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The First Galaxy SIII Melt Down, So Hot It Can Catch on Fire

It seems like every time a new device comes out, there’s always one that comes back to the factory with a little bit of a burn mark on it. The Galaxy SIII is not just the hottest phone that everyone is talking about right now, but one recently got a little too warm for one customer and ended up melting. 

This international version of the SIII was in a car holster when the phone got hotter than it should have. It was sent back to Samsung and they responded with this message:

Samsung is aware of this issue and will begin investigating as soon as we receive the specific product in question. Once the investigation is complete, we will be able to provide further details on the situation. We are committed to providing our customers with the safest products possible and are looking at this seriously.

Let’s hope that Samsung finds out what caused this soon to fix anything if it needs fixing.

Via: Pocketnow

  • I had a Droid X left it in my car on the dash in texas heat for like an hour when i got back 2 the car a warning was on the screen about the cpu being to hot 2 function and that thing was too hot to even hold so under the right conditions a fire isn’t hard to imagine

  • sk3litor

    Talk about a hot phone. This really Burns my bridges. It really melts my heart to see such things. Things like this get me so heated. Its not even Dec 21 and the galexy already burned up. Ok enough Austin powers obligitory bad jokes. This is a shame and I hope its not the phone but just user neglect. I’d like to see this phone get a nice warm reception:-P

    • Trixz_D

      Dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee XD Those jokes were hot as hell :/ God I just lamed myself

  • Kellic

    Oh for the love of god people. As far as everyone is aware there is ONE report of this happening. ONE out of god knows how many S3’s in Europe right now. If you see 2, 4, 10, 25, 50. Sure. Then panic. This could be chalked up to being something as simple as a fleck of something rattling around in there and coming into contact creating a short. Or use of a crap third party adapter. (I have a VERY hard time believing such a violent reaction could occur in an area of the device that only houses the mic and the antenna, there is nothing else around it.) Or heat related, or who knows what. Geesh. Can people say tempest in a teapot?

    • MichaelCrackMonkey

      So you know what components are placed where in the phone do you? This is a very early release and way to early for such issues to happen in even ONE phone. It always starts with ONE and in such a case the responsible thing to do is make people aware. But no you just want to sweep it under the rug because OMG it was only ONE phone. Well hell how many days has the phone been out? And how many other phones has this happened to that were not reported?

      • JazzoRenee

        Hmmmmmm you can open the phone o see where the components are.
        1 phone out of at the lease 9 million, I think you sir @MichaelCrackMonkey:disqus are over reacting.

        • MichaelCrackMonkey

          Oh come on what a ridiculous statement. First they have not sold 9 million phones and like I say we have no idea how many unreported incidents there are. Kellic was going on about how this was nothing but the fact is if it happened once it can happen again and it’s important to know what circumstances lead to this particular event. There were cases of batteries exploding in moto phones and the stories helped us to be aware of where we buy our accessories from. So no I am not overreacting but being cautious. I will probably buy this phone for my daughter but not if any more start catching on fire.

          • JazzoRenee

            This is not like the Sandusky child molesting trial, I’m sure if phones were BLOWING UP, people would be reporting it.
            Like WTF.

            You are OVER reacting and they had 9 MILLION pre-sales in the UK, you can prove those numbers wrong, if you want too.

  • what do you expect,its a Samsuck

  • Jeremy

    As the official phone of the 2012 Olympics the D3 has the little known feature of turning nto a lit torch in your hand.

  • yankeesusa

    It was probably a non samsung car cradle that was made in china for real cheap. Hopefully this was the users fault and not samsung. There are a lot of gs3 that going to be in peoples hands.

  • tomn1ce

    You just did it yourself…. o_O

  • Well it seems the GS3 realy is….*PUTS ON SUNGLASSES*….the hottest thing on the block.

