apparently a reference to either:

      the date Jelly Bean launches (25th October)
      or, more likely: a reference to the 26 hour clock in Star Trek, which Majel is modelled after.

      • michael arazan

        only about half of what you need for map coordinates 25 degrees by 10 degrees, or maybe it rolls out on oct 25th for everyone, or the new nexus launch. I wish they would dedicate some youtube channels for the conference so all could watch.

  • Remember the Jelly Bean screenshot that showed the time as 25:10? Something is up…

    • Or maybe they did that because the time was impossible on the previous shots and everyone noticed, so that made it so now it is possible for the time 25:10 to exist theoretically.

      Or Google X actually found a way to add 5 extra hours to the day.

  • Eric Richardson

    Lol Nice explanation for the time in the screenshots. I approve.

  • John

    There goes the thought of getting any work done the rest of the week. Thx Google.

    • 4n1m4L

      What? You have 5 extra hours a day to get it done!

  • Google are making days longer. They finally figured out how to do it. You heard it here first!