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Thursday Poll: Predictions For Jelly Bean?

Now that we have confirmation on Jelly Bean being Android 4.1 in the numbering scheme, we should start to talk about what we can expect from it in terms of features. While we are already seeing tech news outlets claim that it is only a minimal update, I’d call that a foolish assumption. For example, the jumps from 2.1 to 2.2 and then 2.2 to 2.3 were massive. If the move from 4.0 to 4.1 was only incremental, Google wouldn’t have created an entirely new name for it. They clearly have bigger plans than some are predicting.

So what are you hoping or expecting Google to announce for JB? Will we see Chrome replace the stock browser? There has to be some minor UI tweaks, right? We have seen the new search bar already. Will we get Majel, Google’s full voice actions system? Pinch-to-zoom in Gmail, finally? More NFC features? File sharing in Google Talk? Native Google Wallet 2.0? How soon can we see 4.1 on a device? Will it launch with the Nexus tablet? Any chance it goes live for the HSPA Galaxy Nexus at IO?

Let us know in the comments what you think.

  • S Bosworth

    I dont think it’s going to be anything major. Just as they did Gingerbread, and then Honeycomb, I have a feeling this will be nothing more than a code optimized, tablet optimized version of ICS. It’s already getting to the point where people are getting pissed that a device they bought 6 months ago won’t receive ICS, and making anything too different from ICS, is going to drive home the fragmentation issue.

  • Peter Stover

    How about a “common sense” way to send mass texts.

  • cjlee89
  • Fattie McDoogles

    I would love to see the music uploader and Google music to evolve into a desktop application as well. I would like to see more tablet applications besides games. Like @f3658e7251aa5d55d25672a4ba6ecf0b:disqus said i would LOVE to see profiles for tablets. Also a better way to sync things between your Android devices and computers. There’s no good way to move things from one place to another. And I would just like to see more polish throughout the OS

    AND GOT DAMN IT I WANT EMOJI SUPPORT THROUGHOUT THE OS!!! I really wouldn’t care if they we’re the only emoticons that iPhone users have. It gets so annoying seeing those stupid squares and blank spaces everywhere.

  • JeffDenver

    I would like Chrome to NOT replace the stock browser, as I like having Flash support. Chrome can remain it’s own app. kthx.

  • Markuz

    Well we all know Galaxy Nexus LTE is NOT getting JB untill May 2013! Maybe, just Maybe! Courtesy of Big Evil Red…

  • Why worry about, for us on Verizon, we won’t see it till next year

  • Matthew Merrick

    my hopes/expectations:

    -Majel, obviously
    -wifi direct added to android beam
    -smart UI switching: when you plug into a monitor, switch to the tablet UI, autofitted to the monitor, and use the phone as a touchpad (ala the new version of webtop)

  • tspx23

    i’m pretty sure google has something cool up their sleeve for 4.1 it’s not just going to be an incremental update but they’ll bring something fresh to the table. OS wise it will look nearly similar to ICS, but I think their going to revamp their external connectivity.

    With more ICS/jellybean tablets being released or predicted to being released, Google probably wants them to have more functionality so connecting it to an external monitor via hdmi would open up a more desktop friendly UI, making you have one device to eventually to everything for you.

  • Tardy

    Oh, I want Google NOW.

  • Brian Winning Jr.

    A Complete reWork Of UI Rendering that would fix lag issues without greatly hindering existing applications

  • They might have the game thing they said they would bring in ics but pusshed it back!!!!!

  • I’m hoping for high-resolution images for contacts.

  • Trill43

    Its a silly assumptions because incremental updates are saved for the 3rd digit so 4.0.X would mean that.

  • Bonnie Lowry

    My Predictions: I think this will be like the Eclair->Froyo bump. Major speed bumps from optimizing ICS code Color and Styling tweaks Major overhaul of the Voice Actions software Better Tablet Support w/ the new Tablet New stock camera interface (hopefully) More Sleep/Battery saver modes Additional Wallpapers/Ringtones Google Search even more integrated into full OS A bunch of Google + related bullcrap

  • X2caleb2X

    I predict major changes under the hood

    • I agree. Many developer friendly changes, but not many UX updates.

