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This Week In the Life of DROID: 6/22/2012

This time next week, Google will have spilled the Jelly Beans (see what I did there?) at next week’s Google I/O developer conference. From what we know today, many are expecting a Nexus tablet unveiling, maybe some Majel, and other Chrome OS goodies. Kellex and myself will be in San Francisco to cover everything first hand, so we will make sure you all feel as if you are right there with us. If you missed any of this week’s events, here are the highlights:

Have a great weekend, everybody!

  • 来看看,收啦

  • kidheated

    I got to hold the SGS3 last night. A guy I know, at my local-favorite-late-night-eat-spot, Had just gotten his unit from T-mobile. It is very nice. I’m not exactly sure what constitutes a “cheap feeling” phone, but it felt like a pure plastic device when held. But I will say that it is light, super light… and thin. I just had to compare it to my Gnex and it is thinner and lighter. It feels like nothing in the hand, but not necessarily cheap because of it. As far as processing, it is fast and fluid. I was amazed in the little time I spent with it. I’m still not sure if I would buy it (verizon full retail), because of the 5 Nexus Fall rapidly approaching, but it seems killer. I can’t wait to hit up my local store to get some more time with the phone.

    The one thing I noticed, though not substantial, after rocking a Gnex for a while, physical buttons take a little getting used to.

  • Silver Veloz

    Have a great weekend also. Such an exciting week here on Droid-Life. Besides all the great apps coming to Android, the phone updates are great. For me, the Bionic news is quite exciting. Thanks for all you do for us Android users. This is such a great site.

  • Richard

    You too