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DROID Bionic Receives Smart Actions When Updated to Ice Cream Sandwich

After flashing the new Ice Cream Sandwich leak to his DROID Bionic, a reader noticed that Motorola’s Smart Actions was installed on his device. If you’re unfamiliar with the software, S.A. allows for users to program certain functions to take place given the time or place of the user. There are applications such as Tasker that do this as well if you don’t happen to own a Motorola device.

If you don’t feel like waiting for a silly update to take place, you can hack the RAZR’s Smart Actions onto the Bionic with the instructions here.

Cheers Ranlil!

  • So im still stuck on 2.3.5 with my bionic any idea on the update

  • Sobr0801

    Gonna sell my fiances Droid 3, and get her the Bionic until her upgrade is ready. No reason for her to hang on to that phone anymore.

  • UmangKedia

    I wish same update should come for my Atrix 2. Smart Actions 🙂

  • brkshr

    I kinda figured Moto would forget about ICS for the Bionic, like the bastard child it is. Bionic is one huge FAIL radio wise! I couldn’t sell it for $150 bucks a month after I bought it full price, so to the GF it went.

    • Jim

      Well you unequivocally figured wrong.
      And my Bionic is performing fine, getting 15mbs down all over town, too bad about yours I guess.

      • brkshr

        I understand some people have Bionics that work well. I’ve also had almost every Android phone that VZW has offered & followed each closely on the forums & blogs. So I know that most have had problems with the Bionic. I’m glad your phone works tho.

        • Jay

          Well that would be relevant if the forums and blogs attracted enough users to be representative of the user base of these devices as a whole. I suppose you’ve for evidence of that? If not im gonna have to respond with a “so?”
          And thats before we consider that people who have phones that work don’t usually take to forums the same way that people who don’t do. So even if there were more properly functioning Bionics than there weren’t would you know about it just because you frequent some forums? I kinda doubt it.

    • Bionic

      They are selling for 150 and up on ebay right now. The radios are not an issue right now and have not been since the 902 update.

      • brkshr

        Hmm, I may have to get rid of it now then & get her an SIII. I think all the radio problems & the upcoming RAZR & GNex announcements screwed me back then. As far as the radios now, the Bionic is completely up to date & drops data about once a week, requiring a reboot. I get to hear about it from the GF all the time. We don’t have 4g here, so maybe it’s a 3g problem, idk & I don’t care. I’ll be sticking with Nexus phones or Samsung phones with complete source code availability from now on. I’ll be back with Moto as soon as they release a Nexus model.

        • Bionic

          The Galaxy Nexus has well documented radio issues. Im sure motorola will be one of the 5 nexus phones later this year.

          • brkshr

            You’re correct about the Galaxy Nexus having radio issues. Most of that has to do with the hand off between 3g & 4g, and most of that was fixed with the 4.0.4 update. But yes, the GNex radios are not as strong as most Motorola phones that I have enjoyed & I don’t get 4g so I’ve never had the hand off issues myself. I’m praying Moto will have a Nexus phone later this year! I would love to get back on Moto’s build quality & radios with an unlocked bootloader. However, I think there is a very fat chance that VZW will let anymore Nexus phones on their network, until the 2 year contract is up for the gnex. Just like they did from the Droid to the GNex. VZW likes to keep crap locked down 🙁 I would jump ship, but they get excellent reception everywhere I go in Cali.

          • Bionic

            just a thought, you said you dont have LTE yet where you live. Did you turn LTE off on the bionic? Cuz if you dont it’ll just keep searching for it causing 3G drops. When I have LTE turned off on mine it never loses 3G

          • brkshr

            Yep 🙂 Believe me, I know a lot about Android. I’ve tried every trick there is. Been on RootzWiki, Droid Forums, & My Droid World, tried every rom available. The 2 Bionics I’ve had are just bum.

          • Bionic

            hmm, odd, i dunno what to tell ya then. All i know is that I love my Bionic, sure its had a few issues when first realeasd, but its still a great phone.

          • Bionic

            If you buy a phone from google itself and you want to pay verizon for their network service, they cant say no to you

    • My Bionic has the best radios of any Android phone I’ve owned and I travel to weak signal areas several times a week. Of course I bought mine on sale and it came with 902 on it, so I missed out on the earlier builds. But it’s rocking ICS now and life is good.

      • brkshr

        Glad you got a good phone… Seriously guys, I’m probably a bigger
        Moto fan than anyone here. I have had the Droid, Droid X, Droid Pro,
        Droid 2 Global, Droid X2, Droid 3, Droid Bionic & Droid RAZR. I’m not trying to knock Moto or start crap with Bionic users. I’ve also had every high-end HTC & Samsung available on VZW. The 2 Bionics I’ve had are just not good radio wise. I use the forums heavily, especially RootzWiki & follow just about every dev for VZW phones. I can tell when a phone is not good by experience & lack of support from the Android community. It’s just not there with the Bionic.

  • RoadsterHD1

    can someone put up some bench marks for Bionic on ICS? Is the camera faster now?

  • Finally my Motorola XT928 receives Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update today from OTA Official Motorola. Link https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc6/198413_3319489393857_339959689_n.jpg

    • RoadsterHD1

      But how did you get it so soon?

    • RoadsterHD1

      How does it work?

    • RoadsterHD1

      wait is that a razor? fromChina?

