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HHGregg Says Verizon’s Galaxy S3 is Launching July 12


July 12 makes sense, doesn’t it? Verizon has been letting you pre-order the Galaxy S3 which has already had estimated shipping days of July 9, 10, and now 11. If devices shipped around then, we would sort of expect them to arrive in stores and on doorsteps by July 12, a Thursday. And we all know how Big Red likes to launch devices on Thursdays, don’t we?

HHGregg, thank you.

Via:  hhgregg

Cheers Gorgio!

  • Just noticed that my expected ship date for my SGS III has changed from Unknown to July 9th

  • shawn

    My shipping info finally got updated from no info available to shipping 7/9 so I would be nice to get something a little early for a change

    • Jason Smith

      same here…

  • Just Pre-Ordered mine last night im so pumped for this phone. Looks amazing, and really i hate all android phones how the look besides HTC. This one however looks beautiful and im so excited that i can keep my 4G!

  • 123456

    Yesterday, Verizon told me the 11th is when it will be released.

  • Beka27

    I’m not clear what the confusion is about this. It’s widely known that VZW likes Thursdays. The first ship by date is the 9th. Those people will get their phones the 10th. The second ship date is the 10th. You can expect your phone on the 11th. The most recent ship date is the 11th. Phone in hand on the 12th. Thursday, July 12th for in store release makes perfect sense. If anything, Verizon HAS been cautious. They didn’t declare a June 21st or 28th release and then go back on that. They held off on an official announcement because they didn’t want to disappoint. I don’t usually say this, but give VZW a break.

  • Hmm, well I’m in Arizona and I saw on the screen at my Verizon store when preordering the SGSIII that it ships on the 10th and arrives at the store on the 11th. Ill probably go back in the store one of these days to see if that date has changed so who knows. I just can’t wait to get rid of the Bionic and have a phone that does more lol. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve rom’d the hell out of this phone and the leak of ICS was fast but I just want something smoother than this jerky thing.

    • jrmonro

      I will gladly take that bionic off your hands. 😉

  • HH-Who? I think they owe YOU DL. Never heard of ’em.

    • Eric Shelley

      Hhgregg is a billion dollar company, they are probably okay without a bump from droid life.

      • Because that’s the goal of having a business, to do just ok? I am in one of the top 10 (maybe 5?) markets in the US and am an almost exclusive online shopper – and I buy a ton of tech stuff. I have also been responsible for buying large swaths of technology gear in a corporate setting. While I don’t claim to know anywhere near every store, there are few online stores worth a darn that I have yet to come across. But perhaps my market is too competitive for them to be profitable in? There were other commenters (well, at least one) that had the same comment as me. I am not alone… And If I’ve never heard of them, there are a bazillion people who would maybe buy from them who haven heard of them either. How do you pronounce the name, anyway? Do you hiss at the beginning like a cat and then make a gagging sound at the end?

        • Eric Shelley

          It’s pronounced, h, h, Gregg…brick and mortar, predominately in the eastern US. They took over a lot of empty circuit city buildings. I’m sure there are lots of people that haven’t heard of them, maybe you haven’t heard of Harris-teeter, or pnc, or any other company that does well without being mentioned on droid life. I don’t think a bazillion people read this website.

          • No way! Everyone is here 😀

          • Eric Shelley

            in a fun side note,Costco online also says the 12th, but they probably haven’t paid for the advertising. I’m surprised best buy doesn’t have a date, they love giving out false info.

          • Funny! Locally Best Buy was telling folks that it was going to be in for Verizon by now. Probably on the official US launch date last week. I know at least one dude that pre-ordered with them because of
            their declaration that is now bummed.

          • Jason Smith


          • The funny thing from a west coasters perspective is that DL makes a whole post suggesting how HHGregg is some sort of authority or prime indicator of when the GSIII will show up for Verizon – and I (dare I say WE?) have never heard of them. That’s why I posted the HH-Who? It was a quest for credibility.

            Ok, horse has been beat to death.

          • Ha! Kidding. :-p

            If they aren’t in Los Angeles, they don’t exist to me. M’kay!

          • C-Law

            Yeah I’m in Texas and never heard of it. My circuit city turned into a Container Store

      • Checked them out further. 212 stores, not to shabby. They only stretch as far west as Mississippi (I am west coast) though and it doesn’t look like they are too concerned with Internet business. All is explained.

  • Guest

    If you don’t get your phone on the 11th, 12th, or 13th… what are you going to do about it?
    You can’t “demand” a phone that isn’t available.
    Are you going to force Samsung to give you one anyway?

    You will get your phone… when you get your phone.
    Most likely Monday, the 16th of July 2012.

  • VerizonMadSeller

    I’m the top sells person at HHGregg for Verizon in Alabama and I’m only a CSM!

  • Jeremy Case

    Kinda bummed, saw a commercial today for Verizon and they put there ugly logo on the front above the home button.

    • John Pisano

      ummm are you sure because everything I’ve seen its like the other carriers, logo on the back cover only.

      • Jeremy Case

        Yeah in the commercial you can clearly tell the guy is holding a S3 and there’s a big Verizon logo right above the home button. When I saw it I even rewound and paused my dvr just to make sure.

        • kevin

          I can confirm this i saw it also its really sad indeed =/

          • michael arazan

            So is it just the front or front and back?

          • kevin

            I would assume its going to be on the front and back but from the way the Commercial made it seem is that the Verizon logo will be placed right above the home button. Im not sure if this is a permanent thing though because i find it weird that they only had it on there for the commercial and not the actual picture on the website. Im hoping that the logo was only at the front in the commercial that way people could distinguish that it was a verizon phone seeing how they were also showing Verizon tablets and whatnot

    • there hasnt been a verizon s3 commercial yet… so stop lying

      • Jeremy Case

        Why would I lie about that. Its not a commercial for the S3 its for Verizon’s 4g network. A dude in the commercial was using a S3.

    • Jeremy Case

      why would I lie about that. It wasn’t a commercial for the S3 it was for their 4g lte network and it shows someone using the S3

  • MKader17

    Its not a big deal. Pre-orders ship on 9,10,11. Phone is released on 12. It’s not like they ever told us a date….

  • nightscout13

    Pre-orders will arrive earlier.

  • Immolate

    I wouldn’t put much stock in it either way.

  • Whose this greg?

    • HHgregg is a Electronics and Appliance Retailer based in Indianapolis. They are as far west as St. Louis and they go all the way down to Florida

      • None in NY, we do Best Buy haha

  • bill gates

    if i dont get my phone soon im going to go on zombie rage and eat the first person with a vzw phone

    • nightscout13

      Will you be high on bath salts too?

      • El Big CHRIS

        Man I lol’d but then I remember how sad it was for the ol’ man.

        • nightscout13

          Ya he did not deserve that. At least some hospital is paying for his medical treatment.

  • Eeyore

    hhgregg will probably get if before verizon does

  • Spoken Word™

    What they said is that they’re going to start selling it on the 12th. That’s a lot different than a launch…. IJS

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    lmao . . . Verizon is such a pos . . . Only can laugh

  • Check out this sweet ice cream sandwich phone launching on Verizon with Gingerbread stay tuned for ICS ota first part of February

  • DAD

    Hey hhgregg, screw you

  • HHGregg is still relevant?

  • Bionic

    ugly asssss phone. the home button ruins it

    • nightscout13

      WOW looks like you’re not liked here…..

      • Doron Zehavi

        Give him a break, he thinks the Bionic is a good looking phone…

        • nightscout13

          He has 60 dislikes…. that’s alot.