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Tuesday Poll: Would You Pay Extra For a 41MP Smartphone Camera?

Cameras and mobile phones have been linked for a long time now, but recently companies have started to put more of a focus (no pun intended) on the cameras built into them. All of this leading up to Nokia blowing the doors off the trend in releasing the 808 Pureview, a Symbian phone that has a 41 megapixel sensor on the back of the device.

Up until recently, Nokia was quiet on whether the phone would be available in the US, but now has announced that Amazon will be carrying the phone unsubsidized for $699. We have seen HTC raise the bar on contract phones with the One X and manufacturers are likely to follow.

Are you willing to pay more money for something like a 41MP camera on a phone?

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  • I’ll just say this: QFHD (Quad Full HD), aka 4K, the successor to HD, is 8.3MP. 41MP on a phone is necessary when?

  • My photography phriends tell me to be skeptical of high-MP devices because they typically do poorly in low light. That is, it is very difficult to put high densities of CCD cells and still have each cell capture enough light to make a good image. So when looking for a non-phone shooter, typically high-end cameras will not have the high-MP you might expect because they don’t want to compromise on the ability for low light.

    So I have a feeling a 41MP camera phone is probably pretty easy to build, but it likely has poor performance (perphormance?).

    [note: if it’s true, as has been hinted in some of the comments, that the hardware is 41MP, but there’s quite a bit of signal processing behind that array that actually generates pictures that are closer to 8MP, then it’s possibly well worth it]

  • SolarSky

    I want Foveon-Sensors (http://www.foveon.com/article.php?a=67) in camera phones with a RAW-output-option! No thanks to conventional Bayer-interpolation 8-bit-baked-in-JPG-crap.

  • ojaymayo22

    It’s the bias stupidity of these articles that have made me rarely come back to droid life. This is turning into a cult.

    I clicked on this article thinking they finally were praising a Non-Android phone, that is clearly 10000x better than any android camera at 5MP!
    Only to find a terribly written one sided article, misinforming these poor readers who will now be ignorant to real technology.

    Accept that it’s not made by Google. Be open minded, appreciate all technology. I do.

  • On such a small sized camera, anything above 5-8 megapixels will actually degrade the quality of the pictures. There’s only so many pixels you can cram on a phone-sized sensor after you start sacrificing the color quality of each pixel.

  • Fatty Bunter

    This is a ridiculous poll. Please at least read about how the phone works before trashing it. Yes, the sensor is 41MP, but it defaults to 5MP over-sampled PHOTOS OF PURE GLORY.


    “the PureView’s 808 camera defaults to a 5MP setting. Through a process called over-sampling, Nokia combines seven pixels into one super pixel. This reduces image noise in low light conditions and makes noise non-existent in good lighting.”

  • Diablo81588

    What I would REALLY like to see, instead of ever expanding megapixel count, is optical zoom in a smartphone camera. Digital zoom is straight up garbage.

    • Fatty Bunter

      Think about it for a second. Convert a 41MP to the default 5MP output of the phone and you get 3X lossless digital zoom. Good god everyone is SO uninformed about this sensor.


      • Diablo81588

        Wow nice. It would have been great for DL to share a link about how this works. But what you didn’t explain was the fact that the pixels are significantly smaller. If you convert a 41mp image down to 5mp while having the same pixel size, your argument would not make sense.

        • Fatty Bunter

          It zooms in on the pixels until they’re the same size. With a 41MP you have the option to zoom in 3X and still have just as many pixels as a 5MP photo at 0x zoom.

  • Steve Schneider

    Anyone can make a higher megapixel, what they need to do is make beter CCD’s… dumb ass companies thinking megapixels are everything, when in reality it’s just image size.

    • Fatty Bunter

      “the PureView’s 808 camera defaults to a 5MP setting. Through a process called over-sampling, Nokia combines seven pixels into one super pixel. This reduces image noise in low light conditions and makes noise non-existent in good lighting.”

  • X2caleb2X

    I would pay extra for a great sensor

  • You can put as many megapixels as you want, without appropriate lens it is just a waste of money. Kind of like putting the finest fuel injectors on your moped.

  • iclickjohn

    we go round and round with this. More pixels doesn’t necessarily make better pictures. Sensor size and bit depth do. In phones it will be a while before a small sensor will have the same quality as todays larger (aps or full) sensors. 41 is laughable. Really? The best Canon professional cameras do not have 41 Mp. It is usually a statistic to market by and nothing else.

  • Sundownls1

    Quality glass > Quantity of MP. Any day. A 10MP DSLR with a quality lens will outshoot a “point and shoot” camera every single time. If I want “high quality” pictures, I’ll get my 5DMII and not a cell phone.

  • possomcrast1

    Nokia you’re a wonderful manufacturer SWITCH TO ANDROID ALREADY!

  • Diablo81588

    Don’t care how many megapixels it has, but if that means a larger sensor, I’m all for it. Larger sensor equals better low light pictures, which is the main problem with smartphone cameras today.

    • ocdtrekkie

      Not only that, but the high MP count, means even though you’re using digital zoom to zoom in, you still get your full quality 5 or 8 MP picture despite the digital zoom!

      • Diablo81588

        Only if the pixels are smaller. If they are the same size, it would just be a blown up picture.

  • ocdtrekkie

    Can we not ask stupid questions without explaining to people WHY it’s 41 MP?

  • Shadowcell

    I think everyone is missing the point about this phone. This handset is merely a place setting of Pure View technology and patents. What you’re buying into is the chance to sample what the future holds for camera phones.

    I’ve seen the comparison tests. They actually do rival DSLR cameras. Though you won’t be replacing your Canon 5D or Olympus PEN, this has to be one of the best point-and-shoot cameras out on the market especially for its price. The cell phone capabilities is just an extra feature.

    This also would be one of the few Symbian OS phones released to the US as well. Nostalgia for previous Nokia N owners.