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Alive Video Wallpaper Brings Stunning Scenes to Life on Your Device

There might be some people that don’t care for Live Wallpapers, but every now and then we come across a few that might just get some folks excited. The newest one to cruise into our inbox is called Alive Video Wallpaper and it brings some fantastic views and scenery to life right on your display. 

Once downloaded, you open the settings and can then choose which scenes you want to download. There are deserts, forests, bodies of water and other neat videos that you can download and bring to life on your homescreen. That’s right, we said video. According to the developer, this is the first live wallpaper app that plays videos in the background, but doesn’t take away from the performance of your phone.  If live wallpapers are your thing, definitely check it out.

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  • working great on my SGS3

  • Miles

    One of the things I noticed, was when having the alive wallpapers active as my live wallpaper, when trying to use the volume rocker to change from vibrate mode to a ringtone, it would change my media volume and not my ringer. Just an annoyance worth mentioning.

  • rjb

    I get a “No more room on home screen” error. Any suggestions???

  • Works very well. So far no appreciable battery drain. The images are stunning.

  • docmars

    Working beautifully on my GNex, Gummy 1.2.2.

  • Daniel Clifford

    live runs smoothly on 90% of Android devices……But not the Bionic??

    • Tony Allen

      It’s still an unwanted bastard child..

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Grats! You are no longer the 99%, you are the 10%! Things are looking up for you :p

  • What launcher & icon pack is that? How do I get it?

  • Adam Lafin

    This broke my volume rockers ability to go all the way down to vibrate and silent on my Verizon gnex…anyone else get this?

    • Jack

      Working on this. Will have a patch soon. Apologies, Jack

      • Adam Lafin

        Awesome! Thanks!!

      • Mike

        Jack, this app is great man. Loving that its free too, ive already shown it off to everyone at work today. Great job!!

        • Jack

          Thanks bro!

  • Works and looks great on my Razr Maxx with GB.

  • Q

    Wow.. not a fan of live wallpaper usually, but the fire wallpaper for this thing looks downright evil.. I might have to keep this..

  • Jorbo the Borb

    For those on the G-Nex having trouble, please try restarting after you’ve downloaded everything. The app initially has some kind of issue with not recognizing that you’ve downloaded the files until you reboot your phone. You only have to restart after the first wallpaper download, then the app seems to work fine downloading new ones after.

  • ChrisTraeger1

    Cheesy ass music/10

  • honk

    Not first seen one with the touhou video “bad apple” months ago. It did not of course work well on my OG Droid. Looked terrible in the vertical too.

    What would be cool is if these sort of apps would allow customization of the video.

  • bf3 premium?

  • Love this! Works on my galaxy nexus and HTC Flyer Tablet

  • Jack Coleman

    Wow that home screen is beautiful, what launcher are you using? icons?

  • JohansonM18

    as it is called the launcher?

  • haven’t slowed my phone down so far, but is it just me or does the screen off CRT animation take slightly longer with these on?

  • EvanTheGamer

    They won’t drain your battery or slow your phone.


    But I will admit that they do look pretty nice and may have to download ’em since, well, can’t pass up free…within reason of course.

  • StDevious

    The video in the wallpaper is pretty low quality. Looks like a SD video on a HD screen. That’s the only gripe.

    • SeanBello

      the quality is capped at 480p so it can run on other phones and so there’s no performance issues. I’d love the option for at least 720

      • Jack

        Working on it 🙂

        • SeanBello

          you’re the developer, huh? do you take requests or would you be willing to divulge how you got it to work flawlessly as you did so I could make my own?

  • shopdroid

    Video resolution seems kind of low – blurry. Otherwise good concept.

  • Tim, what icons are you using!? Or does anyone here know?

  • abhisahara

    SGNote is not compatible 🙁

  • JeffDenver

    These are just video loops. Still pretty neat though. The tide one and the trees one are cool. HTZ Rezound with ICS leak…this runs perfectly smooth on my phone with no slowdown on the menu.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Do you have a little hiccup / very slight momentary hitch when the video loop resets? Using the tidal one (omfg looks amazing) on my Rezound — stock. Ha, might be time to move up to leak or root this beast!

