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Google Hints at Jelly Bean Goodies in Google I/O Application Screenshot?

There is buzz going around this morning, all surrounding the above screenshot that Google released to show off the widget in the newly launched Google I/O application. Whether all of these people need to go take a break from their computer screens or this is what Jelly Bean could come to look like, let’s go over what has people so curious. 

The first major change that we can see in this screenshot when compared to Ice Cream Sandwich, is the Google Search bar itself. Instead of being a solid and dark grey color, they look to have opted for a more transparent feel, while also incorporating a newer ‘mic’ icon. Keep in mind, this is for the official I/O app, so we would think this is a Googler’s device and not someone who is running a custom ROM or anything of that nature.

Next up, we have the Chrome for Android icon in the bottom right. Bye bye, stock browser? Again, being a Google employee’s device would mean that they would most likely use Google’s line of applications more often than not and are just taking this time to showcase Chrome more broadly. Could we see Chrome leave the Beta tag behind at I/O?

Another little fun thing to point out is the time on the device. 25:10? October 25? Could it be a launch date? Could it be something else? We love speculating, especially around this time of year! If you have any wild guesses or fun facts to throw into the pot, give it a go down in the comments section below. I/O Fever has officially taken over the Android community. Could we expect to see to Jelly Bean next week in San Francisco? Fingers crossed.

Cheers Tjhrulz!

  • AndroidBrian

    Main thing is the dock is folder capable

  • EdLessard

    Anyone notice that the new “Mic” icon is the one that appears in the address bar of Chrome for Android?

  • christopher riner

    Notice how the contact card has multiples on top of each other? I wonder if its just a new icon?

  • Change? It’s just a screenshot of ICS pic.twitter.com/HQhAjK9f

  • Jim

    The search bar’s microphone matches the Chrome omnibar’s microphone icon. That could hint to Chrome integration. Maybe.

  • Getting rid of the dedicated search button was such a boneheaded move by Google. The Home, Menu, Back, and Search key all get used on a regular basis when I operate my phone. The search widget doesn’t even get a sniff.

    • Simon Belmont

      I’m with you. Like I said above, I want search (or Assistant/Majel) to be activated by buttons that are persistent no matter where I am (homescreen or app, etc).

      Perhaps long pressing back or menu could be used. One can hope.

    • Erickbernal27

      The problem is that the majority of people did not use the search button, when in doubt, go with the majority, not the minority.

  • Fayad

    ohhh…it took me this long to realize that the time cannot be 25:10 :facepalm:. btw i also see a 12 and the words noon. so does that mean it will be released on 25th OCtober, 2012 at 12 noon.

  • Anthony Anobile

    any one else wondering what that wallpaper is?

  • Anthony White

    25:10—Jelly Bean releasing then
    Chrome—Chrome will move out of Beta on JB
    Search Bar—Assistant (aka majel) will be on JB
    Phone/Gtalk/GVoice Folder—All three will be combined into one app with JB

    The last I stated I believe Google has hinted at because it’s not very user friendly to have to tap twice to get to the dialer app. Plus, it makes sense integrating Gtalk with Google Voice (we already see this with Gmail and making and receiving phone calles from Gtalk through GV). So it just makes sense that they integrate the apps along with the Dialer.

    • Simon Belmont

      I hope Assistant can be activated by more than the Search Bar. It’s inconvenient to have to jump out of an app to use.

      I want to be able to long press back or home to activate it. It should be available anywhere.

  • Larizard

    If Google is serious about trimming down the fat, there are sooo many services they can easily consolidate to one. Looking at that screenshot, we have Google Voice + GTalk + Phone Dialer. Those can all exist as one app. And then you have the Messaging app and Google+ Messenger. and Hangout. Another is Google Earth + Google Maps + Streetview.

    I really wish they’d work on picking the best features of these apps and merging them into one encompassing, multipurpose app, and get rid of some redundancy.

  • fvqu

    No one else noticed the People icon is slightly different?

  • Great my gingerbread Bionic can now get updated to another outdated OS!