  • Diablo81588

    It was probably left in direct sunlight. Although the phone should have shut down long before meltdown lol

  • RW-1

    I call — Like TechRumblings – this user had it on a cheap$hit 3rd party charger.
    Let’s break it down shall we?
    Look at where it is melted/burnt – only thing down there is the antenna and the power connector jack, I doubt any inverter board (if exists) is right there, but I’ll allow for being wrong in that only.
    It isn’t a battery thermal runaway issue, one because lithium ion batts are not nickel metal hydride, nor is the battery anywhere near that area either.
    Dumb question- is the earphone at the top on this model (see a cutout at top of backing) if NOT then is there anythign right next to the recepticle that might have shorted out?
    Otherwise I stick with a shorted power connector here.

    • Diablo81588

      The fuse would have blown if it shorted. If not the charger, the car fuse.

  • I guess you can say *takes off glasses*…

    The Galaxy S3 is the HOTTEST phone out this summer!!!


    • PC_Tool

      Heh… Okay. That was a good one.

      I was getting sick of the lame jokes, but that one was worth a +.

    • way to channel Caruso. You win the interwebs, friend 🙂

  • cbkcc1

    even more reason to wait for the razr hd?

  • digitalicecream

    My Galaxy note get’s hot as hell when using GPS and blutooth. I’d send it back to Samsung to replace but I’ve rooted it. (not oc’d). Oh well, it’s likely that I’ll upgrade long before I blow it up.

    • if your on AT&T, theyll replace it. sammy gives you a one year manufactures warrantee, and the people who work there are clueless.

  • florious80

    They are probably going to find out that the guy used some aftermarket car charger that caused this.

  • Trevor

    Isn’t this what refrigerators are for?

  • So much for the butter test.

  • jawtab

    it melts because its made out of cheap… PLASTIC!

  • troll

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I value my wiener to much to now carry this in my front pocket

  • nightscout13

    The exploding phone patent joke is worn out already, stop using it PPL.

  • Samsung Galaxy SIII…setting the world a blaze.

  • TylerM

    remember the guy who said his droid 2 exploded in his ear….yeah

    • New_Guy

      Yeah, I’m not buying the story. For all we know, by the looks, someone could have just set a lighter to that thing.

      Maybe they realized they should have gotten the One X after all =)…

      • chilltech

        +1 It really doesn’t look like it was in a spot where anything could have melted it like that, besides a lighter!

      • Kellic

        I doubt it. If you look at the original pictures, that admittedly are really good pictures, the burning is just too details to be from a lighter. The burn marks are intense in one area and subtle around the USB port. Even a butane lighter that has more of a pinpoint flame is going to be more “burn everything in the area” type results. Its possible its fake. But the amount of work to make it that detailed and the burn marks that uniform from the inside of the case to the back cover would take more then a couple minutes with a lighter.

        • New_Guy

          Not if it was a baking torch. A lot of cooks have them and it’s a high intensity flame that could do work like that. I just don’t understand, other than the antenna, what could possibly be in or on that phone that could burn at the bottom like that…

  • John Jenness

    No worries, it was a white one.

    • dre

      That one was good!! LOL

  • kdkinc

    New on the Market Smoke Deter app….Get your now !!!
    Free with SG111 purchase.

  • Eric Wrigley

    I’d be curious to know which phone they used to take the picture.

  • speedysf

    I literally just pre-ordered this phone for VZW an hour ago….haha o well

  • Another reason why I will only buy a Motorola

    • Murphy

      Yet you forgot about the exploding Droid a couple years back.

      • jawtab

        an explosion looks way cooler than a fire!

  • Michael

    Samsung Galaxy S III – “the next hottest thing is already here”.

  • Heartless12


  • LionStone

    The other day it was pretty hot…I felt my phone and I thought wow, its reeally hot! I checked my phone temp and it showed 119°! But its a TB and its a beast so it didn’t really matter.

    • richcricketz

      My Droid-X displayed an alarm and shut itself down when I left it in the car in Arizona and it got to hot. Did Samsung disable this Android feature maybe?