  • Fully integrated Angry Birds.

  • Otis Akfabio

    So I just bought a S3 with the latest version of Android…now the next verison is out. Phones that were supposed to have ICS still don’t have it yet. How will they solve for that???

    • the next version’s not out yet. still has to be announced and then likely a few months till it’s released. also, it seems to be less of a change than 2.3 to 4.0 so once the code is released phones should, hopefully, upgrade faster

  • Alan Paone

    Im hoping for a better docs/drive app, and metro snap on tablets to compete with microsoft. otherwise, things like getting into the camera withput a password or a screen on animation would make ICS perfect

  • Stability Stability Stability …..

  • NicholasMicallef

    lol so CM9 is is not yet out of alpha yet we might have CM10 very soon!!??

  • socrates_johnson

    This is wishful thinking, but I’d really like a true desktop Android interface. It seems like the biggest hole in the ecosystem. Going forward, I don’t really want to use Windows 8 or a Mac. Linux is fine, but could be a lot more polished/user-friendly.

  • My prediction is that it’s name isn’t Jelly Bean, the name is going to be Jello.

  • Common Sense

    I can’t get ICS on phone bought in June 2012, when ICS was released in 2011… Why should I care about Jelleybean, probably won’t be phones available en masse until I upgrade in 2014.

  • Hope there’s no embarrassing Siri knock off. If they do anything with voice recognition, I hope it’s better dictation and voice commands, which they already do better than Apple.

  • Waka Flocka Flame

    Personally, I like the google search bar in ICS – the one that is completely transparent. to make it a shade of what is a step backwards to me. also the new mic icon on the JB search bar is ugly. swag swag swag ya feel me bruh?

  • NorCalGuy

    CyanogenMod10, 9 should be out soon but we can’t ask for eta’s so who really knows…I know there are nightlies avaible…

  • James Jun

    1. Pinch to Zoom in Email/Gmail. It’s ridiculous we don’t have this yet.
    2. A dedicated theme engine. One that works on the user level and also on the OEM level. It would allow the user to make their own customizations and such, but would provide deeper support for OEMs for their incredibly tight skins, but not so deep so that phones can be updated at faster rates. Yet that also raises that issue of the problem Android has with drivers, so this might be a non-improvement.
    3. A better app store. Google needs to step their game up to make apps and movies and music and such more accessible, easier to download and use, as well making it look nicer.
    4. As others said, tighter integration with Google Drive. Many consumers don’t know, but Drive could be used to make the idea that everything is in the cloud easier. Contacts, game saves, documents, music all in the cloud. Yet this might need much more action on Google’s side.
    5. Game central. Microsoft has Xbox Live and Apple has Gamecenter, and it’s one area that Google cannot let go of. Google needs to have a good mobile gaming service that stumps others.

    I might be thinking way too much, but really, I feel Google needs to refocus on the efforts at hand.

  • dbam987

    Hmmm. There is heavy talk of the Razr getting ICS next week. Me hopes it really is JB instead.

    • Not gunna happen.

    • NewAge

      Prepare to have your hopes dashed. Remember this next time you make your purchase and you won’t be hoping!

  • drrrrroooooooiiiiiiid

    we need copy/paste in google talk! It’s ridiculous that we’ve been asking for this since cupcake and still don’t have it!

  • Erickbernal27

    I Hope Google Brings Something Similar To BBM And iMessage, I Think That Would Be Amazing!!! And Obviously Better Than BBM And iMessage Simply Because More People Have Android Phones 😀

    • BrianLipp

      ….Google Talk. its been there for years. they just havent pushed it like iMessage or BBM

      • Erickbernal27

        But You Can Use GTalk On Any Device, Also You Can Not Share Pictures (As Far As I Know) On Mobile Devices.