  • hkklife

    Had the leaked 2133 update on my Bionic since last night and I can make a few observations:
    -Blur ICS is very awesome aesthetically and usually awesome from a performance standpoint. It gets sluggish and unresponsive occasionally and then will suddenly roadbacsk to life. Benchmarks and gaming is MUCH smoother than under GB!
    -I had to reboot my phone about 3x in a row after the initial install but things are steadily improving performance-wise evr since. I may do a full wipe and start fresh later this weekend when I have more time.
    -Reception seems unchanged from 905
    -Battery life is disappointingly worse, even under regular usage and while on standby. I hardly used it this morning after taking it off the charger and it dropped 20% after just a few phone calls, a few emails and maybe 10 minutes of web browsing at half brightness. It also seems MUCH slower to charge, for some odd reason. I have a 2.1A AC adapter and it’s still slow.
    -Camera performance is much better from a flash standpoint but it actually seems to be focusing worse now than before. Camera app is a bit snappier and smoother but still falls short of expectations. Video recording is very smooth, however.
    -The latest Dolphin HD beta browser (released a few days ago) crashes frequently under ICS but was rock solid under GB.
    -Phone seems to boot up a tad faster than before.
    -The ICS keyboard is a BIG step backwards from the old Blur keyboard. The keyboard input lag when haptic feedback is turned on is reduced but still present.
    -Haven’t tried SmartActions but I was underwhelmed with the leaked RAZR version from a few months ago.
    -I cannot figure out how to manually turn off LTE and go CDMA only.
    Overall I can live with ICS in its current form but I feel that this build still needs maybe one more update to be ready for release. Good to see the Bionic performing as I hoped it would originally after all this time. Also, CPU is confirmed at 1.2Ghz under full load.

    • Bionic

      a lot of the things you are saying are not so good could be attributed to the fact that this is a leaked build and will get better with the official OTA

    • Daniel Dlugos

      We are going to get a very nice upgrade, assuming they get some of the kinks worked out of the pre-release builds. Battery life is better than ever with the 5.9.905 build. I hope we don’t go too far backwards on this.

    • Diablo81588

      I would highly advise you do a full wipe. I am actually getting great battery life, and have had no performance issues since install. Still buttery smooth! The most impressive part of the update is just how much zooming and scrolling is improved. Literally ZERO stutters, even with flash content. Very impressed.

  • I’m highly considering selling the Galaxy SIII I pre-ordered now…The Bionic is about to become a great phone!

    • Bionic

      make sure you dont open it. dont break the seal, and you can sell it for almost full retail price on ebay. that way you can take that 700 dollars or whatever it is and save it for ur next phone or whatever

      • Huh. Strange. I was thinking I would open it, confirm that it works for the buyer, then close it back up. If completely unopened will get a better selling price, I’ll just go that way.

        • Bionic

          it will, it makes the customer feel better as if they purchased it from verizon. If you charge 50 dollars less than verizon charges, it will sell quick, trust me, ive done it.

  • ocdtrekkie

    Should probably uninstall the hacked-on version before upgrading.

  • mustbepbs

    The Bionic is finally getting the love it deserved when it first came out. Congrats, guys.

  • Bionic

    im surprised we can be bumped to 1.2ghz and not lose battery life?

    • there will be a slight reduction, but not much.

      • Bionic

        but mayber there wont be, maybe ICS manages battery better and it’ll be all good. Otherwise im sure they wouldnt have clocked it up to 1.2.

  • Ian Wilson

    The RAZR Smart Actions app does not work properly on the Bionic, don’t waste your time

    • finanandroid

      Bionic doesn’t need SmartActions from RAZR its already included specific for the DB.

      • Ian Wilson

        Not everyone wants to flash a leaked build

        • Diablo81588

          It works perfect. Might as well be an official release.

  • Buy This

    Dude seriously how AWESOME is this? Bump to 1.2 gHz and getting smart actions. Whatever the update does or doesn’t do, it feels like actual, REAL, support.

    • Phoenix


    • firant

      It also IS buttery smooth. Loving it.

  • Charlie

    It also includes a CPU speed bump to 1.2ghz, which hasn’t been mentioned here yet that I know of. 🙂

    • Then how do we know it’s real?

      • fauxshizzl

        It was confirmed on XDA and DroidHive.

    • Bionic

      i’ve seen it mentioned before as possible features of the update

  • I installed smartactions on my bionic a while back (the hacked one) and it didn’t work so well. I just stuck with llama (location awareness management application). It rocks.

    • I fought with llama for like a month and had my phone go off in a staff meeting with the boss….uninstalled at that point. Way too many settings that never seemed to do what I wanted them to…

      • That’s too bad. I never have problems with it. I relearn areas frequently (esp work). Maybe that’s the problem?

  • eddieonofre

    I notice that, but I am not a fun of it so I just disable it. I love that setting on Icecream

    • Droidzilla

      It’s not fun to disable it; that’s very true.

  • Rich

    Doesn’t work on bionic…. I already took it from the Razer and razer max… I mean it loads and works as an app, but the smart actions don’t actually do anything…

    • Ric

      Even with Actions set in the window where it ask you to make one…

    • Works just fine on my phone which is a Bionic I flashed to ICS last night. You do need to be rooted though.

      • finanandroid

        you don’t need to be rooted,flash from STOCK recovery, also work even if you are rooted

    • will bartlett

      wat is razer and razer max?

    • finanandroid

      ICS 4.04 leak for the Bionic, its butter, well done Motoblur + ICS its beauty and Smartactions work like a champ.

  • Guest

    I noticed that the RAZR ICS update release information says SmartActions has received an update, I assume that they are the same between the devices, so what is the update? Any new features to SmartActions?

    • JoshGroff

      Well for one, it was white with black text, not sure what else changed.

    • Droidzilla

      I really hope they added some 4G/3G switch options. I believe ICS allows that. Also, location triggers based on GPS instead of WiFi would be nice. And a bacon sandwich maker. That would rule.

  • Bionic

    this is just cock teasing now

    • Stephen Gaskins Jr.

      That’s animal cruelty!

      • will bartlett

        made me lol