    I hope jellybean has greater adoption than ICS- updates have been a joke.

  • Shannon

    I have that same search bar. Its from Go Launcher. The background is from Pattern App

  • Quiem
  • MIško

    U silly Droid Life. Roman Nurik stated it’s just his homescreen. Start using G+!


    • Late to the party


  • plzachar

    Regarding the block in the middle with the text “The Web Can Do That!?” is it possible that this is a live Google chat going on with the white “front facing camera” icon indicating that the persons participating in the live chat can view each other?

  • max

    i have a galaxy nexus phone and have really thinking of switching to the iPhone i am all about the android movement but come on i want my device to feel like i paid 300$ and i don’t want it to be buggy you guys might think I’m a noob to android but I’ve been with android since the go droid, then to the droid 2(crappy moto blur) now the galaxy nexus I’m running apex rom and i still want my phone to feel flawless with features that i don’t have to wait to become big but already just work

    • Sean

      iPhone/iOS is a platform and OS that is controlled by a company that has demanded consistency, correctness and beauty. You’re GOING to get better apps not only from Apple themselves, but from developers. It’s simply easier to build sexy apps on Apple than it is on Android. Trust me. Also, Apple helps ensure quality by the approval process (and they also hamper some innovation, but…). You’re going to get OS updates STRAIGHT from Apple the moment they come out (or even betas the DAY of announcement if you sign up a developer).

      Pretty much any developer that ACTIVELY develops on both platforms will tell you it’s much easier/more enjoyable/more rewarding to develop apps on iOS than it is on Android. If they don’t say that, they either have very little experience developing on iOS or develop dumbshit apps. Any developer/company that has made any kind of complex app or game will tell you iOS reigns supreme and Android is a pain in the dick.

      I’m rooting for Android. I want to use Android. I like several things about Android’s UI that I prefer over iOS. However, they have a lot to fix and Apple is keeping ahead pretty damn well.

  • Hypebeasting baby

  • max

    iphone swag

  • Does anyone know what wallpaper that is?

  • It’s a KNOWN fact many googlers use custom roms. Alot of them run cm.

  • MKader17

    I was furious that DL would draw some ridiculous conclusion about a release date from a time on a screen shot.

    Then I realized that 25:10 is never a valid time

    • Carelesshottie1

      I agree with this statement.

  • 25:10 o.O

  • jayray78

    When I Googled 25:10…my 9th result came to a Official Google blog post from 7/25/10…in which they announce “Our Biggest Redesign Yet for Google Images” I’m just guessing, like everyone else, but something big might be coming. It seems to be a significant date.

  • Christian

    While we’re still speculating, maybe a new mic icon = majel? If 25:10 can stand for a release date, why not? 😛

    • That was what I thought about the whole new bar

  • If Jelly Bean means having that wallpaper on my phone, then I vote emphatically no!

  • jdenman03

    What about the phone icon?? It has the phone, talk, and voice app all in 1 icon. Whats that mean??

    • AJ

      That’s just a folder in the bar. ICS do-able

      • Kyle

        Yes, but does that hint at a google voice, chat, and android phone combination of awesomeness??!

        • god I hope not. google voice has never worked for anyone i know

          • You must not know very many people. Google Voice has worked great for me, and all the other people i’ve turned on to it.

          • Thats crazy talk, i have been using google voice since it was grand central and it is awesome

        • Anthony White

          I agree with @twitter-202918995:disqus and @google-d5356467c7bd42f5675da45a8298fd50:disqus! Google Voice works great! @twitter-43947274:disqus, are you still on Froyo or GB?

    • It means that nothing has changed as far as docking folders goes?

  • Andy Christiansen

    Ice cream sandwich has only been out 6 months and is only on a few phones. Now another new OS? I don’t get it.

    • RogerThat

      I would likely get release in the fall sometime, so one OS release a year seems pretty reasonable. This would only be an announcement/preview of Jelly Bean

      • RogerThat


      • ocdtrekkie

        We’re pretty sure the tablet coming out at I/O this year will have Jelly Bean on it.

