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Microsoft Surface Unveiled Last Night, Have Any Thoughts on It?

Yesterday afternoon or early evening (depending on where you are located), Microsoft unveiled their next big thing to the tech world, a tablet called Surface. I know, I know what you are thinking, “Just what we need, another damn tablet.” This one doesn’t look all that bad though. It comes in a couple of versions – RT and Pro. They have 10.6″ HD displays, full USB ports (2.0 on the RT, 3.0 on the Pro), run versions of Windows 8, are incredibly thin (9.3mm and 13.5mm), have a variety of storage sizes (32GB, 64GB, and 128GB), vapor protected finishes and built-in kickstands.

Along with the hardware, they have a really exciting set of accessories as well. See that picture above? It’s like a Smartcover for an iPad, only it has a touch sensitive keyboard built into it which includes a multi-touch touchpad.

We aren’t sure how much these suckers will cost, but Microsoft mentioned netbooks and low-end computers at some point in their presentation last night, so you can imagine they’ll be competitive. Overall, I’d say I came away impressed. Whether or not that means I’ll buy one is something else altogether.

What about you? Have any thoughts on Microsoft’s latest and greatest? 


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  • Androidsinho

    Gonna buy one, I’m still deciding if the RT version or the full Windows 8 one (I need compatibility), right now I have an Acer Iconia running android 4.0.3, a Moto RAZR with 4.0.4 and an old Moto Milestone with 2.3.7, and it is not the same (by any means) to have a laptop in a work enviroment than to have an Android tablet/IPAD (Unless you only need to take notes and watch your mail, or want to be creative lol), there are too many apps made for windows that I cannot use on Android (
    ie specific machine clients).

  • NexusMan

    This thing is the shiznit! I may just have to cop the pro version. I think Apple needs to worry more than Google, though.

  • heathcliff

    I initially bought my first Droid because Verizon didn’t carry the iPhone. And of course, now, I wouldn’t trade for an iPhone, even thought it’s available. I’ve been a dedicated iPad user through each of its 3 generations, and adore it. Yet – I would love a tablet that would also be work-friend for documents and typing, and file organization. So, if this tablet is reasonably priced, can upload movies (for airplane flights), allows me to travel and do work, and browse websites, I’m TOTALLY there. I love the cornucopia of apps available on iTunes, but would love a) a keyboard; b) word processing; c) file folders; d) flash – even more.

  • I’d be interested if I knew I could install Linux on it.

  • HeLLo

    I knew there were undercover Windows fanboys on here typical.

  • Skittleoid

    Microsoft just won.

  • Raven

    I personally do not want anything to do with Windows 8/Metro
    on my Windows computer. I am planning on buying one last Windows 7
    laptop right before Windows 8 starts shipping standard and then waiting
    to see if they come out with something better in the future and using
    Android for all of my tablet needs. I really see Windows 8 Metro as
    being the latest MS Bob/Windows ME/Vista failure that will take yet
    another generation to correct. See you at Windows 9 or whatever the
    next naming convention is.

  • mcdonsco

    Probably an obvious statement, but the holy grail in mobile computing is successfully and seemlessly bridging the gap between all types of mobile devices and desktop systems and due to Microsofts total domination of the desktop OS market, they have the best chance of succeding.

    I remember when Apple first introduced the iPad and a lot of people were not happy to see that it wasnt on its own a “computer”, then we all quickly came to love the fact that it was a stand alone device. But since then we’ve been trying to get tablets to be computer replacements again, transformers, webtop etc.

    Well, i think its time for that to happen. Im already at the point of seriously considering ditching my laptop and going back to a bad ass desktop for the same or less cost as my higher end laptop and using my tablet on the go, but i know i would still need a laptop for when those times “on the go” were out of town for a week…with Surface, i really can ditch the laptop.

    One problem remains though…at close to 2lbs, its not exactly going to be eBook/web surfing friendly for more than a few minutes at a time, so sure, i can ditch my laptop, but not my tablet? Just doesn’t make sense.


