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Gameloft Releases Launch Trailer for Asphalt 7, Naturally It’s “Coming Soon”

Gameloft released a trailer for the upcoming Asphalt 7 racing game that is soon to make its way onto the Android platform. This edition looks to be a super charged, nitrogen oxide-boosted addition to the franchise that is sure to leave users gripping on to the edge of their tablets or phones for dear life. Dramatic tendencies aside, the graphics are really starting to shape up, so I’m looking quite forward to this launch. We’ll keep you posted.

  • some idiot

    Where is the game its june26 and its not avaliable yet

  • ChrisTraeger1

    Wow. Looks sick! Reminds me of the racing games from back in the days of PS2 😛

  • regkilla

    Asphalt 7: Heat already out for iOS. Play it on my iPhone 4 and it’s better than the previous Asphalt. The menus are more polished and game modes are more detailed. Smooth driving.

    • take your IPhone and shove it up your butt!

      • TheWenger


      • regkilla

        Fanboyism at its finest. No but I will take my iPhone and play some Asphalt 7 😀

  • SD_Scott


  • SomeGuy

    Coming to Android June 25th.

  • Test!

    • br_hermon

      Is that the new “First?”

    • blood

      Nice to see you down here again.