    • FUQ

      Get a nexus

    • Got Root?

    • So you want them to just stop developing?

    • what’s your point?

    • ICS has been out for 7 months. You’re forgetting that it launched in the UK in November. 7 months is actually close to the normal time the newer OS version is released.

  • GutterIsATool

    The 25:10 is clearly just North Korean military time.

    • Best comment I’ve read all week.

    • AndroidBrian

      Lol what time is 25:10? 1:10am the next day?

  • Jared

    “The first major change … is the Google Search bar itself. Instead of being a solid and dark grey color, they look to have opted for a more transparent feel”

    Earth shattering.

    • 640k

      But does it come in cornflower-blue?

    • Huskers

      no, Earth Shattering would be the hawkeyes beating Nebraska!!!

      • GuidZilla

        Ha! HuskerBurn … (Go Wisconsin) … 😉

    • MKader17

      This changes everything.

      • ….Again

      • Derrick James

        you sound like apple…keep that out of here!

  • Doppleganger

    The REAL question is… what come after Jelly Bean?

  • come on

    what part of this is hinting at jellybean? it just looks like a schedule of events for google i/o

    • evcon

      Did you read the article at all?

      • jrummy16

        I agree with come on. This is quite ridiculous.

        “25:10? October 25? Could it be a launch date?” Really? I love Tim-o-tato and droid-life but this is one of the more retarded articles I have seen on DL

        • Royal2000H

          New mic/google search: Looks a little different, I don’t think we should go crazy over it.

          Chrome: Chrome is by Google, perfectly acceptable to have there – not a big deal.

          25:10 – I don’t know if you noticed this, but there are 24 hours in a day. So 25:10 is not a real time, hence the fact that it may be a hint.

  • JDHokie

    What does the ‘H’ in the network connection icon mean?

    • HSPA for Tmobile

    • JoshGroff

      I’m assuming for HSPA+, that’s how imported phones display it instead of 4G. I found that out with my sensation as many of the ICS ROMs were pulled from the international version and modded to work with t-mobile’s.

      • Allen Byrd

        Not just Tmo, AT&T also uses HSPA+. My friend’s AT&T SGSII has the little H thing.

        • JoshGroff

          I know, I was talking about the my experiences with Sensation ROMs and the H, not which carriers do and don’t have HSPA+ networks.

          (trying not to sound argumentative through text)

    • RedPandaAlex

      What they said. It’s what my phone looks like most of the time. Don’t read anything into it.

      • JDHokie

        Yeah. Wasn’t reading into it or thinking it was a “hint”. Just didn’t know.

    • ‘H’ as in HSPA+ which is what AT&T uses instead of 3g. Its slightly faster than 3g I think. The main thing you can infer from this is that this person has a gsm unlocked Nexus running on AT&T

    • Erickbernal27

      HSPA+ (FauxG)

  • Butters619

    The unequal icon sizes in the dock would drive me crazy.

    • OCDers Unite!

    • Alexander Garcia

      3rd party Launchers FTW!

  • RedPandaAlex

    By the way, it’s maddening that Google created an app for a single event that looks and functions better than half the apps they have in the Play Store

    • riteshk

      Haha.. that’s party true actually!

  • RedPandaAlex

    And what’s with that fugly background? Is there a hidden code inside???

    • pattern via Pattrn app

    • Lee

      Looks very much like Microsoft’s QR codes lmao..oops

      • Adam

        Reminds me of the google play icon

      • MikeKorby

        beat me to it

  • alphanu22

    all thoes screen shots are photoshoped-

    • alphanu22

      lol 8 ppl are mad-

  • Dustin Murphy

    10/25…when my Bionic gets ICS.

    • I lol’d!

      • michael arazan

        i think maybe 10/25 is the official date for the jellybean to be released abroad maybe? Maybe their tablet will be the only device that will have exclusivity to jb for 3 months?

    • Ryan Ball

      I think you mean year 2510