    Give this good marketing and support and two revisions and we’ll be there.

    I just wish it wasnt a possibly already doomed “every other version” MS OS that it was happening with (vista, millenium being the other “every other version” OS’s)

    I dont think Apple has much to worry about here because from what i can see the Apple fanboys / customers are loyal to the death and will always think Apple is infallable no matter what they do especially as long as having that piece of fruit on your tech is fashionable.

    Google on the other hand should be shaking in their boots right about now…their fledging OS (which i much prefer to iOS) has a long way to go before it can even be considered an alternative to Windows or OSX and if Microsoft pulls this off (bridging that gap) Android will quickly become the next Blackberry, or worse; Palm.

    I will definetely be looking at these when they hit, but might take gen 2 or even 3 to adequately suit my needs enough to get me to ditch my laptop and Android.

  • No one will buy it because of that horrible, ugly, off-center trackpad! There is NO REASON for that design flaw!

  • I will be buying this. No doubt. The only question is if I will be getting RT or Pro.

  • Aaa

    The thing that scares me with Microsoft, and anyone with XBOX Live can attest to, is that their home screen live tiles thing is FILLED with ads. I would hate for my cool new surface pro to be half overrun with ads and only small tiles for the things I really want to get to.

  • LionStone

    Like many others, I think this showing looks great from MS, however, my laptop is old as the hills (+10 yrs old), I already have a tablet (GT10.1) and I was just recently looking at the Samsung Series 9. I think I’d rather spend a little more for bigger screen, yet not compromising on form factor.

  • they will sell millions of these babies

  • Wachutlknboutwillis

    Missing one major thing, I can’t use it on my lap, not in the airport, not on my couch, nowhere. I use my transformer on my lap 90% of the time, and this just won’t do that. No go for me.

  • You had me at Kickstand!

  • TechGuy21

    Not to mention those sh*tty windows 8 tablets will cost you around 600 dollars for RT and like 900 dollars for the Pro. to be honest i rather use my TF101. i only need a tablet for school work. i will not spend over 500 dollars on any windows tablet. NEXT.

  • had a guy give me a tablet the other day, so i/m just getting into checking it out, the keyboard doesnt have all those colors, but the price was right,,,zero lol

  • Jeb

    And the Apple patent lawsuits will begin in 3…2…1…

  • David Cosme Jr.

    I wonder how many Apple patents this tablet violates. ;P

    • None. MS probably has more patents than Apple. Apple would not dare.

  • David Cosme Jr.

    When I first saw this, before watching the video, my first thought was, “Once again, Microsoft is ‘too little, too late’ once again.” However, they have some really great and innovative ideas. Now they need to get developers to jump on board with enticing apps.
    INHO, Surface should be targeting the business demographic with this as a tool for work that can also be used for entertainment. I’m an admitted Androidian, but one can argue that Android tablets are for entertainment, but can also be used for work.

  • name

    Metro is ugly, and a time waster. Those presenters fumble trying to find the app they want to present. They should have keyboard shortcuts. Other than that the Pro looks pretty cool, except MS needs to watch out for apple; rectangular shape, rounded edges, home button, and the raised brushed metal side covering.

  • Its good to see Microsoft doing something I am really interested in. They have been boring for quite some time… Like 10 years or so…

  • kuboo99

    Dang. I really like this.

  • gimlet72

    Buy the tablet and put ICS on it like the HP Touchpad

  • Mr_Bucket

    I was really hoping for a big crazy Ballmer entrance… those were the days.

  • digitalicecream

    I’m throwing my money at the screen and nothing’s happening!!

  • fralogan

    want one! zune player is and has the best music service and selection.

  • This product is going to kill Android tablets. I know that we will immediately switch from Android within the corporate environment to this as soon as its available. This product appears solid and devastating to the Android tablet dreams.