      • Elliot Gardner

        I almost sure that’s not an Android feature, it would have to be a phone specific setting.

  • shehippie

    Wow…I would totally rethink over night charging if I had that phone.

  • Things like this are so hard to blame on the phone… I mean, there are tons of 3rd party chargers that are cheaply made and are more likely culprits during charing catastrophes.

    • La2da

      According to the guy to which this happened, it wasn’t charging at the time. Just sitting in a generic car mount.

      • Raven

        Even so, I would bet it was plugged into a cheap overvolted car charger. He just thought it would make a better story if it wasn’t.

        • Diablo81588

          Overvolted car charger? You obviously don’t know how car chargers work. A car charger is nothing more than a cigarette lighter to usb adapter with a fuse in the middle. There is nothing to overvolt other than your alternator that could be bad.

          • Jeff Carter

            You are wrong.

          • Most cigarette lighters are rated 10 Amps, 12 Volts, and 120 Watts (10 x 12). Most of these phones charge with 5 Watt wall adapters, right? So the potential is that 24x the wattage wanted when charging could have struck the phone in an instant. I do not know the ins and outs of car chargers, but I suspect there is a resister in there that reduces the wattage getting to the device. Another way you can look at it… the GSIII uses a 2100 mAh battery – that translates to 2.1 Amps of battery output per hour. The phone could have been jolted with 5 times the battery’s hourly output in 1 second.

            The fuse is there for a reason. To stop the flow of power surges that can fry electronics and start fires.

            I am digging back in my electricity data banks here … which is nearly 20 years old.

          • Diablo81588

            Well, before you feel the need to school me on the theory of electricity, know this. I have a BS Major degree in Computer Engineering, and a minor in Electrical Engineering. That being said, I realize the potential of watt output of a 12v cigarette ligher. My point was that the car charger has no circuitry itself, only that the regulator is in the phone itself. This could vary by device/manufacturer, but I’m speaking with experience from taking apart car chargers for the devices that I’ve owned.

          • I was not out to ‘school’ anyone, just trying to think out-loud in this public forum where we share ideas. But let me say for the record that I am impressed with your BS. I used to repair the electronics for anit-air craft defense systems for the military, then was head of the tech department at an Internet financial company, then head of tech at a prominent entertainment company… My formal education was in English Literature, however, so I would like to BA your BS. – All in fun brother (or sister?). I could give 2 sh*ts if you are right or not.

          • joe

            You’re embarrassing your fellow engineers.

          • Gr8Ray

            Having just recently disassembled the car charger for my Galaxy Nexus, I can assure you that there is circuitry involved. And the output is 5V, not 12V. Also, sadly there was no fuse.

          • Luckily, mine said the same on the outside 😀

          • Trixz_D

            To all above welcome to droidicity-life.com a blog about your two favourite things in life:
            Android and precious precious electricity 🙂

          • Trixz_D

            oops didnt mean that as a direct reply to you Gr8Ray

          • Now I get to raz you Diablo81588. I just checked my official Motorola micro-USB charger and it inputs 10.8-33Vcc and outputs 4.75-5.25Vcc. So the power is regulated by the cigarette lighter adapter and therefore a poorly constructed one could fry a phone… at least for any phone using a micro-usb, which is most of them.

            I think you should go tell your school that your BS is BS.

            (you know you deserve this for throwing your degree at me)

          • Diablo81588

            Lol nice. I did say that it might vary by device or manufacturer. I distinctly remember that the one that I took apart awhile back was outputting 12v dc. I will admit that I’ve never researched this particular phone’s charging characteristics, but from my OWN personal experience, it has been just the opposite. Also, wouldn’t you think that if enough amperage were allowed to cause a meltdown of the plastic, the fuse would have blown?

          • Well if its a cheap one – who needs a fuse if you can save $15-$25!

          • Diablo81588

            No doubt! Savin’ money..

