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Video: Sharing on the Galaxy S3 With Share Shot, S Beam, and AllShare

To me, the biggest draws to the Samsung Galaxy S3 are going to be its ability to share things with other Galaxy S3s. If you and your friends or colleagues have the phone, passing around pictures, videos, and other media has never been easier. Samsung realized that in order to become more than just a spec beast, they would need to take this sharing idea and their custom skin and add features that no other phone has, like Share Shot, S Beam, and AllShare. I think they did a pretty good job with it. This video was also posted in our full Galaxy S3 review, in case you missed it.


  • I have AllShare on my Galaxy Note i717.

  • Droosh

    I assume that if you install the official cordless charging kit you will lose all NFC features. Kellen, can you confirm that this is correct?

  • we’re droid life PEACE!

  • elemeno

    Kellex, you didn’t say “Peace” at the end of this video!

  • Yos

    So do any of these features work with the Nexus? Considering they are both Samsungs?

  • Palm This

    S Beam reminds me of a glorified version of the ‘infrared transfer’ we had on our Palm Pilots 10 years ago. I used it a handful of times when I first got it to ‘beam’ business cards to colleagues, but it always seemed a bit gay and I never used it again. Plus as others have pointed out, it requires everyone to have an S3. With the exception of iPhones, I’m hardly ever in the company of two or more people that have the same cell phone model. That actually surprises me now that I think about it, but it’s a testimony to just how many freaking types of devices that are out there.

    • doesn’t requier everyone to have an S3. S3 or Gnex or any phone that has NFC, which i hope will be most phone from now on.
      IMO, NFC seems more versatile and faster then IR. You can program your phone to do things by putting nfc stickers around your house. Theres a lot more applications for it on a number of levels.

      • michael arazan

        can you transfer videos between nfc on the nexus? i’ve done pictures but not videos taken with the camera.

        • Idk I’m going to try that though. Probably not though that’s what wifi direct is for.

      • Droosh

        I think you are wrong. To use S-Beam you need two S3 (or maybe some future Samsung updated device). Many devices can be used together using Android Beam (including the GS3.)

        • Can you explain a little more where they differ? from what i saw looked like nfc to me.

        • Droosh

          S-Beam uses NFC (A-Beam) to pair and then uses WiFi direct to transfer. Was that the answer to the question?

    • Joey

      Keep your homophobic comments to yourself, please.

  • Bert336

    does the allshare have to be on the same wifi network in order to work?

  • Bionicman

    now im planning on getting this for my wife and i have a GNex. Will it work with a GNex?

    • Richard Jackson

      More and likely not. Hopefully someone will see the appeal of making a cross platform app and push that to the market.

      • don’t really see why not. S beam is just Android beam which is NFC chip. GNex has Wi-Fi direct. Probably just need the apk for the camera for share shot. Same for the allshare.

  • These are features for people with friends that gets together in real life and who all have S3s. I have none of those. It would be cool if it worked over LTE but I guess it won’t.

  • bJA

    Hopefully this brings NFC to the masses!