  • What Microsoft is doing with W8 is stealth-introducing their new tablet OS (Windows RT) as a sort-of-part-of-regular-Windows, but unless you’re lugging around a heavy, unwieldy ‘pro’ tablet, you’re just getting their brand new, incompatible OS. It’s a bait and switch. I’m surprised people aren’t calling them out on it more.

    Basically what you’re getting with regular W8 is W7 plus their new tablet OS in one, and I am frankly happy to have an open source alternative like Android to both Apple and Microsoft. I’d rather have Android creep onto my desktop than have Windows creep onto my tablet or phone.

    • I am not sure where you are getting ht e unwieldy and heavy from in regards to the pro. They displayed a pro version and it was neither bulky, heavy on unwieldy? From the sounds of your comment I worry you have not used Windows 7 yet, because if you had you would see it is easily their best and most polished version to date and even it is a few years old. If Windows 8 is a similar product with a few UI upgrades for portable device, but still gives me the same speed and reliability of windows 7 I am all for it.

      What in your user experience with Windows 8 or Windows RT, could you please share with us to help us understand where the “incompatible” part of this OS comes into play?

      I am an android fan, I have several devices throughout my home and even I can see this product as being an amazing device.

  • Terrance Steiner

    I have been considering replacing my laptop with an ultra book for a while. Seeing this shinny piece of tech awesomeness I am really torn. The Pro version could easily replace both my laptop and tablet (and I love my 1st gen Asus Transformer). This was unthinkable for me until I saw this. Depending on how well Windows 8 will integrate into Windows Phone, the truly unthinkable could happen.

    Take note Google; this could be a real competitor. I love Android but even when considering Windows 8 is not even a completely finished OS, it looks really polished.

    Part of me is just happy that there is someone else will be cutting into the iPad market share.

  • Chaz Harrison

    Nexus 7 better be $99. There is no way Android can compete with the MS Surface at the moment, they can’t even compete with Apple in the tablet market at the moment. But there is hope. The hope lies in the 5 Nexus devices Google plans on releasing this year. One of those Nexus devices better be a high end apple/MS tablet killer/competitor.

  • WOW

    I’m buying it. looks 100x better than any android tablet.

  • TimXer

    That keyboard looks pretty slick – I’m sure Apple has a patent on it! Full Office – Nice!! This may give Apple a good run for the enterprise tabs. When it hits the shelves, I will definitely take a peek – not sure about their app ecosystem and where that’s heading.

    • TimXer

      Oh, forgot to mention. LOUSY name!

      • It’s Microsoft, did you expect a non-lousy name?! =P

  • C C

    keyboard of course … need ctrl-alt-del

  • Tlez

    The Pro version is going to be rock solid for universities and corporate environments. It will run all of the programs needed, can probably be loaded with a custom image for enterprise clients and will be a completely portable solution that can then dock and be used as the main PC. Take two major devices (Tablet/PC) and combine them. Feature them with a windows 8 phone and the cloud and you have a harmonized environment where everything can be tightly controlled via Domain. I can envision the 3/5 year rotations of most corporate customers moving toward this to cut out the cost of a desktop and laptop for a % of their users.

    • unaffected

      And with the release of haswell and broadwell the pro version will be lighter cooler and maybe thinner.

  • Hothfox

    Will definitely be considering one of these for work – hope I can convince the boss.

  • masiv

    If this thing can replace my laptop for work, I’m all in. If it can be managed by the IT department like a laptop or desktop, it will quickly become a preferred business machine. It has the familiar name that non technical managers who make purchasing decisions will embrace. When someone figures out how to port Android apps to a WIndows machine, it will be game over

  • YMB

    But it’s winders then 8 on top of it all. Friends don’t let friends use metro. No thanks, patiently waiting for Nexus tablet.

    • If you want to take a simple-minded approach, sure.

    • Use is without Metro, and as the windows environment instead? It’s no different than running a custom launcher on your android device.