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Flipboard Leaves Beta, Arrives on Google Play

Flipboard, one of the prettier news apps on any platform, has left beta on Android and entered the Google Play store. It’s free, as you would expect, and brings you a solid list of news sources to fill up your days. Get to flippin’.

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  • Asimoalex

    It never starts back up for me once I exit out…

  • Yeah it’s there and hanging out on my phone being confusing (oh, great, another app that lets me read 10% of an article and then click a link to open my browser window to read the rest – I haven’t seen that before). Possibly be more useful on my tablet, but…it’s not compatible with that for some reason.

  • Thank god it left beta. First leaked version was good. Then the official beta was jittery. But this ‘out of beta’ one is smooth and love the ‘favorite’, ‘share’ options at the top of articles.

  • guest

    I tried flipboard when the beta first leak, I dunno maybes its me but I haven’t been impressed with it one bit.

    • Worked for me in the first attempt. Check if you have 2 stage authentication enabled and somehow skipping the 2nd stage.

  • The beta version worked on tablets quite well. It was clearly a blown-up phone application, but it was quite nice. The fact that they’ve blocked this on tablets is crazy.

    Anyone have the APK for this version I can load it on my Xoom?

  • strange..I downloaded it from the Play link ..it says installed yet isn’t showing up on my Nexus ..anyone else have this happen?

  • Raven

    Why does Flipboard only seem to be for phones? Play says it is not compatible with my Asus Transformer or my Acer Iconia. These are the 2 main devices where I would actually read news on. So, back to Currents it is.

  • Replacing my Current with this since Flipboard has widgets, something Current sorely needs.

  • thislandisyourland

    I really prefer Pulse. I’ve used Flipboard for a while now, and while I will admit it’s pretty, it also remains incredibly inefficient in terms of organization. You really only get to see ONE article preview at a time! Never seen the iPhone version, but iPad version lets you see many more article previews at once. This app just feels so silly in comparison.

    • Ian Smith

      i concur. there is nothing about flipboard that makes me want to use it more than pulse, other than the animations. pulse is infinitely better and i can’t see any other app stealing its crown.

  • WilliamKu

    really sucks that Flipboard doesn’t cache stuff for offline reading. i find that Currents does this the best.

  • rohicks

    Google+ authentication fails every time …

  • Rodys Gonzalez

    Flipboard is my default blog/news reader for quite some time now;… One of my most used apps; awesome!

  • Even with a new iOS being, “hey new android features for iphone”….. it’s kinda equaled by the “hey android finally gets another good iOS app”

    • It could be worse you could have a windows phone, then you get nothing

      • EC8CH

        It could be worse…. Blackberry