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Samsung Upgrading the Whole Galaxy Tab Line to Android 4.0 Next Month?

The second version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 may have launched with Ice Cream Sandwich, but many owners of the original are still wondering where their update is. If the rumors are right, Samsung will be sending out updates to most of their old line of tablets starting next month. That includes the:

  • Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI/ 3G
  • Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI/ 3G
  • Galaxy Tab 7.7 WIFI/ 3G
  • Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WIFI/ 3G

The original Samsung Galaxy Tab seems to be a bit too aged to get the bump to ICS, but it’s good to see that Samsung is committed to all these other devices. Other than all the upgrades the ICS brings, the update is said to improve battery life and overall speed of the tablet. There are no dates set in stone yet, but it sounds like it will be sooner rather than later.

Via: SamMobile

  • bobohood

    Eric, i too g
    have the verizon 7.7 tab. very little love for it also over at XDA. However, it can be rooted and Tegra overclock. im wishing for ICS bigtime. I went to use the Time Warner app, but without ICS , no live tv. Bummer

  • DroidBricker

    We’ve been hearing “Next Month” for 6 months now. Typical Samsung bs.

  • GPDX

    I sold my 10.1 because of all the bugs and major lag. It kind of ruined the experience. I would consider getting an 8.9 model if ICS does anything to improve it. If not I’ll wait for the nexus tablet or go with the Asus Prime or Infinity when the prices go down.

    • Q

      Yea, My GT lags like crazy. Luckily I only paid 280 for it refurbished awhile back.

    • Androidman 4 Life

      you.ll be waiting for a long time then there GPDX

    • Shannon Kerr

      CM9 runs great on it, so the lag must be Samsung’s Android 3.x implementation. I dumped CM9 because it doesn’t have camera support and because, according to this post, the official 4.x is coming soon. Hope it is as smooth as CM9. Also, Jelly Bean should really be great on this. It’s beautiful on my SGN.

  • Nicholas Vettese

    Too late for me. I got myself a Transformer Prime. ASUS knows how to please.

    • Unless you want working WiFi, GPS, or Bluetooth. 😉

      • michael arazan

        Biggest dongle ever

      • Nicholas Vettese

        Actually, I have had zero issues with the Prime in the areas said to be affected. All my location services work perfectly, and I have awesome WiFi as well. I use Bluetooth Stereo Headphones when listening to music, and that works great as well.

  • a guy gave me a 10.1 the other day, so far I like it a lot better than I like my nexus

  • Wheel_King

    About freakin’ time!

  • Phil Stout

    Great, just in time for Jelly Bean

  • Phil Stout

    Just in time for JB!

  • WAldenIV

    They shouldn’t allow the doubters to update. That would be funny to me, at least.

  • kevslider

    My Xoom is running ICS and it’s older than the Galaxy Tab 10.1 so it’s not really that old to run it.

  • Michael_NM

    The original Tab too? 😛

    PS: Yes, I read the story. I’m just trolling.

  • Shannon Kerr

    Good news. I wonder if we’ll get Touchwiz like that of the SIII? SVoice?

  • ceejw

    So is the Verizon 4G Galaxy Tab 10.1 included in this upgrade list?

  • My 4G 10.1 is sad on Honeycomb..the lack of 4G on custom ROMs is a deal breaker a lot of the time for me.

  • azndan4

    JT1134’s CM9 runs flawlessly on the original Galaxy Tab –

    • 5280TabOwner

      well, except for the camera. Maybe I’m in the minority, I can do without the rear camera, but the front facing camera is a must for skype/hangouts.