          • thenew3

            You sir, obviously know less about how a car charger works than the poster above.
            Automobile electrical systems vary between 11 to 15 volts. 11-12v when engine is off, 12 to 15 when engine is running and alternator is generating power.
            The car charger has circuitry onboard that takes that 11-15v range of input power, and steps it down to the 5V (usually 4.9 to 5.1v) that the phones require.
            So there is more than just a fuse in the car charger, there is active circuitry to down step the input voltage range and maintain a proper output voltage range.

          • Diablo81588

            Incorrect. My car charger from Verizon outputs 12v DC. The voltage regulator/resistor that steps down the voltage is on the phone itself. Take apart an old car charger and measure the voltage with a multimeter. AC chargers are completely different, however.

          • dude

            The cigarette lighter outputs ~12 V. You need more than just a fuse to convert that to 5 V.

          • lebeac

            Actually, there is a voltage regulator that changes the voltage form 12v to about 5v. The USB Voltage is 5v and shouldn’t go over 5.25v, so it is possible that a charger can output more voltage.

        • Kellic

          Yah looking at those pictures. That is a HELL of a reaction from just sitting there. I’ve seen all kinds of shorts over the years on laptops that have far more juice going through them then what is going in inside a S3. Not saying its not possible. Just seems…odd.

    • 1MPR0BUS

      I was just going to say the same thing. The location of the burn is near the charging port so perhaps it was an incorrect amperage or voltage that caused something to overheat and short out. Anything is possible. I hope Samsung provides a report of their findings. It will be interesting to find out what the cause was.

    • michael arazan

      Not to mention leaving it in your car in the hot summer sun while it is running/playing/working at the same time with no a/c on.
      Oh man if this persist, and it is just the phone’s fault, their’ll be a class action lawsuit or the hugest recall of all time, let’s pray not and it was a rarity.

  • cary

    So is Apple going to sue Samsung? Because Apple owns the patent for exploding phones:


    • EvanTheGamer

      Probably; Apple definitely loves suin’ folks.

    • jawtab

      CAR manufacturers take note. sue each other because your car looks like someone else’s car! brilliant!

    • nightscout13

      Stop it with this TIRED joke….

      • Anne Onymous

        We’ll stop it when Apple stops sueing people, that only seems fair.

        • nightscout13

          In that case you have permission to do it for the next 100 years. Fore long after Apple ceases to exist, Apple lawyers will be in court fetching royalties.

      • socalrailroader

        Geez, have a cow why don’t you, CHILL OUT!

        • nightscout13

          I thought I said it calmly….sounds like YOU are the one that needs to chill out.

          • socalrailroader

            You are uptight.

          • nightscout13

            Why, cause i’m tired of seeing the same lame joke on every Android site? about the exploding phone patent, come on its cheesy….

    • Marco Tulio

      I hate Apple… I hope they Rest In Peace soon.

  • Sp4rxx

    Woohoo! Another reason to delay the GSIII ! Recalled due to FIRE hazard! Next availability date = sometime in August.

  • paladaxar

    Oddly, apple peals were found left at the scene…

    • Chris

      btw, it’s peels not peals – please learn English and spelling before making any attempt of cracking jokes cause you played yourself!

      • Jfrieberg

        Please use proper English Because you have played yourself as well.

  • DJyoSNOW

    Not shocked at all… Its a Samsung they are notorious for over heating.. Lol prime example

  • SKG


    if you read there, just sounds like some punk kid trying to pass the blame onto others for his own mistakes.. i wouldn’t be surprised if he himself did something idiotic like leave the phone on the dash on a hot summer day for it to cook !

    • Matt

      I didn’t get that impression. He just wanted a replacement phone. His responses have been fairly civilized. For example, he doesn’t care that his car was also slightly burned.

    • Yea that’s why only the bottom of it is fryed…….

    • moelsen8

      he seems pretty reasonable for someone who just had his phone explode. i’d be pretty upset if i had to be without my baby for who knows how long.

  • Long Nguyen

    Obviously it’s the work of apple!