  • Superdroid

    They look and work well on the phone, not so well on a 10″ tablet. Need more resolution for tablet, but then it may slow it down.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      ahh, good to know… sent it to my Xoom but wont be able to test it out until I get home.

  • Heartless12

    i like those wallpapers but i just cant use them on GB it wont look the same im just going to have to wait until ics gets to my maxx

  • Ryan

    Is there any way to get the wooden lustre dock to go away? I can’t ge tit to leave for the life of me

  • Kizipotamus

    Not compatible with my Galaxy Neuxs. Umm, alright.

    • grand0

      is with mine

    • rodney11ride

      mines good too…

    • Dan Treacy

      Make sure your DPI is set on 320. Sometimes the Play Store will think it’s another device.

      • Speedyrulz

        I checked it out and still no go for me, says incompatible. Anyone have any idea why it would say incompatible for some people but not for others? I’m stock rooted on my Nexus.

        • Jack

          Hey there, I haven’t excluded either Nexus. Few people having this trouble with Google not recognising compatibility. Will work on it. Thanks for the interest! Jack

    • webby

      works great with my G-Nex. Me likey.

    • I can download it but anytime I try to load one I just get a black screen and it says “Loading live wallpaper…” Anyone else?

      • +1

      • honk

        This loaded up on my OG Droid just fine.

        Rooted with gingerbread rom on.

        It had that loading wallpaper crap here too just click settings DL one then when done just clock apply itll load the video up. Not sure how you would choose different wallpapers you have dled prior since that part is not working right. Could be a bug fix situation.

      • T4rd

        Same here. I’m rooted/ROM’d (Liquid v1.4 atm) and verified my PPI setting is at stock 320. So I’m not sure what’s causing it because obviously other Gnex users are using it fine. When I go to apply the wallpaper anyways, it just shows a black/blank wallpaper.

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        At the black “loading live wallpaper” screen, you have to hit select — this takes you to the internet where you have to download the video of choice.

        Once downloaded, just hit ‘Set Wallpaper” — yes, yes I know the screen is still black… once you hit ‘Set Wallpaper’ your phone magically goes back to the home screen and you will see your new wallpaper.

        The tidal one is PIMP !!

    • Speedyrulz

      Yeah I don’t get how it’s a Nexus in the video yet it says my Nexus isn’t compatible.

    • running it right now on my galaxy nexus. working just fine.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Says it works for mine, and mine’s stock rooted, bootloader unlocked, so kinda strange that it says yours is incompatible.

    • SeanBello

      aokp b40 works flawlessly

    • works on my galaxy nexus just fine

    • Mike

      My Gnex says that this version isn’t compatible too. I don’t get it. I am running BAMF 1.25

  • js

    let me bookmark this until I get my SG3.

    • chris125

      would really go well with the “designed by nature theme of the sgs3”

      • michael arazan

        It would be a lot nicer if it was in hd, it is a nice smooth video loop though.

  • breadable

    I highly recommend Tropical Ireland

  • ryan

    Where do you get the icons on his screen?

  • Jeremy Case

    Could you please share what icon pack you’re using in the first two screen shots. Very nice

  • So what’s the catch?

  • Trevor

    These look pretty cool; I like them.

  • Butters619

    When i see Live Wallpaper, I read it as battery killer. Maybe it’s just my memories of the Nexus One.

    • Droidzilla

      LWP doesn’t really affect battery much. It’s only on when you’re on your homescreen, and even then it’s not too resource intensive.

      • chris125

        Agree lwp has never really been noticable with battery drain unless maybe you get a bad one.

      • Daniel Aceves

        not resource intensive? then why does it slow down the gnex so much?

        • Droidzilla

          Maybe you got a poorly coded app. Don’t blame the feature when it’s the dev’s fault.

          • Daniel Aceves

            haha ok i will blame google. because it is the stock live wall papers

          • well it’s not like Google’s infallible, so go ahead. Personally all the stock live wallpapers bore the crap outta me so I wouldn’t know.

          • chris125

            yes blame google when samsung can make the wallpapers run flawlessly with their exynos processor maybe it has something to do with the processor in the nexus and the gpu.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Poorly coded LWPs beat the hell out of your battery… correctly done LWPs have very little impact. Kittehface (dev) makes some killer, correctly coded LWPs.

      also: SoCal represent!