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MightyText for Android, Another Great Way to Link Your Texts to the Desktop

If simplifying your life through the Internet and computer is your passion, then MightyText might be your next favorite application. Through a Chrome extension (Safari and IE also supported) and Android application, you can start receiving and sending text messages straight from your desktop computer. 

Much like Koush’s DeskSMS, after linking the app to your Google account and individual device (yes, it uses your carrier’s SMS count), you can start chatting with friends right from the monitor in front of you. No more having to pick up that heavy smartphone (/s). After a short test with Kellex, the application works pretty darn smooth and I highly recommend it.

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Via: Mighty Text

Cheers Jake and bsweetness!

  • JazzoRenee

    i wish kik would make a desk top extension.

  • this was really easy to setup and like Tim said is very smooth. I might actually start using this at work

  • ABerry5

    the only app anyone should be using for SMS on desktop is AirDroid… and there is wayyyyy more to do than just SMS.. it’s incredible
    edit… texts read on desktop show as read on device as well… get at it folks

  • xxdesmus

    I love the fact that I can see incoming calls on the computer screen when I’m at my desk. I always used to miss calls, but the tiny pop up is a huge help. Also handy for text messages, but the phone call notification feature is killer for me.

    • Seedster

      I don’t get any notifications when an incoming text or call comes in. is it a pop-up or sound or what?

      • xxdesmus

        Did you install the Chrome (I assume Firefox will do the same) extension/app? I think that is why pops up the actual notification once the extension and the app on your phone are in sync.

  • jhjr24

    I have been using this for a while and if you want to text on your computer while your phone is charging or something, there really isn’t any other app out there that is this good. I’m glad to see its getting some love from Droid Life.

  • No Firefox love? Aww, you lame! {{>_<}}

    • BSweetness

      It is available for Foxfire. Just click the link to the MightyText site and the instructions are there. I’m not sure why Tim neglected to include it in the summary.

  • Alan Marchman

    Installed it this morning and noticed a bigger than normal drain on my GNex’s extended battery in the afternoon. Not sure if the app is the culprit, but I’ll see what happens after a day w/o it installed.

  • mcdonsco

    Would be great if it didn’t take 5 minutes to recieve a text (received on phone, 5 minutes later it shows up in might text).

    Oh well…

    • Gregory Pickering

      Might just be something with your network and/or phone. I literally get mine INSTANTLY. My message pops up on Mighty Text just as my phone stops vibrating the alert.

    • BSweetness

      I get mine instantly as well. In fact, I’ve been getting the notification on my computer a split second before the notification sound rings on my phone.

  • Tim Buchanan

    Been using Mighty Text for about 2 months now. Has made my office life much easier! I only wish you could send mass SMS messages through it.

  • Bionicman

    I just want to say I’ve been beta testing the webapp for over a month now and it is amazing. the fact that i dont have to turn on my phone to receive and send sms messages is awesome (im on a PC alot). the program doesn’t drain your battery (GNex user here) and it actually saves battery from having to turn on and off your phone. I even use it on my transformer tab with Chrome installed and even the notifications work on it!

  • BigFonz

    this is pretty cool. I haven’t received a text yet but it works pretty well on outgoing. It seems that you can even send pics

  • redbar0n11

    Anyone else using Light Flow for notifications, and then tried this, only to not have the actual incoming texts get any notification whatsoever? No lights, no vibrate, no sound?

  • I used this a few months back. stoped using because sometimes texts would go missing but only appear on the computer screen. so WARNING!!! YOU MAY LOSE TEXT MESSAGES TO THE INTERWEBS

  • keithsmith22

    This works great. I would like to use google voice more for this but I registered it with a different number than my own to get the voice service and need people to know who is texting them. The Chrome extension makes it all worth while.

  • Tim Swann

    I guess I didn’t send you this same thing this morning Kellex…

  • stinkerbell

    Love it, but my only issue is that I can’t edit the phone numbers to show names instead. The only names that show up are Google users.

    • if you have your account synced with google contacts you’ll be able to do that

      • stinkerbell

        Exactly my point. Not everyone who texts with me is in my Google contacts. I’d like the ability to edit the names of those who aren’t.

  • Google Voice?

    • Ryan Ball

      If you use GVoice as your main phone number sure, but I don’t have any need to change to using another number

      • Larry Rosenman

        With my Sprint integrated Google Voice, I don’t see a need for another app.

    • htowngtr

      This is for use with your standard SMS via phone number, not gvoice number.

      • I realize that I have been only using my gvoice number for over a year now

  • kevin

    ok i just got this app as i was reading this article and i synced it but next to the numbers it does not show the contacts names and only their phone numbers how do i fix this?

    • Corey Hass

      You can hit “force-sync contacts” in the Mighty Text Web app settings.If that doesn’t work, the number which you receive the text from must be the first number listed in the google contact. So if you have multiple numbers for a single contact, make sure that the number which is texting you is at the top of the list in the google contact.

    • TheGreatNate

      There is an option in the settings to sync contacts.

    • Raul

      I think there is an option on the right side that says “sync with google contacts” or something like that. Can’t remember exactly since I’m not at my home pc but that did it for me.

    • htowngtr

      Is there a way to fix that? Mine show up as numbers but I think that’s all it can do.

      • htowngtr

        Nevermind, you need to click on “sync with google contacts” and names will show up.

  • TimXer

    What is the best app for texting from your wi-fi only tablet?

    • I’d say DeskSMS becase it allows you to receive/reply through Gtalk, Gmail OR a web browser

      Play Link:

      • TimXer

        Thanks Jason.
        On my TPrime tablet, playstore says my device is not compatible?
        Any guesses? Is it because of ICS?

        • You install the app on your phone. Then go to the web page on your tablet.

        • Kane is correct. Install the app on your phone and then you can use of the mentioned methods to text

    • Tim Buchanan

      Definitely not Zipwhip. I’ve been “using” that app for a while and it needs a lot of work.

    • xxdesmus

      Kik is amazing and has clients for Android and iPhone (not sure about Windows Phone). Real time “typing…” notifications and you can see if they’ve opened the message you sent.

  • Great app and program. I started using this after all of the problems I was having with DeskSMS with no feedback or help from the dev. Highly recommend MightyText, especially since its free.

  • Derrick James

    been using this for awhile and it is nothing short of amazing; can leave my phone upstairs and as long as i have my bluetooth i can answer and make calls, send MMS messages and everything straight from chrome

  • Gregory Pickering

    Been using it for a couple of days now. Flawless, the only improvement I would like to see is for the text messages to be registered as read on the phone. Sucks after responding to 70 or so texts to about 10 different people having the phone tell me I still have unread texts. All in all though, a minuscule complaint.

    • Yes, I hate getting to my desk in the morning and having 15 notifications of text or calls on my screen. Other than that, it’s great.

  • downloading as SOON as I get home